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About Breelo Babblebock

I'm a computer engineer living in Yukon, OK. In my spare time I play basketball, RPGs, and coordinate a van program for an inner-city church in Oklahoma City. I am a proud graduate of Oklahoma State University (Go Cowboys!) and I hope someday to develop a brand new RPG.

In 2011, I submitted the Mannequin of Misdirection and in 2012, I submitted the Vest of Second Skin which made the keeper pile. I don't want to talk about the other two submissions. They were awful.

Mannequin of Misdirection
Aura moderate transmutation and illusion; CL 11th
Slot -; Price 15,000gp; Weight 35 lbs.
This item appears to be a standard oaken dress dummy commonly seen in the window displays of clothing boutiques. The mannequin is the size of an average human and its head, arms, and legs are detachable for easy storage. Close examination of the chest reveals a catch which opens a small chamber containing a wooden heart.
Once per day, if the mannequin is fully assembled and a medium-sized humanoid places fresh blood in the heart chamber, the heart begins to beat. Over the next minute, the mannequin transforms in shape and takes on the physical appearance of the user. Upon completion of the transformation, the mannequin animates as an object under the control of the user. Treat it as a medium animated object with following additional construction points: Additional Attack, Grab. The user can place up to 12 hit points of blood in the heart chamber and every hit point of blood animates the mannequin for 10 minutes. The mannequin is able to follow simple instructions but is incapable of speaking, running, or wielding weapons. It can wear armor but it cannot effectively use a shield.
The true power of the mannequin of misdirection is its ability to confuse divination spells. While activated, attempts to scry or locate the user will be redirected to the mannequin of misdirection. Detection spells such as detect evil function as if the mannequin is the user. Anyone interacting with the mannequin of misdirection can make a DC 15 Will save to determine its true nature.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, animate objects, silent image; Cost 7,500gp

Vest of Second Skin
Aura strong necromancy; CL 13th
Slot chest; Price 10,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This gruesome garment consists of a crimson and black checkered vest adorned with patches of living flesh. Each vest of second skin has up to ten patches of skin which grant the wearer a special magic property when activated. A newly created vest of second skin has one patch of skin from each of the following types of creature, each with a different magic property:
- Daemon: acid resistance 30
- Demon: electricity resistance 30
- Devil: fire resistance 30
- Fey: damage reduction 5/cold iron
- Lycanthrope: damage reduction 5/silver
- Outsider (chaotic): damage reduction 5/lawful
- Outsider (evil): damage reduction 5/good
- Outsider (good): damage reduction 5/evil
- Outsider (lawful): damage reduction 5/chaotic
- Troll: fast healing 5
A patch of skin is activated when the wearer physically touches the patch and maintains contact for a full round. During that round, the patch detaches from the vest and grows over the wearer’s entire body, creating a second skin. The trauma from the growth of the second skin causes 1 point of charisma damage and 1d4 points of damage. Only one second skin can be worn at a time and the skin patch touched is consumed upon activation. The second skin turns to dust after ten rounds.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, death ward, gentle repose, regenerate, sanctify corpse, creator must have 5 ranks in Craft (leather); Cost 5,000 gp