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About Black Moria

I have been playing D&D since 1974 and still play to this day.

Favorite version of D&D: Pathfinder

Completed Adventure Paths by my group:
Age of Worms
Savage Tide
The Drow War
Rise of the Runelords
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Second Darkness
War of the Burning Sky
Legacy of Fire
Council of Thieves
Serpent's Skull
Carrion Crown
Jade Regent
Skull & Shackles
Shattered Star
Reign of Winter
Mummy's Mask
Hell's Rebels

Current Adventure Path in Progress:
The Ruins of Azlant

Adventure Paths yet to do:
Shackled City
Wrath of the Righteous
Iron Gods
Hell's Vengeance
Strange Aeons
Ironfang Invasion
War for the Crown