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Robots aren't in bestiary 1, and probably not in bestiary 2, so I don't mind.

Rysky wrote:

It's a scyfy setting heavy on fantasy where Pathfinder is fantasy with a bit of everything. You have dragons in Starfinder and robots in Pathfinder.

Pretty sure they haven't said they won't do robots or other tech stuff in Pathfinder since Starfinder exists, and they're no less important than the thousands of other monsters that also haven't been printed.

Pretty sure the Tarrasque is important.

The Tarrasque is important to D&D it is, I actually hope we get a more mythology-accurate Tarasque this time around.

And less, far less Robots, they should stay in greater numbers in your favorite starfinder.

Thank god for Starfinder, 50% less robotz with lazors in the Bestiaries, they weren't even important enough to be in the first bestiary.

And what use is starfinder, if those futuristic monsters still haunt the pages of the normal pathfinder bestiaries.

Thank god for Starfinder.

Or just turn the Charybdis into a HUGe creature, what use does gargantuan have anyway?


That's a load of monsters! Gashadokuro, wow!

Anyway, isn't Pathfinder 2 more popular? Only one page with comments? Dragon78 nowhere to be seen?

Disappointing, hopefully, they/you can still manage. I would hate for pathfinder to go away.

Then they can better drop the pawns, and just focus on the battle cards.

Charybdis never getting a pawn is reason enough for me to never be interested in them. So I go with the cards from now on.

Why not just give the Gargantuan creatures a huge-creature size? And put a * or other sign on the card so people know it is gargantuan, better that than to ignore them entirely... People can just use rocks or other stuff to block out the other space the gargantuan creature takes on the map...

No Div's :-( The other groups aren't really that interesting to me, so I don't care.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Awahoon wrote:
I hope we only get one group of those dragons. It says Mythological Monsters, so I hope to see a lot of those in this book, 1st bestiary was rather lacking in the mythology department.

There's a lot of myhtological creatures in Bestiary 2... but there were a lot in the first one also. And because I wanna put my proverbial mythological money where my mouth is... the full list of monsters inspired from real-world mythology in Bestiary 1 includes (not counting mythology-adjacent things like azatas and daemons and drow)...

** spoiler omitted **

I'm sure I missed a few... but flipping through the bestiary it was tough to turn more than a few pages without hitting a monster from mythology.

I meant to say, more mythology creatures from Bestiary 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, which are less changed by D&D like the Chimera and Barghest are.

Also more bizarre, obscure mythology creatures, like Papinijuwari and Abaia for example.

But thanks for that answer, that's pretty cool!

Another question, are the Rusalka, Eloko, Mokele-Mbembe, Asanbosam and Kishi in Bestiary 2? The mythology creatures from the Adventure Paths? I wouldn't mind seeing ALL the AP bestiary monsters in the upcoming bestiaries.

Also may I really say that the Furcifur is an awesome creature that really needs more attention in Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

I hope we only get one group of those dragons. It says Mythological Monsters, so I hope to see a lot of those in this book, 1st bestiary was rather lacking in the mythology department.

I wouldn't mind just seeing the Ancient Dragons in the book, more room for others, and Drakes could function as the young dragons anyway.

This fast??? Awesome!

Can you please spoil ONE creature for me? Is Nuckelavee in this one?

The ones from the old Bestiaries that I want back the most are:

Abaia / Adaro / Ahkhat / Ahuizotl / Akaname / Almiraj / Alpluachra / Alraune / Amarok / Assassin Bug / Aurumvorax / Bakekujira / Bandersnatch / Banelight / Baykok / Blightspawn / Bodythief / Bogeyman / Bone Ship / Buggane / Cave Fisher / Charybdis / Cherufe / Choker / Chon Chon / Chupacabra / Cipactli / Cordulegaster / Corpse Lotus / Crawling Hand / Crysmal / Cuero / Daemon, Crucidaemon / Daemon, Hydrodaemon / Daemon, Meladaemon / Daemon, Phasmadaemon / Daemon, Sangudaemon / Daemon, Purrodaemon / Daemon, Thanadaemon / Danthienne / Death Worm / Deathtrap Ooze / Decapus / Delgeth / Demon, Abrikandilu / Demon, Babau / Demon, Coloxus / Demon, Kalavakus / Demon, Omox / Demon, Shadow / Destrachan / Devil, Zebub / Devil, Hamatula / Devil, Osyluth / Devil, Sarglagon / Devil, Gambling / Devil, Levaloch / Devourer / Dinosaur, Pachycephalosaurus / Dinosaur, Therizinosaurus / Dinosaur, Tylosaurus / Disenchanter / Div, Bushyasta / Div, Druj Nasu / Div, Ghawwas / Div, Shira / Drake, Mist / Dunkleosteus / Dust Digger / Dybbuk / Echeneis / Ecorche / Erlking / Euryale / Fachen / Fen Mauler / Flail Snail / Fossegrim / FURCIFER / Gammenore / Gashadokuro / Gearghost / Giant Mantis Shrimp / Girtablilu / Gloomwing / Golem, Bone / Golem, Coral / Golem, Glass / Golem, Gold / Golem, Junk / Golem, Magnetite / Gorynych / Grodair / Hungry Fog / Hyakume / Hypnalis / Ijiraq / Iku-Turso / Incutilis / Intellect Devourer / Isonade / Ixion Worm / Jack-o-Lantern / Jinmenju / Jorogumo / Jubjub Bird / Juggernaut / Kamaitachi / Karkadann / Karkinoi / Kikimora / Kokogiak / Kongamato (more like the Yrthak) / Korir-Kokembe / Krenshar / Kyton, Normal / Kyton, Augur / Kyton, Eremite / Kyton, Interlocutor / Lampad + Queen / Leaf Ray / Leucrotta / Lorelei / Lovelorn / Mandragora / Mihstu / Mngwa / Mobogo / Mohrg / Moldwretch / Mothman / Mudlord / Myceloid / Nekomata / Nependis / NUCKELAVEE / Nue / Nulmind / Oni, Kigyo / Oni, Nogitsune / Onyvolan / Oread + Queen / Ostovite / PAPINIJUWARI / Pard / Peluda / PERYTON / Peuchen / Plankta / Polong / Poludnica / Popobala / Pukwudgie / Psoglav / Pyrausta / PYROPISCIS / Qalupalik / Quickling / Quickwood / Raiju / Rakshasa, Raktavarna / Rat King / Rawhead / Remacera / Riftcreeper / Rokurokubi / Rusalka / Saguaroi / Sargassum Fiend / Scitalis / Scrapshell / Scrivenite / SCYLLA / Sea bonze or Umibozu / Sha / Shard Slag / Shasalqu / Slithering Pit / Soulsliver / Skrik Nettle / Stymphalides / Su / Thunderbird / Tikbalang / Tiyanak / Tooth Fairy / Totenmaske / Tunche / Vilderavn / Viper Vine / Vodyanoi / Vouivre / Water Orm / Water Strider, giant / Whirlmaw / Witchfire / Wizard’s Shackle / Xenopterid / Ypotryll / Yuki-Onna / Zomok / Leanan Sidhe / Drakaina

