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Full Name

Vishkesh "Bugface"


| SP 48/48 HP 42/42 RP 6/7 | EAC 18 KAC 20| F +7 R +11 W +3 | Init +6 | Speed 25 feet | Ammo: 40/40


Host Shirren Scholar Exocortex Mechanic 6






Homeworld: Akiton

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Strength 13
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Bugface

Bot me:
In most situations Bugface would shoot with the static arc rifle. If Bugface doesn't need to move Bugface would either activate combat tracking, which adds 2 to the attack roll, or full attack. Bugface also has a sword to use in a pinch.

[dice=Rifle Attack]1d20+9[/dice]
[dice=Shock Damage]1d12+6[/dice]

[dice=Sword attack]1d20+6[/dice]
[/dice=Slash Damage]1d6+7[/dice]


Shirren Scholar Mechanic 6
LG Medium humanoid (Shirren)
Init +6; Perception +12; blindsense 30 ft

SP: 48 HP: 42 RP: 7
EAC: 18 (6 armor + 2 dex)
KAC: 20 (8 armor + 2 dex)
AC vs CM: 28
Fort +7, Ref +11, Will +3

BAB: +4
Melee: +5 Ranged: +8 Thrown: +5

Static Arc Rifle +9 1d12+6

Tactical dueling sword +6 1d6+7

Frag Grenade +6 1d6 15 ft explode

Thunderstrike sonic pistol +9 1d8+3

Special: With Combat Tracking activated increase attack rolls by 1. Versatile focus.

Special attacks: Overload dc 17
(4+Int) = 8 skill ranks per level
Athletics (6)                   +8
Computers (6)                   +15
Culture (3)                     +9
Engineering (6)                 +15
Medicine (5)                    +12
Mysticism (5)                   +5
Perception (6)                  +12
Physical Science (6)            +14
Profession Starship mechanic(5) +12

Skill notes: The DC of skill checks to recall knowledge about astronomy is reduced by 5. +1 Physical Science.

Tip of the Tongue (6th)

Sometimes, after pausing to collect your thoughts, you realize that you know the answer to a particularly challenging question. Once per day, you can reroll any skill check to recall knowledge. You must decide to use this ability after rolling but before learning the information from your first roll. You must take the second result, even if it is worse.

Languages: Common, Shirren, Akitonian, Castorvelian, Gnome, Vesk, Dwarven, Eoxian, Kasathan, Vercite

Proficiency: Light and heavy armor, basic melee weapons, small arms, long arms, grenades

Feats & Abilities
1 - Weapon Focus: longarms
3 - Versatile Focus
5 - Versatile Specialization

Shirrens’ sensitive antennae grant them blindsense (vibration)—the ability to sense vibrations in the air—out to 30 feet. A shirren ignores the Stealth bonuses from any form of visual camouflage, invisibility, and the like when attempting a Perception check opposed by a creature’s Stealth check. Even on a successful Perception check, any foe that can’t be seen still has total concealment (50% miss chance) against a shirren, and the shirren still has the normal miss chance when attacking foes that have concealment. A shirren is still flat-footed against attacks from creatures it can’t see.

Shirrens are used to working with others as part of a team. Once per day, as long as an ally is within 10 feet, a shirren can roll a single attack roll or skill check twice and take the higher result.

Shirrens are eager to learn about new cultures and societies. Shirrens receive a +2 racial bonus to Culture and Diplomacy checks.

Shirrens can communicate telepathically with any creatures within 30 feet with whom they share a language. Conversing telepathically with multiple creatures simultaneously is just as difficult as listening to multiple people speak.

Your exocortex grants you all of the following abilities as you
advance in level.

-Combat Tracking (Ex)
Your exocortex provides you with enhanced combat ability, granting you proficiency with heavy armor and longarms. At 3rd level, you gain weapon specialization in longarms just as if your class granted proficiency.

As a move action during combat, you can designate a foe for your exocortex to track. As long as that target is in sight, the exocortex feeds you telemetry, vulnerabilities, and combat tactics, allowing you to make attacks against that target as if your base attack bonus from your mechanic levels were equal to your mechanic level. Designating another target causes you to immediately lose this bonus against the previous target.

