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Kelkii Baines wrote:
Kelkii nods slowly, "I'll tell him to save showing off for when he isn't paying for services. Do you have a set price per night or should we meet with the boys and see what extras they picked for him? I honestly have no idea what men get up to, I just know they need to be babysat half the time... Oh, is there a time that you're expecting to be mostly empty? he'd prefer that. Less people to see him on the way in."

"It all depends on whom he wants, for how long, and engaged in what activity. You expressed interest in one of our secret rooms before; these can be rented for as little as 50 gp an hour, or 1000 gp for the night. Of course, the price reflects the quality and discretion we are providing. It will be money well spent."

He smiles at her and offers his respect "It's really quite an establishment you have here. Most places here in Eventide just let themselves go. You must have many wealthy clients to keep things in such a shape, which is even more impressive."

She seems a little intimidated; civilized folks tend to get antsy around elves.

"You are too kind. Perhaps you would be more at home on the lower level with the other men? I'm certain you're missing out on some fun even as we speak."

Karnot Pell wrote:
"Test? No, nothing so passe. I am merely looking to make friends in the area, and you seem like someone who would be a good friend. I know my talents and resources, and can be quite a useful and...discreet...friend. If you'd prefer, I could be a bit more direct behind closed doors, but if I am making you feel uncomfortable, forget it. I just thought we might be good assets for one another."

"Well," says the halfling woman "That's different. What sort of friendship did you have in mind?"

It takes some maneuvering, she really is quite reluctant to talk about the goings on the of "Temple", but eventually she lets slip that the man in the corner had been living here, essentially, for a week. Quite unusual. He had four other friends with him, but within the time frame of the attack they came back two men short, and the rest of his compatriots left soon after.

The very second she lets that last detail slip she realizes she has all but forfeited her life if caught, and will speak no more.

Kelkii humms to herself as she looks at what little is in the range of her eyesight, "Privacy and security are my main concerns. They boys are picking out the... more risque things, let's use that word. I take it you don't worry about break ins? I doubt doors that lock on the inside are easy to weasel your way into..." She looks at Ellie as if she's forgetting something, then snaps her fingers, "Oh! Before we go much further, what currencies do you accept? We'll be paying in normal coin, but he's in trading and sometimes forgets what form of tip is good where after enough bottles of wine. Anything we should make sure he doesn't bring? I don't want anyone getting offended or him having to do too much digging in his pockets over something small like that." Kelkii lowers her voice, "To be honest, I think he does it on purpose to show off, but that's between us and these lovely chairs."

"We deal only in gold, you understand. No scip, no bank notes, no credit, not even silver. In business such as ours gold is king. And your master can bring whatever pleases him, although we can provide all the necessities of life right here. If it is his wish he need only bring his libido."

I take 10 (for a 23) on Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) to have some idea of the sorts of locks used in this place. And, of course, what it would take to weasel your way past them.

Dwarves make very strong locks, but this place doesn't look like it was actually made by dwarves. Their locking mechanisms are likely all show and no substance. If you could get a few minutes alone with one of the doors here, unless they have some surprises up their sleeves, it shouldn't too difficult to pick them.

"Don't suppose this place is looking or more workers hmm?" 'There was after all very few better hiding places than in plain sight. . .

The half-orc grunts.

"If you're interested in working here, then your brother can't afford this place." he says, matter-of-factly.

Once his question was asked his eyes drifted back out to the room, looking over to the man in the corner and examining him while at least trying to be discreet.

The man in the corner is well dressed, in fresh new looking clothes. He is visible drunk, but seems to be having a very good time. You don't see any weapons on him but you're not the kind of person who jumps to dangerous conclusions about things like that.

Sorry guys, was super busy today, will get back on the trolly tomorrow.

Kalamir Shadowsigh wrote:
I didn't notice the game had started up, am I too late? Or should I just slip in?

Just jump in, presumably you've been with the rest of the party.

Isabelle "Ellie" Jackdaw wrote:
Ellie decides to play it quiet and goes out of her way to appear caught up in the stylings of the building, something not difficult for her to manage considering her almost obsessive interest in architecture.