And FINALLY, a non Construct, non Ooze, non Humanoid beast-like creature that uses magnetism as a weapon.

Some creature that has powers like the Ravid from D&D, animating objects around it.

Also, aren't Robots more for the Starfinder Alien Archives now?

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Thanks! That is awesome! I'm going to create my list!

I'm waiting for somebody who creates a Bestiary 2 wish-topic, most people who created those seem to be gone...

I'm not going to create such a topic, people seem to dislike me, they wouldn't react to that topic, so that would be the same as creating no topic at all.

I'm still bummed that they choose two animated statues of all animated things they could choose :-(

Animated Weapons are awesome!

Animated Huts (like the one from Baba Yaga) are fun too, and perfect as higher level Animated objects.

Animated Treasure Hoards would also be awesome, they are the ultimate protector for your treasure, just animate the treasure itself into a wave of golden coins and jewels.

Of course and Animated Carpet that flies would have been fun too.

Anything is better than the two golem-wannabees I got

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First of all, I want to applaud James Jacobs, after so many years and he's still so in touch with the community, fans, and costumers, that is a rare thing these days.

Second, I can't wait for these cards, does EVERY monster get their own card? Also in future Bestiaries? That is a cool collection!

I never understood the need for hobgoblins when you already have the war-like orcs in there...

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CorvusMask wrote:

On sidenote, why is Saxra renamed Skulltaker in this bestiary? First google result for Saxra is pathfinder 1e one so I'm bit confused if its trademark thing or if Saxra is from obscure folklore you can't find easily with google?

That is because the Saxra is more widely known as the Machukuna, and no, I don't think they are protected YET. lol.

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Zum-Graat wrote:

Honestly, I could pick a couple of examples of how Paizo butchered my native folklore (Russian). The most glaring is polevik - its name literally means "of the field" and it's a creature closely associated with open landscapes and sunlight. But in Pathfinder it's an underground mushroom man? Ehm... You are free to use our folklore as much as you wish, but why choose the name that has absolutely nothing to do with the creature?

Overall I think it's quite petty to expect 100% or even 50% mythological accuracy from a fantasy game. But then again, Russian folklore is not persecuted or oppressed (even if is barely known in the West), so maybe it's a more principal topic for striving minorities.

Lol, I always wondered why the Polevik was turned into a mushroom man, while the Spanish Trenti would make much more sense for that role.

The most abominable creature in Pathfinder based on mythology though, is the Isitoq in my eyes, nothing like the real myth. Also, I never liked the Kongamato in Pathfinder for some reason, same with the Ankou.

The Pathfinder Ankou could be called the Gaueko, suits it much better.

I also wished Mimic, Doppelganger (instead of Faceless Stalker), Cloaker and Chuul joined the Aboleth group.

Roc joined the Eagle Group.

After seeing Gancanagh in the book, I hoped Karkadann joined the Unicorn group, but alas.

I do hope Cherufe, Mudlord and some others aren't going inside the Mud Elemental and Magma Elemental group in Bestiary 2, but are their own thing.

IF they do add them to these groups, I hope THEY get the artwork, and they not end up like Salamander without artwork.

I like the sahkils, but I understand they are missing out from Bestiary 1, they are probably in 2. I hope Div come back too, the group with the most Mythological Monsters in it. Druj Nasu, Bushyasta, Aghash and Ghawwas were awesome!

Manasaputra on the other hand, I hope they never return, or at least only in Adventure Paths, I was never a fan of those. Also I'm happy there aren't templates in this Bestiaries, I hope they get their own book. Same with Troops.

I also don't understand why Wendigo is a beast now, but I don't really mind it, I would have made it a fiend or Fey.

And yes, why I don't perse like the new fungus in the book, I do love they got their own group, I would have gone with some simpler variants though, and smaller ones, instead of the enormous ones we got.

Seventh Seal wrote:
Zum-Graat wrote:
Awahoon wrote:

Respect for the Gods of other cultures, I can see why people respect that, I would never use or touch the Rainbow serpent for example or other good-natured spiritual monsters

This seems to be Paizo's position as well. I've been rereading Bestiary 1 recently and noticed that all Empyreal Lords listed there (in archon and azata sections) are real mythological figures, including some culture heroes like Atonga or deities from still existing religions (like some Orisha and Buddhist entities). But then you have more modern sources that list a lot of Empyreal Lords, like "Chronicles of the Righteous" and almost all of them are made-up from scratch.

I wonder if all those "real" Empyreal Lords were retconned out of existence due to the sensitivity of the subject.

Well... I wouldn't say all of them. Cernunnos is a notable example of a real-world mythological figure - with an entry in one of the Bestiaries, too!

As for the rest... <shrug>

Cernunnos however, isn't a God people still worship. Kali and others are.

