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Common (Aerthane) / Emeilu (Gods language - used in spells) / di'Redn (Halflings of the South) / Heardech (Western Dwarven)

Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 11
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 17
Charisma 14

About Cairee Featherfriend

Deity: The Order of Saiph:

Yours is called the Ospitiumati (hospitaler) Order of Saif. They have one church, almost entirely human, based in Issmenador but they have many Goliards/pilgrim/or wandering clerics.

Goliard (or child of goliath, a nickname for Saif who is said to be a mile tall) is specific to the Ospitium Order.

The order is relatively new (three generations) amongst orders that worship the ancient Saif. You have never heard of any wandering cleric to go this far west. They mostly serve the towers within 500 miles of Issmenador.

Orders that worship Saif in Zhayalahmar:
The Marumuruntu Catherdral (cloistered High-elves who focus on medical science and strange poisons or maladies)
The Karunai Order (Grey Elves that accept human devotees - they focus on helping those who cannot afford physicians)
The Vellayarday (The White Cloaks - grey elven wandering clerics with no physical church)

All orders believe that Saif shows us that calmness of mind and rational thought can only lead to compassion and true compassion has healing powers. You expression of that compassion seems to have lead you to a connection to the natural world as well, something your sisters don't seem to have (aka. birdmouth).


Medium (height 5’ 5”, weight )
Humanoid (Human) Female
Age 18

Init +0 (conditional bonus n/a)

Homeland: Divolgatia, Eusabiona
Languages: Common (Aerthane) / Emeilu (Gods language - used in spells) / di'Redn (Halflings of the South) / Heardech (Western Dwarven)
Occupation: Healer

Str 10 (+0) * Dex 10 (+0) * Con 11 (+0) * Int 15 (+2) * Wis 17 (+3) * Cha 14 (+2) *

AC: 14
(+0size +0dex +4armour[leather lamellar])
-Touch: 10
-Flat-footed: 12

HP: 21/21 (6 a level)

Fortitude Save: +3 (+3 +0con)
Reflex Save: +1 (+0 +0dex)
Will: +6 (+3 +3wis)
sp. conditional bonus: n/a

Speed 30'
Base attack bonus +2
- +2 melee
- +2 thrown
- +2 projectile
CMB +2 (+2bab +0size +0str)
CMD 12 (10 +2bab +0str +0dex +0size)

Weapons - Melee
quarterstaff - Attack +2 (+2bab +0siz +0str) | Dam 1d6/1d6 | Crit x2 | Wgt 4lbs | Type B

Bonus Feat fast learner
Skilled gains an additional skill rank each level

Aura gives off a faint aura of good

Channel Energy 5times/day ~ 0 used ~ (3+cha mod) as a standard action can present her holy symbol and channel 2d6 points of positive energy at a 30’ radius around herself; will save DC14 (10+1/2 lvl+cha mod)

Domains (animal/weather) gains domain powers and domain spells

Domain power (speak with animals) 0 used of 6 times/day as a standard action as the spell

Domain Power (storm burst)
0 used of 6times/day (3+wis mod) as a standard action make a 30’ ranged touch attack for 1d6 + 1 (+1 per 2 lvls) non-lethal damage and target receives -2attack for 1 round

Spontaneous Casting can lose any use of a prepared spell to cast any healing spell on her list

Focused Mind gain +2 trait bonus to concentration checks]

Ranger +1 trait bonus on handle animal checks; this is a class skill (+3HPs bonus for animal companions or bonded mounts)

Friend in Every Town +1 on knowledge local and diplomacy checks; knowledge local is a class skill

Doubt whenever she fails a skill or ability check she receives a -4 on future checks of that kind for 1 hour

Selective Channeling can choose not to effect creatures within her radius when channeling energy up to 2 (char mod)

Fast Learner whenever she increases in level she gains both +1HPs and +1 skill rank

Quick ChannelYou may channel energy as a move action by spending 2 daily uses of that ability.


