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Full Name

Callista Jeggare


38/38 HP, Active Conditions:


AC 17; Touch 12; Flat-Footed 15 | F: +5; R: +5; W: +9 | CMD 16 | Init: +1 | Perception: +4





Special Abilities

Domains: Charm, Trickery, Chaotic Aura, Orisons, Channel Energy 4d6 (Positive) DC 13 5/day








Common, Varisian



Strength 10
Dexterity 13
Constitution 10
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 19
Charisma 14

About Callista Jeggare

Callista Jeggare
Female Human (Chelaxian) Cleric (Calistria) 7
N Medium Humanoid
Init +1; Senses Perception +4
AC 17, touch 12, flat-footed 15 (+4 Armor, +1 Dex, +1 Ring, +1 Amulet)
hp 38 (7d8)
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +9
Concentration +15
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Whip +6 (d3+1/x2), Light Mace +5 (d6/x2)
RangedLight Crossbow +7 (d8+1/19-20 x2)
Str 10, Dex 13, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 19, Cha 14
Base Atk +5; CMB +5; CMD 16

Special Abilities:


Charm -
1) Dazing Touch - You can cause a living creature
to become dazed for 1 round as a melee touch attack.
Creatures with more Hit Dice than your cleric level are
unaffected. 6/day

Trickery -
1) Gain Bluff, Disguise, & Stealth as class skills
2) Copycat - You can create an illusory double of yourself as
a move action. This double functions as a single mirror image
and lasts for a number of rounds equal to your cleric level, or
until the illusory duplicate is dispelled or destroyed. You can
have no more than one copycat at a time. This ability does
not stack with the mirror image spell. 6/day

Aura - Callista gives off a Chaotic aura to those who are able to detect such things


Channel Energy 4d6 (Positive) DC 13 5/day

Prepared Spells:

0 - Detect Magic, Guidance, Mending, Virtue
1 - *Charm Person, Burning Disarm, Cure Light Wounds, Obscuring Mist, Protection from Evil, Shield of Faith
2 - *Invisibility, Calm Emotions, Cure Moderate Wounds, Hold Person, Protection from Evil (Communal)
3 - *Nondetection, Protection from Energy, Searing Light, Windwall
4 - *Heroism, Chaos Hammer, Discern Lies


Deceitful - +2 to Bluff and Disguise
Skill Focus - +3 to Diplomacy
Selective Channeling
Combat Casting
Lightning Reflexes


Convincing Liar: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff or Intimidate checks and one of these skills (your choice) is a class skill for you.

Sacred Conduit: Your birth was particularly painful and difficult for your mother, who needed potent divine magic to ensure that you survived (your mother may or may not have survived). In any event, that magic infused you from an early age, and you now channel divine energy with greater ease than most. Whenever you channel energy, you gain a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of your channeled energy.



Bluff +18 (7 rank + 2 Cha + 3 Class + 2 Deceitful + 1 Trait + 3 Circlet)
Diplomacy +18 (7 rank + 2 Cha + 3 Class + 3 Skill Focus + 3 Circlet)
Disguise +17 (7 rank + 2 Cha + 3 Class + 2 Deceitful + 3 Circlet)
Sense Motive +14 (7 rank + 4 Wis + 3 Class)
Stealth +16 (7 rank + 1 Dex + 3 Class + 5 Cloak)


Acrobatics +1
Climb +0
Heal +4
Survival +4
Swim +0


Common, Varisian


Combat Gear:
+1 Light Crossbow
20 Bolts
+1 Whip
Light Mace * (In Haversack)
+1 Studded Leather
+1 Ring of Protection
+1 Amulet of Natural Armor

Other Gear:
Cloak of Elvenkind
Pearl of Power (1st Level slot)
Circlet of Persuasion (+3 on all Cha based checks)
Lesser Silent Metamagic Rod
Golden Holy Symbol of Calistria
Noble Outfit
Signet Ring
Earrings with Yellow stones (50 gp)
Earrings with Black stones (50 gp)
Golden Necklace with a Wasp pendant (100 gp)
230 gp, 9 sp

