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About Captain Schultz


"Captain" Herman Schultz is a renegade Urbanian tank commander, although most would be surprised that such a man could have become a "renegade and a traitor".
Herman Schultz was like many other recruits for the Iron Guard, eager and willing. Schultz proved himself immensely capable, effective and charismatic. He became a tank commander right out of training and acquitted himself in his first battle bravely.

However the battle's aftermath would be where Schultz's began his renegade path, Schultz like any other military commander of the modern age understood that civilian causalities were inevitable. Modern weapons combined with human error made this a reality of war that no one could change.

Schultz's first and last combat was the liberation of Stromburg, a small town in northeastern Urbana that had long been overrun by Nocturnals and their cultists. It was also home to a massive number of enslaved civilians.

The battle itself went flawlessly, the Urbanian armor crushed the Nocturnals while the army dealt with the cultists in an efficient, admirable manner. After the battle however things went differently, Inquisitor Rudolf Hess of the Order of the eye had accompanied the detachment to oversee the "purging" of the Nocturnal from Stromberg.

Rudolf's method of "purging" was brutal he began the interrogation, torture and outright execution of dozens of suspected Nocturnal sympathizers from the ranks of the "liberated" civilians. This directly went against Herman Schultz's own code of military honor.

In an aside to his gunner, Otto Krepps Schultz's made his views clear, "we came to liberate Stromburg from the terror of the Darkfall...instead we have merely replaced it with a terror of "man-made" origin... If Hess can be called a "man" that is."

After three days of this Schultz's could no longer control his sense of honor, knowing that even the detachment's Commandant could not overrule the Inquisitor Schultz's told the Inquisitor to meet him in an abandoned building. Schultz claimed that he had knowledge of a Darkfall infiltrator in the ranks of the detachment, Hess ever quick to believe in corruption amongst the ranks accompanied Schultz.

Herman Schultz would in that moment become a "renegade and traitor", slamming his dagger right into Hess's backside. Herman Schultz then fled with his conspirators, his tank crew who had all agreed on an escape plan the night previous.

It went without a hitch and they made their way into the Rhannate and now find themselves working as mercenaries. Herman Schultz's actions saved over 400 civilians from the predations of the Inquisition, now however he is a wanted man. While no bounty has been placed upon his head (in order to keep word of treason within the Ironguard quiet) the Inquisition has begun a manhunt to bring in the "traitor" Herman Schultz and his crew...

Herman Schultz and his crew are now mercenaries within the Rhaanate...


Male human thunder scout 2
LN Medium humanoid
Init +3 (+5 if mounted); Senses, Perception +5
AC 19, touch 13, flat-footed 13 (+6 armor, +3 Dex)
hp 17 (2d8+5)
Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +0
Speed 40 ft.
Melee dagger +2 (1d4/19-20x2)
Ranged rifle +5 (1d10)
Thunder Scout Spells Prepared
0-Level - everheat rune
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 16 (14+2), Wis 10, Cha 14
Base Atk +2; CMB +2; CMD 17
Feats Extra Technique (Swift as lightning), Ace Pilot

Traits Natural Pilot (+2 initiative when combat begins while piloting), Bully

Skills (*Armor Check Penalty: -4), Craft (machinery) 2 (+7), Knowledge (engineering) 2 (+7), Knowledge (geography) 2 (+7), Perception 2 (+5), Spellcraft 2 (+7), Use magic device 2 (+7), Intimidate 2 (+8), diplomacy 2 (+4), bluff 2 (+4), Sense motive 2 (+2)

Languages Eastern Common, Sylfanic, Western

Racial Abilities

Class Abilities Pilot Training (redirect attacks to herself or vehicle), Signature Vehicle, Thunderscout Techniques (Swift as Lightning, Blitzstrieg)

Favored Class Bonus 2/6 of a thunderscout technique

Weapons and Armor rifle, dagger, breastplate,
20 rifle ammunition (standard)

Vehicle, 1 cannon, 2 gunner tripods, 20 round shot (100 gp), 20 canister shot (160 gp), 10 explosive shot (100 gp) and 5 incendiary shot (150 gp).

Miscellaneous Equipment backpack, belt pouch, bedroll, driving
goggles, waterskin, engineer’s toolkit, spellbook (contains all 0-level thunder scout spells, plus alarm, repair vehicle, Pilot’s Guile and steambreaker), thieves’ tools, 50 feet hemp rope and grapple, assorted survival gear
Wealth 340 gp


Huge Manite-Powered Vehicle
Caster Level: 5th
AC: 16 (+8 armor, -2 size, -1 dex, +1 dodge)
Hit Points: 44 (3d10+20+6+3)
Speed: 40 ft. ; Speeding: 40 ft.
Space: 15 ft. X 20 ft.
Strength: 18
Dexterity: 8
CMB: +6
CMD: 15 (+8 vs. trip)
Crew Stations: pilot, 2 gunner tripods, 2 mounted gunners
Maximum Weapons: 3 (2 gunner tripods, 1 cannon)
Cover: improved std/partial (pilot), total (crew), partial (gunner).
Engine Type: basic
Standard Features:
Armor (medium): The vehicle gains a +8 armor bonus to AC.
Medium armor reduces the vehicle’s overall speed by 10. A
vehicle with medium armor can only rush at 4 times its normal
speed (6 times if the high speed feature is chosen).

Tank Plating: The pilot has only a slit to look through, but
may open a hatch to see the outside world clearly. The rest
of the crew receives total cover. To use the gunner tripods,
the gunners must emerge from similar hatches. When a gunner’s
hatch is open, that crew member’s cover is reduced from total
to partial.

Integrated Turret: The mounted weapon has a limited arc of fire.
Targets must be in within a 90 degree cone of the vehicle's
forward facing. When manning a turret, the gunner's cover is
reduced from total to partial. One feature point may be used to
remove the restriction of the limited firing arc.

Superior Materials: The vehicle has been reinforced with toughened
materials, allowing it to sustain more damage. It gains +3 hit
points, or +1 hit point per hit die, whichever is greater.

Bonus features: Finely tuned engine (40 feet)