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Full Name





9th lvl Cleric, 4th lvl Ninja, 1st lvl Black Flame Zealot




5' 3"




Lawful Evil


The God of Darkness


Ghinor Highlands


Goblin, Orc, Ghinor, Drow, Trade Common, Assassin's Cant, Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, Dwarf, Gnome

Strength 19
Dexterity 16
Constitution 16
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 20
Charisma 16

About Balfic-graa

What stands before you is a Half-Orc Shadowed by Darkness even while standing in the light. He wears studded Black Leather, with Gems as studs. He carrys a Black Dragonscale Shield. A Crystal revolves around his head, and seems to have a will of its own though He pays it no mind. A Manriki is wrapped around his arm, and He's strokes it as if it were a pet. He wears a White Wolf Cloak about himself, and yet for its bright form He easily disappears in the Shadows. About his neck is an Ancient Holy Symbol, older than any of the Pantheons of the known Gods. To look upon his Sword, you know "Sorrow" To gaze at it is to know pain. Do you dear to match wills with it, or look away? His Eyes are pitch black with galaxies swirling in the center as pupils. When he talks its with power and authority, though his tone is always with a tinge of sadness and regret. You hear several voices, all female, all seductive interpeting his words, different meanings, different translations, do you dear listen?

Who am I you ask? Well depends who you are. To some I am the Shatterer of Worlds, to others I am the Traitor of Talis Norith. I am a Squire to Sir Vladimir Paladin of Ukko, then again I am a Knight to the Princess Ariel. Who am I you ask? I am the High Priest to the God of Darkness, I am Loviatar's Champion, and carry her sword "Sorrow" by her will. I am the cousin to the Elfin Emperor Sebastian. I am a freedom fighter hunted by the Four Horsemen, Ubel, Oberon, Cordova, and Ronin. Though I am betrothed to Cordova's daughter Akieko. My brother is a Wood Elf named Servanis, and I am welcomed and have a home amongest his people. Who am I you ask? I am the friend of Halflings, and look after Succubi and treat them as the Ladies they are, though I am the enemy of all Demons. But I have felt Deathkiss's embrace and lived. I have had dinner with the Chancellor of Hell, and sat amongest Paladins to discuss how to save the world. Orcs and Kobolds call me a Demi-God, as do Lycanthropes. I am the enemy of the Snakemen. Who am I you ask? I am a Champion of Law, played chess with Gold Dragons, been hunted by Undead, but have drank with Vampires. I have been the Liberator of Dwarves, and been the Herald telling of Kojan's great deeds. Who am I you ask? I have helped clenase the Well of Life, Shut down the Dark Well, and Harvested the Crystals of Light, though I have brought darkness to this world. Who I am you ask? Well the question is... Who are you? And what do you keep in your Box?