Well, I was pretty wrong there, while Mythology/Cryptid/Folklore monsters are my big passion, a lot of D&D/Pathfinder created monsters are among my favorites as well. Think about Behir, Destrachan, Gloomwing, Bebilith, Leukodaemon, Sangudaemon, that new Grikkitog (which btw is my favorite monster in the book, next to Redcap, Dullahan, Banshee and Wendigo)

It is just that, creatures like the Nuckelavee, Yara-Ma-Yha-Who and Papinijuwari cannot be replaced by things as Armanite, Plague Giants and whatever-is-made-up-to-replace-the Yara.

That is what I meant, but that doesn't mean new monsters cannot be awesome, just the ones that try to replace the mythology monsters are often trying too hard or don't make it close to their awesomeness at all. I don't want them replaced by others, I want them both.

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Zum-Graat wrote:
Awahoon wrote:

The made-up creatures can't compare to the mythology/cryptid/folklore ones.

Well, this is quite a bold claim. I myself love some mythological critters, but DnD and Pathfinder have a lot of memorable original beings. Why do you think modern people are worse at making up monsters than ancient people were?

And overall, people of most cultures seem to be completely okay with you using their evil monsters for a game. They might not be okay with you using their gods or some sacred imagery, but evil spirits and the such? Fair game. That wendigo scandal is the first of this kind I've witnessed and let's hope it'll be the last. And that was just one person. One person can't speak for a whole nation/tribe, you know.

Don't get me wrong, I love many made-up critters from today, but you can't replace monsters like Wendigo, Papinijuwari, Akhlut, Golems, Djinns, Ifrits, Yara-Ma-Yha-Who's and the like with modern made up monsters, I like a good mixture of those. But reading James Jacobs reply made me happy and relieved, can't wait for Bestiary 2!

Seeing Rysky favoriting that reply must mean she doesn't mind more Wendigo-like creatures being used in future Bestiaries, so that is also a nice thing to see.

For me, all monsters are made up eventually, I don't believe in spiritual things and are as atheistic as they come.
Respect for the Gods of other cultures, I can see why people respect that, I would never use or touch the Rainbow serpent for example or other good-natured spiritual monsters, but evil monsters on the other hand, those are mine to spin around as I wish, no protection codes for those, and I'm happy Pathfinder is gonna use them (with respect of course) in future products.

Were Nuckelavee at least mentioned during the creation of Bestiary 1 (second Edition)

Or were they a no-go from the start?

Also, are monsters like the Papinijuwari still a thing? Or are they erased from Golarion duh to respect to the cultures? They are among my favorite creatures in pathfinder, so I like to know if waiting for them is even a thing. Seeing Genies, Wendigo, Bunyip, and Golems still being around gives me hope though.

Do you already have a theme for Bestiary 2? Like Asian Myths, Lovecraft Mythos or something like that?

Why didn't Paizo change the D&D Chimera model?

Why didn't paizo renamed the Medusa into Gorgons? Are the D&D Gorgons still a thing or are they renamed Khalkotauroi or something else? Or erased entirely?

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It's like the most beautiful art and the ugliest art switched in both first Bestiaries!

Glabrezu was the most awesome art in Bestiary 1 (first edition), but now in 2nd edition is the ugliest artwork in the book.

Griffon was the ugliest artwork in Bestiary 1 (first edition), but now it is one of the most beautiful! LOL

Coincidence or did you guys order this on purpose? :-p

Also, is there already a bestiary 2 wish topic? I'm not gonna create one, but I'm just interested if there is any yet.

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I was really surprised the Nuckelavee didn’t make the first Bestiary.

Anyway, these are all the 1st Edition monsters from pathfinder that I really hope make it in Bestiary 2.

Tooth Fairy / Alpluachra / Chon Chon / Crawling Hand / Grindylow / Oread (non playable) / Giant Urchin (any) / Wizard’s Shackle / Akaname / Almiraj / Eurypterid / Echeneis / Jack-o-Lantern / Leaf Ray / Mockingfey / Ostovite / Giant Water Strider / Cave Fisher / Choker / Incutilis / Augur / Raktavarna / Slithering Pit / Soulsliver / Adaro / Assassin Bug / Chupacabra / Crysmal / Abrikandilu / Zebub / Disenchanter / Fungal Crawler / Onyvolan / Pard / Quickling / Spriggan / Ahkhat / Decapus / Gambling Devil / Pachycephalosaurus / Dust Digger / Flail Snail / Fossegrim / Freezing Flow / Gloomwing / Junk Golem / Heikegani / Karkadann / Korred / Lovelorn / Mandragora / Myceloid / Peryton / Scrivenite / Sha / Giant Solifugid / Giant Ant Lion / Blightspawn / Bogwid / Buggane / Cuero / Danthienne / Mist Drake / Fachen / Gearghost / Grodair / Hypnalis / Kikimora / Lampad / Leucrotta / Megatherium / Raiju / Rat King / Saguaroi / Killer Seahorse / Vodyanoi / Ahuizotl / Cordulegaster / Death Worm / Delgeth / Babau / Dunkleosteus / Hungry Fog / Karkinoi / Kyton / Mothman / Mudlord / Nekomata / Kigyo / Remacera / Scrapshell / Skrik Nettle / Stymphalides / Tiyanak / Aatheriexa / Shadow Demon / Levaloch / Mngwa / Moldwretch / Nogitsune / Pukwudgie / Qallupilluk / Totenmaske / Xenopterid / Hydrodaemon / Deathtrap Ooze / Destrachan / Drowning Devil / Druj Nasu / Gammenore / Girtablilu / Bone Golem / Gorgon (Khalkotauroi) / Hellwasp Swarm / Iku-Turso / Intellect Devourer / Maenad / Mihstu / Mohrg / Polong / Pyropiscis / Quickwood / Shard Slag / Su / Svartalfar / Whirlmaw / Yuki-Onna / Aurumvorax / Baykok / Sangudaemon / Osyluth / Giant Mantis Shrimp / Coral Golem / Ijiraq / Nependis / Nuckelavee / Sargassum Fiend / Tikbalang / Witchfire / Yrthak / Abaia / Alp / Bogeyman / Kalavakus / Therizinosaurus / Ghawwas / Magnetite Golem / Kapre / Korir-Kokembe / Mobogo / Nue / Peluda / Peuchen / Water Orm / Carnivorous Crystal / Meladaemon / Hamatula / Devourer / Impundulu / Jinmenju / Nulmind / Amarok / Banelight / Omox / Jorogumo / Kokogiak / Interlocutor / Lorelei / Rusalka / Scitalis / Vouivre / Alraune / Blights / Charybdis / Cherufe / Corpse Lotus / Thanadaemon / Furcifer / Gashadokuro / Ixion Worm / Kamaitachi / Papinijuwari / Viper Vine / Atuikakura / Bodythief / Rawhead / Rokurokubi / Crucidaemon / Dybbuk / Gorynych / Hyakume / Isonade / Jubjub Bird / Popobawa / Riftcreeper / Sea Bonze / Ypotryll / Ecorche / Scylla / Vilderavn / Zomok / Bakekujira / Bandersnatch / Phasmadaemon / Plankta / Tunche / Bone Ship / Purrodaemon / Erlking / Mosslord / Euryale / Eremite / Cipactli / Wood Colossus / Drakainia / Leanan Sidhe / Shen

