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Full Name

Cero of Maro




Operative (thief) 6 Sta 54/54 HP38/38 EAC 22, KAC 23, AC vs. CM 31, Init +7, Fort +4, Ref +10, Wil +6







Special Abilities

Yskoi abilities, Opperative abilities (thief specialization)






Absolom station


Common, Yskoi, Akiton, Eoxian, Goblin


Bounty hunter

Strength 10
Dexterity 21
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 13
Charisma 10

About Cero "Duke" of Maro

Cero of Maro (A.K.A. "Duke)
NG Male Yskoi Bounty Hunter Operative (Thief) 6
Str: 10, Dex:19(21), Con:14, Int:14, Wis:13, Chr:10
KAC:23, EAC:22

Fort +4, Ref+10 Will +6

HP 54 SP 38, Resolve: 8

Astute Tailblade +10 (1d4+3)
House Zeizerer Hand Cannon, Swagger (Merciful and Conserving infusions) +10 (1d12+3)
Pulsecaster pistol +10 (d6+3 e)

Acrobatics +16
Athletics +11
Bluff: +11
Culture +13 (-5 to DCs involving bounty hunting or my target)
Engineering +15
Perception +13
Piloting +16
Profession, Bounty Hunter +12 (or +16 with kit)
Slight of Hand +17 (16 w/ ACP)
Stealth +18 (17 w/ ACP)
Survival +14 (or +18 to avoid getting lost/follow a map)

Feats: Weapon focus (Small Arms), Versatile Focus, toughness

Operative's edge +2; thief specialization, trick attack 3d8, evasion, jack of all trades, Disarming Attack, Uncanny Mobility, Holographic distraction, Fast Movement +10 feet.

Languages: Common, Yskoi, Akitonian, Eoxian, Goblin, Ghabrani, Copaxi

Race Stuff: Darkvision 60, Cheek pouches, Moxie, +2 Stealth, Engineering, survival,

Gear: Glammered Survival Knife, Astute Tailblade, Swagger hand Cannon (House Zeizerer make, 7 shots), Estex suit III (With Thermal Capacitor), Tactical Arc Pistol (self-constructed), 100 shells, 2 spare batteries, Extra Comm, Extra flashlight, Engineering Kit, Navigation Kit, Trapsmith Kit, hygine kit, 1 week of field rations, Binders x2, Healing serum mk. 1 x2, Titanium cable (20 ft)

A surprisingly grizzled and no-nonsense yskoi, 'The Duke' was, at one time, much like the rest of his race; Excitable and more fun-loving.

Cero's upbringing on the dismal world of Akiton didn't sully his good nature, and in fact, instilled in him the idea that there was a strict need for more policing in the world. And so, when he was of age, he headed off to Absolom station and joined up as a Steward. There he trained to take down criminals in a number of ways, but his cheerful and playful nature always found a way to creep into his life, like the playful 'gun twirling' he did, emulating the latest (wild west) vids he was obsessed with.

No, what changed him forever came a few years into his stint as a Steward. His boss (A Vesk named Kroznak) created a task force made primarily of Ysoki to take down a death's head cult on the station. His boss reasoned that people tended to underestimate Ysoki, and that they could squeeze and hide in places others couldn't. Duke and his comrades spent a year going undercover, hiding, and planning to take down the cult. Unbeknownst to everyone at the time though, Kroznak accrued a huge gambling debt, and resorted to selling information to the cultists about Duke's operation. And so, when Duke and his comrades sprung their trap, the cult was ready. Only Duke made it out alive, albeit with the cult greatly diminished thanks to the sacrifices of his friends.

When he got back, Kroznak did everything he could to pin the blame on Duke, to get him dishonorably discharged. Duke did some digging, however, and brought the information to light about Kroznak's dirty dealings. The whole thing got bitterly political, with many of Kroznak's friends standing by the 'proud and honorable vesk' against the 'clearly lying and knifing Ysoki. Eventually it was all straightened out, and Kroznak was sent to jail, but by then the damage was done, Duke had too many enemies in the Stewards,
and too many bitter memories besides. So he grimly quit the organization and decided to take off for somewhere else.