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Bann Drarks


Half-Elf Stalker 1/Delver 1 |


HP 10/10 | AC 19 T 16 FF 13 | Fort +2 Ref +5 Will +7 (+2 vs Enchantments) | CMB 1 / CMD 17 | Initiative +4 | Perception +10 (+2 Underwater) | Low-Light, Darkvision 60 feet | 1 Hero Point | Active Effects: Hide from Undead, Inner Sphere Stance








True Neutral (leans towards Chaos and Good)




Common, Elf, Aquan

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Mythweavers Sheet with Crunch

Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 7

About Bann Drarks

Stalker 1 | Pathfinder Delver 1

Character Sheet:

XP 0
Male Half-Elf Stalker | Pathfinder Delver
N Medium Humanoid (Elf, Human)
Init +4; Perception +10 (+12 Underwater)
Low-Light Vision, Darkvision 60
AC 17, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+4 DEX, +3 Armor)
hp 10 (1d8+2)
Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +5 (+7 vs Enchantments)
Immune: Sleep
Speed 30 ft.
Wakizashi: +4 (1d6+4, 18-20/x2) or +2/+2 (1d6+4/1d6+2, 18-20/x2)
Dagger: +1 (1d4+1, 19-20/x2)

Shortbow: +4 (1d6, x3)
Str 12, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 7
Base Atk +0; CMB +1; CMD 15

Muscle of the Society (Combat):
Your intense training has taught you how to infiltrate otherwise inaccessible ruins and extract their treasures without too much exertion.
Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus on Strength checks made to break doors and lift portcullises, and you treat your Strength score as 2 higher for the purpose of determining your carrying capacity.

Pearl Diver (Racial, Half-Elf):
You are skilled at finding treasures in the warm coastal waters near the desert.
Benefit(s): You gain a +2 trait bonus on Perception checks while underwater and can hold your breath for a number of rounds equal to three times your Constitution score before you risk drowning.

Skillful (Campaign):
You've always been interested in a wide array of things, and growing up you've spent time honing some of these talents, which has helped you in life. Some have attributed your successes to luck, but others have recognized what you truly have- skill. This interest in and practice of a diverse array of skills and abilities has served you well in a number of different jobs, and following in your varied interests you learned of the expedition to the ruins of Azlant. After your application, the Bountiful Venture Company selected you for the expedition because your skillful approach to matters would be helpful for a growing colony.
Benefits: Once per day when you fail an Acrobatics, Climb, Spellcraft, Stealth, or Use Magic Device Check, you can immediately reroll that check as a free action. You must take the second result, even if it's worse.

Escobar Vellian (Legacy):
Escobar Vellian was a warrior-mage from Galt. He is credited with braving the waterlogged temple of Xanthuun in the Sodden Lands, battling a horde of drowned zombies to reach the fabled treasure holds of Ammelon VI, last patriarch of the ancient kingdom of Ghol-Gan. Vellian's exploits were published in Pathfinder Chronicles volume 23.
Benefit – Swim is a Class Skill for you and you gain a +2 Legacy Bonus to that Skill.
Vellian’s Wayfinder: Vermilion Rhomboid (Ioun Stone) - '+5 Acrobatics & Swim, Amethyst Pyramid (Ioun Stone) - Hide from Undead.

You were reported to a dangerous authority and narrowly escaped death. You second-guess your instincts constantly, leaving you never sure whether or not to trust someone and endangered if you encounter that group’s agents again.
Effect(s): You can roll twice and take the lower result on Sense Motive checks to get hunches. You cannot reroll this result, even if you have another ability that would normally allow you to do so.

1) Skill Focus: Stealth
1) Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Wakizashi
1) Two-Weapon Fighting

Acrboatics: +12
Climb: +4
Disable Device: +8
Knowledge Arcana: +2
Knowledge Dungeoneering: +6
Knowledge Engineering: +1
Knowledge Geography: +6
Knowledge History: +2
Knowledge Local: +2
Knowledge Nature: +6
Knowledge Nobility: +2
Knowledge Planes: +2
Knowledge Religion: +2
Perception: +10 (+12 Underwater)
Profession Sailor: +7
Sense Motive: +3 (Disadvantage when rolling for hunches.)
Stealth: +15
Survival: +7 (+9 to avoid being lost)
Swim: +11

