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Full Name

Cassadar Almon




Operative 3 • SP 18, HP 22, RP 2, EAC 13; KAC 14 • Fort +1; Ref +4; Will +4 • Perc +7 • Init +7





Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About Cassadar

An accredited graduate of the Michaelis Institute, they have not contracted out to a family as a professional attendant of yet, so this finds them at loose ends. In the meantime, while their contract waits to be selected, they are taking some time to round out their skills and perfect alternate applications... After all, nothing prepares one like the unexpected.

NPC: Wadsworth - Subtly snarky Institute AI, distributes Contracts and Appointments.
Hook: Contracts are assigned to graduates, intended to assess their capabilities before they are "Appointed" to positions. As a graduate with no appointments, they are both free to travel as they would like, and also targeted for their affiliation if it should become recognized.


• 10,(14),10,15,12,10 •
Human(+2Con) Themeless(+1Str) Operative

STA/HP: 18/22
E/KAC: 13/14
BAB: +3/+4
RP: 2
Spd: 40

Racial: Bonus Feat, Skilled
Special: Operative's edge +2, Specialization(Explorer), Trick Attack+1d8, Evasion, Exploit(Xenolinguist), Quick Movement(+10ft.), Weapon Specialization
Feat:Mobility, Skill Synergy(Culture, Survival), Improved Initiative
Languages:Common, Lashuntan, Ysoki, Vesk, Kasathan, Elven
Trait: Worldly
Drawback: Oppressive Expectations

Skills =(A+R+C)
Acrobatics +6=(1+2+3)
Bluff +5=(0+2+3)
Computers +8=(2+3+3)
Culture +9=(2+3+3+2)
Engineering +7=(2+2+3)
Medicine +8=(2+3+3)
Perception +7=(1+3+3)
Piloting +7=(2+2+3)
P.(Attendant){Int} +8=(2+3+3)
Sense Motive +6=(1+2+3)
Sleight of Hand +7=(2+2+3)
Stealth +9=(2+3+3+1)
Survival +10=(1+3+3+2)

Intimidate, Disguise, Athletics

Morphic Skin, Basic

Second Skin +1/+2

Baton, Tactical 1d4B -analog, operative, thrown(20ft.)-
Knife, Survival 1d4S -analog, operative, thrown(20ft.)-
Sap, Light 1d4B -analog, nonlethal, operative
Skipshot Pistol, Tactical 1d4P, 60ft, bleed 1d4 (20r/1u), -teleportive-
Philosopher's Sting, Lead 2d6B, 80ft, staggered, (20c/5u), -force, penetrating, sniper(500ft.), unwieldy-

Comm Unit, Personal
Medkit, Basic
Scorch Suture

Industrial Backpack
Misc Personal Goods (800c worth)
3d Field Rations
Navigator's Tools
Attendant's Tools

30 Small Arm Rounds
(2) Battery, Standard