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Full Name



Active Effects: Heightened Senses, Defending Bone (45), Extended Shield, Unseen Servant,


HP 40/45, AC 21*, Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +8, ArcRes 2/8

Strength 8
Dexterity 15
Constitution 12
Intelligence 28
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

About Azlain

Azlain's Contingencies:

Spell Storing Armor casts Maximized Extended Frigid Touch on contact.
Defending Bone grants DR5.
Windy Escape grants DR10 as an Immediate action.

Azlain's transparent, faceless steel mask is actually the size of a large tent. It has Shrink Item cast on it. If Azlain walks into an Antimagic Field, the Shrink is dispelled, expanding it into a steel dome which provides Azlain with Cover and blocks the Antimagic Field's emanation.

Dimensional Slide, SLA for GTFO.

Counter Exploit: Counterspell as Immediate Action

Azlain Darklight
Male Middle Aged Elf
Exploiter Wizard 5
Hellknight Signifier 1 (counts as 2 from Evangelist)
Evangelist of Geryon 2


Azlain is an attractive elf. Distinguished and well groomed with just a hint of greying at his temples. He smiles a lot and moves with an easy grace.


It was the simple hunger for knowledge that set Azlain down the path of the damned.
He was a wizard of modest talent, great ambition, and little in the way of ethics. To make matters worse, after graduating from the Hellknight Conservatory, he put his mind to work as a Barrister. Any devil could have easily corrupted him, but it was not necessary. Azlain was perfectly willing to corrupt himself.

Forbidden knowledge, forgotten lore, lies, gossip. It was all fundamentally the same to Azlain. He simply wanted to know. Knowledge was power, after all. Power was all that mattered.

It was a revelation to realize that simply knowing wasn't enough. True power lay in controlling what others knew. That was what sent him straight to the coils of the Lord of Stygia. More than any other, Geryon understood the power of lies.

So, Azlain's transition from mere wizard to Priest of the Serpent began. For a time, Azlain was one of the only wizards among the Hellknight Order of the Rack. He even infiltrated the Darklight Sisterhood, convincing them he was a woman for years.

The Chellish legal system is a labyrinthian thing, so when he was finally exposed as a man among the Sisterhood (in a most ribald and debauched fashion) the whole country was enraptured by the ensuing trial. He represented himself, and seemed to have a perfect legal counter to every accusation. He maneuvered through loophole after loophole. In the end he was cleared of accusations and was something of a national celebrity. To this day his methods and presentations to the courts are being taught in Barristry colleges, and the laws have been updated to prevent such embarrassment in the future.

The thing he had overlooked was that every time he proved that his actions had been legal, he was also proving that he was, in fact, a legitimate member of the Darklight Sisterhood. In the end his victory was a pyrric one. The Sisterhood simply gave in and accepted him as their sole male member, and then sent him on mission after mission.

It was obvious that they were either trying to get rid of him, or trying to get him killed, but he kept succeeding. Eventually he earned something of a begrudging respect from the sisterhood's upper echelons.

His latest mission is a bit ambiguous. Apparently a group of Chellish operatives need support in their efforts to expand the reach and influence of the empire. Compared to the last few missions he'd finished it sounded like a milk run. Still, Azlain knew that there was always a catch...


Azlain is gregarious. He's personable, funny, easy going, and generally the life of the party. He's also manipulative, amoral, ambitious, and willing to do nearly anything in pursuit of his goals.

Imagine David Bowie, Tim Curry, and Nathan Lane put into a blender and sworn to the service of hell.


HP 45 (6, +4d6 wizard, +1d8 signifier, +2d8 evangelist, +8 con)

AC 18 (+1 dodge, +2 dex, +1 shield, +4 armor)
...+4 Shield

CMD 13 (10 +3 bab, -1 str, +1 dex)

+4 Fort (+1 Wizard, +1 con, +2 resistance)
...+2 vs visual effects (mask)

+6 Ref (+1 Wizard, +1 Evangelist, +2 dex, +2 resistance)

+8 Will (+4 Wizard, +1 Signifier, +1 wis, +2 resistance)
[ooc]...+3 vs Enchantments
...+4 vs Illusions
...+2 vs Visual effects (mask)
...Automatic attempt to disbelieve any illusion within 10 feet
...Immune to Sleep


BaB +3 (+2 wizard, +1 evangelist)
CMB +2



Feats, Traits and Abilities:

Magical Lineage: fireball Pick one spell when you choose this trait. When you apply metamagic feats to this spell that add at least 1 level to the spell, treat its actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell’s final adjusted level.
Metamagic Master: (fireball) Pick one spell when you choose this trait. When you apply metamagic feats to this spell that add at least 1 level to the spell, treat its actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell’s final adjusted level.
Magical Knick: +2 caster level, up to a maximum of character level


