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It sounds like the Death Mage core class:

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Whoops. Well considering the location and complete surprise this monster is likely to be about CR 8 really. If you're playing the AP I think you are then you guys should have a McGuffin to use against yon shadow demon.

Yeah, if you're on the path I think you're on the party should have been given something that will help with this fight.

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Concordia wrote:

...AS an example, in the second book, thw whole traveling part was a complete nightmare. Why impose on the GM to roll countless RE rolls? Why not just say on day X this happens, on day y this happens ?

The only choice I had was to roll all of them while preparing the adventure (what a boring series of rolls!), or have my players roll Morning-Midday-Evening-Night RE rolls, and then again for the next day. We just couldn't wait to get there!...

The only thing I have to add is about random encounters. If you don't want to roll them at the table try one of these:

Decide when they happen and even what the encounter will be. You're the DM, you can make the call.

Or roll them beforehand. I use the random number function in Excell or Google spreadsheet and print off a page or two of random percentiles for things like random encounters. Then if I have time I may even start a list of what the encounters will be using the pages from Excel.

Either of these should make the game flow a little smoother.

I picked it up this morning and have been having a lot of fun with it so far. I'd say it is a combo of Fallout (RPG elements, big map, weapons take damage), Left 4 Dead (different types of zombies), Dead Rising (making weapons) and Borderlands (coop and three-branch skill tree).

Steel_Wind wrote:

...The one book series which (I think) was omitted but which has had a profound impact upon all modern fantasy was Glen Cook's The Black Company. The first three novels in the Annals of the Black Company are required reading by any fantasy reader and are easily better than 80 of the 100 listed. The combined hardcover of the first three novels, sold by the SF/F Book Club from time-to-time, was reason enough on its own to join it.

Sadly, Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and Gray Mouser series was left out as well. Has there been any series which has fallen out of (and into, and out of) print so unjustly? This series remains the foundation and cornerstone of ALL urban FRPG campaigns -- and most gamers don't even know it!...

Yeah, it would have been nice to see these two on the list. One other I would have liked to see would be Thieves World.

IF one of my paralyzed players was a cleric (I see your paladin is too low a level), and IF his holy symbol was on his shield (something I let my players do), I'd consider that presenting the symbol - meaning he could still channel energy while paralyzed (a mental action).

Just one more option in case it helps.

Wow, this is still going on?

I'm excited about the new minis. I expected and don't mind randoms although more than one per box would have been nice. I believe Vic said later sets would or might go that way so it's no big deal to me.

Price? I blow money stupidly on all kinds of stuff so I'm not too worried about it. I'll likely go for a case for the savings. If not, I like knowing I'll always have at least a small dollar purchase when I'm in the local store.

Summary? Count me in.

I like all of the advice given and thought I'd throw one more in:

If the player is defeating encounters using knowledge gained from reading the adventure I wouldn't consider that defeating the encounter - so no xp for that player for that encounter.

Our group should be finished the AP next week and haven't had any major problems with traps. They are a Fighter/Wizard/Eldritch Knight, Witch, Barbarian and Cleric. Their main tactic for traps is to send the barbarian in first to set them off and he beats down any doors and chests they can't open. I think you'll be fine without a rogue, but then the composition of the rest of the party may make a difference.

So if a fighter was to crit four times with say a kukri in a round, bleed would be 8d6? If so, ouch.

UpSbLiViOn wrote:
Actually if a heavy shield gives a -6 penalty if used in the offhand and the example fighter has a attack bonus of +9/+4 wouldn't that make the total +3/-2?

The -6 is for your main hand, the axe. The off hand, your shield, takes a -10 penalty without TWF. Having TWF gives equal penalties for both hands, using either a heavy or light shield.

It will make a difference whether the shield is heavy (it counts as a one-handed weapon) or light (a light weapon). [PFRPG p.152]

Without Two-Weapon Fighting the penalties for using a heavy shield would be -6 for the primary hand and -10 for the off hand. [PFRPG p.202]

Waraxe: +3/-2
Heavy shield: -1/-6

Without TWF using a light shield, -4 primary hand and -8 off hand.

