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Given the way my primary group is we hang out as a significant portion of the entire group rarely but talk almost constantly...

Hoover, you are a good gm based on everything I have seen. Heck you make me look and feel like a noob. I think in your case it simply is your play styles didn't match up.

As a breather from the heavy storyline of the main game I once ran my PCs against a Halfling, Gnome, & Goblin Circus with a Giantkin(Homebrewed Race) Ringmaster with the Bard Class. Needless to say I think one of them still has nightmares about Goblin Clowns.

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One way I design characters it to run them in a few scenarios and see how they end up playing and what the personality that emerges from them is.

My own personal worst roleplaying was when I was in my third game over all. It was a 3.5 game and we were dealing with a GM who figured our large group could hold our own against a Red Dragon Wyrm. In the end the whole thing was he told us to make our backstory and feel free to add to the world for nations and so forth. Well needless to say after the 3rd or 4th session the only real roleplay I had gotten to do was a 30-45 minute interrogation of a Kobold that the rest of the group got upset at because my character was Lawful Good. Though this might just be because I couldn't get a word in except when it was my turn and I was stating my actions. And heaven forbid I asked more than 3 questions.

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I honestly only use Diplomacy like that if I am drawing a blank on what to say which is rare.

Admittedly this was in Legend of the Five Rings not Pathfinder but:

We have a character who is playing in a Court Based Game. He wants to play the BAMF Bushi who can slaughter any foe. 5 Chapters, our PbP equivalent to sessions, in he gets fed up as we have currently had only 3 duels all of which my character handled as I had the higher Iaijutsu Skill so he decides to start challenging everything that was said to him saying that it is what his character would do. Thankfully our GM finally got fed up and when he challenged the lord the lord turned to my character for his champion. Needless to say an Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu Roll of 3k2 versus a Roll of 7k4 and 6k3 respectively is not a fair fight when it is to the death.

Then there was the Lecherous Monk played by the same guy that sounds kinda like Cloudstrider's case...

EDIT: I should probably clarify that this group typically can only get together IRL around once every month or 2 so we usually run a PbP game together.

Icyshadow wrote:
I try to be this way whenever it works to make the game more fun for everyone at my table.

Same here.

One of the games I am currently playing in is set in a Eastern Style Setting. We are using a lot of variant rules so as we aren't walking around wearing heavy armour all the time and can easily get eastern weapons for most classes.

One of my fellow players was playing a Magus/Fighter built around Bladed Dash. Well he was given permission to cast it on others. Our party is built with Gestalt Rules. I am a Samurai/Fighter, we have a Paladin/Cleric, a Ninja/Wizard, and a Bard/Witch.

Oh I have a really good one sadly it is RRRNSFW.

I doubt it. Besides I am sick of Water and Tea.

The Next Poster has been hypnotized to type everything as a Shakespeare Quote.

Combined with the quarter I have on me I can get a 1.5 Liter of Pop!

The next poster is secretly a Scorpion Clan Assassin sent to kill the OP of this thread.

Really a bad choice to live as that world makes Dark Sun look like a Paradise.

Good now I can finally finish my novel.

The next poster will be the final character to die in that novel and gets to choose their horrible, horrible death.

The blank post told me to say a made up word unfortunately the word I said awakened Hastur...

The next poster will have to collect the Elder Signs to keep Hastur from completely coming into our world while I sit back with my Whiskey and enjoy the show.

Maybe using Fiasco would work well for this?

Dotting for Interest.

Imbicatus wrote:

In an old GURPS supers campaign, I played a Neanderthal who got frozen in a glacier and was re-animated in the present like Captain America. He was given increased intelligence as a side effect of the re-animation process and became a gadgeteer, inserting a variety of devices into a club or hidden in his fur clothing.

It turns out I made Captian Caveman.

Wow... Gotta admit that this one is an odd occurrence... And man I miss watching that show.

Josh M. wrote:
I will confess to having implemented many elements of Wolverine into some of my characters(the claws, mostly). I can't help it, those retractable claws are just badass to me.

I had a Shadowrun Player who used Cyber Spurs for that... Absolutely evil...

Holgan Holywood wrote:



I think this wins the thread...

L5R is a bit simpler not sure it is what you are looking for though...

Fiasco is good for teaching the basics.

If you want I have a basic system I made that could work as it is just making stats and rolling a d100 for said stat when called by the GM.

EDIT: To save post count here is the system that I made. The name is a stand in and comes from the design philosophy of the system. Please Note: I might have missed something when copying it over from the main document so please let me know if something is off.

Time is a Wibbly Wobbly Ball of Timey Wimey stuff. Things like this happens.

In my L5R(Legend of the 5 Rings) group I accidentally built Kenshin Himura. Still don't know how I managed to do that one.

Best of luck comrade.

This still going on? If so I might be interested. Using Dungeon World... Been a while since I even looked at it...

Is it heavily Modified or...?

Thinking a Krogan Heavy/Assault Gunner.

(Oddly enough was planning on using the Mass Effect Setting for my K.I.S.S. System Playtest. That or Defiance...)

EDIT(For your submission Template):
Name: "Ajax"
Class (or career): Mercenary.
Short history: A Former Warrior who was forced to live on the run for many years following his Warlord's defeat. Now he lives his life selling his skills as a Mercenary. Though it seems here recently he has mainly been working as a Bounty Hunter.
Personality: Gruff and Silent. Other than that your typical Krogan.


