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Warpriest of Svarozic | HP: 14/20 | AC: 17 / T: 12 / FF: 15 | Fort: +5, Ref: +2, Will: +5 | CMB: +5, CMD: 16 | Init: +2 | Perception: +4

About Azariah Seriah

Azariah Seriah:

Azariah Seriah
Male Half-Elf Warpriest 2
Neutral Good Medium Humanoid (Elf, Human, Humanoid)

Initiative; +2 Perception +4

AC 17 touch 12 flat-footed 15
hp 20
Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +5


Speed 20 ft.
Scythe - +6 to hit - 2d4+6 - x4 Crit


Orisons - 3 Per Day.
- Detect Magic - Allows magical auras to be seen. Further study reveals more details.
- Light - Creates a light equal to a torch.
- Read Magic - Allows magical script to be read.
- Create Water - Create 2 gallons of drinking water.

Level 1 Spells - 2 Per Day.
- Obscuring Mist - Creates a small fog bank.
- Compel Hostility - Draws attention to the caster.
Spontaneous Casting - Cure Light Wounds - Heals 1d8 plus the character’s level (up to +5).
- Sheild of Faith - +2 Sheild bonus, +1 for every 6 levels after gained.


Str 19 Dex 14, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha, 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +5; CMD 17

Bonus Feats
Half-Elf - Skill Focus (Diplomacy) - Adds +3 to Diplomacy.
Warpriest 1st - Weapon Focus (Scythe) - Adds +1 to hit with a Scythe.
1st - Weapon of the Chosen - As a swift action Weapon of Deity counts as magical to overcome damage reduction or incorporeal. Allows a re-roll again misses from concealment.
Numerian Archaeologist - Gain Androffan as a bonus language and roll twice when using timeworn technological items.
Racial Traits
Low-Light Vision - See twice as far in low-light.
Keen Senses - +2 to Perception.
Elf Blood - Counts as both human and elf for effects.
Elven Immunities - Immune to Sleep effects and adds +2 against Enchantment.
Skills Diplomacy +8, Perception +4, Heal +6, Craft (Food) +6, Sense Motive +7, Survival +7.
Languages Common, Elven, Androffan, Draconic.
Combat Gear Scythe (10lbs), Scalemail (30lbs), Iron Holy Symbol (1 lbs)
Other Gear Backpack (2lbs), Rope 100ft (20lbs)
Bedroll (5lbs), Blanket (3lbs), Chalk x 5, Charcoal
Explorer’s Outfit (8lbs), Hot Weather Outfit (4lbs), Cold Weather Outfit (7lbs), Traveller’s Outfit x 2 (10lbs)
Wandermeal x 5 (2.5 lbs), Travel Cake Mix x 5 (5 lbs), Cheese (1lbs), Honey (0.5 lbs), Trail Rations x 5 (5 lbs), Chocolate ( 0.5lbs) Cinnamon (0.5 lbs), Allspice (0.5 lbs), Oregano (0.5 lbs), Nuts (1lbs), Flour (5 lbs)
Current Weight 119.5 lbs
Carrying Capacity Light - 116lbs, Medium - 233lbs, Heavy - 350lbs
Money, 0gp 8sp 1cp
Special Abilities

Warpriest Abilities

Aura - Warpriests gain a powerful aura, similar to a Cleric or Paladin, in line with their deity.
Blessings - A Warpriest gains two Blessings, usable a total of 4 times. DC’s are 14.
- Fire Blessing - Adds 1d4 Fire Damage for one minute.
- Good Blessing - Adds 1d6 Good-aligned damage against evil creatures, and counts as good for bypassing damage.
Fervor - Usable a number of times equal to half of Warpriest level plus Wisdom modifier. Either heal 1d6 points of damage per three levels or use a spell on Self as a swift action.
Sacred Weapons - Any weapon with the Weapon Focus feat will gain special powers at level 4. Any weapon can deal 1d6 damage instead of it’s basic damage.

