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The character creation overview says that starting stamina points can be found in the class description. I can find no such information.

I am unable to download the Starfinder core rules PDF. I have tried six times on three different browsers, and the download always times out. even though I have broadband, I am unable to get a download speed faster than 48 kb/sec.

please advise.

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Be glad I'm not taking pics. I am currently doing the happy dance in my living room. I just got my shipping confirmation for my Starfinder order. (Insert schoolgirl squeal here)

Is anyone else going nuts waiting for Starfinder to hit the streets? I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!

Sci Fi is a big tent. What genre is Starfinder set in?

-Hard Sci Fi (More tech, less magic)
-some science fantasy "orcs in space" mashup
-Space Opera

Curious to know.

Where exactly are the "Echo Woods" this dungeon is located in?

For purposes of the Channel Energy class ability, how should a Dhampyr be treated: humanoid or undead?

I would love to see an entire AP set in Osirion. I was thinking the Pillars of the Sun region, the Pyramid of An-Hepsu XI, and a boatload of gnoll barbarians sounds like a lot of fun.

For purposes of a favored enemy, is a kobold zombie considered:

a) Humanoid (Reptilian)

b) Undead (Zombie)

c) Both

PF #25's sewer encounter brought up an interesting question. What effect would an obscuring mist spell have on a patch of shriekers?

IMHO, it would obscure their light sources. Do shriekers have some kind of tremorsense that alerts them to movement? (That would no rely on visual cues)

I'm just wondering why there is a special skill for flying. Unless you are an Avariel (Winged Elf) or a really powerful mage, I just don't see the need.

This information would have been really nice to know before I dropped $40 in your store. Color me un-impressed with you customer service skills.

I really need the information in that order, which is why I ordered the PDF copy instead of waiting for a dead tree version.

I don't own the campaign setting book yet. I was wondering how to name PC'c/NPC's in Cheliax. From the brief overview I have done of PF 25 this morning, I am thinking something Italian-sounding.