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The Good:
+ Aeons getting merged with Inevitable and Axiomites.
+ Artwork for Pleroma
+ Gancanagh in the first Bestiary! Wow!
+ Cauthooj is an awesome new addition to the Pathfinder monster world.
+ Cave Worms being an entire group is marvelous!
+ That new Gelugon model is marvelous! So much better!
+ Most dinosaur art is beautiful.
+ Dullahan, Banshee, Redcap, Wendigo and Poltergeist, awesome to see them in the first bestiary!
+ I love how you did the Elementals this time, instead of just small – medium – big, you did something original with them! Cool!
+ Much better Ether Spider, no more silly human face!
+ All Genies Artwork
+ The Griffon Artwork, as ugly as it was in the first edition Bestiary, so beautiful is it now.
+ My new favorite Pathfinder Monster is born in the rocks it seems, the Grikkitog is SO amazing! Props to its creator!
+ The Krooth is also a very amazing new critter!
+ The New art-style for the Leshies is amazing! Much better than before!
+ THE MANTICORE IS STUNNING! Best Manticore artwork I’ve seen in a long while!
+ Awesome, a non-chest Mimic artwork!
+ I love the new Nymph Queens, hope that Lampads and Oreads get the same love.
+ Ofalth is also a very cool new addition to Pathfinder!
+ Good to see the Orcs are still green and evil.
+ I’m not a fan of lovecraft monsters, but that Shoggoth has to be the best artwork in the book!
+ Another awesome new monster! Shuln’s rock!
+ Happy to see the Sinspawn, one of my favorite Pathfinder monsters.
+ Surprised to see the Saxra back, the most random (but cool) monster in the first Bestiary, cool new name.
+ The Slurk looks beautiful for such an ugly creature lol.
+ No Spectre? GOOD!
+ Both female and male Sphinxes, so can we now delete the Criosphinx (ram-head) from existence?
+ Warsworn! Yeah!
+ OMG!!! That Ettercap/Web Lurker artwork! Stunning!
+ Happy to see the Wendigo still being present! Especially since people became so PC about it lately!
+ Zaramuun is awesome! I love sand creatures!

The Bad:
- Faceless Stalker + Doppelganger in the same book.
- Balisse and Choral instead of Solar.
- I love the Animated Broom and Armor, but two statues (which are just like golems anyway) is kinda lazy, why no Animated Hut and Animated Weapons?
- Too much green in the Azata group, the artwork could be much better for this group.
- Boring Beetles… I mean who needs Flash Beetles? Why not Bombardier Beetle + Goliath Beetle here? (Or Deathwatch, Sliver or Scarab for that matter) Two ranges of different challenge ratings and awesome looks.
- Why artwork for the normal boar? Everybody knows what they look like, Daeodon (which is much cooler) not so much…
- I don’t mind the weapon/role using humanoids in the book, but is this gonna be a curse like in D&D? Like in Bestiary 4 we still get different types of Boggards, Goblins, and Hobgoblins? I hate that, hope this isn’t in future pathfinder Bestiaries, and Boggards and Goblins will ONLY be in Bestiary 1.
- Brain Collector and Aboleth still being MUCH too low levels.
- Changelings being both male and female… I was hoping the Caliban was going to be the male Changelings.
- Still that boring D&D Chimera, I thought you wanted to step away from D&D, why use that horrible non-mythological-accurate Chimera of all then?
- While I’m very happy to see my favorite group of outsiders (Daemon) presented, I’m not happy the Ceustodaemon was used instead of so much better choices, such as Sangu, Mela, Purro, Thano, Phasma or Cruci)
- Barbazu beard is very non-existing in that artwork…
- Velociraptor + Deinonychus in the same bestiary… Rather would have seen Troodon, Therizinosaurus or Pachycephalosaurus.
- Brontosaurus? The most boring dinosaur in my opinion… Of all the cool possible sauropods…
- I’m kinda bored with the Metallic Dragons… Especially the Brass Dragon, why not the Mercury Dragon?
- Too much high-level Fungus, rather would have seen the Myceloid back, and some smaller fungus.
- Two new Cat-based Fey Monsters, what was wrong with Pard or Nekomata?
- Mephits of every elemental type, when is somebody finally gonna change this into a single Mephit who can absorb all elementals into its body and change into that elemental variant.
- Genies are still much too low level, they should be around 18 each, elemental lords.
- I love the new Gogiteth, but does it replace the Bebilith?
- Hags could also use a boost in Challenge Rating…
- I love the Hellhound artwork, but why still use the Nessian Warhound? I would have loved to see the Cerberi here.
- Ugh, still Hobgoblins around…
- Ugh, still horses, would be better off in the Core Rules books.
- Too bad the Medusa is forced into a rogue-like role… I love the vanity-curse background that is missing here… ALSO, why not call them Gorgons? Especially now there are suddenly male Medusa’s? Medusa is a female word.
- Mukradi is my least favorite new monster, it is simply too much… Slapping multiple heads on a fearsome animal isn’t working most of the time…
- Of all the cool oozes you guys created in 1st edition, why giving us Ochre Jelly and Black Puddings? If you could also give Deathtrap Oozes or Roiling Oils?
- Of all the mythological creatures you could choose from, WHY my least favorite the Simurgh? WHY!?!
- Boring variants of giant snakes… I would have liked some more magical snakes here, like Seps.
- Still the Wight? Like really? So much more interesting humanoid undead to choose from… Baykok? Devourer? Even Bodak…

