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So hey I have tried my search-fu, and found some interesting threads but I am posting this looking for some specifically PFS viable options.

I scored myself an Undine (thank you boon trade thread) and am hoping to throw together an ice/water based caster. I'm thinking probably sorcerer but that isn't set in ice.

I'm not looking for (but have no objections to) complete build ideas, rather I'm just wondering if people have any cool ice/water themed tricks, spells etc. It doesn't have to be arcane or even a caster thing, post anything cool with that theme, maybe you will sway me to change class! (eg the Cleric subdomain Ice giving Ice Body at level 8 is pretty cool).

For anyone curious about my current leanings its sorcerer with:
S 8
D 15
C 10
I 10
W 12
C 18

Going for Elemental Water bloodline for the +2 Cha bonus to sorc spells and abilities (possibly going for two bloodlines). Taking the higher dex for ranged touch spells and possibly going for a bit of a blaster. Thinking of going for as my bread and butter Rime Spell and Snowball with magical lineage.

TLDR? Looking for cool Ice/Water tricks,spells or feats!

Hi sorry for the really stupid question, I couldnt find it elsewhere so the answer is probably obvious, but when I look at the house map for way of the Kirin I am a little oonfused by the windows.

Top floor: All windows are clearly windows, ie they are blue tinted thin sections.

Ground Floor (North and East walls): As above, clearly windows with glass.

Ground Floor (South and West walls): The same sections on these walls dont seem to have a blue tint, and I genuinely can't tell if these are meant to be:
a) Windows
b) Broken Windows (ie no obstacle)
c) Thin non load bearing walls
d) Passages into the house

As I said its probably clear to everyone else, but I was hoping for a definitive answer as I am currently prepping the map.

Thanks in advance guys and gals

So Hey I know that in PFS the rule is run as written, I was just wondering what peoples opinions are with how strict this rule is when it comes to box text?

Maybe I have been doing it wrong, but in some scenarios I tend to stick close to the text but not quote it verbatim. I can see the positive of this as being able to deliver the text more naturally and go with the flow of player interruptions. The negative is obviously the chance you might leave important info out and the fact you should be running as written.

So what are people's opinions, or is there no discussion, I just shouldn't be improvving at all?