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John Degraffenreid Jr.






Am I old? For an apricot, yes. For a head of lettuce, even more so. For a mountain, I have not even begun. For a man, just right.

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can annoy overly serious people with a single question


Neutral Good (on most days)


God, Jesus





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About Captain Emberwrath

Not much to say really. I'm a gamer and a geek from way back in the day. I was a geek before I knew what one was. Heck I watched Manimal for crying out loud :) AND Misfits of Science.

I got into fantasy rpgs in high school and I never looked back, though it did cause some eyebrow raising when I would mention it to fellow Christians from time to time. Oh yeah, I've heard plenty on that subject and on the subject of what I like to read. ;)

I love the Pathfinder system, and 3rd edition Legend of the Five Rings (though the Revised book does fix a couple things. awful though it is) I'm an anime fan, Record of Lodoss War and Tenchi Muyo (not Tokyo though) being in my top two.

I started a geek culture commentary blog that I AM planning on getting back to, I just took a several month break to re-examine some things in my life. I'm good to go now though and will be posting again soon.

I look forward to posting more in the forums and setting out some of my ideas and maybe learning a thing or two.

See you there.