The Ugly:
- Centaur art is ugly, I don’t like female centaur artwork, can’t help it.
- Glabrezu Art (most Demon art for that matter, Balor looks like a child)
- Flesh and Adamantine Golem Artwork. The Adamantine Golem looks kinda childish, not fearsome at all.
- The Harpy has the worst artwork in the book… Why a male harpy? It doesn’t suit the Harpy at all…
- The faces of the new Naga artworks is kinda, ugh.
- Rakshasa Raja art is like…
- I love Soulbound Dolls, but this art doesn’t scream I’m a doll to me.
- I love the Uthul, and the artwork, but why does he hold a statue-penis in his hand?

Overall I like this first Bestiary, some surprises but otherwise a good amount of classics. I hope Bestiary 2 gives me more surprises though, and much more mythological obscurities.

7 / 10

I'm sure entire Bestiary 1 (previous edition) is in here... Maybe Giant Flytrap is out, I'm not sure, but the others are pretty much shoo-in.

I'm so curious at the Chimera, really hope they used a new Pathfinder version, and not just copied the D&D version again...

Jeffrey Swank wrote:
Awahoon wrote:
Are there any Div's and Daemons in this bestiary?
No and yes. :P

I think the Divs are out and there are some daemons?

I hope it is the Sangudaemon, Phasmadeamon, Leukodaemon, Thanadeamon, Purrodaemon, Meladaemon and Crucidaemon.

Are there any Div's and Daemons in this bestiary?

Adam Daigle wrote:
Awahoon wrote:
...Also with a lot of the old bestiary writers gone (Wesley, Adam ect ect) are there still people working on the Mythology creatures(I'm not talking about the usual Minotaurs and Hydras) in there? Like the more unusual ones (Papinijuwari, Lampad, Abaia and Buggane for example)...
I haven't gone anywhere. :)

Ahhh my bad, I thought I've read about your departure on this blog! Must confuse you with another! Sorry lol.

I really hope to see the Furcifur in there somewhere, BEST creature created by Paizo in a long time, it would be outrages if we have to wait until Bestiary 3/4 to get one of those. Also give the Skrik Nettle finally some love, very awesome creature that never got from the AP.

Also with a lot of the old bestiary writers gone (Wesley, Adam ect ect) are there still people working on the Mythology creatures(I'm not talking about the usual Minotaurs and Hydras) in there? Like the more unusual ones (Papinijuwari, Lampad, Abaia and Buggane for example)

I'm a bit worried this will be a Lovecraft/Science Fiction/Aboleth/D&D love fest otherwise.

also, please change the model of the Chimera, it is so silly in the D&D version, much awesome things can be done with the Chimerae, it would be a shame to see the D&D copy clone again, this is pathfinder after all, and Chimerae are from mythology, not from D&D.

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All the monsters I wish make it back into Pathfinder 2nd Edition Official Bestiaries are:

CR: Drow / Duergar / Orc / Oread / Sylph / Undine / Vishkanya / Changeling / Kitsune / Astomoi / Skinwalker / Strix /

CR 0: Goblin / Kobold / Dire Rat / Skeleton / Stirge / Vegepygmy / Zombie / Giant Cockroach / Crawling Hand / Compsognathus / Grindylow / Sagari / Alpluachra / Grimple / Isitoq / Tooth Fairy / Animate Hair / Hobkins / Nuno / Pyrausta / Ramidreju / Wizard’s Shackle / Biloko / Chon-Chon / Black Spot / Gishvit /

CR 1: Lemure / Gnoll / Goblin Dog / Lizardman / Akata / Giant Amoeba / Jinkin / Hippocampus / Reefclaw / Giant Tick / Atomie / Carbuncle / Festrog / Flumph / Fuath / Death Heads Jellyfish / Nixie / Zoog / Almiraj / Boilborn / Chaneque / Dark Dancer / Dimorphodon / Dossenus / Jack-o-Lantern / Leaf Ray / Ningyo / Pickled Punk / Akaname / Brain Mole / Echeneis / Ostovite / Coral Capuchin / Eurypterid / Gluttongrass / Mockingfey / Wolpertinger / Bogwiggle / Frost Fir / Katroome /

CR 2: Giant Ant / Lantern Archon / Boggard / Bugbear / Cave Fisher / Choker / Imp / Giant Leech / Wererat / Werewolf / Morlock / Sahuagin / Shocker Lizard / Vargouille / Yellow Musk Creeper / Silvanshee / Cassisian Angel / Blindheim / Blink Dog / Cacodaemon / Draugr / Leprechaun / Wereboar / Poltergeist / Sinspawn / Slurk / Soulbound Doll / Triton / Axe Beak / Faerie Dragon / Garden Ooze / Huecuva / Kappa / Augur / Raktavarna / Sasquatch / Tatzlwyrm / Incutilis / Phantom Armor / Pooka / Nosoi / Shredskin / Soulsliver / Weedwhip / Apallie / Chuspiki / Ovinnik / Thought Eater / Water Leaper / Xiao / Giant Belostomatid / Slithering Pit / Swamp Barracuda / Bog Strider / Kijimuna / Ghelarn / Nehushtan / Drexin / Warpglass Ooze / Cat Sith / Panotti / Fading Fox /