Waraxe: +5/0
Light shield: +1/-4

With TWF the numbers get better:

With a heavy shield, -4 primary, -4 off hand:

Waraxe: +5/0
Heavy shield: +5/0

With a light shield, -2 primary, -2 off hand:

Waraxe: +7/+2
Light shield: +7/+2

I hope that helps.

Hark, if you love 3.0/3.5 I think you'll love Pathfinder too. Everyone seems to have their pet peeves, but overall I think its a definite improvement over its predecessor.

So far my only complaint is that the Paladin seems overpowered but I can kind of look past it considering the limited uses to smite and alignment/code restrictions. I haven't heard any complaints about the other classes, although no one has tried the bard or ranger yet.

Oh, and remembering to check what spells and feats do, although that's not really a complaint. We're just getting used to the changes.

Michael Miller 36 wrote:
you CAN get around caster level but the DC of creation goes up for each requirement you do not meet. The only thing you MUST have is the feat itself. So you CAN create a construct at a lower level (level 5 for your homunculus) but your chances of failing are that much higher.

My memory is terrible, but I think I read a post by someone from Paizo, JB or JJ, saying that the CL is not considered a prerequisite and so can't be ignored for the higher DC check.

Take a look at page 461: "The prerequisites for creation of an item are given immediately following the item's caster level."

Steven Mills wrote:
...but I don't like it because it does not cost any spell slots to use...

It does have the cost of a swift action every round its used that can't be used for a spell or something like Arcane Armor Training.

Wicked K Games wrote:
Big Bucket - I was planning on finishing the horizontal half-sheets, but I kind of hit a writer's block on how to keep the half-sheets in concert going with the horizontals. Essentially I either have to redo them over or make a horizontal full sheet. I'm still kind ofdebating on this, and would like to know if you think a full sheet is good or if you'd really like to see the half-sheets converted. I'd like the half-sheets eventually to be converted, I just need to figure out how to do so first.

Wicked K, I think I'd prefer the horizonal full sheet but the half sheet would be fine too. Of course if I'm the only one that thinks its needed then don't worry about it.

Wicked K - great stuff! I have one request, if possible: I'd like a horizontal version of p.11 (Class Abilities & Functions/Spells Per Day/Feats/Racial Traits/etc). I looked and didn't see one so hopefully I didn't just miss it. Thanks.

If an encounter isn't a challenge my group gets no xp or less xp. For the Acropolis encounter, if my group hadn't left the tentacles that appeared would have been more in number and increasingly been bigger and tougher, to the point where they'd want to leave.

By the text yes it could be an xp generator but the dm has to see it and adjust accordingly.

hogarth wrote:

I don't have a problem with grabbing a rabid wolverine being a poor combat decision. :-)

But I do sort of miss the 3.5 version of grapple where you needed to succeed on a grapple check in order to do much of anything. ("" rather than "I'm being grappled? I draw my knife. Yawn.")

hogarth, talking about needing a check to do anything got me thinking about the "if you are grappled paragraph":

If You Are Grappled: ... Instead of attempting to break or reverse the grapple, you can take any action that requires only one hand to perform, such as cast a spell or make an attack with a light or one-handed weapon against any creature within your reach, including the creature that is grappling you.

Since you need to make a check to break/reverse a grapple, could the intent have been that a check was needed to "take any action" as well? If so, it isn't clear. I'm not sure, but just a thought.

Dragnmoon wrote:

Uggg... I am in a combat that I can't Win!!!! Tried about a dozen times.

Don't read the spoiler if you have not done Redcliffe.

** spoiler omitted **

Dragnmoon, I was higher level, but I used the melee types up front, with my wiz healing them up from the back. It was tough but I was able to do it. I doubt this helps much.

If you're completely stuck, back out if you can and come back later.

I haven't settled on a system for falling damage, but I know my players see the current system as a joke - "Okay, I'll jump off this 200' cliff and attack the bad guy at the bottom".

They know there's really no consequence to crazy amounts of falling damage. It just makes their eyes roll. Sure its dangerous at early levels but it doesn't take long before falling damage doesn't really worry them at all.