Favored Class Bonus - 1/6th Warpriest Bonus Feat.

A tall, Half-Elven woman, Azariah has a surprising amount of muscle on her lanky frame, although doesn’t have the bulk that might be expected from it thanks to her half-blood heritage. Most people don’t notice thanks to the darkened, heavy armour she prefers to wear.

Azariah has pale skin and hair that’s turned steel grey, usually tied back and out of her eyes. Her eyes are blue, but so pale that unless someone looks closely they appear almost white. Most noticeably she has a blessed tattoo of Gorum on one cheek that functions as her holy symbol. Under the hood she usually wears are also shorter versions of Elven ears.

Usually dressed in heavy armour, Azariah tends to wear a hood rather than a full helmet. Whichever set of armour she uses tends to be darkened down, and she prefers to use the most advanced armour she can. When she wears more social clothes they tend to be contrasting whites and blacks, the colours of Svarozic, and uses polished steel as the base for her jewelry.

Azariah speaks with a deep, throaty contralto. She typically smells of soap and occasionally a rose or lavender perfume. Or at least she does when she hasn’t been in armour for too long.

Azariah is a curious woman, one who enjoys to tinker and find out things work. Especially people. A moderately skilled healer, she enjoys studying medical techniques for when her magical abilities run out, and likes to read up about the latest medical techniques. Her focus will probably remain of Healing, although the strange technology from the areas around Torch is also of interest.

A follower of Svarozic, the patron of invention, she has a fondness for dabbling in the latest techniques and developments, looking for interesting ways to improve on things. Her current interest is in cooking, which is always a boon for a party on the go - having food that isn’t half burned and half raw or prepackaged rations is a surprising boost to morale. Her curiosity extends to the latest and greatest inventions, and she intends to learn about other subjects in the future - but for now, it’s food.

Currently, Azariah’s personal goal is to gather the money to buy an Elixir of Sex Shift. Despite being born male, she identifies as a woman. With her finances too low to do much beyond survive Azariah is looking for opportunities to earn money so she can buy the Elixir.

Physically strong, despite her Elven heritage and looks, Azariah is quite dangerous with her sacred Scythe. She prefers to fight on the frontline, falling back to heal or otherwise support only when needed.

Born and raised in Torch, it’s not too surprising that Azariah grew up curious. He loved to find out not how things worked, however, but more how they could be improved. He was fascinated by how adding certain chemicals could turn brittle iron into the more solid steel, how folding the metal during it’s forcing could create a sharp edge on a softer blade.

More, however, it was the mortal form that fascinated Azariah. Always a stranger within his own skin, the Half-Elf at first attributed it to race. But as he grew he realized that it wasn’t his race that bothered him - he liked being half blood, son of two Half-Elves, liked how the merging left him with a tall, powerful but trim body, how he was more resistant to sleep magic than a Human and be stronger than a Elf.

Still, something was wrong with him. Pretty rather than handsome, trim where he should be bulky. Clothes felt wrong, awkward, like they didn’t hang right on his frame. Makeup and cosmetics fascinated him, however, the clever techniques used to apply them, the ever advancing methods for creating new colours, textures, ways to apply them. Although he enjoyed fighting he felt no need to show off or prove his, already prodigious strength.

As he dived into texts on biology, Azariah discovered an idea that threw his world into confusion. One text mentioned the idea that some people were born to the wrong gender - that a man could be born in a woman’s body, or a woman in a man’s form. The idea settled into his stunned mind like the final piece of a jigsaw. Azariah realized that was why he had always felt so wrong. He wasn’t a he - he was a woman, born in the wrong form.

Azariah also chose to follow his calling and join the priesthood - not of Brigh, as many had assumed, of the Empyreal Lord Svarozic. Focused on innovation rather than simple creation, he fit Azariah better, and Azariah, now identifying as a woman, found acceptance and happiness with the wise Archons service. Dedicated to improving society through innovation, Azariah also decided to change herself. There were certain items that could change someone’s gender, and Azariah intended to find or create one.