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Full Name

Bryn Corwin


Halfling M AC18 / HP12 / S15, D12, C13, I10, W12, CH14


Paladin / 1










Common - Halfling

Strength 15
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

About Bryn Corwin

Dimunitive but steadfast. Bryn is confident in his faith and even more confident in his combat abilities.


More to come. I need to learn about Belhaim to develop a reason to be there.


When Bryn was a in his late teens his family farm was set upon by a band of goblins. As the family ran, hid and feared for the worst an older paladin appeared and without hesitation cleared the farm of the little green vermin. The family saved they insisted that they provide a feast, as only halflings can, for their defender. As the evening moved on Bryn was taken by the tails of their savior, Granstof, and hung on his every word.

In the morning Granstof thanked them for their hospitality and left to continue his journey. Unbenonst to him Bryn had made up his mind that the farming life was not for him and slipped away from home shortly afte Granstof had departed. He followed behind for a day and a night at which point he figured he was too far to be sent back and so reveled himself, pledging to be Granstof squire.

Granstof was amused and as Bryn spoke slowly became convinced that he could see a divine spark in the little man’s eye. He agreed but only on the condition that they return to the farm first and make a proper farewell as anything else would not be smiled on by Erastil. At first Bryn was concerned he was being tricked but Granstof swore an oath that, if his family allowed, he would take him under his wing.

When they returned to the farm Bryn’s family was relived, thinking that he had become lost, but as they spoke the real situation began to dawn on them. They were not exactly thrilled but eventually had a tearful goodbye and Bryn’s father even handed him an old short sword so he had some protection.

As they traveled Granstof schooled Bryn in the ways of Erastil and the ways of a true warrior of faith. Eventually Granstof found Bryn some appropriate sized armor and weapons and allowed him to participate in some battles that were deemed relatively safe. Things went on like this for some time and Bryn’s skills grew as did the affection between the two men.

A few years later Granstof was injured in battled and while the combined faith of the pair saved his life he felt he had reached a point where he was simply too old for extensive combat. In secret he had a greatsword forged for Bryn. When it was complete he presented the new weapon to Byrn and told him that, while his time was done, Bryn should continue the as a warrior of Erastil.