I'm considering one Con damage per 10' (Fort save for half, DC 10 + 1/10') and the d6/10' but haven't actually tried it yet.

Well I haven't used either of the suggestions below but they might fit the bill.

The first is a single adventure, the first PFRPG one I believe.
Crypt of the Everflame

My other suggestion would be the first PFRPG adventure path, Council of Thieves. The players guide is available as a free download here.

I think either of these would be a good start, but not knowing your group I don't know if individual adventures or an adventure path would be best.

Wolfgang Baur wrote:

...I'm surprised we haven't seen more discussion of the new Pathfinder ranger variant here, though. Worth doing those in future? Or would people rather have more Pathfinder articles like the Torture one by Hank Woon?

I know Tome of Secrets and some others have done classes, so.... Just wondering.

I just ordered a print copy mainly for the ranger variant, my first KQ purchase. The more PF material in an issue, of any type, the more likely I am to pick it up.

This is not to say that non-PF material wouldn't be interesting. Its just that I only have so many dollars to spread around on RPG stuff.

Liquidsabre wrote:

[...]If we are allowed to add feat and magic effects from weapons used then, for example, a Fighter when sundering could add their Weapon Focus feat, Magic Item Bonus, and Weapon Mastery bonus to their Sunder CMB. That really starts to add up:

Fighter 9
+2 Greatsword
+2 Weapon Mastery (Heavy Blades)
+2 Weapon Focus/Greater Weapon Focus
+2 Improved Sunder

So a Fighter with a normal CMB of say +14 jumps up to +22 when Sundering with their Greatsword.

I believe so. Throw in a few spells from the cleric and the wiz and have the bard singing in the background and it gets even higher.

kyrt-ryder wrote:
Big Bucket wrote:

I forgot about gauntlets dealing lethal damage, so I'd say yes to usung the bonus.

My only argument against it now might be that the weapons list has disarm and trip weapons but doesn't list grapple under gauntlets.

It doesn't list grapple under unarmed strike either, and that's how grapple is always done.

Yeah, I was just channelling the rules lawyer in my group with that last sentence. Personally I'd give the bonus.

I forgot about gauntlets dealing lethal damage, so I'd say yes to usung the bonus.

My only argument against it now might be that the weapons list has disarm and trip weapons but doesn't list grapple under gauntlets.

I would probably give the bonus, but if the character didn't have Improved Unarmed Strike feat I'd consider giving the character a -4 penalty - the same as for dealing lethal damage without the feat.

I think this would be similar to someone using a trip weapon to trip who is not proficient with the weapon.

I actually tried to get my players to try point buy, but they won't go for it. They love the results of 4d6 drop the lowest, whether good or bad. Rolling stats is easily one of their favorite parts of a new campaign.

They haven't used it yet, but I give them the point buy option if they really don't like their rolls.

Krome wrote:

Okay Some opinions! Which do you like the best?

Full Color Trader Card at 150 dpi for smoother appearance

BW Trader Card at 72 dpi for less ink

BW No Art Trader Card at 72 dpi for maximized printing efficiency

Would all 3 sets be useful?

Next do you want them as individual cards, or 8 on a letter size page?

Number three would be my preference, followed by number two. I like individual cards - my cutting skills suck.

KnightErrantJR wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:

and be able to make magical versions of everything a mime can make (ie nothing...) :/
I thought mimes could make those invisible box things they always get trapped in . . . and invisible ropes . . . that kind of stuff . . .

Mimes = Cube of Force :)

I just took this feat so I thought I'd give it a bump too.

Vic, I think most of us who haven't received our books yet aren't at all disappointed or angry with Paizo, at least I'm not.

Its more like the extreme anticipation of finding a really cool Christmas present under your parents bed and knowing you can't touch it for a week (cause your sister will rat you out). I know I'll be fine with the pdf til it arrives at my door.

Thanks Skyler, these are great.

Wow! Thanks for sharing it.

I'm so jealous. I'm still waiting to open my email and find a shipping notice, and I checked it a lot yesterday.

Its pretty decent timing though - we just finished Second Darkness last weekend and started Curse of the Crimson Throne this afternoon.

