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I sidestep this incredibly divisive issue entirely in my campaign. Goblins don't have babies. There are no goblins (or other monstrous races) that are not adults. How does that work? Monsters are people who have become what they are on the inside. The god of monsters - who cannot create, but only corrupt - chooses people who have abominable qualities and, in exchange for their service, transforms them. Of course not all evil people become monsters... at least not superficially.

The dilemma is eliminated. All goblins are irredeemably evil, so the PCs can feel free to put them asunder without pesky alignment concerns. No finding and raising a goblin baby that eventually grows up to hate humans anyway... no leaving them to die alone or without protection. Just slay and get on with the game, knowing that in eliminating an evil being, you have prevented future harm to innocents.

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Oddly enough, I was just catching up on OotS, and came across this.