Ellie happens to note that, while whoever built this place was intimately familiar with dwarven architecture, they likely weren't dwarves themselves. There are some innovative concessions to aesthetics that deviate from the standard template in a way dwarves would simply not tolerate.

"So, you must make a decent amount of coin in this place, right? I would expect lots of people are eager for your talents, as beautifu and charming as you are. Perhaps we could be friends even beyond a mere exchange of coins and pleasure. I do have lots of friends, you know, and am more than happy to do favors for them from time to time."

"Oh, you're adorable, but you don't have to worry about that. If this is some kind of test you can rest assured we keep confidences here."

This is before you use diplomacy to influence her attitude, I just want to get a line of dialogue from you representing that to make the conversation more fluid.

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P.S. If you pull someone aside to have a conversation about something they're doing that's disrupting the game, and their response is "I'm just playing in character", that's kind of like when certain kinds of frogs have bright coloration to warn predators that they're poison. Someone saying that is warning you that they're poison.

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I think your issue is playing with a jerk and a drama bomb, not a family member. Your niece wasn't the problem, it was the bard player for refusing to cease his asshattery, and her boyfriend for overreacting to the aforementioned asshattery. Either of those two people acting like civilized humans could have avoided this.

I've gamed with both of my sisters and two cousins and never had an issue. I have also gamed with jerks and drama bombs and they are disruptive as hell.

I saw that 10 on the bluff check and was so sure she was going to make the sense motive. Whatever, the story is very plausible, the dice were just being jerks.

She ushers you all in and closes the door behind her.

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6

"It would be an honor and a privilege. I assure you this will be a birthday he will remember for the rest of his life. You need not worry about privacy and discretion, those are truly the virtues of our religion."

She laughs a little at her own joke.

"Gerhard," she addresses the half-orc bouncer "Show the boys here down to the lounge where they can get acquainted with some of our lovelies and explore what the nature of their preferences might be. The ladies and I will talk terms.

Gerhard leads the way down the stairs. They lead to a large underground room with a high ceiling. The room appears to be a cross between a tavern and a bedroom, with many many doorways leading off in different directions. The stairs continue down to deeper levels of the temple but the bouncer leads you into this room.

It is filled with, well, high class prostitutes. Not the kind of rundown poor souls one usually finds plying this trade in Eventide, but well dressed aristocratic-looking women. They are spread about the room, longing in deliberately sensual positions, and run the gamut of intelligent races.

There is only one man here, a human sitting in a far corner with two of the prostitutes, whispering.

"The boys* are one level down, if your tastes run elven," says the bouncer.

Meanwhile the madam leads the other women to a small sitting area just off the foyer. The chairs are heavily cushioned and softer than any chair you've ever sat in. The embroidery is halfling but the cloth is the finest gnomish cotton linen. She sits, and bids you join her with a wave of her hand.

"I can have a very private space made available. Soundproof, warded against scrying, lockable from the inside, more secure than a dwarven vault. It is a point of pride that we have never had an issue with one of our clients suffering unwanted exposure. If you could be more specific about your needs I'd be only too happy to indulge."

*Not literally boys, just male prostitutes. Just to be clear.

Your group attracts suspicious looks, and little else, as you make your way across trench street towards the Temple of Ostentatious Delights. Your look is the right combination of dangerous and poor to avoid most of the trouble that finds outsiders in Eventide.

The brothel itself was designed to emulate a dwarven temple, something of a dark joke. The upper level is an imposing edifice crafted to the point of geometric perfection. Two great stone columns, hewn from living stone, flank the entrance. The great majority of the building, as with all dwarven buildings, lies underground.

A human woman in evening wear answers the door when you knock. Her age is beginning to show but she is still possessed of a timeless beauty. She looks each of you up and down without losing her smile. Unlike smiles, she at least gives the impression of being genuine.

Behind her looms a thick-necked half-orc with a grisly hanging scar, his muscles threatening to rip free of his skin at any moment. He wears a large axe on his back, and an old-style front loading pistol on his hip.