Common, Elven, Aquan

3 gp
8 sp

Studded Leather, 25 lbs
Wakizashi x2, 4 lbs
MWK Backpack, 4 lbs
Shortbow, 2 lbs
20 Arrows, 3 lbs
Traveler's Outfit
Dagger, 1 lb
Rogue's Kit (no backpack, 1 torch), 26 lbs
Bandolier, 0 lbs
Swim Fins (Adventurer's Armor), 5 lbs
Waterproof Bag, 1/2 lbs
Sunrod, 1 lb
Fishing Kit, 3 lbs
Total Weight= 71.5 lbs
Magic Items:
Vellian’s Wayfinder: +2 (Legacy) on Swim, +2 (Circumstance) on Survival to Avoid being lost, Light as per the spell.
Vermilion Rhomboid (Ioun Stone) - '+5 Competence on Acrobatics & Swim
Amethyst Pyramid (Ioun Stone) - Hide from Undead (Constant)
Pale Ruby Trillian (Ioun Stone) - +5 Competence on Stealth Checks

1) Manuevers and Stances
1) Ki Pool: 3/Day At 1st level, a stalker gains a pool of ki points, supernatural energy he can use to accomplish amazing feats. The number of points in the stalker’s ki pool is equal to 1/2 her stalker level + his stalker initiation modifier (minimum of 1).

At 1st level, the stalker may spend 1 point of ki to grant himself a +4 insight bonus to a single Perception or Sense Motive check as an immediate action, as he uses his ki to feel out the vibrations of others and their hidden motives.
1) Deadly Strike: +1d6
1) Stalker Art: Killer’s Implements: Wakizashi

Pathfinder Delver
1) Bardic Knowledge (Ex): This ability is identical to the bard class feature of the same name. Levels in this class stack with levels in any other class that grants bardic knowledge or a similar ability.
1) Master Explorer (Ex): A Pathfinder delver adds half his class level (minimum 1) as a bonus on all Disable Device and Perception checks. A Pathfinder delver can disable intricate and complex traps in half the normal amount of time (minimum 1 round) and open a lock as a standard action instead of a full-round action. He can always take 10 on Disable Device and Stealth checks, even if distracted or endangered, and he can use Disable Device to disarm magical traps.

Elven Immunities
Keen Senses
Low-Light Vision
Blended View (Darkvision 60, "Blood of Shadows")
Elf Blooded
FCB (Stalker) +1/4 Stalker Art

Path of War Stances and Maneuvers:

Thrashing Dragon
Veiled Moon
Riven Hourglass

Stances Known:
Inner Sphere Stance (Thrashing Dragon, 1)

Maneuvers Known: (Initiator Level: 1)
Minute Hand (Boost, Riven Hourglass, 1)
Strike the Hourglass (Strike, Riven Hourglass, 1)
Offensive Roll (Strike, Thrashing Dragon, 1)
Swift Claws (Strike, Thrashing Dragon, 1)
Leaping Dragon (Boost, Thrashing Dragon, 1)
Disturbing Blow (Strike, Veiled Moon, 1)

Manuevers Readied: 4
Minute Hand, Offensive Roll, Leaping Dragon, Disturbing Blow


Bann has a smaller build, years of working on a boat (pirating) and working for the Pathfinder Society has left him solidly built for his size.
Slightly below average height for a Half-Elf.
Silver hair from Drow ancestry.
Skin is grayish.
Has brown eyes, like his (human) father before him.


“You need to spend time crawling alone through shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun.”

You need to spend time crawling alone through shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun.”
Bann was born to two parents he never met. One Human (Father), the other Drow (Mother). The only legacy his parents left him was a life of standing out, hardship, and what appeared to be a dusty old tomb that always seemed to stick with Bann, wherever he went.

Bann spent much of his early life living in a brothel in the city of Riddleport.

Eventually, at the age of 10, he was sold to a Pirate by the name of Captain Jama Godrite by the owner of the Brothel, the young Half-Drow would fetch him at least a few gold coins if nothing else.

The Pirate captained a ship by the name of Julie's Revenge, a homage to his deceased wife. As far as Captain Godrite was concerned the young Half-Drow was free labor to be put to whatever use he deemed fit. Thus Bann spent the next 10 years of his life serving under Black Sails. Godrite sent him to do any number of tasks, often exceedingly dangerous and their pirating often took them to the many corners of Galorian. During this time Bann learned various skills and, more importantly, how to survive. To Bann, growing up he had always understood himself to be an outcast, and so, in a sense, the respect he earned on the ship of (Captain!, savvy?) Godrite was as much a relief.

Bann was put to many tasks since he was the smallest he was often sent down to the remains of a conquest in order to plunder whatever jewels and goods might remain. Bann was also often sent over first, his natural skill as sneaking a real boon in easing a siege of another ship.

