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Full Name

Baphos I




Haunted Oracle of the Dark Tapestry /3 - HP 23/23, AC 18, T 14, FF 15, F +5, R +5, W +5, Initiative +6, Perception +7 (+9 with Tanbaru), Concentration +9








Neutral Good




Common, Halfling, Dwarven

Strength 8
Dexterity 15
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

About Baphos I

PFS #:
# 8587-1

Baphos I
Male Halfling / Haunted Oracle of the Dark Tapestry / 3
NG Small humanoid (halfling)
Init +6; Keen Senses, Perception +7 (+9 with Tanbaru)


AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 15 (+4 Armor, +2 Dex, +1 small, +1 Dodge)
hp 23 (3d8+5)(+18 Third Level, +2 Con, + 3 favored class)
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +5 (+2 against fear)
CMD 12


Speed 20 ft.
Melee dagger +2 (1d3-1/19-20x2)
Concentration checks +9


Str 8, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 18

Base Atk +2; CMB 0; CMD 12


- Improved Initiative:

You get a +4 bonus on initiative checks.

- Dodge:

You gain a +1 dodge bonus to your AC. A condition that makes you lose your Dex bonus to AC also makes you lose the benefits of this feat.


- Focused Mind:

You gain a +2 trait bonus on concentration checks.

- Tomb Raider:

You gain a +1 bonus on Perception and Knowledge (dungeoneering)
checks, and Perception becomes a class skill for you.

Acrobatics (Dex) +4
Climb (Str) +1
Diplomacy (Cha) +8 (1 rank)(+2 bonus while you are in Irrisen)
Disguise (Cha) +4
Heal (Wis) +0
Intimidate (Cha) +4
Knowledge (Arcana) (Int) +6 (2 rank)(+1 bonus while you are in the Grand Lodge)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (Int) +6 (1 rank)(+1 bonus while you are in the Grand Lodge)
Knowledge (Planes) (Int) +7 (3 ranks)(+1 bonus while you are in the Grand Lodge)
Perception (Wis) +7 (1 rank)
Sense Motive (Wis) +5 (2 ranks)
Spellcraft (Int) +7 (3 ranks)
Stealth (Dex) +11 (2 rank)
Survival (Wis) +0 (+2 circumstance bonus to avoid becoming lost.)
Swim (Str) -3

Languages: Common, Halfling, Dwarven

Combat Gear: Dagger (2,00 GP, 0,50 lb.), Chain shirt (100,00 GP, 12,50 lb.), Cloak of Resistance +1 (1.000,00 GP, 1,00 lb.)
Other Gear: Backpack (2,00 GP, 0,50 lb.), Bedroll (0,10 GP, 1,25 lb.), Blanket (Winter) (0,50 GP, 0,75 lb.), Case (Map or scroll) (1,00 GP, 0,50 lb.), Cold-weather outfit (8 GP, 1,75 lb.), Haunt Siphon (2 Prestige Points, 1,00 lb.), Ice diamond shard (Free, 0,00 lb.), Waterskin (1,00 GP, 1,00 lb.), Wayfinder (Free, 1,00 lb.).
Other expenses: Guards (16,00 GP).
Money: PP 0, GP 1930, SP 40, CP 0

Carrying Weight 21,75 lb. Light Load.

Special Abilities, Racial Traits, Revelations, Oracle's Curse, Boons

- Small:

Halflings are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty to their Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defense, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

- Slow Speed:

Halflings have a base speed of 20 feet.

- Fearless:

Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted by halfling luck.

- Halfling Luck:

Halflings receive a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws.

- Keen Senses:

Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks.

- Sure-Footed:

Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus on Acrobatics and Climb skill checks.

- Touch of the Void (Su):

As a standard action, you can perform a melee touch attack that deals 1d6 points of cold damage + 1 point for every two oracle levels you possess. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + 4 your Charisma modifier. 7/7

- Cloak of Darkness (Su):

You conjure a cloak of shadowy darkness that grants you a +4 armor bonus and a +2 circumstance bonus on Stealth checks. At 7th level, and every four levels thereafter, these bonuses increase by +2. You can use this cloak for 1 hour per day per oracle level. The duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-hour increments. 3/3 hours.

- Haunted:

Malevolent spirits follow you wherever you go, causing minor mishaps and strange occurrences (such as unexpected breezes, small objects moving on their own, and faint noises). Retrieving any stored item from your gear requires a standard action, unless it would normally take longer. Any item you drop lands 10 feet away from you in a random direction. Add mage hand and ghost sound to your list of spells known.