Spell Focus Evocation (racial bonus)
Alertness (familiar bonus)
Scribe Scroll (wizard bonus)
Spell Specialization (1st)
Deific Obedience (3rd) Spend an hour meditating on something you’ve learned and whispering hypotheses and possibilities based upon that fact. Additionally, once per week, you must perform an act you’ve never done before and that society holds as taboo—usually involving eating or drinking something unsavory. You can attempt a saving throw to disbelieve any illusion you come within 10 feet of, and you gain a +4 bonus on Will saving throws to disbelieve illusions.
Arcane Armor Training (5th) As a swift action, reduce the arcane spell failure chance due to the armor you are wearing by 10% for any spells you cast this round.
Dazing Spell(5th, wizard bonus)
Extra Exploit (7th)
Arcane Armor Master (Signifier 2) As a swift action, reduce the arcane spell failure chance due to the armor you are wearing by 20% for any spells you cast this round. This bonus replaces, and does not stack with, the bonus granted by Arcane Armor Training.
Improved Familiar (8th, gm bonus)

1st: Familiar
5th: Counterspell
7th: Dimensional Slide

Weapon prof.: All simple weapons and the heavy flail.
Armor prof.: Light, Heavy

For later: Creative Destruction, School Knowledge Admixture, Spell Perfection


Skill points: 10 wizard, 12 evangelist, 2 Signifier, +56 int, +16 headband*
100 total

APC** -0
Arcane Spell Failure: 0

Class Skills: Appraise (Int), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Fly (Dex), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (all) (Int), Intimidate (cha), Linguistics (Int), Perception (Wis), and Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (wis), and Spellcraft (Int).
Bonus class skills from Evangelist: Bluff, Sense Motive

+16 Perception (8 ranks, +1 wis, +3 class, +2 racial, +2 Alertness)
+12 Stealth** (8 ranks, +2 dex, +2 circumstance)

+10 Disguise (8 rank, +2 cha)
+13 Bluff (8 rank, +2 cha, +3 class)
+12 Sense Motive (8 ranks, +1 wis, +3 class)
+13 Diplomacy (8 ranks, +2 cha, +3 class)
+11 Slight of Hand (8 ranks, +1 dex, +2 circumstance)
+11 Use Magic Device (8 ranks, +2 cha, +2 circumstance)

+20 Spellcraft (8 ranks, +9 int, +3 class)
+18 Knowledge Arcane (6 ranks, +9 int, +3 class)
+18 Knowledge Cosmology (6 ranks, +9 int, +3 class)
+13 Knowledge Nature (1 rank, +9 int, +3 class)
+13 Knowledge Society (1 rank, +9 int, +3 class)
+13 Knowledge Local (1 rank, +9 int, +3 class)

+15 Craft: Alchemy (1 rank, +9 int, +3 class, +2 circumstance)
+9 Profession: Barrister (3 ranks, +1 wis, +3 class, +2 circumstance)

+13 Appraise (1 rank, +9 int, +3 class)
+16 Linguistics (4 ranks, +9 int, +3 class)
Starting Languages: Chelaxian, Draconic
Bonus languages from Int: Shadowtongue, Taldoran, Osiriani, Varisian, Undercommon Sign
Learned languages from Linguistics ranks (2 for 1 per house rule): Infernal, Abyssal, Necril, Aklo, Thassilonian (costs 4 points)

Spells and Consumables:

-Spell Like Abilities-
Caster level equals character level, DCs are Cha based

Choose one daily
remove fear x3 per day
touch of idiocy x2 per day
or water breathing x1 per day

-Spell Storing Armor-
Frigid Touch
Extended spell added with rod
Maximized with Book of Harms

-Wizard Spellbook-
Caster Level 8
Memorized Spells listed with X
Cast spells notes as (cast)

DC = 10, +9 int, +spell level
Specialist Spells marked as Bold (+2 caster level)
Book of Harms spells in Italics[i]
+2 caster level for 1 arcane pool point
+2 DC for 1 arcane pool point

Harmful Surge (Su) You can maximize a spell, but doing so damages you. Spend this boon effect as a free action when you cast a wizard evocation spell. When you do, you can treat that spell as if it were cast with the Maximize Spell metamagic feat, but you take 1d4 points of damage × the level of the spell that you are maximizing. The damage you take cannot be reduced in any way.

