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Human :: HP 12/12 :: AC 14 CMD 14 :: Fort +2 Reflex +2 Will +2 :: Perception +6 Initiative +2

About Braegan.

Conditions/Effects: none
Current ACP: -0 (shield stowed; light encumbrance)

Class Abilities:
Dancing Lights - 3/3 remaining
Spells (DC = 14 + spell level; +1 for evocation)
Level 1 - 3/5 remaining
Ammunition Usage:

Male human (Ulfen) sorcerer 2
CG Medium humanoid (human)

Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 8, Cha 19

Init +2
Speed 30 ft.


hp 12 (2d6 [6,4] + 2 con)
AC 14 touch 12 flat-footed 12 (+2 armor, +2 Dex)
CMD 14 (1 bab, +1 str, +2 dex)
Fort+2, Ref +2, Will +2
Resist cold 2


Base Atk +1; CMB +2
Melee +2
. . cold iron morningstar +2 (1d8+1)
. . dagger +2 (1d4+1; 19/x2)
Ranged +3
. . dagger +3 (1d4+1; 19/x2)


Special Abilities & Spells:
Bonus feat: Mage’s Tattoo (Evocation); caster level for evocation spells improved by 1; gain Dancing Lights as SLA, usable 3/day
Silver Tongued: Humans with this trait gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Bluff checks. In addition, when they use Diplomacy to shift a creature's attitude, they can shift up to three steps up rather than just two. This racial trait replaces skilled.

SORCERER (Tatooed & Wildblooded archetypes)
Bloodline: Primal (Elemental Wildblood)
Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell with an energy descriptor that matches your elemental bloodline's energy type, that spell deals +1 point of damage per die rolled.

Familiar Tattoo (Su): Temperbrand the Thrush (stats below). A tattooed sorcerer gains a familiar as an arcane bond, as a wizard equal to her sorcerer level. Her sorcerer levels stack with any wizard or witch levels she possesses when determining the powers of her familiar—this ability does not allow her to have both a familiar and a bonded item.

Unlike most familiars, her familiar can transform itself into a tattoo that she carries in her flesh. Transforming into a tattoo or back to normal familiar form is a move action for her familiar. In tattoo form, the familiar looks like a stylized version of itself, but does not count as a creature separate from the tattooed sorcerer. In tattoo form it continues to grant its special familiar ability, but otherwise has no abilities and can take no actions except to transform from tattoo into creature. A familiar tattoo cannot be erased or dispelled. This ability replaces her 1st-level bloodline power.

Mage's Tattoo (Ex): At 1st level, the tattooed sorcerer gains Mage's Tattoo as a bonus feat. If she doesn’t have Spell Focus, she may choose which school of magic her Mage's Tattoo enhances. This ability replaces her Eschew Materials bonus feat.

Caster Level 2 (3 for evocation)
Concentration +6 (+7 or evocation)
DC = 14 + spell level (+1 for evocation)

Sorcerer Spells Known
. . 1st (5/day)—burning hands (DC 16), infernal healing
. . 0 (at will)—daze, detect magic, light, prestidigitation, spark

Familiar, Aska:
Aska, the Thrush (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic)
CG Diminutive magical beast (animal)
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Perception +9
AC 17, touch 16, flat-footed 15 (+2 Dex, +1 natural, +4 size)
hp 6 (1d8-2)
Fort +0, Ref +4, Will +5
Speed 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (average)
Melee bite +0 (1d2-5)
Space 1 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Str 1, Dex 15, Con 6, Int 6, Wis 15, Cha 6
Base Atk +1; CMB -1; CMD 4
Feats Skill Focus (Perception)
Skills Acrobatics +2 (-6 to jump), Bluff -1, Diplomacy -1, Fly +12, Intimidate -1, Linguistics -1, Perception +9, Sense Motive +3
Languages Skald
SQ improved evasion
Special Abilities
Flight (40 feet, Average) You can fly!
Improved Evasion (Ex) No damage on successful reflex save; half on failed save.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.

Feats Additional Traits (human), Spell Focus: evocation (1), Ulfen Tattoo: evocation (Sorc1)
Traits northern ancestry, Outcast’s Intuition, Seeker, World Traveler (Diplomacy)

Skills (8 total = 4 oracle, 2 Int, 2 favored)
Bluff +10 (1 rks, class, 2 racial)
Diplomacy +11 (1 rks, 3 class, 1 trait, 2 racial)
—> +14 w/ Temperbrand
Intimidate +8 (1 rks, class)
Knowledge (planes) +5 (1 rks, 3 class)
Linguistics +2 (1 rks)
Perception +4 (1 rks, 3 class, 1 trait)
—> +6 w/ Temperbrand
Perform: Sing +5 (1 rks)
Sense Motive +4 (1 rks, 3 class, 1 trait)
—> +6 w/ Temperbrand

Languages Taldan (Common), Hallit, Skald, Sylvan


Worn: cold weather clothes, lamellar leather armor, cold iron morningstar, dagger, alchemist's fire

Beltpouch: whetstone, flint & steel, monies (139.7g)

Waterproof leather satchel: potion of Enlarge Person, journal, ink pen, blank ink, steel mirror, charcoal x5, hip flask (applejack)

