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Full Name

Carl "Ironfist" Promethium


Dwarf/Outsider + magic seeing shows

Dwarf Carl seems MASSIVELY infused Chaotic force magics






Dwarf size

Special Abilities

Massively Heavy, Force Infused, Monstrous Gravity/Force Powers.






Dragon Empire


Common + Dwarf +others



About Carl "Ironfist" Promethium

Image of Carl

Carl in Space Mining Iron Skin Form

Carl is short 3'2" and just as wide, he seems to carry no weapons that can be seen, he dos have two arm braces, [that seem magical, with and DC roll over 10]. You may note he seems massively heavy, floors creek when he walks over them. Also things bend and brake around Carl, as if hes having an affect on things. As a PC Carl is a gruff dwarf, on his travels his leaned a thing or two, most of them in a bad way. He has been coned, tricked, cheated, this made him somewhat a stoic Dwarf. Carl dos not suffer fools gladly, nor does he pay much heed to polite manners, [unless around ladys] seeing them as superficial and mealy mouthed. But Carl is of noble clan family, Carl will call a Hammer a Hammer no matter what, he can come over as hard and blunt even rude at times. But Carl is not being mean; he’s just being a dwarf. Cutting to the point and wasting little time "talking around the rock" as they say. On the whole what you see is what you get with Carl. He dos how ever have a heart of gold.

Carl has his own Scout/mining ship, "The Hammer Shaft"
and two MASSIVELY POWERFUL magic arm braces.

Carl's wee Problem:



Get out of it

Item (GM used God made artifact Epic Level Cursed) Ioun Arm Braces:

Epic level Cursed Item.

Item The HammerShaft Dwarf Scout Ship:

"Ship"spacecraft [Heavy Scout class] Intelligent/Magic

*Linked to Armbands

Carl's Heavy (Scout Class) mining craft,
He’s family could afford the cost, so an massively strong ship was made stronger, with systems simple and durable so they can deal with Carls Gravity waves. Think industrial SteamPunk, valves and clockwork, simple and massively over built to be robust and strong, meters of plating, massive power plant, fields and shielding. All Built to deal with Carl's Gravity powered ranges, a cage to lock him into, it will teleport him into itself if Carl loses it.

Class: Heavy Scout Mining craft,
Berths: 4
Cargo hold: 1 120mx80m80x
Cryo units 4
Nav and control computer: basic.
Hull: extreme environment [Hardened]
Manoeuvrability: Good
Max Gravity Field Stranded to x10'000
Flight systems: FTL Drive [Gravity wormwhole] + gravity Repulses + Thrusters.
Armaments: Heavy duty mining laser
Sensors: long range 1.5ly [Geological]
Displacement: 1850 metric tones
Coms: Mid-Range 0.5 ly
Power Unit: Destroyer class Elemental fission reactor, with Elemental power cell back up [Destroyer] {H3i fuel.}
4x - life pods
1x - environment Crawler [Small Flat tracked vehicle]
6x - Mining Probes x6[environment Hardened, Geological]
1x - Garbing Arms/winch
1x - extreme environments space suit.
1x - Teleporter pad 400 tons range 20miles {longer range to call Carl back]
OTHER: Miscellaneous mundane Equipment.