Handy Haversack:
Disguise Kit
Flint & Steel
Grooming Kit
Calistrian Vestments
10 days rations

Callista is a little short for a woman, about 5'3", and is graced with curves cultivated through generations of good breeding (About 120 pounds). Her fair skin is complimented by her dark brown, curly hair (which she wears just past her shoulders, preferring to style it if time permits). Her hair is usually pulled back into a thick tail if time for grooming is not available, leaving the yellow and black stones of her earrings visible (she has two piercings in each ear). Her eyes are a pale green color, and seem to almost glow when her eyes are moist. When not expecting trouble, she wears lots of jewelry and dons what she considers the finest fashion. For the rare combat situation, she has a suit of beautiful studded leather and a whip that have been painted in alternating black and yellow stripes, an homage to her goddess.

Callista is the epitome of a spoiled noble brat. She is used to getting her way, and has developed a forceful personality. She is a charming young woman, her very manner aggressive yet sophisticated, capable of turning heads with her looks and very willing to talk things through, whether to avoid a fight or negotiate a trade contract. She is also not above lying, but reserves that as a last resort if honeyed words will not do the trick.

Used to being reserved in public, she is more practiced than most Calistrians at keeping herself under control when she needs to, and more often than not still exerts a cautious, aloof persona. In private she is spontaneous and carefree, eschewing her noble background to fully engage her Calistrian vows. Her issues with her father and a bit of growing up have made her realize there is more to being a Calistrian than wanton sexual acts and doing what you want, and she makes it a point to clarify these other aspects of the Savored Sting to those who are not followers.

Callista feels the need to prove herself, and accepts assignments readily and eagerly when they come up, anxious to show how valuable an asset she is and can be. She hopes to one day rise to such prominence that her father will be forced to admit his error and attempt to welcome her back into his home. She still hasn't decided how she will reject his invitation, but is determined to make it spectacular.

Callista was born, the third child and only girl, into a prominent branch of the Jeggare family in Magnimar. Her birth was particularly stressful for her mother, who laid in labor for over 2 days with the child. As Lady Jeggare's life was fading, the nearest priest was gathered up by retainers sent by Callista's father to look for anyone with healing capability. The worshiper of the Savored Sting did all he could, but Callista's mother was too far gone. The priest instead turned his attention to the child, pouring his divine energy into the little girl so that she would live. Lord Jasper Jeggare, in a rare show of gratitude, named his child Callista to honor the priest's god.

His wife's death soured Jasper soon after, and his thoughts turned venomous towards the Calistrian faith. In his mind, he changed the details a little, day by day, his mind poisoned until it was the priest who had just let the mother die, saving the girl for his own wicked devices. Jasper expelled the faith itself from his house, and any who openly worshiped Calistria were forcibly removed. Callista spent her early years in a house devoid of a mother, but doted on by dozens of servants.

Her father eventually remarried, and Callista, now seven, started getting etiquette lessons. Though they were nobles in name, the Jeggares of Magnimar were in fact more merchant than noble, their trading arm extending around Varisia and places beyond. She was taught to speak clearly, to negotiate, to imply something without a promise of action, and of seeing the truth between the spoken and written word. As she blossomed into a lovely young woman, her lessons were expanded, including how to use her charms to bedazzle any male counterpart she might be making a trade agreement with. Callista excelled in all her lessons, but was bored, wondering if her life would be a dull routine of talking with fat old men about trade contracts.

As chance would have it, one day when now sixteen-year-old Callista was going shopping with a couple of high-born friends, one happened to ask how Callista had gotten her name. Her father never having told her, the young woman shrugged. Of course, her friends remarked on how close to Calistria it sounded, and all three of the girls giggled. They dared each other to go to the Calistrian temple for a service, and finally managed to work up the courage to walk over and attend. Callista knew the faith was banned in her household, but she reasoned that she wasn't at home, so it would be ok.