Scrollcase: Scroll of Comprehend Languages

Backpack (carrying causes Medium Encumbrance): waterskin, furs, winter blanket, traveler’s clothes, shaving kit (straight razor, shaving brush, shaving cup, shaving powder for 50 shaves), travel mess kit (wooden plate and bowl, tin cup, fork, knife; all tied together with leather cord)

About Braegan:

Age: 18 Height: 5' 10" Weight: 153
Hair: black Eyes: gray Skin: pale

Braegan is a young man with striking Ulfen features. He has a long, angular face with piercing, brilliant gray eyes that seem to catch and magnify firelight. And while on many people his thick, unruly, black hair and slightly crooked smile might be awkward, on Braegan they just seem unique … capricious … engaging. He’s of average height with a thin build that borders on being gangly. The sleeves of his shirts and coats are generally cut a bit too long, usually hiding his hands. Or—more accurately—hiding the terribly burned and blackened skin of his hands, which he handles delicately and painfully. The burns climb up his forearms, becoming gradually less severe as they across his chest and creep up onto the base of his neck. Hidden amongst the scarring but becoming more obvious as it wraps over his shoulders and down onto his back is an intricate network of Ulfen tattood glyphs and stylized figures. The reds, oranges, and blues of the tattoos stand in stark contrast to his pale skin, and they, too, seem to catch, pool, and amplify firelight.

In all, he’s a young man who’s always stood out in Heldren.

• Confident to the point of cockiness that often expresses itself as downright recklessness.
Genuine and charming that most people find welcoming and disarming, which works in his favor when he needs to blend truth with lies.
• Braegan likes to be liked.
• Hates the fact that his scarred hands, arms, and chest have left him weaker than many young men, and covers it with bravado. Coupled with his often reckless nature, has gotten him into trouble sometimes.
• Also means he welcomes social attention, which—given his looks and charm—he usually has no trouble getting.

Though he was raised there, Braegan was not born in Heldren. He was born up in the frozen north. When he was young, too young to walk, his mother was forced to flee the ice witches. To this day, he doesn't know why, but in their flight, his mother was killed by their magic. When that happened, their magic was met with something from inside him … something which burned up his hands, arms and chest, leaving him with blackened and scarred flesh. The scarring was deeper, though. As these powers in his blood were now awoken ... strange powers over flames and heat. And in the dancing of the camp and hearth fire, Braegan sees images. Despite years learning from his Aunt Mahb, he doesn't understand them, but he knows they're significant (obvious hook is obvious, feel free to tell me what he sees in the flames).

So Braegan was brought south by a friend of his mother's, who gave him to his old Aunt Mahb. A witch according to the locals, and a woman not cut out for motherhood. So she did what she thought was best; she set him up to be raised by one of the local town families, the Hightowns, a loving family with one daughter and a desire for more.

This was how Braegan was raised, an outsider raised by a community far from the place of his birth. He grew to be a confident, charming young man with fiery passions and a reckless nature. His burns kept him from taking on more traditional apprenticeships, but he had a rich, warm baritone voice that he learned to use as a local performer, singing at the local taverns whenever he could. He made friends. He made enemies. He grew up.

And in the dancing of the flames, Braegan's thoughts are drawn north. And in the cold of the snowfall, Braegan's eyes are drawn north ... to the place where his life was forever changed by the jadweega. To the place he plans to return one day. For answers. For revenge.

Braegan wants to know who he is. Specifically, who his mother was, and why she was killed while fleeing the north.

• Friend(s): In addition to Aunt Mahb, Braegan loves the family who raised him (Brandig and Marg Hightown and daughters Andice [22], Lairn [18], and Birgitte [16]; all of whom he is highly protective of). His closest Heldren friend is Cole Harrn, a big, brawny blacksmith apprentice about his own age.

• Neutral: Most of Heldren. Braegan enjoys a bit of celebrity in the small town due to his “evening gig” singing at the Stoat many evenings, especially around holidays or special events. Most people like him, and everyone knows he’s adopted. Most know he’s pretty close to his Aunt Mahb, the crazy hag who lives out in the woods.

• Enemy: Locally, Braegan’s got a rivalry going with one of the other local youths. Merrick Cross, he’s kind of the alpha male of the young men in Heldren. Athletic, handsome, and well-liked. He’s a good enough guy, but there’s a competitive rivalry that always tends to turn sour between him and Braegan. Braegan is frustrated that Merrick is so athletically gifted, and Merrick is frustrated that Braegan competes for the girls’ attention despite being a skinny outsider. It’s only come to blows twice, both when they were kids. The first time ended with Merrick soundly drumming Braegan into submission. The second time, Merrick was once again winning when Braegan’s power manifested, and the fight ended with Merrick being rushed to Heldren’s healer to treat the burns. It’s been an uncomfortable rivalry that always stopped short of violence ever since. Braegan knows he’ll lose and Merrick (in addition to being weary of being burned again) is a good enough guy to know that fighting someone with Braegan’s physical handicap (the burns) is unfair.

On a grander scale, Braegan knows enough from the stories his Aunt Mahb have told him over the years to suspect there is someone up north who killed his mother and tried to kill him. He’d like to put a face and name to this mystery person … and force them to confront what they’ve done, if possible.

1) Mage’s Tattoo (evo), Additional Traits, Spell Focus
3) Spell Specialization (Burning Hands)
5) Spell Penetration
7) Improved Familiar: Pyrausta
9) Improved Initiative