CR 3: Ankheg / Centaur / Cockatrice / Derro / Deinonychus / Doppelganger / Dryad / Ettercap / Gelatinous Cube / Hyaenodon / Giant Mantis / Rust Monster / Unicorn / Dire Wolf / Yeth Hound / Bunyip / Chupacabra / Crysmal / Zebub / Fungal Crawler / Howler / Merrow / Pech / Quickling / Sandman / Spriggan / Vampiric Mist / Adaro / Adherer / Allip / Ceratioidi / Dimetrodon / Disenchanter / Giant Chameleon / Magmin / Phantom Fungus / Giant Skunk / Moss Troll / Trollhound / Formian Warrior / Wax Golem / Hungry Flesh / Wereshark / Mindslaver Mold / Pard / Spring-Heeled Jack / Dire Weasel / Abrikandilu / Digmaul / Guardian Scroll / Domovoi / Kawa Akago / Deep Merfolk / Shasalqu / Drekavac / Impaler Shrike / Kuribu / Merlucent / Onyvolan / Chickcharney /

CR 4: Hound Archon / Barghest / Daeodon / Gargoyle / Griffon / Harpy / Hydra / Mimic / Minotaur / Otyugh / Owlbear / Pixie / Satyr / Sea Hag / Dire Wolverine / Yeti / Amphisbaena / Attic Whisperer / Slicer Beetle / Decapus / Devilfish / Giant Dragonfly / Dust Digger / Gloomwing / Kelpie / Korred / Werebear / Mandragora / Megaloceros / Peryton / Phycomid / Scarecrow / Serpentfolk / Slithering Tracker / Albino Solifugid / Vulnudaemon / Pachycephalosaurus / Aghash / Flail Snail / Kamadan / Myceloid / Shae / Tanuki / Thriae Soldier / Voonith / Comozant Wyrd / Fossegrim / Freezing Flow / Junk Golem / Huldra / Living Topiary / Nightgaunt / Sea Cat / Udaeus / Ahkhat / Gancanagh / Blood Caterpillar / Gravebound / Gray / Heikegani / Karkadann / Flytrap Leshy / Spear Urchin / Sha / Kasa-Obake / Lovelorn / Tenome / Ukobach / Calathgar / Chemosit / Hala / Bishop Agathion / Skeltercat / Magadaz / Scrivenite / Bagman / Thin Man / Ekekeh /

CR 5: Basilisk / Cloaker / Cyclops / Barbazu / Air Elemental / Earth Elemental / Fire Elemental / Water Elemental / Djinn / Gibbering Mouther / Manticore / Mummy / Nightmare / Phase Spider / Troll / Winter Wolf / Wraith / Achaierai / Giant Crawling Hand / Ice Elemental / Lightning Elemental / Leucrotta / Lurker in Light / Megatherium / Siren / Giant Ant Lion / Ascomoid / Cecaelia / Ghul / Globster / Grodair / Giant Owl / Sabosan / Shadow Mastiff / Hieracosphinx / Ogre Spider / Spider Eater / Vodyanoi / Buggane / Styracosaurus / Mist Drake / Fachen / Gearghost / Graeae / Hypnalis / Lampad / Rat King / Saguaroi / Killer Seahorse / Selkie / Great Assassin Bug / Blightspawn / Cuero / Ceratosaurus / Ichthyocentaur / Kikimora / Lotus Leshy / Kaprosuchus / Rope Dragon / Tizheruk / Giant Hellgrammite / Venedaemon / Danthienne / Kentrosaurus / Gowrow / Raiju / Bogwid / Polevik / Dawn Piper / Shell Sentinel / Goldpebble / Fear Eater / Deadfall Dweller /

CR 6: Babau / Ankylosaurus / Ettin / Wood Golem / Kyton / Lamia / Salamander / Shambling Mound / Will o Wisp / Wyvern / Xill / Vulpinal / Belker / Death Worm / Sea Drake / Giant Gar / Wood Giant / Glyptodon / Mothman / Redcap / Tendriculos / Rock Troll / Witchwyrd / Ahuizotl / Annis Hag / Berbalang / Cerberus / Deathweb / Incubus / Cave Giant / Hodag / Hungry Fog / Terra-Cotta Soldier / Jiang-Shi / Apocalypse Locust / Blood Golem / Karkinoi / Mudlord / Swan Maiden / Bagiennik / Cytillipede / Delgeth / Jungle Drake / Grimslake / Roiling Oil / Wihsaak / Giant Scarab / Tiyanak / Dunkleosteus / Nekomata / Skrik Nettle / Megapiranha Swarm / Helicoprion / Cordulegaster / Ambergrim / Tidewretch Dryad / Kigyo / Giant Devils Tooth / Bushyasta / Vetala / Remacera / Trompe L’Oeil / Spiroskek / Scrapshell /

CR 7: Aboleth / Lillend / Cave Bear / Bulette / Chimera / Chuul / Shadow Demon / Succubus / Drider / Shaitan / Flesh Golem / Invisible Stalker / Medusa / Remorhaz / Chaos Beast / Frost Drake / Dullahan / Hangman Tree / Soul Eater / Totenmaske / Legion Archon / Adhukait / Caulborn / Shark-Eating Crab / Pairaka / Kirin / Manananggal / Megalania / Water Naga / Rot Grub Swarm / Pukwudgie / Tupilaq / Gaki / Oceanid / Qallupilluk / Winter Hag / Xenopterid / Yaoguai / Aatheriexa / Cerynitis / Levaloch / Duppy / Mngwa / Storm Hag / Veela / Crypt Flower / Suspiridaemon / Quetzalcoatlus / Hookfang Sea Worm / Dweomercat / Vilkacis / Nogitsune / Serpopard / Adaptive Ooze / Black Shuck /

CR 8: Behir / Erinyes / Efreet / Stone Giant / Gorgon / Intellect Devourer / Mohrg / Dark Naga / Ogre Mage / Gynosphinx / Smilodon / Treant / Bodak / Hydrodaemon / Destrachan / Tylosaurus / Marsh Giant / Glass Golem / Gray Render / Mihstu / Moonflower / Brain Collector / Quickwood / Giant Tarantula / Baku / Deathtrap Ooze / Girtablilu / Bone Golem / Guecubu / Hellwasp Swarm / Iku-Turso / Lammasu / Baluchitherium / Stymphalides / Wolf-In-Sheep’s-Clothing / Yuki-Onna / Blood Hag / Sarglagon / Trapper / Maenad / Shard Slag / Svartalfar / Megaprimatus / Encantado / Polong / Su / Urannag / Giant Starfish / Canopy Creeper / Azgenzak / Gammenore / Pyropiscis / Waldgeist / Thrushmoor Angler / Druj Nasu / Whirlmaw /