-Memory Module (Ex) perception
You can use your exocortex’s memory module to enhance your own knowledge. Once per day, as a reaction while not
in combat, you can reroll a failed skill check to recall knowledge. In addition, your exocortex grants you the Skill Focus feat as a bonus feat. You can’t use your exocortex’s memory module while combat tracking is activated. Every time you gain a mechanic level, you can rebuild your exocortex’s memory module, replacing the exocortex’s bonus Skill Focus feat with Skill Focus in a different skill.

-Wireless Hack (Ex)
Instead of combat tracking, your exocortex can access another computer system within 20 feet, allowing it to attempt a Computers check against that computer each round, using your skill bonus. This counts as a standard action for the purpose of the Computers skill. You must remain within 20 feet of the computer system for the entire time your exocortex is interacting with the computer. If the task requires multiple actions (or even rounds) to accomplish, you can spend your actions to work in concert with your exocortex, counting both your action and the exocortex’s effective standard action toward the total time required.

You are skilled at getting inside computer systems and electronic devices. At 1st level, you gain a +1 insight bonus to Computers and Engineering skill checks. At 5th level, every 4 levels thereafter, and at 20th level, this bonus increases by 1.

CUSTOM RIG (EX) cybernetic augmentation
You have created a customized toolkit you can use to hack systems and items. While using this rig, you always count as having the appropriate tool or basic kit for any Computers or Engineering skill check you attempt. Some mechanic tricks and drone mods require the use of a custom rig. In addition, you can use your custom rig as a Mk I comm unit.

As a standard action, you can cause a short in an electronic device, including most ranged energy weapons, melee weapons with the powered special property, or a single armor upgrade. This makes the device nonfunctional for 1 round. Overload doesn’t cause a locked door, safe, or other device to open, but it prevents anyone from opening it for 1 round. You must be adjacent to the device to use this ability. You can instead use this ability on any electronic device within range of your exocortex’s wireless hack. If you use overload on an item or armor upgrade in someone’s possession, the owner can attempt a Reflex saving throw to negate the effect (DC = 10 + half your mechanic level + your Intelligence modifier). Overload doesn’t affect androids, cybernetics, drones, powered armor, robots, or creatures with the technological subtype (all of which have shielding against this sort of attack), or items larger than Medium. Once a device has been successfully overloaded, a residual static charge prevents that device from being overloaded again for 1 minute.

REMOTE HACK (EX) 5th Level You can use your custom rig to attempt Computers and Engineering skill checks at a range of 20 feet. At 7th level and every 2 levels thereafter, this range increases by 10 feet. A target of this ability (or a creature attending or observing your target) can attempt a Perception or Sense Motive check to determine that you are the origin of this activity dc 23

Overclocking (Ex)
You have augmented the performance of your AI for maximum response timing. You gain a +2 insight bonus to initiative
checks, and either you (if you have an exocortex) or your drone (if you have a drone) gains a +2 insight bonus to Reflex saves.

Energy Shield (Ex)
As a standard action, Bugface can use their expert rig to grant themself an energy shield. It gives them 10 temporary Hit Points and lasts for 5 minutes or until its Hit Points are depleted. Once they have used it, they can’t activate it again until they take a 10-minute rest to regain Stamina Points

As a standard action, you can use your custom rig to overcharge and attack with a ranged energy weapon or a melee weapon with the powered special property that you’re holding. If you hit, you deal 1d6 additional damage of the same type the weapon normally deals. This attack uses three times as many charges from the battery or power cell as normal and can’t be used if the weapon doesn’t have enough charges. This trick has no effect on a weapon without a battery or power cell. You can instead use this ability as a move action on a touched powered weapon that is unattended or attended by an ally to grant the same effect to that weapon’s next attack before the beginning of your next turn.

Static Arc Rifle 2 bulk
3 frags 3L bulk
12 long rounds L bulk
Officer Ceremonial Plate 2 bulk
Miniaturized pc tier 1 L bulk
3 mk 1 serums of healing 3L
Tactical dueling sword L bulk
Medkit L bulk
Spellthrower Thunder strike sonic pistol L bulk
Spell gems - Share Language,  Overheat 2 L
replacement arm
synaptic accel mk 1 dex

Carrying Capacity
Current bulk: 5.4 / Encumbered: 6/ Overburdened: 13


Slotted Boons
Ally - Spirits of a Doomed People
Faction - Second Seekers(Luwazi) champion
Personal - Devolved - Avian
Social - Scoured Stars Memorial
Slotless - Protector of the Future, Private Vault, Marked Field Agent, Abysshead Download, Team Spirit, Ralveen's Visor

