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Following from the Lack of Evil thread because I think between myself and others we've killed constructive conversation in favour of a yelling match.

The question is: How CAN reputation account for instances legitimate non-consensual PvP, ie how can we allow for/track (mechanically) meaningful non-consensual PvP WITHOUT reputation loss.

We understand there has to be risk involved in this game, and with trade, settlements, PoIs/Outposts, and other resource control it's going to come down to PvP-based risk. Otherwise there is no danger and things become quite boring very quickly. This means there WILL be unprovoked attacks from running a caravan from A to B. There will be unprovoked raids on your POIs and Outposts, and you SHOULD have SOME danger of being attacked when exploring out in the wild. I don't think you should expect to be cut down for leaving a protected town, bit

So I propose we try to brainstorm to the best of our abilities all the non-consensual and meaningful PvP scenarios we can come up with and find solutions to make them mechanically trackable so we can find ways to except it from the reputation mechanic, as well as thresholds to prevent abuse. I'll try to update this top post with the scenarios and the best solutions for them.


Initial brainstorming:

- banditry of Trade Caravans, especially well guarded ones, will probably pretty much require the element of surprise in order to make it a reasonable risk. Part of the inherent risk of doing a trade run is banditry, so SAD really doesn't factor in much here because of that, therefore I don't believe attacking someone who is within x distance of the caravan should count for rep loss as it can be assumed they are either running it, guarding it, or attacking it. Bystanders be ware.

- Assassination contracts shouldn't lose you reputation. It's a legitimate neutral evil contract to take well in character and in flavour of the game. It means that the person offering up the contract KNOWS the target, and has some reason to kill them. Even if that reason is "I don't like them", that's still a personal feud. The bonus, A GOOD assassin is never seen nor caught. Should GAIN rep for that, but that's hard to implement mechanically. Either way, easy to except from rep loss.

- Active combat in the wild. If you stumble upon an active fight, I see no reason why you can't get a bit blood thirsty and jump in. You should be able to take one side or the other... or neither and just kill em all! Active combat is always an invite to fight, besides issuing/responding to a SAD while someone is actively fighting is kinda silly. Easy to track and not cause rep loss.

- Attacking POIs, Outposts and Settlements. I think this one is self explanatory and easy to implement. If you don't guard yo s#!+, someone gonna come along and sack it. Obvious in how meaningful it is, and it's pretty much dead on easy to implement for no rep loss. Hell, doing it to someone your not at war with could be a de facto act of declaring war if you want to program it that way. Either way, I don't believe rep loss should be anywhere near here.

Brainstorm away!