From the dress of the clergy to the actual dogma of Calistria, the young woman was delighted. Something inside her seemed to awaken inside the temple. When her friends finished giggling and wanted to leave, she shooed them away, approaching the priest on duty. It took many visits to complete her indoctrination into the clergy of the Savored Sting, but finally Callista was fully on board, but in secret. She used her new-found divine skills to the fullest to keep her father in the dark, disguising herself as she attended church, and then later still when she would meet men and women for midnight trysts. In addition to the daily skills she honed as she trained to take over facets of her family's business, at night she learned to deceive, to disguise, and to love.

Her divine powers also came in handy in her daily noble life. Now of age, she was being brought into the fold of the family's business, being assigned less important trade meetings and similar roles. When she met a trading partner who seemed resistant to her charms, she would call upon Calistria's aid to grease the wheel, her frequent successes astounding her father, resulting in her being given more responsible assignments.

It all came crashing down though, as her increasingly wild forays into the night life of Magnimar finally reached her father and stepmother (and of course their noble counterparts). Embarrassed at the actions of his daughter, and angered at her induction into the clergy he now hated, he exiled her, giving her a month to figure out what she would do before he saw her off for good. As the days wound down, Callista's anger simmered, and she started to see it as an opportunity to do things in her own name, to make her own way.

She traveled for a time, living off the resources she had obtained from her father (unbeknownst to him) and her own negotiating skills. Finally, she came to Andoran. A nation of fairly good people, united against slavery and with abundant resources. A young woman with an eye for business could do well for herself, and so she did. She quickly found a place of business, and proceeded to work herself to near exhaustion every day, plying her merchant trade by day, gathering secrets from those that came to barter, buy, and sell. By night she plied her Goddess's trade, mainly the secrets she had gathered, but indulging in other things, as well.

While she had many small successes with the local patrons and worshipers of Calistria in ironing out their disputes, her true potential was shown when she brokered a deal between the bitter rival wine merchants Arovak Lestil and Fommen Sossent. The two were causing quite a disruption in the regional wine business, trying to undercut each other's trade, even going to the extent of intimidating front-men and beating up delivery boys. The smaller merchants suffered, as well, unable to absorb the losses from trying to keep up with the two's cutthroat price drops.

Callista initially tried to make peace between the two after the Church asked her to step in, but she quickly found that even her skilled wordplay would not be enough to completely solve the problem. A bit of information gathering revealed that Arovak had a young son who could be used to influence his father, so Callista used her disguise kit to change her appearance slightly, then courted the young man for a few days, going so far as to bed him, making him hers. After making sure she had the young man wrapped around her finger, she started whispering to him about how much better it would be for profits if his father would learn to share with his rival instead of trying to run him out of business.

Fommen had no sons (or daughters, for that matter), and was a bit more stubborn, anyway. Callista spent a couple of weeks trying to dig up dirt on the man before finally resorting to breaking into his home while he was away, hoping to turn up something out of desperation. A chance opening of a drawer revealed love letters to a person who was obviously not Fommen's rich yet homely wife. Even better, it seemed as though the object of Fommen's affections was a man. The fool had even written of the gifts he had given the man, in addition to his infidelity. Delighted, Callista gathered up the documents, then came formally to speak with the merchant the next day, producing a couple of the letters and then speaking of the need for compromise.

With Arovak's son speaking with him of the need for the mercantile war to end, and the blackmail of Fommen, Callista was able to work out an arrangement between the two, effectively splitting the region between them, as far as where they would ply their trade. She came to the church and reported her success to the high priest. (Basically, she tries to work things out with words, but if that fails or stalls, she is more than willing to get dirty to make things work).

Callista made a reputation for herself as a woman skilled with words, but skilled at subterfuge and knowledge-trading, as well, so when the Supreme Elect came to the Calistrian church for prospects who could help with negotiations with Cheliax and their aggressive attitude, Callista was volunteered. Although humble in her acceptance of this assignment, she is very thrilled to be able to do something exciting and possibly dangerous and looks forward to getting started.