CR 9: Sarcosuchus / Vrock / Osyluth / Tyrannosaurus Rex / Dragon Turtle / Mastodon / Marid / Frost Giant / Night Hag / Megalodon / Vampire / Avoral / Aurumvorax / Leukodaemon / Alchemical Golem / Giant Snapping Turtle / Witchfire / Yrthak / Baykok / Rift Drake / Garuda / Desert Giant / Nuckelavee / Sargassum Fiend / Galvo / Cliff Giant / Coral Golem / Ijiraq / Leanan Sidhe / Nependis / Tikbalang / Ahool / Bisha Ga Tsuku / Caller in Darkness / Moon Dog / Pakalchi / Giant Mantis Shrimp / Stranglereed / Sangudaemon / Fungus Queen / Elasmotherium / Mokele-Mbembe / Skull Ripper / Camulatz / Mederach / Paguroida / Animated Hoard /

CR 10: Bebilith / Couatl / Fire Giant / Guardian Naga / Rakshasa / Shield Archon / Kalavakus / Behemoth Hippopotamus / Water Orm / Adlet / Bogeyman / Phistophilus / Ghawwas / Jungle Giant / Mobogo / Nue / Siyokoy / Abaia / Einherjar / Kapre / Myrmecoleon / Peluda / Rukh / Therizinosaurus / Ether Drake / Egregore / Fext / Peuchen / Ursikka / Alp / Bloody Bones / Daitengu / Fen Mauler / Muhuru / Vrykolakas / Wild Hunt Hound / Gargiya / Kere / Poludnica / Magnetite Golem / Blood Lily / Pyrogeist / Korir-Kokembe /

CR 11: Hezrou / Hamatula / Devourer / Cloud Giant / Meladaemon / Thunderbird / Aghasura / Carnivorous Crystal / Spinosaurus / Graveknight / Sapphire Jellyfish / Lukwata / Moon-Beast / Royal Naga / Sleipnir / Taotieh / Harionago / Jinmenju / Juggernaut / Seps / Cameroceras / Fastachee / Nulmind / Erodaemon / Llorona / Mapinguari / Gigas Clam / Living Sandstorm / Marax / Fuldrex /

CR 12: Purple Worm / Roper / Leonal / Catoblepas / Derghodaemon / Omox / Taiga Giant / Shining Child / Baregara / Coloxus / Shira / Jorogumo / Rusalka / Valkyrie / Aoandon / Lorelei / Sayona / Vouivre / Amarok / Scitalis / Banelight / Bonethorn / Ghole / Gravesludge / Yurei / Black Jinni / Umdhlebi / Kokogiak / Ez-Azael / Nachzehrer /

CR 13: Glabrezu / Gelugon / Froghemoth / Banshee / Charybdis / Thanadaemon / Viper Vine / Akhlut / Alraune / Azruverda / Gore Weaver / Argus / Gashadokuro / Seaweed Siren / Wickerman / Cetus / Cherufe / Corpse Lotus / Papinijuwari / Kamaitachi / Kikituk / Titanoboa / Psoglav / Inkanyamba / Ixion Worm / Radiant Essence / Empusa /

CR 14: Nalfeshnee / Gylou / Leng Spider / Nightwing / Worm That Walks / Demilich / Sepid / Ankou / Bodythief / Ocean Giant / Rokurokubi / Xanthos / Death Coach / Wakandagi / Atuikakura / Temerdaemon / Plague Giant / Rawhead / Lapsudaemon / Grisantian Lion / Bolla / Chronogeist / Kakuen-Taka /

CR 15: Neothelid / Phoenix / Cetaceal / Crystal Dragon / Black Scorpion / Xacarba / Crucidaemon / Dybbuk / Cannon Golem / Gorynych / Jubjub Bird / Kongamato / Popobala / Sea Bonze / Barometz / Hamadryad / Hyakume / Ypotryll / Seraptis / Nightmare Dragon / Isonade / Riftcreeper / Gold Golem / Targotha / Addu / Faceless Whale / Basavan /

CR 16: Astradaemon / Bdellavritra / Brine Dragon / Nightwalker / Scylla / Slimy Demodand / Ecorche / Grootslang / Fjord Linnorm / Warsworn / Zomok / Gegenees / Muse / Ningen / Vilderavn / Saurian / Elder Sphinx / Mustelidal / Kudimmu / Corbayrant /

CR 17: Marilith / Magma Dragon / Rune Giant / Keketar / Thrasfyr / Wendigo / Winterwight / Bandersnatch / Bakekujira / Immortal Ichor / Tunche / Cervinal / Deimavigga / Plankta / Wyrmwraith / Swamp Blight / Phasmadaemon /

CR 18: Bronze Dragon / Kraken / Purrodaemon / Cloud Dragon / Nightcrawler / Sky Dragon / Norn / Advodaza / Erlking / Taniniver / Anemos / Anunnaki / Bone Ship / Saxra / Mosslord / Hadhayosh / Ammut /

CR 19: Silver Dragon / Shoggoth / Puragaus / Umbral Dragon / Adamantine Golem / Sard / Forest Dragon / Humbaba / Deep Sea Serpent / Tzitzimitl / Stone Colossus / Grendel / Dream Dragon / Obcisidaemon / Wild Hunt Monarch / Sturzstromer /

CR 20: Balor / Gold Dragon / Draconal / Olethrodaemon / Nightwave / Eremite / Time Dragon / Empyrean Angel / Euryale /

CR 20+: Solar / Tarrasque / Jabberwock / Hekatonkheires / Drakaina / Elohim / Julunggali / Mogaru / Fomorian / Glaistig / Grim Reaper / Hundun / Shen / Cipactli / Green Man / Ouroboros / Apocalypse Dragon /

The only two I'm doubting of adding here are the Colour Out of Space and the Hound of Tindalos. Everything not mentioned here, well I'm not a big fan of those, I understand that others are and I of course won't mind their inclusion (though I hope robots end up with the Starfinder material)

Seventh Seal wrote:
Awahoon wrote:
...Seeing there are 400 creatures in a 300 page book, <snip>
The Bestiary is 360 pages, according to the information released at the banquet.