Amongst their various voyages, they even traveled to Tian Xia in order to transport some "Cargo". They stayed in the area for a good while, living off the shores for several years, the crew and Jones enjoying the exotic locale and goods. Here Bann acquired and learned the use of his Wakizashi's. During their time pirating small islands off of Tian Xia, Bann served with a practitioner of an exotic fighting style (Path of War Maneuvers) that he imparted the basics of to Bann.

Eventually, they left Tian Xia, with many goods (and knowledge!) in tow and headed back to the Inner Seas, with the hope of unloading their cargo for exorbitant prices.

At some point during this time, the crew had gotten wind of a large merchant vessel that, Captain Godrite had gotten wind of while at port. There was said to be a large sum of gold was said to be on board this ship. The ship was actually a trap set forth to deal with pirating in the region by several merchant organizations in conjunction with the nation of Chelliax (who were in it for new slaves).

What the crew didn't know was the Captain Godrite had been contacted magically by Cheliax and a deal had been made. All sins against him and his family would be forgiven, and land would be granted if he led his crew into their trap. Godrite, a previous Navy captain of Andoren, secretly had always desired to return to power in a more official manner (better retirement). So he agreed.

The ship was ported in the Hellmouth Gulf. The crew knew the risks but everyone was assured by that Captain that he had privileged information and inside help (not entirely untrue, just not true in the way that would help the crew) would make the venture successful.

As you might imagine, the venture failed miserably. The trap was sprung and the crew was caught, though information containing what became of Captain Godrite (other than that he had betrayed them) never reached the crew. As Godrite had become a father-like figure to Bann (or at least as close to one as he ever had) this betrayal hit him hard.

While in transport to Cheliax, the caravan containing his crew, along with a few others, was set upon by a group of Wyvern during the evening. Bann took the opportunity to escape, killing at least one guard and leaving behind several of the crew during his escape. He fled into the night.

After having escaped from imprisonment, with only the most rudimentary of his equipment, Bann needed money and food, and to get the heck out of Cheliax. He moved quickly to escape from Cheliax, not wanting anything to do with the area. But the question of where to go left him without a direct line of the avenue. During the earlier part of his tenure on Captain Godrite's ship, Bann had come into contact with a strange journal detailing the life and adventures of an Escobar Vellian, particularly his time as a Pathfinder Agent, while investigating a sunken ship. The diary had been preserved in a magically sealed chest, protecting it from the cold and moisture. The journal had always been of great interest to Bann, the many adventures of the Warrior Mage held a place in his heart and the journal served as reading material whenever he had time to relax. The journal itself held the location of Escobar's tomb, though it had taken many years of reading the Warrior's Mages heart for Bann to understand the location of the said tomb. Having little else to do, and seeing Escobar's fortunes as a means to establish himself, Bann headed to a country side location in Galt, where he had come to understand the Tomb to be.

Bann managed to successfully infiltrate the tomb of Escobar, though it seemed that grave robbers, time, and who knows what else had taken the vast majority of Escobar's possessions, or perhaps many have never been buried in the first place. But Bann did manage to find at least significant thing amongst the old tomb. A Wayfinder and two Ioun Stones that had served Escobar for many years, which had been dear to the deceased mage. Bann, intentionally or not, found himself was drawn to the set of magical stones and compass much like Escobar had. Taking what he could (mostly the Wayfinder and company) Bann left the tomb, really not all that richer than he had started. He was unwilling to sell the Wayfinder, for previously mentioned reasons (it tis truly strange how one might come to associate with those of the past, and even empathize with them and their precious lot through words alone).

Again, a man without a home or a purpose, Bann was left without a clear path forward. After serving as "protection" to small caravans and those willing to pay him in the anarchic lands of Galt. After a few years of this, Bann grew tired and decided to seek out the Pathfinder Society that he had read so much about in the journal of Escobar.

So, as to be expected, as a young member of the Pathfinder Society Bann has much to learn. Bann has served mostly for purposes of survival and has come to enjoy the dangerous nature of the work, rather than an intrinsic interest in all things ancient and grimy. But still, it's hard not to be curious about such things, especially when that curiosity makes you better at your job.

Bann has decided to volunteer for the expedition because he see's it as an exciting opportunity full of danger and peril, with great potential to become rich. He also (secretly) see's it as a chance to join a community that he might one day call his own, having spent a lifetime being mistreated for his own heritage and without a stable family. So he has joined this expedition with interest, curiosity, and hope in mind.

Of course, his various skills that he had acquired over his years as a pirate and Pathfinder member are his main selling point. But he isn't too shabby with his blade either, displaying a rudimentary proficiency with Two-Weapon fighting along with using supernatural control over both time and space to aid him in and out of combat.


"We don't develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity."