"Welcome weary pilgrims, to the Temple of Ostentatious Delights. Come in, come in, and we can discuss precisely which sublime pleasures would feed your souls."

She steps aside, to allow you entrance. Inside is a finely appointed foyer, decorated in a human style in contrast to the architecture, which is dominated by a grand staircase leading down.

"Oh, do you know who planned their route and if they're around? Talking to them might be helpful if they aren't missing too."

Smiles loses his smile. A mixture of anger and fear takes hold of his face.

"Are you trying to be funny? In case it doesn't go without saying, you are not to make contact with any member of the Red Fire. Just so we're perfectly, unequivocally clear: if you go to the dragons I will have you killed myself. It will be messy and it will be slow, and it will still be a mark of incredible fortune on your part if I get to you first, because the merchant houses will not be nearly so merciful."

He seems to regain his composure.

"Now, if you're quite done eroding my confidence in your team, I have more thugs to assemble."

Kelkii leans forward, brushing her bangs out of her face and locking her faded eyes on Favian's, "And I trust you're telling us everything you know about all this?"

"Don't be ridiculous. This is my city, it's in my best interest that it remain uncooked by dragon fire. You don't have to trust me to know I'm giving you everything I have on this. I'm even giving your group a head start before I send some of my less subtle associates to start extracting information a tad more forcefully."

"Since we're in this to save the city, make some DRAGONS happy, and pull your hoop outta the proverbial AND literal fire, how's about 15k? Only seems fair, ya ask me."

"I don't have all day to haggle. If you recover the gold in it's entirety and bring me the name of the people who stole it I'll give you the extra 5,000 you want. That's my final offer. Today is not the day to waste my time."

Karnot pauses for Smiles to consider his offer and racks his brain for any recent uprisings, gang activity, ot similar weirdness going on in that area of town.

Eventide is full of bandits and other ne'er-do-wells, it's no surprise that someone got robbed. Most people with anything worth stealing know to avoid the area entirely, unless they have strong sword arms or full spell books.

Ellie thinks quietly to herself about any relevant rumors she may have heard recently.

Local: You haven't heard anything about a dragon robbery, but that stands to reason. The merchant houses don't want the information getting out, and nobody in Eventide is keen to snitch.

There are, however, a few gangs of what might be described as bandits that operate out of Eventide, and are known for attacking people trying to cut through the neighborhood. This is a story you've heard a number of times before, the only difference is that this time someone important enough for people to notice got hit.

The Temple of Ostentatious Delights, a high end brothel and drughouse that exists in Eventide more to be away from prying eyes than because of the cheap rents, has a number of underground rooms they rent out with no questions asked. They're usually not particularly forthcoming with customer information, however. They're expensive but anyone capable of successfully robbing the Red Flame likely has resources.

Architecture: Eventide doesn't have as many tall buildings as the rest of the city, but a lot of the buildings descend far down beneath it. There are many entrances to Rat City, which is an unofficial ratfolk settlement in the sewers of Hyskos. There are also a number of basements, cellars, and other places where someone might hide out underground. Many of the underground nooks and crannies have been abandoned for decades, and have been overrun by underground monsters.

Engineering: Eventide is the most run-down part of the city. A lot of the buildings look virtually uninhabitable, and the ones that aren't full of squatters could make good hideouts (until they collapse and kill everyone inside). There's also enough tunnels and underground passages that it would be pretty easy for people to connect various buildings through the underground.

I did the ones you listed, but let's be reasonable. I'm not going to write up "I take ten on every single knowledge skill check" every time you want information. You're going to need to specify the skills you're using.

"Why did they pick that route? That's like setting a fire in a library, it's going to draw attention."

Smiles looks genuinely unsure for a moment, before regaining his composure and fakeness.

"I'm not sure. I suppose they were just unwise. The Red Fire doesn't have a significant presence in Hyskos so they might not have realized what they stepped into until it was too late. Or maybe they assumed even in Eventide nobody would be dumb enough to rob a dragon."