What about a readied trip from the halberd wielders 5' back, as an aoo? I figure a mid-air trip over water should mean 'splash!', maybe with a reflex save or something to grab hold. Have the mace 'n board types up front protecting them, or ready trips as well.

As for the CMB numbers, have you looked at the bonus bestiary? I haven't yet so I don't know how much the CMB/CMD changed from the beta.


They get a little use in our group, but would be better if they were player friendly. I could live without them but if they were replaced I'd like to see another relatively inexpensive item.

I like sowhereaminow's suggestion for player handouts. This would save me some ink.

I would also suggest NPC artwork as well. Images of the NPCs really solidify characters in the path for my players, especially if we go a few weeks without a session. I print them from the pdfs and they make notes about the NPCs on the printouts.

The City Map folio and location maps are good.

Black Tom wrote:
Make the opponent's BAB count somehow when figuring the DC for casting defensively. The DCs are far too low for high-level casters.

Agreed, casting defensively is too easy.

I think rogues and wizards could have stayed with their old hit dice, although the change doesn't bother me too much. Of the two I feel more strongly about the wizard. In my head I see them as the weakest in terms of hit points. And it would complete the bookends - a d4 and a d12.

I don't mind the static +1, but would like to see it applied to weapon groups or maybe apply it to 1 weapon every two levels or something along those lines.

I like channeling healing the living and harming undead, but could live without the running away/fear part. I like the idea of replacing it with Shaken.

Our group hasn't found it overpowering. Last night our cleric used it two rounds in a row, for two points each round on 2d6.

Sueki Suezo wrote:
Because giving players extra HP or Skill Points just because they are playing a stereotypical class/race combo isn't fair. Why should they end up with 20 less skill points at Level 20 because they didn't make an Elven Ranger or a Dwarven Fighter?

I understand what you're saying, but for me its not that big a deal. I see it as a small bonus, not enough to base my race/class decisions on.

Sueki Suezo wrote:
[...] we should just let players create characters that are interesting that they want to play.

But what's to stop players from doing that now? In our new campaign two characters won't be getting the favored class reward. They don't have a problem with it because they are playing class/race combos that they find interesting.

How about a sci-fi RPG? Fallout 3 is coming out at the end of the month, but I think it will be first person.

Saskatoon is the city of bridges. We have seven bridges, two rail and five traffic, for a population of ~230,000. The city has been working on plans for another traffic bridge for a while now.

If I remember correctly we are the violent crime capital, murder capital and sexual assault capital of Canada at the moment (per capita). Some years we lose the titles, but its usually to Regina, about an hour and a half away.

But really, its a good place to live.

p.155, Spellcraft DCs differ from the Spellcraft DCs table on p.72:

*Vigorous Motion: p.155 DC 10 +, p.72 DC 15 +
*Violent Motion: p.155 DC 15 +, p.72 DC 20 +
*Entangled: p.155 DC 15, p.72 DC 15 +

p.155 doesn't list "on a moving mount or vehicle"
p.155, Violent Weather, lists examples of DC 5 + and DC 10 +, but the Spellcraft DCs table lists only "extreme weather" with a DC of 10+

p.143, second column: Tactical Movment should be Tactical Movement.

p.152, first column, under Combat while Mounted: the last sentence of the last paragraph needs a period.

p.133, first column, under Provoking an Attack of Opportunity, Performing a Distracting Act: change "Table:" to "Table 9-2:".

p.133, 2nd column, under Action Types: "There are fived types of actions" - remove the "d" in "fived".

p.134, first column, under Standard Action and under Move Action: change "Table:" to "Table 9-2:".

p.136, second column, under Exception: should "Extra damage over..." be changed to "Extra damage dice over..."?

p.139, 1st column, under Cast a Spell, last paragraph: replace "cast a spell" with "Cast a Spell" (capitalization).

p.139, 2nd column, under Run, last sentence in the first paragraph: needs a period.

p.110 & 111: Table 7-8 precedes Table 7-7.

p.112, second column, under Grappling Hook: "...requires a Use Rope check...", but there is no longer a Use Rope skill.

p.115, second column, under Smokestick: remove the space between 10- and foot in "10- foot".

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