Cantrips: 4 per day, memorized, at will:
[i]All cantrips known. memorized ones listed

Detect Magic
Mage Hand

1st level: 4 per day, +3 bonus
Mage Armor
Shield x (cast)
burning hands
color spray
corrosive touch
hydraulic push
magic missile
ray of enfeeblement
shocking grasp
Grease x
Protection From Good x
Protection From Chaos x
Protection From Law
Protection From Evil
Silent Image
Expeditious Construction
Infernal Healing
Unseen Servant x (cast)
Comprehend Languages
Magic Aura
Heightened Awareness
Floating Disk
Decompose Corpse
Restore Corpse
Ray of Enfeeblement
Sculpt Corpse
Blood Money
Crafter's Fortune
Windy Escape x x

2nd level: 3 per day, +2 bonus
acid arrow
ghoul touch
gust of wind
Book Ward
Protection From Arrows
Create Pit
Glitterdust x
Stone Call
Blood Transcription
Create Treasure Map
Detect Thoughts x
Hideous Laughter
Touch of Idiocy
Unnatural Lust
Summon Cacodaemon
Burning Arc
Frigid Touch
Minor Image
Invisibility x
Command Undead
False Life
Limp Lash
Bear's Endurance
Eagle's Splendor x (cast)
Masterwork Transformation
Defending Bone x (cast)

3rd level: 2 per day, +2 bonus
Fireball (+3 CL, -2 metamagic cost)
lightning bolt
Dispel Magic x x
Magic Circle against Good
Magic Circle against Chaos
Magic Circle against Law
Magic Circle against Evil x (cast)
Mad Monkeys
Nauseating Trail
Spiked Pit x
Blood Biography
Secret Page
Mirror Sight
Shrink Item
Vampiric Touch

4th level: 1 per day, +2 bonus
Animate Dead
Dazing Fireball x
Dazing Magic Missile x
Dimensional Anchor
Dimension Door
Dismissal x
Acid Pit
Summon Greater Cacaodaemon
Black Tentacles


In wrist Sheathes (retrieve as free action)
Potion of Cure Moderate

In Bandoleer 1 (drawn like weapon)
Wand of Infernal Healing (50)
Wand of Heightened Awareness (48)
Wand of Ill Omen (50)
Wand of Summon Cacodaemon (50)
Wand of Undetectable Alignment (50)
Wand of Command Undead (50)

In Bandoleer 2 (drawn like weapon)
Tangleburn bags x3
Stun vial x3

In Haversack (retrieve as move action)
Scroll of Haste
Scroll of Deathwine
Scroll of Limp Lash x2
Scroll of Glitterdust x2
Scroll of Create Treasure map x3
Scroll of Silent Image x2
Scroll of Minor Image x2
Scroll of Blood Transcription
Scroll of Comprehend Languages x2
Scroll of Sending
Scroll of Spherescry

Potion of Cure Light x3

Dweomer Essence x1
Animate Dead reagents (20 HD worth)
Alchemical crafting supplies (500 gp worth)

Alchemist Fire x5
Alchemical Ice x5
Acid x5
Holy Water x5
Tanglefoot bag x5
Tangleburn bag x8

Alchemical glue x5
Scent Blocker x5

Racial Abilities:


8 Str 11 base (1 point buy,-2 racial, -1 age)
15 Dex 14 base (5 point buy, +2 racial, -1 age)
12 Con 13 base (3 point buy, -1 age)
28 Int 17 base ([3 point buy,, +2 racial, +1 age, +4 level adjustments, +4 enhancement)
12 Wis 11 base (1 point buy, +1 age)
14 Cha 13 base (5 point buy, +1 age)

Low-Light Vision: Elves can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.

Elven Immunities: Elves are immune to magic sleep effects and gain a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.

Overwhelming Magic: Some elves obsess over the fundamentals of magic, training for decades to add layers of potent spellwork before they ever begin practicing true spells. This builds a foundation that makes their magic increasingly difficult to resist. These elves gain Spell Focus as a bonus feat. This racial trait replaces elven magic and weapon familiarity.

Keen Senses: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

Elven Arrogance: Some elves are so convinced of elven superiority, or else otherwise so xenophobic, that they have difficulty seeing the point in communicating with “lesser” races. Their racial bonus on saving throws against enchantments increases by 1 (to +3) against such effects from non-elf humanoids, but they begin play speaking only Elven, and if they have high Intelligence scores, they can select bonus languages from only Azlanti, Celestial, Draconic, and Sylvan (or Senzar instead of Sylvan if they hail from Tian Xia).

Wizard Abilities:

Arcane Reservoir (Su At 1st level, the exploiter wizard gains the arcanist’s arcane reservoir class feature. The exploiter wizard uses his wizard level as his arcanist level for determining how many arcane reservoir points he gains at each level.
This ability replaces arcane bond.

Exploiter Exploit: At 1st level and every 4 levels thereafter, the exploiter wizard gains a single arcanist exploit. The exploiter wizard uses his wizard level as his arcanist level for determining the effects and DCs of his arcanist exploits.
This ability replaces arcane school.

Signifier Abilities:

Aura of Law (Ex) The power of a Hell Knight enforcer’s aura of law (see detect law) is equal to his total character level.

