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As the OP, I offer thanks for all the thoughtful responses, guys.

As far as I can tell, the rules are pretty loose on this alignment stuff, but the GM should have warned me I was about to perform an evil act he didn't think was justified.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the prompt reply, Dezhem. To clarify, casting Deathknell kills a helpless NPC, that is what he said was an evil act. I don't see the point of the spell's existence, however, as you can't use it without becoming performing an evil act!

As a PFS player of a true-neutral cleric with a true-neutral god, I was surprised when a GM at an event informed me I was now "evil" at the end of the adventure, because I'd cast deathknell on a fallen demon (no less). Atonement was required to play the character further, and it was marked on my chronicle sheet, etc. That was the only evil act in question.

Anyway, is this sort of thing entirely at GM discretion? I was under the impression that things like animate dead and deathknell were dangers for "good" characters. That performing a single evil deed would no more make a neutral character "evil" than casting a healing spell would make him "good".

All in all, I think spells that can only be used in the performance of an evil act should be removed from the game, if this is the right ruling.

Ah, okay, thanks!
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Hello All!
Is this site dead and all those characters lost, or is just me and my friends who can't reach it?

Thanks guys, will report to Hero lab dev.

Question concerning "Pathfinder Adventure Path: Shattered Star Player's Guide (PFRPG)"

Is this guide part of PFS official sanctioned rules? Hero lab is now listing the changed traits, etc. as part of PFS official, but it is not on the list of sanctioned stuff on this site. It is on the free download list from Paizo. Not sure if I should be allowing the use of these traits or not.