"I'm guessing we're not the only people you asked to look into this?"

"You're the first, but you won't be the only. These eggs are too important to trust to a single basket."

Zoren Alazario wrote:
The already pale man seemed to grow even paler as he heard that the Red Fire of Wealth had been robbed. "Do you have any details on how it happened? How was the wealth being transported, where did it get hit, any clues left behind at the scene itself, any witnesses?"

"All we know is that the cartel representatives, and their gold, were last seen somewhere around Eventide. Cartel members are too aware of the consequences to have run off with the gold, so it doesn't take a prophet to figure out they were robbed. As for witnesses, that's your job. You're going to have to ask around, see what you can scare up. Asking about the coins at the local taverns and brothels might be a good place to start, they're incredibly rare."

Please keep OOC stuff here as much as possible, I want the IC thread to be primarily IC.

Thunderbirds are GO!

One point: I have a pretty sandboxy GMing philosophy, but I find PBP games work better when the PCs have a goal aggressively shoved at their faces. So I have done so. But, keep in mind, if at any point you want to say "to hell with all of you we're going our own way" that's fine. You won't offend me if you make your own adventure. Same goes for betraying your employers, killing NPCs that look important, and basically any kind of in-character shenanigans that might usually faze a GM. You be you and I'll roll with whatever punches. If I wanted to control what the characters were going to do I'd write a book.

"Smiles" Favian Brood is a third-rate professional middle man, with delusions of class, who often works as a liaison between several of the merchant houses and the "adventurer" community. Unusually, Favian sought your group out today rather than you having to come to him looking for work.

Smiles wears an aggressively phony smile like a mask, and is clad in filthy, bug-eaten clothes that would have been quite extravagant a decade ago when they were new. He maintains an office in the lowest level of one of the more disreputable office spires, which is where you all are now.

"Here's the situation: representatives of the Red Fire of Wealth* came through Hyskos two days ago with several large chests of gold with which to purchase land in the city core. They went missing somewhere near Eventide**. I don't need to tell you how important it is that the gold, in it's entirety, is recovered. Someone out there was suicidally stupid enough to steal gold from not one, but THREE dragons at once. If the Red Fire of Wealth get wind of what happened they will burn this city to the ground to recover even a single shaving of that gold. It's as close to a principal as the monsters have."

"Unfortunately, the gold was in the form of pristine 10,000-year-old dragon minted coins, so it would be impossible to replace without being noticed. Fortunately, that should make it easier to track down."

"If you can't get all the gold the next best thing would be to bring in the people who stole it, alive. If we can turn them over to the dragons we may be able to redirect their wrath away from the city."

He sighs.

"You've done good work for me in the past, so this should go without saying, but in case it doesn't: if you try to make off with a single piece of that gold it will be you the dragons come after, and I'll personally make sure they know where to look. Now is not the time for petty adventurer b$#+$+%&. If the city is destroyed we all lose. If, however, you recover the gold you'll win all of us some powerful friends. That's worth more than anything else I could offer you, but I'll also pay 10% of the recovered gold, that's 10,000 gp."

10,000 gp. That's ten times more than any job the cheap bastard has ever offered you.

"Time is of the essence. The merchant princes can only stall the cartel for so long. We need this gold recovered yesterday, so ask any questions you have quick and get going."

Please include a physical description of your character in your first post.

*An economic alliance of three powerful red dragons, one of the richest and least pleasant of the dragon cartels.
**An especially poor and chaotic neighborhood, even by Hyskos standards. There are a lot of taverns there that cater to the adventurer set so you're relatively familiar with the area.

Gars DarkLover wrote:

All in a single group would be hard.

Multiple groups/games is another option (with its own problems).

But you are you, and know your limits better than we do.

I'm seriously considering a second game, given the level of interest, but I want to see how I do with one to start.

Feth wrote:
Would you be alright with lurkers watching the game? I'm disappointed that I missed this. Darn vacation! I'm also interested in getting on the waiting list.

Oh absolutely, happy for anyone who wants to to follow along. I wish I could take everyone who expressed interest but I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.