Order A Hell Knight enforcer chooses a Hell Knight order to join. (Order of the Cipher)

Mask (Su) Upon initiation, a Hell Knight enforcer receives a mask, often devoid of eyeholes or other personal features. This mask doesn’t obscure the enforcer’s vision, and while wearing it he gains a +2 competence bonus on Sense Motive checks and on saving throws against spells and abilities that rely on visual effects.
A Hell Knight enforcer with a bonded object from the arcane bond class feature can perform a special ritual that costs 500 gp and takes 8 hours to complete. This ritual converts the enforcer’s mask into his new bonded item, which takes up the head slot. In this case, Hell Knight enforcer levels stack with levels from the class that grants the bonded item for determining what additional magical abilities can be added to the bonded item.

Arcane Armor Expertise At 2nd level, if a Hell Knight enforcer has the Arcane Armor Training feat, he gains Arcane Armor Mastery as a bonus feat.
At 5th level, the action required to use this feat changes from a swift action to an immediate action.

Evangelist Abilities:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency An evangelist is proficient with all simple weapons and light armor. An evangelist also gains weapon proficiency with her chosen deity’s favored weapon.

Obedience (Ex) In order to maintain the abilities granted by this prestige class, including all abilities gained from aligned class, an evangelist must perform a daily obedience to her chosen deity.

Skilled (bluff and Sense Motive) Evangelists possess a range of skills across multiple disciplines. At 1st level, an evangelist selects two skills to add to her class skill list. Once selected, these class skills can’t be changed.

Aligned Class (Ex) Evangelists come from many different backgrounds, and they show an unusual range of diversity. At 2nd level, the evangelist must choose a class she belonged to before adding the prestige class to be her aligned class. She gains all the class features for this class, essentially adding every evangelist level beyond 1st to her aligned class to determine what class features she gains. She still retains the Hit Dice, base attack bonus, saving throw bonuses, and skill ranks of the prestige class, but gains all other class features of her aligned class as well as those of the evangelist prestige class.

Protective Grace (Su) The evangelist’s chosen deity rewards her with heightened awareness and reaction skills, making her more difficult to strike in combat. At 2nd level, the evangelist gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC.

This bonus increases to +2 at 7th level. The evangelist loses this bonus when she is denied her Dexterity bonus to AC.


WBL: 40k

Armor: +1 Spell Storing Spidersilk Bodysuit
Shield: Mithril Buckler (1005 gp)
Head: Headband of Vast Intelligence +4 (16000 gp)
Eyes:Signifier Mask
Cloak: of resistance +2 (4000 gp)

Traveler's Anytool (650 gp)
lesser metamagic rod of Extend (3k)
lesser metamagic rod of Intensify (3k)
Book of Harms (900 gp)
Sleeves of Many Garments (250 gp)


Command Undead:
Bloody Skeleton Heavy Warhorse: 2 HD (Spiked Breastplate Barding, military saddle)


Azlain has his identification insignia for the Order of the Scourge tattooed on his right palm, but hidden with a Secret Page spell. The Secret Page is further concealed with a Magic Aura spell.

A second version of the same tattoo, overlapping with the first, bears his insignia as a member of the Order of the Cipher. It is also hidden with Secret Page, and a Heightened Magic Aura (making finding the Cipher tattoo much harder than finding the Scourge tattoo).

Similarly, his spellbook is tattooed on the inside of his forearms with layer upon layer of Secret Page spells, each keyed to a different activation word to bring them to visibility. The spellbook he carries with him, the Book of Harms is incomplete, only possessing spells up to third level, and only spells which would make a reader believe Azlain was a simple Evoker.

His Hellknight Charter, as well as his Darklight Sisterhood credentials are also hidden with Secret Page/Magic Aura. Without the keyword to reveal the real writing, the paperwork marks him as a mid-ranking member of the Aspis Consortium. When revealed, the documents show him to be a Signifier Paravicar of the Order of the Scourge. Besides the hidden mark on his palm he bears no documentation of any kind regarding the Order of the Cipher.

Azlain wears a polished metal skullcap which is actually a dome-like tent structure with Shrink Item cast on it. In the event that he comes in contact with an Anti-Magic field, the Shrink Item spell is suppressed, causing the tent to drop over Azlain (which block's the Anti-Magic field inside the tent, allowing Azlain access to his magic once more. Usually when the tent drops over him, the very next thing he does is Dimension Door elsewhere). His familiar wears a much smaller version of the same tent-cap hat.

Azlain wears two silver rings which are actually shrunk hoops made of a silver bar bent and welded into a circle, then painted with sovereign glue and covered in powdered silver. When the Shrink spell is dismissed these rings expand into ten (and eleven) foot diameter Summoning Circles. One is roughly a foot larger than the other so that they can fit together as concentric circles for more complicated summoning rituals. His familiar also carries one shrunken ring. The shrink spells are refreshed every week, or as needed