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Full Name

Corporal Calvin "Mascot" Sherman


UPP: A47A38; Armor 1

About CPL Calvin "Mascot" Sherman

Corporal Calvin "Mascot" Sherman

UPP: A47A38
Home World: Aubaine
Age: 37, 5 terms, Cr. 25,000
STR 10 (+1), DEX 4 (-1), END 7 (+0), INT 10 (+1), EDU 3 (-1), SOC 8 (+0)

Skills: Athletics 0, Battle Dress 0, Carouse 0, Comms 0, Explosives 0, Gun Combat (Energy Rifle 1 & Slug Rifle 2), Gunnery 1, Heavy Weapons 0, Jack of All Trades 1, Mechanic 2, Melee (Blades) 3, Pilot 0, Recon 1, Seafarer 0, Sensors 1, Stealth 1, Survival 2, Tactics (Military) 2, Zero-G 1. Total Skill Levels: 16

Equipment: 1) A beautiful and deadly TL 12 Improved Static Sword presented to him by his Marine fire team in memory of his heroic actions at the battle of Vezina.
2) A gyrostabilized Gauss Rifle with a secure DNA lock.

Connections: 1) "Flatfoot" - As an undercover cop, "Flatfoot" busted the smuggling ring that Mascot had discovered.
2) "Wheeler" - Both Mascot and Wheeler were badly injured during the meteoric assault on Vezina.

Events/Mishaps in previous careers:
Event 1: Caught behind enemy lines. (Gained Survival 1)
Event 2: Assault on enemy fortress. (Gained Tactics (Military) 1)
Event 3: Mission goes bad due to commander's failure. Reported him. (Gained +2 to Advancement)
Event 4: Commits a crime. (Reduced SOC by 1)
5th (RCES) Term, failed the survival roll: Nearly Killed (Reduced END by 4)

GM's Connections: 1) Mascot was trained by John Hargreave "Cynic" Mitchells, now on duty somewhere in Diaspora sector.
2) Mascot served aboard RCS Defiant Arms under the beautiful and flamboyant Captain Ilyanna "Razbak" Razzori, a tattooed Luhtalan
well-liked by her crew.

Weapon TL Skill Damage Heft Cost (Cr.) Mass (kg.) Special
Improved Static Sword 12 Blade 3d6+2 1 450 2 Ignores 2 points of armor

Weapon TL Range Skill Damage Magazine Auto Recoil Cost (Cr.) Mass (kg.) Ammo Special
Required Cost (Cr.)
Gauss Rifle 12 Rifle Gun Combat 4d6 100 4 0 1200 4 40 Gyrostabilized
(slug rifle)


Week 7 - Explosives 0
Week 14 - Gunnery 0
Week 30- Gun Combat (Slug Rifles) 2
Post Mission - Jack of All Trades 1


Calvin Sherman grew up in the slums of Aubaine. He would have stayed right there too if it wasn’t for two things, Rugby and the Marines. Rugby kept him out of just enough trouble and let out his aggression until the Marines came calling one day. The next, he was packing a bag for his ship. As a new recruit, Calvin fit in well. He showed tenacity, superior strength, and a real likability by the rest of his squad. In regrettable incident after drinking too much one night, half the camp woke to Calvin naked, barking and howling, and rutting on the camp flagpole. It wasn’t until the next day, though, when his squad proudly displayed his picture on their unit flag, that Calvin became known as 'Mascot'.

Mascot spent 12 years with the Marines, failing to earn a commission, but finally advancing to the rank of Lance Corporal under the Ground Assault teams. Over the years, Calvin became an expert with the Cutlass and led numerous boarding parties and saw action in a couple dozen battles. After an incident where he witnessed his Lieutenant use an unencrypted frequency to report their position and more than half his unit was killed, Mascot sought a discharge from the Corps. The next few years were much worse off for Mascot. He joined a Merchant freighter hauling various legal and illegal goods. He learned he had a knack for repairing ship’s systems, but his ship was ultimately caught up in a sting operation. The real target was the Captain, so most of the crew made it through relatively unscathed, however, Calvin’s record now reflects the arrest. Afterwards, signed on to the newly formed RCES, hoping to return to military service. On one of this first missions, however, he is nearly killed by a mining laser. Amazingly, he survived, but lost 2 feet of small intestines and 4 ribs on his left side. Luckily they were able to save his organs, but the powerful former-Marine is much less capable of taking a beating now.


Mascot is a typical former-Marine in many ways. Tough, strong, proud and uncouth. He’s got a genuine flair for the dramatic and a sincere way about him. Ever since leaving the Corps, he’s fallen on harder times, but his tenacity won’t let him quit. It has, however, taken a toll on him, first being branded a criminal, and then losing the toughness he relied on for so many years. He’s found a new calling in being a mechanic, but he still enjoys the action and is rarely seen without his cutlass, a weapon he’s highly proficient with. While he never had much education, those who assume he’s dumb are in for a surprise. Mascot is highly intelligent and often shocks his teammates in the sheer trivia he knows. While he doesn't advertise it, Mascot has severe regrets that he didn't take school more seriously, often thinking he would have had a much better life if he had learned to use his intellect instead of his brawn.