Awesome. I was running around all day so I didn't have time to work something up, but I'll have the game posted by tomorrow. There's a small chance I could get it up tonight, but I'm not going to make a liar out of myself by saying there's any serious probability of that happening.

Can I get an ETA (expected time of arrive a.k.a. time frame) for when the characters we're still waiting on will be done? I was hoping to get the game up and running tonight. It should just be bits and pieces that are still left so if everyone could give that last push when they read this we can get going.

Anyone who is just waiting on gear, buy all your important "iconic" bits of equipment and you can leave some of the small change floating for a bit. I just want to get us going before we lose momentum.

Aruetii wrote:
Okay, I have one question before I choose between what kind of combat caster I want to be. I don't suppose that the Draconic claw bloodline power can be used for longer, or even indefinitely?

Nope. I can save you a lot of time and tell you it's RAW for character creation unless noted otherwise.

Looks like we're getting there. You have an ETA on your gear and last picks?

Stormagedon Dark Lord of All wrote:
Any openings left? I've got an idea for a paladin or anti-paladin.

Sorry, we're full, but I can pop you on slot three on the waiting list if people drop out.

Oh, Cap'n, can I get some more details about the gods?

The dwarven and elven pantheons are sort of linked in that they're two sides of the same coin. The dwarves have a set pantheon of gods with clear portfolios, and the elves worship the infinite, nameless gods of chaos whose nature is in constant flux.

Chief among the dwarf gods is the god of thunder, who died and came back to life as a sort of divine machine, and is now the god of electricity, machinery, and cold lifeless efficiency. He became the chief god of the dwarven pantheon and, since the dwarf empire is the biggest political organization in the world, worship has spilled outward to other races (although most non-dwarves worship the thunder god as a sort of monotheism without the rest of the dwarf pantheon).

Humans, ratfolk and catfolk have a bunch of new gods of their own, the most important of which is the Omniscient Eye which makes problems for people in power. The new gods tend towards more modern concepts to embody.

The Tengu don't have any gods, and while not atheists per se they feel that it's best to avoid the notice of anything that powerful.

Then there's a bunch of local cultist, animistic systems, deified monarchs, demons in disguise and tribal patrons.

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I think we have everyone except @The Pale King.

Do we have an ETA on your character?

Aruetii wrote:
Have to get away from the controlling influences somehow if all of thats being forced upon you, and if you twist it just the right way, signing up with these reprobates is an exercise in growing his power to live up to what they want. (And if he happens to drop off the face of the planet while adventuring, well, he's free.)

It seems more likely to me that he'd have to run away entirely to escape the influence of people who were willing to dedicate their lives to a breeding project in order to create him. Maybe he has to go by a street name and keep one eye open for bounty hunters looking to bring him back to his family.

Aruetii wrote:

I was asking for Bloodlines to see how appropriate they'd be.

I like the setting, hrm, how about this?

** spoiler omitted **

Crossblooded Sorcerer with a focus on magical damage and debuffing through the damage.

Okay, so what's his deal? He's the result of some kind of sorcerer breeding cult, so his family probably has other plans for him than being a member of the high fantasy A Team. How did he end up associated with all the rest of these reprobates?

Xaraley wrote:
Oh, you said there was a god of information in this setting? They have an official name?

The Omniscient Eye, whose realm is the Infinite Celestial Library whose volumes contain the knowledge of all that is. His cult believes that if they build a powerful enough difference engine they'll be able to tap into this infinite knowledge, and they've come close enough to become the perennial enemy of powerful people with big secrets. Their mantra is "information wants to be free" and they're not above stealing it.

Could I get some more information on the dragon cartels that you mentioned in the opening post?

Well, basically, one of the major themes of the setting is that all of the major global powers are based on concentrations of wealth. The dwarven empire is merely the puppet of the seven great dwarven banks, the human city-states are run by merchant houses, and into this mess come the dragon cartels. These are various alliances of dragons, mostly evil, who invest their hoards in order to most effectively grow them. Think a cross between a giant evil corporation and a mafia outfit, run by magically evil dragons all in the pursuit of making money for no other reason than so they can pile it up and sit on it.