Quiet, focused on his work.
Confident in his skills, secretly craves excitement.
Sarcastic, developed as a defense to the intolerance he has experienced throughout his life.
Focuses on self, learned about Drow society when younger and decided that their philosophy of strength would help guide him to survive.
Deep down has a sense of community and family, wishes to join a community where others might treat him well.
Doesn't trust others easily, hurt from betrayal in past.
Beneath his motto of "survival first," he carries guilt and shame over having left part of his crew behind during the Wyvern attack.

Interview Answers:

1.What kind of experience do you have studying objects and structures recovered by excavation to identify, date, and authenticate them and to interpret their significance?
"Less than many I would presume. I served on a ship prior to joining the Pathfinder Society, we liked to 'acquire' artifacts in order to sell them from many different sorts of locale'. Finding the significance was, at the time, of vital importance to unloading them from our hands. Of course, it's been a while since then. I've assisted Venture-Captain Petulengro at Woodsedge Lodge with some basic collection and identification of artifacts. Though admittedly it seemed like we spent as much time working to repair the lodge. Anyways..."

2.What skills do you possess that would be an asset to a colony with no readily available resources?
"Many. I have decent combat skills, there are few who likely know the sorts of skills and abilities I learned while spending a stint in Tian Xia. Of note, I have a basic understanding of using Spatial and Temporal magic to augment my abilities in a fight.

But, beyond that, I am fairly skilled in a wide variety of situations. I can pick a lock, or disarm a trap as needed. My athletic prowess is fair for someone of my experience, I am particularly good at feats of finesse. I am also an exceptional swimmer and good about moving and not being seen as needed. Beyond this, I am skilled in a wide variety of activities, foraging for food, tracking, and so forth.

I'd also posit that I know a thing or two about sailing and the open waters. I've spent some time sailing along coastlines previously, which can be a tricky affair, no doubt.

Oh, and I can see in the dark. That's all that comes to mind for the moment."

3.Provide an example of a time when you successfully organized a diverse group of people to accomplish a task.
Bann looks inward for a moment, a look of pain flashing across his face as old memories surface briefly, then he leans upon his teachings, focuses and digs deeper. "Well, I suppose the best fit was once when we were raiding an undersea vessel. The ship was old and had been sunk for many years, and there were several crews trying to gain access to the body to 'recover' the material in the ship. For archeological purposes of course." Bann looks up, raising his brow to let it be known the obvious white lie there before continuing.

"Anyways, a lot of people wanted access to the ship and none were too happy to let it go. Eventually several of the crew's disagreement came to blows over the matter. I was amongst the groups trying to go down and actually obtain the ship's possessions. I took it upon myself to point out that if we all killed each other that none would have the material. It seemed like the most logical choice to me, rather than everyone dying.
So, I guess you could say that I helped calmer minds prevail. We all agreed, the other ship's diver's and I split it up ourselves before we came back. Of course many weren't actually happy with the results, but so many people had gained access to the information there really didn't seem like there would be any other way to get out of the situation without lots of death and possible damage to our vessels. I helped convince our captain of this matter, or I should say conveyed my thoughts and why we had done what we were done. And he saw it my way."

4.What experiences have you had surviving in tropical climates?
Slight sarcasm drips in Bann's voice before it quickly dissipates."Some, a fair bit really. Warmer weather makes for more pleasant sailing, we'd stay to the South, along with the Sargava and Mwangi coasts as we could, along with the shipping lanes and to the South of Tian Xia when we were there. I, personally, spent a lot of time underwater and on the beaches of these places and islands searching for lost 'artifacts'."

5.Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person and how you handled the situation.
Again, Bann's face draws out for a moment, this time darkness christening his face rather than pain.

"Well, I prefer to let difficult people be difficult unless it compromises the integrity of a job or mission. No sense in getting in needless fights.
That being said, there was a crew member that felt my 'heritage' put me at risk to the crew. He wasn't the sort to be convinced otherwise. I had been with the crew for some time at this point, and had previous altercations in the past, though the Captain had always stood by my side on such matters. So, yeah, what was I saying? Oh, so this fella was a fellow diver and I did my best to point out that if anything my blood was a boon to our many jobs. But needless to say, they didn't see it that way. Unfortunately, he took it upon himself to attempt to stab me while we were both exploring the remains of a marooned ship. Only one of us came back." Bann is, of course, a Half-Elf, but he is a Half-Elf with Drow blood and it definitely shows. Just to reiterate that point.


Tell us how you organize, plan, and prioritize your work.
"I think it's best to be prepared when possible. I usually work with myself though I will work with others when it's necessary.