- Orisons:

Oracles learn orisons, or 0-level spells. These spells are cast like any other spell, but they do not consume any slots and may be used again.

- The Hydra’s Fang Incident Boon:

The Chelish Embassy of Absalom recognizes you for your outstanding service to the Empire. You are given a boon that grants you one free use of the divination spell from a Cleric of Asmodeus. You can only use this boon in Egorian, Cheliax’s diabolical capital city.

The Andoren Embassy of Absalom regards you as an upstanding free citizen of the Republic.

- Gift of the Ghaele:

Sulianna the Luminescent, an azata whom you rescued, owes you a debt and has granted you a fraction of her power. You may use one of the following as a spell-like ability once, using your character level as your castel level. After using this boon, cross it off your Chronicle sheet.
You may cast Aid, Detect Thoughts, Lesser Restoration or See Invisibility.

- Draw from the Deck:

You have recovered a psychically charged harrow deck, commonly used for telling fortunes. You can expend its remaining energy to draw a card at random as a standard action, and you gain a +2 enhancement bonus to the ability score that matches the suit of the card drawn until the end of the adventure. If you do not have a harrow deck available, instead roll 1d6 to determine the suit (1 is Strength, 2 is Dexterity, 3 is Constitution, 4 is Intelligence, 5 is Wisdom, and 6 is Charisma). When you use this boon, cross it off your Chronicle sheet.

- Impressive Find:

A representative from the Pathfinder Society—an organization of archaeologists and explorers—has heard of your discoveries in Ustalav and invites you to join the Society as a field agent.

Once you earn 12 or more Fame, your superiors award you one additional Prestige Point (but not Fame) in recognition of your excellence. You cannot have more Prestige Points than Fame, and if you would exceed this maximum, the bonus Prestige Point must be spent immediately or lost. Used.

- Well-Earned Reward:

Dr. Quolorum’s principle interest in these missions was uncovering the secret behind the strange phenomena near Lantern Lake, and any treasure recovered was merely a pleasant surprise.
Although a share of the treasure was not in the original contract, he subsidizes the cost as a favor to you. You may purchase any of the three treasures below at a reduced price: gloves of swimming and climbing (5,000 gp), necklace of fireballs (300 gp), and robe of useful items (2,500 gp).

- New Recruit (J. Dacilane):

Your team of Pathfinders sponsored J. to join the Pathfinder Society. In exchange, she is eager to assist you on one of your future missions. You can direct J. to cast a spell from the spiritualist list (Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures 76) as a standard action. The spell’s level can be up to one third of your character level (minimum 0). J.’s caster level is equal to your character level – 3 (minimum 2), and her Wisdom score is 17. J. is a noncombatant, and she is considered to be in your square for the purpose of determining the origin of her spell. When you use this boon, cross it off your Chronicle Sheet.

- Confirmed Field Agent:

Having successfully completed and documented your Confirmation, one of the Three Masters has formally recognized you as a field agent and given you a wayfinder engraved with your name and the date of your graduation. If this is the first time you have received this boon for any of your characters, you receive this wayfinder for free; otherwise, you may acquire it by spending 1 Prestige Point. Furthermore, if you assign this Chronicle sheet to a character whose starting XP is o, you reduce the Prestige Point cost of any wayfinder enhancement vanities you purchase to modify this wayfinder by 1.(minimum 1).

- Explore, Report, Cooperate:

You have an excellent sense of what makes an exemplary Pathfinder. As a free or immediate action, you may consider whether a particular action you name - such as subduing but not killing an enemy, befriending an NPC, or recovering a particular item - would help realize the goals of the Pathfinder Society. The GM then informs you whether the action's impact would be positive (contributes to meeting a secondary success condition for the scenario), negative (opposes the secondary success condition), or negligible (neither contributes to nor opposes the secondary success condition). If none of these three options accurately reflects the action's impact on the PC's fulfillment of the secondary success conditions, the GM may respond with a phrase of five words or less. Once you use this boon, cross it off your Chronicle sheet.

- Friend of Janira Gavix:

The field agent who oversaw your Confirmation is appreciative of your bravery and camaraderie in the face of danger. She helps you perform research, granting you a +1 bonus on Knowledge checks attempted while you are in the Grand Lodge.