And what about the influence of the outer planes?

There's all the usual planes and outsiders and all that jazz, but they only visit the material plane when brought over by magic of some kind or other. There's no crack in reality or anything with big communities of half-planar characters. If you wanted to play like a tiefling or an aasimar you'd be very unusual.

The gods all have their own realms and hang out there curating their prayer collections and being imponderable.

Isabelle "Ellie" Jackdaw wrote:
Well I did give myself a revolver and I plan to use it. I figured buying a melee weapon can be something that happens in-game if I decide. My character would have no reason to have a melee weapon, honestly. Maybe a dagger, so I can add that.

Oh I must have missed the revolver.

Isabelle "Ellie" Jackdaw wrote:
Here's the alias for Ms Jackdaw. I'm still messing around with her inventory, but it's almost where I want it.

Even if you don't plan to engage in actual combat as part of the group, you should carry a weapon for self defense. What if you get separated?

Aruetii wrote:
You mentioned any Core or Base classes, would you be willing to allow Ninja? I think a Ninja/Sorcerer with the Nanite bloodline would make a pretty interesting Arcane Trickster, otherwise I'm rollin' up a Rogue/Wizard.

Okay, you're jumping around too much. Every time you change your character you have to get a new concept approved, so pick something and stick with it.

I'm going to need your final decision, with a concept attached, and relatively soon if you want me to hold your slot.

Edit: For the record ninja is fine, but you need to make a decision.

I could go Bounty Hunter for some sneaky? If I did could I exchange some martial ranged Weapon proficiencies for some firearms?

Multiclass to your heart's content in keeping with the character creation outline in the first post.

I have no idea what you're asking here about guns but keep in mind firearms are simple weapons with Guns Are Everywhere.

I am more than willing to switch to Rogue, especially if able to use the Unchained version

Nope, chained version.

Seth86 and bes753: no room at the inn, but you're 1 and 2 on the waiting list if someone drops out.

Aruetii wrote:
Yeah that's true. I might toss Zoren aside for someone much better at combat.

Well combat caster is one one niche not really filled.

Aruetii wrote:
I think with the group we have two bards, one oracle, melee, and one ranged, and then me. I'm really torn between Sorcerer and Wizard, Sorc Nanite is thematically appropriate but a mechanically weaker crafter, Wizard is a mechanically superior crafter, but wouldn't be quite as good in a fight.

Well to be honest the group would be better off with a bit more combat capacity. You can always just buy magic items.

So, the team will consist of

Isabelle Jackdaw, fixer and thing-figurer-outer.
Unnamed Ratfolk Gulch Gunner
Kelkii Baines, halfing oracle and diviner of knowledge.
Zoren, Nanite sorcerer
Karnog Pell, con-man, face, and third way of saying knowledge monkey.
Unnamed Elven Urban Barbarian courier

You have a lot of knowledge skills and figure-stuff-out skills, so as I said before you're probably more like a team of heavily armed detectives. You're hired to solve mysteries that just turn into crazy adventures.

It also looks like you have three heavy hitters and three skill slingers, so the average adventure would be 50% mystery plot, 50% killing things.

Xaraley wrote:
CaptainMarvelous wrote:
So what's her deal? What does she do and why?
She gathers information, mostly for her own amusement, but partially out of feeling compelled to in order to understand the powers she never intended to have. Her weakened eyesight drives her to explore, hoping to memorize as much as she can about the world she lives in. She often joins other travelers as a healer, gathering information while making sure those that act as cogs in the machine of society are capable of functioning. Kelkii has never turned down a shady request, feeling that good information is rarely found out of the shadows, with that said, she seems to neither be for or against doing the "right" or "wrong" thing, preferring to simply see how things go.

That's three detective-types out of six characters. I guess we know what the team's specialty is.

Okay that's six people and all I can take, so if other people want to apply I can put you can a waiting list for if anyone drops out but I can't take any more characters at present.