Threw me for a loop there. Thought I was going senile at my age. Also I apparently have a Love/Hate with Fire Selectors...

I have my backstory finished hopefully I can get it and the basic stats typed up once my internet is back up (storm damaged a box and that is being repaired).

Apparently Paizo hates me and doesn't want me to make another alias as whenever I try to do so it crashes...

Hopefully it will be rectified soon...

Basically the only things dropped were Deathwatch training and the Forbidden Lore(Xenos).

Oh well. Tonight I should have his alias done. His abilities and such might be a bit behind though.

Planning a Undivided Black Legion Marine hailing from the Sons of Horus.

Champion Azazel.

No I have Black Crusade but haven't made a CSM myself only a Renegade guards mans Trying to figure out whether there are any differences so I know what to remove from the basic stay block. I'm currently on an iPhone and the writing is too small in my PDF to tell for certain.

I should specify that I am meaning the basic marine stuff not a Deathwatch Member. (There was a book that overlapped Dark Heresy and Deathwatch allowing you to play a basic Marine outside the deathwatch.) wasn't sure if they were identical and only renamed or that they were drastically different.

Okay so I am sure: CSMs gain the same starting talents and traits that Deathwatch Marines have correct?

A hint: Start the game on that date but don't close the Recruitment.

Maybe once people see how it is and plays they might be willing to join in. (There is a history of this game turning into a PvP Game all too often. Especially in a PbP Set-up.)

I might could get a CSM set-up in time but not the Heretic.

Also not played this one before at least not a character I made myself. So I might need a little help here and there...

Thinking a Champion if that is available. Should be a good change from my My Chosen Khorne Berzerker I was tricked into playing.

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Alexander Augunas wrote:
I see Cosmo's been juggling wrenches again.

This made me laugh a bit more than it should have... Good Work.

Okay I feel Stupid... How do the skills work exactly? It has been quite a bit since I had to use Skills in this game.

Depends on whether we are using the Tactical Expertise or Bolter Mastery.

After all we only get one of them. Would be nice to know which one isn't as much of a waste.

Brother Lutha Hallan wrote:
Azaelas Fayth wrote:

Okay it is weird going from Only War to Deathwatch then back again...

IIRC: We only get limitted Advances Options based on Chapter, Specialty/Advanced Specialty, and 2 General Over-Arching lists Correct?


Okay then I do have the right game in my mind right now.

EDIT: As for the Solo/Squad Mode I guess I should have pointed out that I was aiming that toward my fellow PCs. Trying to get a feel for which they would prefer.

Okay it is weird going from Only War to Deathwatch then back again...

IIRC: We only get limitted Advances Options based on Chapter, Specialty/Advanced Specialty, and 2 General Over-Arching lists Correct?

I was thinking in my characters off time he would wear a black cloak and Scout Armour sized for him and coloured in the Black and Silver that is fairly normal for a Deathwatcher.

Knight Avatars might also work well for Grey Knights and Errant Armour.

On a side note: We only get 1000 XP to spend right? Been a bit since I actually built a Deathwatch Character...

Most of my knowledge of Non-Combat Stuff comes from the Horus Heresy Book Series. Specifically the 1st Book.

IIRC aren't most Marines are described as wearing heavy robes when out of Armour?

Did you ninja my PM?

Also, as much as I am loath to suggest it as the site seems to hate me, the Roleplay Market site might make this campaign a bit easier to run as each Mission would be an individual thread easily accessed and we could easily do Black Shield Characters without the need for the PMs as you can have the Characters in their own thread, which is made when the character is approved.

@Brother Hallan: I am planning on having the avatar appear about how he would look without his armour or in a training armour.

I just wanted to make sure on what ones were available and make sure you were still recruiting.

So I see we have quite a few Black Shields so is that still an option?

Dot. So this will be a massive No limit recruitment? With multiple missions on deck at any time?

Also what books are we allowed to use?


Hmm... Dot.

This still open?

From my understanding the AGE information is in an Appendix near the back. Give me a bit and I can answer you via my friend's copy.

Okay then. Look forward to it.

GM Tacticslion wrote:
Alexander Durant wrote:
Sorry for stealing your thread GM Tactics. Didn't mean to boss. Just sorta happened. I mean I wouldn't have taken the shot knowing my partner was standing right there. At least it hit him in the knee and not somewhere vital.

Hey, we all do it. I know I do.

That said, if you keep hanging around, I'm going to have to start putting you to work...

Depending on what you need I would gladly help out. Trying to get the hang of Pathfinder again after spending a bunch of time holding off the craving with A Song of Ice & Fire RPG and some light Call Of Cthulhu.

The thing is this is a Roleplaying Game not a Rollplaying Game.

Combat is around equal to or less than 33.3% of the game. Halflings and such can give you perks for the Adventuring & Roleplaying sections of the game.

Meh, I don't care about the amount of damage. If the character concept is good I will gladly play it.

Though, I do love my Halfling Arcane Sorcerer. Man can she throw out damage...

Okay. Now to figure out why I have more GP left over than I should. Also to make math easier I am figuring them as if I bought them then for the ones I am crafting doubling their number. Just helps me streamline the Maths a bit.

Ugh, this is like Vestiges of Doom all over again...

Okay apparently I am an idiot... A 1st Level Scroll is 25 GP right with Potions being 50GP? Or do I have them backwards?

@Larkos: I hate playing Small Sized Fighters. Mainly for the "Hit em in the dangley bits!" that always comes in. Especially with Monks.

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