Spell Save DC 14 (10 +1lvl +3wis mod)

Concentration +6 (+1lvl +3wis mod +2trait)

Prepared Spells/Day

4 Orisons (0 lvl):
~~ Standard action/1 minute/touch/VS/+1 competence bonus on a single attack roll, saving throw, or skill check
~Resistance +1 on saving throws, lasts 1 minute
~Detect Magic

1st lvl: 0/4 Used(2 +1wis +1domain)
~ Calm Animals V,S/ Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)/Targets animals within 30 ft. of each other/Duration 1 min./level
~~ Standard action /25ft+5 ft per 2 lvl/V/ You give the subject a single command, which it obeys to the best of its ability at its earliest opportunity.
~Shadow Trap
~Summon Monster I

2nd lvl: 0/3 Used(1 +1wis +1domain)
~Hold Animal
~~Standard Action / V,S /Range Medium (100ft +10ft per lvl / Target 1 animal / Duration: 1 round per lvl / Saving Throw Will Negates
~Summon Monster II
~Bull's Strength


(+2class +2int +1race +1fvr) 6rnks +2background/lvl

Acrobatics rnks 0 bonus (+0dex) +0

(C) Appraise rnks 1 bonus (+3class +2int) +6

Bluff rnks 1 bonus (+2cha) +3

Climb rnks 0 bonus (+0str) +0

(C) Craft (none) rnks 0 bonus (+2int) +2

(C) Diplomacy rnks 3 bonus (+3class +2cha +1trait) +9

Disable Device rnks 0 bonus n/a

Disguise rnks 0 bonus (+2cha) +2

Escape Artist rnks 0 bonus (+0dex) +0

Fly rnks 0 bonus (+0dex) +0

(C) Handle Animal rnks 1 bonus (+3class +2cha +1trait) +7

(C) Heal rnks 2 bonus (+3class +3wis) +8

Intimidate rnks 0 bonus (+2cha) +2

(C) Knowledge (arcana) rnks 1 bonus (+3class +2int) +6

Knowledge (dungeon.) rnks 0 bonus n/a (+2int)

Knowledge (engin.) rnks 0 bonus n/a (+2int)

Knowledge (geog.) rnks 2 bonus (+2int)+4

(C)Knowledge (history) ranks 1 bonus (+3class +2int)+6

(C)Knowledge (local) rnks 1 bonus (+3class +2int +1trait) +7

Knowledge (nature) rnks 1 bonus n/a (+3class +2int) +6

(C) Knowledge (nobility) rnks 0 bonus n/a (+2int)

(C) Knowledge (planes) ranks 0 bonus n/a (+2int)

(C) Knowledge (religion) rnks 3 bonus (+3class +2int) +8

(C) Linguistics rnks 1 bonus (+2int) +3

Perception rnks 2 bonus (+3wis) +5

Perform (none) rnks 0 bonus (+2cha) +2

(C) Profession (healer) rnks 1 bonus (+3class +3wis) +7

Ride rnks 0 bonus (+0dex) +0

(C) Sense Motive rnks 1 bonus (+3class +3wis) +7

Sleight of Hand rnks 0 bonus n/a

(C) Spell Craft rnks 1 bonus (+3class +2wis) +6

Stealth rnks 1 bonus (+0dex) +1

Survival rnks 0 bonus (+3wis) +3

Swim rnks 0 bonus (+0str) +0

Use Magic Device rnks 0 bonus n/a


Encumbrance: Light 0-33lbs / Moderate 34-66lbs / Heavy 67-100lbs

(n/a) Monk’s Outfit This simple outfit includes sandals, loose breeches, and a loose shirt, and is bound together with sashes. The outfit is designed to give you maximum mobility, and it’s made of high-quality fabric. You can conceal small weapons in pockets hidden in the folds, and the sashes are strong enough to serve as short ropes.
Clerice Outfit Upgrade made by Sahradhurone weavers: A knee length robe with a nehru collar, beltless. The pants a slightly baggy but cinched at the ankles. On a nearby bust was a halo of plated fabric. "We don't showcase this work as it hasn't been very popular. It was made by a group of Sahradhurone weavers and proceeds, minus a small fee, go back to them. They make small sections on desert looms and sew them together. The head ring is worn not as a sign of humility but as a reminder that one is constantly watched over." Cairee looked closely at the monotone material and as the piece changed from shoulder band to upper arm, waist swatch to leg panel, so did the pattern of the weave. The connecting seams were likewise intricate shows of threadwork.
(0.5lb) Waist pouch: 23 gp / 5 sp / 12 cp (to start)
(4lb) Quarterstaff
(n/a) holy symbol (angel wing stone necklace)
(2lb) spell component pouch
Sub Total 6.5 lbs [ooc]lightly encumbered