As for prioritizing, I focus on solving what's most likely to kill or permanently harm me first. Then I focus on what can be easily and quickly done, then I move on to the complex issues.

Though sometimes though you just have to jump into the fray and hope for the best. It's important to realize when these opportunities arise I think."

7.Name a time when you identified strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions to problems. What was the impact that your insights had?
"Ummm. Well. Okay...So I guess what might be relevant is there was a time when our ship was temporarily marooned on an island off the Mwangi Expanse, myself and a few others went out to see what we could forage. During our foraging, a crewmate of mind was injured from a fall. We took to camp and during the evening we were set upon by several wolves of some sort, one of our members nearly died but we managed to fend the pack off.

We debated fighting the wolves, sneaking, baiting them, or just waiting them out. I pointed out that the wolves were small and they had seemed interested in going after the injured member of our party. Anyways, we ended up covering everyone in blood to try and disorient the wolves. We marched as a group, with Rowan kept towards the center.

The impacts of my insight were simply that we were able to better cover the injured member of our party by disorientating the wolves. Many of us were injured as we fled, but no one died."

8.In your experience, what is the key to developing a good team?
"Varied skills are important. I think the biggest and hardest issue is trust. It's great to have when you can afford it but in my experience one of the most difficult things to maintain. People can be so unreliable in this life. I think it's important that a group know each other, live together and form bonds to be most effective."

9.How are you affiliated with the Pathfinder Society?
"As I mentioned, I ended up joining with the Woodsedge Lodge in Galt. I originally learned of it through the journal of a man named Escobar Vellien. I've worked with Venture-Captain Petulengro for the past two years or so, I helped where I could with her plans in restoring the lodge and retrieving artifacts as requested by her. "

10.As you will NOT be able to answer the previous question truthfully in the interview at Almas, explain how and why you are qualified to be accepted on this Expedition for reasons that have nothing to do with your Society Affiliation.
"I have had extensive experience serving on a sailing vessel that has traversed many places. I've been around the Inner Sea, here, near the Mwangi Expanse, and even to Tian Xia. I have experience in with tropical archipelago's and freezing climates, though mostly the tropics. While serving on the 'merchant' vessel I gained experienced and a highly diverse skill set. I can serve as scout and warrior or a group.

Something along those lines and the answers I have previously supplied you."

11.Provide a time when you were able to identify a complex problem, evaluate the options, and implement a solution.
"Wow, you don't let up do you? Give me a second to think."

Bann runs his fingers through his silvery hair as he ponders different memories.
"Try this: Imagine you are sailing on a ship, several weeks from the nearest known land, at least. Your Captain doesn't carry food on the ship to maximize the amount of space, and only carries a minimal amount of water. Instead, they rely on a Priest to provide food and water every day. It's a great strategy until that Priest is killed by escaped cargo. Said Priest also was the one who would help with our ability to breathe underwater, which further complicated measures.
We managed to contain the cargo, but besides a few spare barrels of water, we were in deep crap.

So, obviously we did survive, and we did not do so by eating one another. Though a few of the more sickly crew members did perish, as did our cargo. Admittedly, it was partly due to luck. We man to run into a large flock of seabirds two weeks in which helped with the ideas. So rainwater was one source of the solution and we also recycled fluid. But I suggested that we use the water from the fish and from our cargo. This proved to be an adequate solution, there was a decent amount of sea life available and with the seabirds that we caught helped as well. We use the salt from the water to help preserve meat to keep it longer, We made it land, the only downside was that we lost several crew members and most of our living cargo.

12.Finally, why do YOU want to be a part of this Expedition?
"A few different reasons. I've always had and to an extent, crave an exciting life. Investigating the ruins of Azlant, wow, who knows what we will find? It's really fascinating, my time with the Society has certainly peaked my curiosity at such things.

But there are other reasons. I joined the Pathfinder Society as a means of survival and to move on from my old life. The chances provided here are no different, a chance to escape the burdens of society, a chance to join a group who will depend on you for what you bring to the table and not for what's on the outside."

Cover Story:

Cover - JInase Bannks – The position he would fill would be as hunter/gatherer for the Bountiful Venture Companies second Expedition into Azlant. Having grown up in the Sodden lands his mother was a member of the Flock of Father Heveril once holy Paladin of Erastil. He is a hunter for the flock we provided a lot of the food and fresh water that keeps the flock alive. His elven vision, inherited from a father he never knew, will be invaluable in a strange land with little in the way of resources. The Expedition needs a man of his unique talents!

Automatic Bonus Progression:

at +1 level

Information Tracker:

Current Stance: Inner Sphere Stance
1 Hero Point
Hide from Undead.
Manuevers Expended: