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"Painful Strike* (Ex)

At 4th level, an executioner automatically gains this talent. Executioners are trained to cause excruciating pain when striking targets, often leaving them reeling in agony or completely incapacitated as they slowly bleed out. A creature that takes sneak attack damage from an executioner must make a successful a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + 1/2 the executioner's class level + his Intelligence modifier) or become sickened for 1d4 rounds.

This ability alters the slayer talent received at 4th level and replaces swift tracker."

My interpretation of that is this is your 4th level slayer talent. My player's interpretation is that this is in addition to it, since it does not replace it.

Which one is right?

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Assuming he still has to class feature to replace, like in the case of Scout.

"A brawler's unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that modify either manufactured weapons or natural weapons."

What constitutes an "effect"? Is Power Attack an "effect"?

So like,

Improved Weapon Finesse (Combat)

Prerequisites: 15 dex, Weapon Finesse

Benefit: When using a finessable weapon your critical threat range with that weapon increases by 1 and you get a +2 bonus on critical confirmation checks. This bonus stacks with Improved Critical but is not doubled by it.

Example; a scimitar wielder with Improved Critical and Improved Weapon Finesse has 14-20 critical threat range.

I would replace all forms of dex to damage with class features that basically do the same thing, so a gunslinger would end up with 19-20 on a specific firearm. I think this could lead to some problems with magi and gunslingers (19-20/4x... ouch).

Also, possibly Greater Weapon Finesse (requires 17 dex, IWF), does the same stuff as IWF but stacks with it, etc.

I plan on testing this stuff out in my homegame soon, but I would like to know what huge problems this could cause. My games never go past level 12, so anything after that is irrelevant to me.

Player wants to use a waterskin, but I think that's ridiculous.

Player wants to swing his great sword, take hand off sword as free action, claw foe, switch hands, claw foe.

Is there an errata or faq that explicitly disallows this?

"Thunder and Fang (Combat)

You have mastered the ancient Thunder and Fang fighting style, allowing you to fight with increased effectiveness when wielding an earth breaker and klar.

Prerequisite: Str 15, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (earth breaker), Weapon Focus (klar)

Benefit: You can use an earth breaker as though it were a one-handed weapon. When using an earth breaker in one hand and a klar in your off hand, you retain the shield bonus your klar grants to your Armor Class even when you use it to attack. Treat your klar as a light weapon for the purposes of determining your two-weapon fighting penalty.

Normal: An earth breaker is a two-handed weapon, preventing the use of a klar in one hand without imposing penalties for using the earth breaker one-handed. A klar can be used either as a one-handed weapon or a shield; it does not grant a bonus to AC during rounds in which it is used as a weapon."

Where can I find what the penalty is for using a two-handed weapon one-handed? Is it just an error?

Helm of Invisibility (wondrous item, head slot)

Lowering the face-guard of the helmet causes it to turn the wearer invisible as though Invisibility had been cast on you. 3 minute duration, 1 use per day. Requires one free-hand to activate.

How much should this item cost?

A thread where everyone disagreed with me on the alignment of a popular character made me think about what alignments other people view characters as.

What alignment do you view the following characters as?

- Superman
- Batman
- Joker
- Lex Luther
- Spiderman
- J J Jamerson
- Captain America
- The Punisher
- Iron Man
- Thor "the god of lightning" Odinson
- Captain Kirk
- Captain Jean-Luc Picard
- The Doctor (regeneration #)
- Han Solo

edit: It's not the answer that matters, it's why.