(25lbs) Leather Lamaller Armour
Sub Total 25 lbs Total 31.5 lbs lightly encumbered

(29.5lbs) Cleric’s Kit (29.5lbs; backpack, bed roll, 10 candles, cheap holy text, flint and steel, iron pot, mess kit, rope, soap, 10 torches, trail rations 5 days, waterskin)
(n/a) Ioun Stone - burned out grey sphere stone with continual light cast on it
(1lb) Leather bound journal, ink, pen
Sub Total 29.5lbs Total 42lbs moderately encumbered

Encumbrance: Light 0-38lbs / Moderate 39-76lbs / Heavy 77-115lbs

New items Cairee keeps
~Healers Kit w/8 uses
~Bandages soaked in strange paste with 'good medical qualities'

Items the group has
~Blow gun & 10 darts
~Thieves tools
~Small vial with white thick frothy liquid and the stopper had a pin-prick in its' centre.
~warm water resistant cloak
~strange copper rod twisted into a large horseshoe shape large enough to be warn around the neck. It was simple but nicely made and had runic letters on the inside bend. From Tymythy: ”The runes are in the language of my tribe. A name: Ludter, of tribe Varyag. A protective ward, against ill luck and the evil eye. I believe,”



Cairee is 18. She’s 5’5”, and has a soft, plump physique and kind blue eyes. Her blond hair is cut short and died shocking orange, as is the way of her order.

She wears brown robes and carries a quarterstaff and her few belongings in a simple rawhide pack.


Cairee was born a Steelheart – yes, of those Steelhearts. The famous family of fearless adventurers. You’ve heard the stories. The one where her grandmother, Lady Polea, faced off against a bloodthirsty Orc that was killing its way through a small farming community. The tusks are still mounted in the family home. Or how her parents, Bahl & Freada, met when they both answered the call to track down a band of hobgoblins terrorizing a remote outpost. They returned with 11 heads each and used the reward to buy matching bucklers embossed with hearts, which they exchanged instead of rings in a touching wedding ceremony the very next day.

And you’ve definitely heard the songs about her younger twin siblings, Arnie & Mar, who were kidnapped at age 12 by a horde of skeletons. Their parents tracked them down within the hour, only to find their precious children waiting patiently for them, each sitting on a pile of bones. (And I know you’ve heard about what her parents did to the Sorcerer who summoned those skeletons – but we won’t talk of such things here).

So you can imagine the entire family's devastation to learn that Cairee Steelheart, eldest daughter of Bahl & Freada and rightful heir of the family heirloom – a longsword called The Beheader with an ornate blood red hilt - gets queasy at the sight of blood. She refuses to bow to the family alter of heroic trophies (Orc tusks and all), and even looking at The Beheader makes her burst into tears (she has yet to be able to bring herself to touch it).

Cairee spent her childhood hiding from her bloodthirsty family and their horrific lessons by sneaking into the woods. She’d spend long days by herself, examining and enjoying the natural world. Among the trees and birds and creatures and streams she’d feel a sense of connection and belonging she never felt at home.

For the most part her family ignored Cairee’s odd behavior, pretending it was just a phase and she would soon step up and show her greatness. That belief died when Cairee was 15.

A thief snuck into their home in the middle of the night, attempting to steal The Beheader. He nearly got away with it too, until Arnie & Mar (fresh off the high of their kidnapping and spoiling for another good fight) cornered him in the stairwell and used their matching daggers to make human mincemeat. While Bahl & Freada were busy hoisting the twins on their shoulders and shouting praise, Cairee felt a warm energy move through her, and heard a voice: “You can help.”

Hardly knowing what she was doing, Cairee dropped to her knees beside the dying Thief. She lay her hands over his wounds and began muttering. The words that poured from her lips were unknown to her, and she watched in wonder as the broken flesh knit back together.

Cairee looked up to her family, tears streaming down her face, glowing with wonder.

