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Life Oracle/ 11














Taveling Healer

Strength 12
Dexterity 8
Constitution 13
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 19

About Brokenbane

HP: 75

Saves: Fort + 5/ Ref + 3/ Will + 10

AC: Total= 13/ Touch= 9/ Flat-foot= 13

Attack: + 1 Sap 10/5 = 1D6 + 2 Nonlethal

Curse: Haunted

Revelations: Channel, Enhanced cures, Healing hands, Safe curing

Feats: Extra channel, Skill focus (Heal), Craft potion, Quick channel, Extra revelation, Good summons, Martial weapon proficieny (Sap)

Skills: Diplomacy + 17, Heal + 22, Handle animal + 9, Knowledge(History) + 8, Knowledge(Nature) + 8, Knowledge(Planes) + 8, Knowledge(Religion)+ 8, Profession(Healer) + 13, Sense motive + 11, Spellcraft + 11, Survial + 11

Spell:0= Mage hand, Ghost sound, Create water, Detect magic, Detect posion, Read magic, Purify food and drink, Mending, stablize, Spark/ 1st level(7/Day)= Cure light wounds, Deect undead, Death watch, Protection from evil, Shield of faith, Endure elements, Remove sickness/ 2nd level(7/Day)= Levitate, Minor image, Cure moderate wounds, Lesser restoration, Make whole, Resist energy, Summon monster 2, Spear of purity, Admonishing ray/ 3rd level(7/Day)= Cure serious wounds, Neutralize poison, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Disease, summon monster 3, Remove curse/ 4th level(7/Day)= Cure critical wounds, Restoration, Tongues, Freedom of movment, Summon monster 4/ 5th level(4/Day)= Mass cure light wound, Breath of life, Dispel evil, Rase dead, Telekiness

Gear: + 1 Sap, + 1 Quilted cloth, + 1 light wooden shield, Type 1 bag of holding, 1000GP in diamond dust, Cloak of resistance + 1, Headband of alluring charisma + 2, Amulet of natural armor + 1, 3 Healer's kit, Masterwork surgron's tools, Oracle's kit, Ioun torch, Exilr of hiding, 2 Potions of cure moderate wounds, Potion of lesser restoration, 2 Potions of cure light wounds, Holy water, Traveler's outfit, Wooden holy aymbol, 17GP

History: Brokenbane started his career as an adventure. In his first fight he found himself scared and ran away returning later after his party was already dead. It was then that he began to see himself as a bane to people. He travelled around till he found himself drunk telling his to a priest who set him onto the path of redemption. At this point he began traveling around with the goal of giving healing and help to those who need it. He also charges very little if any at all. He sometimes joins adventuring parties to fight monsters that are harming those who cannot defend themselves. Usually encountered alone he is sometimes found with his friend and fellow traveler Lila Boggy-Hillocks (NPC Codex, page 248).