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Full Name

CDR Jasper "Spider" Webb


UPP: 73A797; Armor 4/17; Injury:

About CDR Jasper "Spider" Webb

Commander Jasper "Spider" Webb

UPP: 73A797
Home World: Baldur
Age: 37, 5 terms, Cr. 20,000
STR 7 (+0), DEX 3 (-1), END 10 (+1), INT 7 (+0), EDU 9 (+1), SOC 7 (+0)

Skills: Athletics 0, Battle Dress 1, Comms 2, Computers 1, Engineer 0, Gun Combat (energy pistol & slug rifle) 1, Heavy Weapons (launchers) 2, Leadership 1, Mechanic 0, Medic 1, Melee (unarmed) 1, Persuade 1, Physical Science 0, Seafarer 0, Stealth 1, Survival 3, Tactics (military) 3, Vacc Suit 0, Zero-G 0. Total Skill Levels: 18

Equipment: TL 10 Improved Cloth Armor (Protection 5, 1kg), Expeditionary Dress, 7mm Advanced Combat Rifle, Combat Knife, image converter binoculars

Enemy: RCN Captain Mara "Tombstone" Wilson (Spider's former CO who received a reprimand based on his report).

Connections - 1) "Drifter" - rescued Drifter at the Battle of Lote.
2) "Wheeler" - after the Battle at Lote, Wheeler and Spider were left behind and had to survive and get home together.

1st Term - Commanding Officer takes interest in career
2nd Term - Commanding Officer takes interest in career
3rd Term - Trapped Behind Enemy Lines (with Wheeler)
4th Term - Life Event - Betrayal - Commanding Officer blames him for his own failure
5th (RCES) Term - Heroism in Battle (the Battle of Lote) - automatically promoted

GM Connections
Served under Sean "Hammer" Lathrop (CO) and Pat "Who Me" Ritter (XO) on DLS (later RCS) Ashtabula for a year, including the famous raid on Montzema in 1199. It was Hammer who pinned on Spider's Commander's tabs.
"Spider's" fiancee Karina was part of the crew of DLS Lady Elise, one of the follow-on ships that went looking for DLS Reine Soleil, one of the missing "Twelve". Lady Elise disappeared somewhere in Khulam subsector, and Karina is presumed dead. A third ship, Mary Ellen Carter, searched for Reine Soleil and Lady Elise, but found no signs of either. Both are listed as MIA. Spider knows that Drifter's sister Margaret was on board Reine Soleil.
Training -

Week 8 - Melee 0.