Scaffold Kane wrote:
There, fixed. By the way, how are we doing HP past level 1?

You can either roll or take the average, your choice.

Xaraley wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Halfling Oracle, clouded vision for her curse.

So what's her deal? What does she do and why?

Scaffold Kane wrote:

Here's a very basic outline of mechanics that I'm thinking (to look through at your leisure). This isn't taking into account what gear I will have besides armor. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

** spoiler omitted **...

Starting level is 2.

Aruetii wrote:

. . . . . I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT GUNS EVERYWHERE YES. So I do have one question while I get into the mechanics of the build. I can not use the nanites on bullets or arrows or anything, it HAS to be melee?

Probably going to get rid of the bloodline power if thats the case with an archetype.

Yeah it has to be melee if you want to poison people with 7 of 9 biz.

Aruetii wrote:

Well, I was looking at bloodlines, and Nanite seems practically made for this kind of thing, so I might go Sorcerer instead.

Role in the party would be item creator and fighting while transmuted with the Arcana helping out Transmutations. Might go Blasty Blasty too with it, sadly the Nanite power only works with melee weapons.

I'll just make two characters, one for fighting one for support and see what the party could use more.

I had a look at the Nanite bloodline, that does sound cool. And with Guns Everywhere guns are simple weapons.

The Pale King wrote:

It's easy to get that +5 to acrobatics, I already want to have a relatively high dex for combat reflexes (and potentially later on Come and Get Me) and so I can be a switch hitter if need be. Have you considered having background skills from Unchained? I'd like to be able to fit in a Profession(Courier) and a less useful knowledge skill like nobility.

I am thinking my elf would be something of a forlorn, not sure how he came to be in the city yet, but he has been there since childhood. A series of different men and women taking him in for various reasons. His agility and quick mind landing him the courier job despite some racial prejudice.

As for standard starting gold. Do you mean standard for a level 2 character, or standard for a level 1 of our class?

I'm not familiar with unchained and not really interested in getting all into a bunch of new stuff I don't know.

There are some urban elf families, they're not all zealots for the cause, and most of them live in Hyskos because it's the closest thing to civilization outside the dwarven empire where elves are KOS. It's not inconceivable that your family is settled. Hyskos is a place where if you're rich or good at what you do and for sale people are willing to look past their prejudices so maybe your family runs a really effective and reliable courier service.

Standard gold for level 2.

psionichamster wrote:

I'd like to propose Karnog Pell, gnome bard, ladies man, swindler, forger, and all around con-man extraordinaire.

He's fluent in most languages, very charming, and quick to split if trouble gets too hot. Of course, he'll give you the business with a dosh or the old pig sticker if it comes to that, but physical.violence really is quite passé after all.

Core bard, with a focus on stealth, social engineering, and having big strong friends around in case someone needs a whoopin'.

Could this guy be a full rogue instead of a bard? I'm not opposed to bards, but I've got one bard already and another person PMing me looking to play a bard or a skald. As much as I love bards we're forming an adventuring party, not a band.

Although a band would be cool in another game.

Xaraley wrote:
Missed the bit on alignment. Sorry, cold medicine is rocking me at the moment.

No worries, I ramble, I just didn't want to type it out again.

Oh, not at all. I didn't mean to imply that her sex matters at all besides that her brothers were jealous of her, my apologies.

I must have just read that into it. My mistake.

Xaraley wrote:
I'm debating between plotting an Oracle or Cleric, but I'm having a hard time deciding. An Oracle seems to fit the setting slightly more. Do you have a preference to either? Also, is there a required alignment range?

No preference. I will point out there is a god of information, who wants all information to be free and whose chaos priests try to reveal people's secrets, and the dwarven god of thunder who came back to life as a machine and took over the dwarven pantheon who is the most-worshipped god and sort of the god of machinery. Other than that it's not very fleshed out so you can literally worship the god of anything from any race's pantheon and we can make it work (but note humans, ratfolk and catfolk share a pantheon). Edit: Also Tengu, while not really atheists, don't have any gods and don't want them. Their philosophy in general is to avoid the notice of anything that powerful.