Total Boons
Ally - High Society Influence, Dream Whispers, Gun Runner, Iteration-177's Attention, Duskmire Allegiance-Yeti, Spirits of a Doomed People
Faction - Second Seekers(Luwazi) champion
Personal - Scoured Stars Survivor, Devolved - Avian
Promotional - none
Social - Contractor's Respect(Ulrikka), Societys friend, Budding Media Celebrity First Skirmish*, Athaneum Insight
Starship - Star Monster Slayer, First Skirmish*, Defender of the Fleet
Slotless - Protector of the Future, Private Vault, Marked Field Agent, Salvation' Delver, Abysshead Download, Team Spirit, Ralveen's Visor
Unidentified - Journey to the Scoured Stars Segment 1, 2, 3, 4 &6

Adventure Log:

XP:15 Fame:29
Rep:Acq: 1 SS(LE): 34 SS(JA): 2
Character creation - 0xp, 0 Fame/reputation, 1000 credits
Hunting Rifle
3 frags
50 long rounds
Lushunta ringwear 1
Miniaturized pc tier 1

-1-12 Ashes of Discovery(as 4th level Altronus) - 1 xp, 2 Fame & Reputation, 720 credits

-1-05 The First Mandate - 1 xp, 1 fame, 1 Acq.& 2 Second Seeker(Luwazi) Rep, 737 creds, bought 3 mk1 heal serums

-1-16 Dreaming of the Future - 1 xp, 2 fame & rep, 720 creds, bought called fusion

- Skittershot(as lv 2 Dakoyo) - 1 xp, 2 fame & rep, 720 creds

- 1-01 The Commencement - 1 xp, 2 fame & rep, 703 creds, sold Star Sugar Heart Love boon for 200 of the creds

- 1-09 Live Exploration Extreme! - 1 xp, 2 fame & rep, 776 creds

- 1-13 On the Trail of History - 1 xp, 2 fame & 3 rep, 1522 creds, bought-medkit, officer ceremonial plate, tactical dueling sword, sold-lashunta ringwear

- 1-06 A Night in Nightarch - 1 xp, 2 fame & rep, 1475 creds, Purchased: Spellthrower Thunder strike sonic pistol & battery, Spell gems - Share Language, 2 Overheats

- 1-11 In Pursuit of the Scoured Past - 1 xp, 2 Fame & 3 Rep, 1455 creds, Forced to buy prosthetic arm

- 1-18 The Blackmoon Survey - 1 xp, 2 fame & rep, 184 creds, purchased 25 long rounds and mk 1 synaptic accelerator with Salvations Delver discount

- 1-20 Duskmire Accord 9 - 1 xp, 2 fame and rep, 1494+52 creds

- 1-99 Scoured Stars Invasion - 1 xp, 2 fame & 3 rep, 1460+52 creds,
Sold hunting rifle+called fusion, purchased static arc rifle

- 1-31 Treading History's Folly - 1 xp, 2 fame, 2 SS(LE) and 1 SS(JA) rep, 4093 creds

- 1-27 King Xeros of Star Azlant - 1 xp, 2 fame and rep, 4099 creds

- 1-17 Reclaiming the Time Lost Tear - 1 xp, 2 fame 3 SS(LE) & 1 SS(JA) rep, 4111 creds

When Bugface was born Bugface's three parents named them Vishkesh. No one calls Bugface that anymore except for Bugface's host-parent(there just isn't a good common translation for the word). Bugface's family were the only shirrens in the small Akitonian town Bugface was raised in. The other children started calling them Bugface simply because they were different and children can be mean sometimes. Bugface liked the name however and Bugface's gusto in accepting it made it stick for the long term, and made Bugface many friends. Bugface does not like pronouns at all and prefers to always be referred to as Bugface.

Bugface had always been fascinated with the idea of travelling through the stars. When Bugface heard of the scoured stars incident they made a decision, a pleasure all its own, to finally join the Starfinders. Bugface had been good with fixing things since Bugface was a child and started out as a starship mechanic. Bugface picked up many other skills along the way, even creating an AI to help called Bugbrain.

Bugface got pretty good with a rifle while working with the Starfinders having gotten into many fights. On one particular mission Bugface's left arm was eaten while Bugface was trying to protect the rest of the crew and had to be replaced with a mechanical one. Bugface didn't mind though, Bugface likes the new arm better. Bugface has had a bit of an obsession with cybernetic enhancements ever since.