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Hey everyone,
So I have recently started running the RotRAE with a group of 7 players: 4 completely new to role playing and two new to Pathfinder. I'm having a bit of trouble deciding which sin a PC is taking on strong with a particular situation involving another PC. Let me set up some context so you can help me out.

PC "A" is playing a CG male investigator with ties to the Szcarni. In all fairness, he's trying to "get out." Roughly he has maintained a CG alignment, though the player has done an excellent job at role playing a shifty, shadowy character.

PC "B" is playing a CN male half-elf sorceror with parent issues. This player is new to role playing, and has kind of taken this opportunity to just do whatever he wants to do, within reason. He has maintained CN and not CE yet. He has also started to try wooing Rynshinn in Sandpoint, the most beautiful female in town. It seems like he is trying to do this for no other reason than she is the most beautiful, for which he is attaining a lust point.

What happened between the PCs:

In the Catacombs of Wrath, the party found the meditation chamber with the six floating items. Paladin and investigator were up front, sorceror was in the back. While the investigator was still checking for traps in the room, the sorceror sees the wand and scroll floating and says "I jump into the room to grab the wand." As a GM, I let my players learn from their mistakes, so when a player says "I do this thing" that's what the character does.

So the sorceror jumps into the chamber, fails his will save, is overcome with thoughts of Wrath and betrayal "from memories from his past", and the player promptly freaks out. Like I said, his character has parent issues, although they are a secret to the rest of the party. He grabs everything but the maggots and bird and floats out of the chamber, all while being berated by the rest of the party for the reckless behavior.

While looking over the loot, the investigator says he's interested in having the bottle of wine. I run that if multiple players are interested in the same item from loot, highest die roll gets it. Instead, the sorceror, who is still freaking out about the wrathful memories, replies "No, I'm keeping the wine," uncorked the bottle right there and starts downing the wine like there's no tomorrow. I laugh, thinking this is a very reasonable reaction to the little bit of emotional trauma his character just experienced. The investigator remains surly about it however.

Later, back up in town, the party splits up a bit to follow up on some leads. The sorceror goes off on his own, but is stealthily followed by the investigator to make sure the sorceror doesn't do anything dumb. Well, the sorceror says he is going to confront an NPC about any sort of connection he may have with the goblin attacks. The table erupts with everyone telling him not to do it, be cautious and patient, etc. I quiet the table, explaining that he is off by himself, but the investigator pops in saying he is pretty close to the sorceror and tries to dissuade the sorceror from his plan. They argue, the investigator fails an opposed diplomacy check and an intimidate check, so I rule that the sorceror can go to the NPC. He NPC is Ven Vinders, so obviously he's not involved at all, and the "confrontation" is more like an interrogation. No harm no foul.

What the investigator wants to do:

So the investigator player is upset at the sorceror player for being really chaotic and "not playing well with the group." Because I don't allow any fighting to go on between characters in game, the investigator wants to try and hit the sorceror emotionally. So his plan is to try and secretly seduce Rynshinn away from the sorceror just for one moment so the sorceror can see Rynshinn kissing the investigator first. I decided to allow him to do that, as a manipulative act like that is very much in line with the investigator's back story.

I can't decide if the investigator should get hit with a greed, envy, wrath, pride, or lust point, or possibly a combination of two. I'm trying to be fairly conservative with sin points, but this definitely warrants something.
What do you guys think?