- Icy Jewel Recovery (Scarab Sages):

You have recovered an ice diamond, a gem that is highly receptive to magical energy. Tahonikepsu infused the ice diamond with powerful magic. even the leftover shards of the diamond that she carved away carry a spark of power, which she is willing to share with those who helped her acquire the diamond. You may either take an ice diamond shard for free, or a greater ice diamond shard for the subsidized price of 300 GP. If you select an ice diamond shard, you can activate this boon to chanel harmful magic targeting you into the shard, granting a +2 bonus on a saving throw after you roll the saving throw but before the GM reveals the result. Alternatively, you can activate this boon to use the ice diamond shard as an additional material component for a spell or spell-like ability. If you do so, the caster level for that spell or spell-like ability increases by 1. A greater ice diamond shard has the same properties as an ice diamond shard, except that it either grants a +3 bonus on a saving throw or increases the caster level of a spell or spell-like ability by 2. When you use this boon, cross it off your Chronicle sheet.

- Warm Friend in a Cold Land:

You have befriended Uliyara, a stilyagi Jadwiga, and she proves to be a valuable ally in Irrisen. Whenever you are in Irrisen, you can apply a +2 circumstance bonus on all Diplomacy checks. You may additionally bring Uliyara along with you on one mission to any location, allowing her to grant you the effects of this boon outside of Irrisen. When you use this boon outside of Irrisen, cross it off of your Chronicle sheet.


Spells per Day Level 1: 6/6
------------ Level 0 ------------
- Detect Magic
- Read Magic
- Stabilize
- Guidance
- Resistance
- Mage Hand (Haunted)
- Ghost Sound (Haunted)
------------ Level 1 ------------
- Doom
- Forbid Action
- Murderous Command
- Cure Light Wounds
- Entropic Shield (Bonus Spell)

+9 Concentration checks (+4 Charisma, + 3 level, + 2 Focused Mind)


I was born 20 years and few more days ago. Since I was a kid, my father taught me about other planes, I used to study for hours about The Great Beyond. Somehow, I started to feel an enormous sympathy for the Dark Tapestry; these feelings were uncontrollable at the point that I used to dream with complete darkness and how it would be to live there. Sometimes good dreams, sometime bad dreams. One night, when I was 10, I had bad dreams and I couldn´t wake up. My father shook me trying to bring me back to consciousness, but when I woke up I put my hands on his arms and hurt him. I couldn´t understand what happened, afraid for hurting my mom I fled from home. Since then, I traveled around Osirion where I met Draggus, a man who taught me about my gifts and curses. Forgive me, I didn´t told you about my curses. They started just few months later than I was born. I often listen to voices, sometimes my toys move without a reason and things like that. I used to believe these things came from the Dark Tapestry, what a fool. I was never afraid of them, until one night I had to fight with a dog for some bread to eat. I unfortunately let fall my dagger, cause you know I was nervous, the knife fall, touched the floor and then, when it was on the ground started to move far from me. Fortunately for me, the dog was scared and run away. Since then, I avoid to use weapons. That night, I met Draggus. He introduced me to the Scarab Sages and that is how I start to travel around Osirion looking for dungeons and their secrets. Sometimes I feel like a weird creature from the Dark Tapestry follows me in my dreams, I know that is crazy. This should be just a dream.

Today, I am so happy. It is a new beginning to me. It is the first time I will work for the Scarab Sages by my own.

Scenarios finished:

- Pathfinder Society Scenario #4–19: The Night March of Kalkamedes. Event:#77537. XP: +1. Prestige: +2. GP: 513. Fame: +2
- Pathfinder Society Scenario #2: The Hydra's Fang Incident. Event: #72977. XP: +1. Prestige: +2. GP: 456. Fame: +2
- Pathfinder Society Quest: Phantom Phenomena. Event:#80488. XP: +1. Prestige: +2. GP: 500. Fame: +2
- Pathfinder Society Scenario #7-05: School of Spirits. Event: #82317. XP: +1. Prestige: +2. GP: 504. Fame: +2
- Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–08: The Confirmation. Event: #79415. XP: +1. Prestige: +2. GP: 430. Fame: +2
- Pathfinder Society Scenario #6-18: From Under Ice. Event: #89839. XP: +1. Prestige: +2. GP: 508. Fame: +2

Fame: 12
Prestige: 11


Baphos I is a tall Halfling. You know, tall for his race. His white skin is covered with white hair. The only things in his aspect that stick out are his pale blue eyes. He is so white, like a ghost, almost translucent.