Her family stared back in horror.

The next day Cairee overheard her parents planning to ship her off to Halidor to join the city guard and ‘get rid of that damn softness one way or another.’ Before they could pack her bags, there was a knock at the door.

At their door stood a tall middle-aged woman with short bright orange hair. She was dressed in brown robes and had the kindest smile Cairee had ever seen. Her name was Tal, a Priestess from The Order of Saiph. She’d heard of the talents of their eldest and thought she had potential to become a fair healer. Would they consider allowing Cairee to train with them in Issmenador?

While Bahl & Freada didn’t love the idea of having their eldest be anything other than a mighty warrior, at least this way she’d be out of sight and no longer a constant source of shame. The small pouch of coins offered by the Priestess sealed the deal, and Cairee found herself heading away from her home. Good riddance. Let those monstrous twins fight over the rights to The Beheader.

She only took one item with her – a smooth stone the size of her thumb in the shape of a feather. She’s found it in the woods and wore it around her neck on an old piece of leather. She left everything else behind – including her name. She asked Tal to introduce her to the Order as Cairee Featherfriend.

Cairee spent a few years living with the Priestesses of the Order of Saiph. They believed that each had been called by the angel Saiph to serve their fellow beings. The best way to do this was to promote knowledge and health, and be ready to provide both if needed.

Cairee threw herself into her lessons, learning everything she could: from the healing arts, linguistics, religion, and studies of the natural world. She learned she has a natural ability to commune with animals, as well as a particular attunement to the weather – treasured gifts bestowed upon her by Saiph.

Shortly after her 18th birthday, the Priestesses sent Cairee to Guard Tower Unuzentum. Saiph was in need of worshippers there. For what purpose, they knew not. They told Cairee to go with her heart open and let Saiph guide her. One whispered further instructions: “Don’t be stupid, don’t get killed.”

Well, she wasn't dead yet. As for being stupid...

Not one week into her first assignment, Cairee found herself tied in the back of a wagon and heading west.


The sight of blood or injury makes her queasy. She does her best to hide it when she’s healing. If the wound or injury is really bad she’ll find herself swallowing back gags while she offers aid.

Cairee’s desire to help can be challenged by her doubt in her own abilities. She thinks she has the answer. Should she say it? What if it’s wrong? And that offends someone? What if they laugh at her? Oh, no, she waited too long and they’re doing it wrong! She should say something. Should she? Maybe she’ll wait…

When the sun falls on her face Cairee will smile at the sky and say a greeting to Saiph – she thinks it’s his way of checking in.


Known: The thief Cairee saved that fateful night is a half-elf named Flyson, and he’s actually a pretty nice guy. They bumped into each other in Issmenador and recognized each other right away. He’d been hired to break into their house, and was eternally grateful to Cairee for saving his life. The two became friends and would meet up whenever Cairee had some down time.

It’s actually Flyson who taught Cairee how to use a quarterstaff. The Order doesn’t teach anything about weapons or combat (one of the many reasons Cairee felt so at home there). Flyson convinced Cairee that she needed to be able to protect herself. He tried to show her some more deadly weapons but that only led to her throwing up all over both of them. He suggested a quarterstaff - something that can knock a foe out of the way without drawing much blood.

Unknown: Flyson was hired to do more than just steal the Beheader. Her parents have an idea of what, though they hope to gods their children never find out.


Related: Family: parents Bahl & Freada, younger siblings Arnie & Mar. Pretty much a neutral force. They have nothing in common. Her family doesn’t wish her harm, but they certainly don’t miss her. They’d probably feel bad if they heard she’d died, but they’d probably also secretly be a bit relieved.

Friendly: Priestess Tal, who fetched her from that dreadful place she grew up and brought her to her new home. She’s been a teacher, mentor, and good friend.

Unfriendly: While Flyson is kind, the person who hired him to rob her family would be very upset to learn about their friendship and would see her as a liability – who knows what Flyson’s told her?

A Goal: Escape the slavers who took her and help anyone else who's been hurt by them. And hopefully make it home (to Issmenador and the Order of Saiph, not that ghastly place with her family).

A fear or repulsion: Blood or really any part of a body that should be inside that is currently outside...