I talk about alignment in detail in the opening post under character creation, close to the bottom.

The Pale King wrote:

Either way I'd be going with a melee focus. Though packing a bow just in case is never a bad idea.

Does an Elf Barbarian Courier who uses a glaive and a long bow not sound awesome? It's too bad Urban Barbarian loses the fast movement since it would be very thematic.

I love your idea of jumping between rooftops. Very Fafrd and the Grey Mouser. I want to encourage that kind of behavior, so I'm gonna say that's a DC 15 Acrobatics (or Climb) check to travel by building jumping at your base speed in a city with as dense buildings as Hyskos. You can take ten when not in combat so that means you need to cobble together a +5 to do it.

The elf sounds very cool. Elves are sort of seen as barbarians because a lot of them are literally at war with civilization. They're up to all kinds of spooky fairy s@!& in the deep woods.

Scaffold Kane wrote:
Alright, cool. Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm excited about the prospect of playing her in a character appropriate setting!

Just one: how seriously does your backstory hinge on the implied sexism bit coming from humans? Because the humans in Hyskos are kind of terrible in general but the one thing they have going for them is they're more egalitarian than the tradition-obsessed dwarves. Most people in Hyskos would be okay with a woman running a business, all the people who matter anyway.

If, however, that business was dwarven-owned and her family just ran it (which is pretty much the method the dwarves are attempting to use to conquer Hyskos) then maybe they'd have a problem appointing their daughter as their successor because of the objections of their dwarven investors. Dwarves are all about gender roles. They like any kind of rules, prohibitions and responsibilities. There could even be a magically-enforced contract prohibiting a woman from running the business.

Food for thought.

The Pale King wrote:
I'm thinking an Urban Barbarian or Urban Ranger might be cool. Someone who is used to running across rooftops and down alleyways to deliver messages and packages. Party wise he would be a heavy hitter with some skilly monkey in his veins.

Both of those sound cool, although I'd love to get a melee character in there just because melee becomes so much more stylish an option when guns are in play. Nothing quite like bringing a knife to a gun fight and winning.

Scaffold Kane wrote:
CaptainMarvelous wrote:
Relevant things.
Her role is fairly straight forward considering her backstory, but a little more depth; she's a support character. Her job is to know everything and make sure the party can compete. She's the brains behind the operation. I suppose the appropriate role would be "Leader". Don't expect her to be terribly competent at swinging a sword, but expect everyone around her to be much better at it than they usually are.

Yeah that's what I figured.

All right, I think I know what I want to make. After all, if you're going to go Dungeonpunk, you may as well go hard on it. So I'm going to make a Wizard on the road to become a Technomancer.

Same question: what would you see your role in the party being? Item crafter/support or more of a traditional blow things up wizard? Or a third thing?

This seems like a pretty good setting for my mechanic, Ms Isabelle Jackdaw, human archivist.

I love the name. She looks good off the top, what role would you see her playing in leverage or shadowrun-type team? Bards can fit into all kinds of different roles.

JABIII wrote:

Sounds like fun. How bout a Ratfolk Gulch Gunner

Your thoughts?

Sounds great. I'm very interested in exploring ratfolk. Without getting into too much ancient history wankery, humans, ratfolk, catfolk, and tengu are are young races, or the "beast races" as described by the dwarves, elves and the other older races (humans are seen as the equivalent of apefolk). Ratfolk, especially, are all over the human cities.

The Pale King wrote:
So it sounds like this is a port town, is that the case? And if so will the sea/ocean have a big affect on the game?

Not really, the main action will be in the town. There are some canals and things, though, so there would be more opportunities than usual to have, say, an aquatic animal companion.

Sounds like Shadowrun in High Fantasy, and I'm okay with this.

I considered using almost that exact phrase in the pitch.

By "base classes", do you mean APG classes, or any Paizo official classes?

Yeah by core classes I mean the player's handbook, and by base classes I mean APG. I'm willing to entertain other paizo official classes on a case-by-case basis but I'd prefer people stick to those classes.

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