Well, a 360 page book covering 400 monsters, with legenda's, information pages and other such things not counting, I'm sure this book will have a lot of 2 page animal things... Only the animals share a page, no other creatures share pages. And knowing the Dragons, Elementals, Unique creatures all take up 2 pages each, that means even more 2 page vermin/animals.

I'm happy about the vermin (hopefully they make an interesting choice though, I mean, nobody cares about a tiny scorpion with a red stinger... Just put two very different very awesome scorpions in there.)

j b 200 wrote:
Awahoon wrote:
So the same old D&D cast, hopefully, they reveal some less known Paizo-ONly monsters soon.
Treerazor is in there.

Hmmm, unique monsters in the first book? Not a fan, they take up space and should be in their own book, just like templates, good-guys and animals.

Seeing there are 400 creatures in a 300 page book, I guess we see A LOT of normal animals in this one, well, let's get them over with so they are gone for the Bestiary 2. There probably will be a lot of unique monsters, a lot of lovecraft stuff, a lot of D&D monsters, a lot of Bestiary 1 and 2 (first edition) monsters, many Rainbow dragons, many elemental golems, drakes and giants, too many demons (+lords) and devils (+lords), some Kaiju and many robots. Which are all reasons I'm doubting of skipping the first Bestiary, and wait for the probably better part 2.

I'm talking about Daemons, Div, Alraune, Akhlut, Buggane, Coloxus, Pard, Kamaitachi, Papinijuwari, Nue, Nuckelavee, Deathtrap Ooze, Lovelorn, Leanan Sidhe, Abaia, Alp, Karkadann, Isonade, Almiraj, Hungry Fog, Bestiary 2 Dragons, Leafray, Lampad, Jorogumo.

I hope to see more of those type of monsters. But I'm sure I'll see them again around book 3/4... The cool stuff is always kept for last. However, in the first episode of Pathfinder, books 3, 4, and 5 were the best in my opinion, 6 was rather bad and random, mostly because the unique powerhouses I don't really care for, it had some fun ones like Ghole, Kamaitachi and lovelorn, but the bad ones outshined the good ones.

Marco Massoudi wrote:

From the Paizocon reveal:

Bestiary is next: JB has the bestiary in hand. 400 monsters, 300 pages. Released 8/1/2019.

Angels, Deva, Vrock, Zombie, Flesh Worms, etc.

Talks about templates for monsters: like unkillable and whatnot.

Lich, Dragons, etc.

Thanks to Painlord!

So the same old D&D cast, hopefully, they reveal some less known Paizo-ONly monsters soon.

I just really hope they will give their own twist to the D&D monsters, and use less of those. Also the Barghest, Salamander, Chimera and all those other Mythology monsters, should be Pathfinder versions, not D&D versions.

How much of these 400 monsters are actually just normal animals?

Well, mostly Bestiary 1 gets the most popular monsters, Manticore, Medusa, Minotaur, Chimera, Hydra, Kobolds, playable races, horses, dogs and other such monsters out of the way, the most common of d&d demons and devils, remorhaz, rust monster, maybe wendigo if I'm lucky and there are still Native American monsters allowed in there. Also elemental giants, golems and such. And of course the D&D dragons, which I'm really a bit tired off, rather see the dragons from Bestiary 2 in the first 2nd edition bestiary 1...

I'm waiting on book 2 mostly because the more obscure mythology monsters (and obscure pathfinder monsters) will appear around there, Ahuizotl, Aklhlut, Almiraj, Alraune, Papinijuwari and much more like those, they will never make it in the first book with so much D&D competition.

I hope I'm wrong, but I can feel it in my blood, most people love such famous monsters most, so they all be in.

Can't wait for Bestiary 2! (Bestiary 1 isn't really my thing with mostly D&D monsters, playable races and normal animals, so get this over with and I see ya'll in 3 years lol)

"Until P2 is released, that can still happen, right? "

This part confused me, and I could NOT find a topic about the first bestiary of Pathfinder 2... So I thought all could have been cancelled and they just continued with Adventure Paths as this part inclined: "At best, we could use this to suggest monsters in later APs."

Happy to hear it is still a thing.

The pathfinder Bestiary 1 (second edition) is coming out in August right? Or is it delayed?

Is Patfhinder 2 not going to happen? What?

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"people who straddle the line between the living and the dead"

This could be the African Emere?

Is there already a wishlist for Bestiary 1 for pathfinder 2nd edition? If there is, can somebody link me to it?

Or is there already an announcement or a topic about the first 2nd edition pathfinder bestiary which must come out around August this year.

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I don't understand why Patfinder 2 still has D&D monsters at all? I would get rid of all of them, spare for the mythological ones, and even those should be changed, such as the Barghest and the Chimerae to resemble other creatures, not pure D&D clones. I actually LOVE the newly created daemons (pathfinder originals) more than the D&D ones, so I wouldn't miss those at all.

I really hope at least the Salamander, Barghest and Chimera will be changed as well, they feel too much like D&D, and not as pathfinder.

Awesome book full of Mythological creatures! Love the Aatxe, Peluda, Green Knight, Gaki, Ichneumon, Kallikantzaros, Kulmking, Ouroboros, Piasa, Pixiu, and Ziphius!

Not a big fan of the Gulon (why it isn't a wolverine?), Lou Carcolh (Love the artwork, but it is much to low Challenge rating for my taste), Nalusa Falaya (also STUNNING artwork, but the mythical abilities are missing, especially the ability to turn victims into murderous evils), Nian (not a fan of anything, much too low level), Scitalis (Too weak for my taste), Wind Weasel (Only thing I don't like is its speed and why it isn't called Kamaitachi?)

Most of the other non-mythology monsters are very awesome as well! Cool golems, cool oozes! cool! good buy for me! Hope to see more Bestiaries from you guys FULL of Mythological monsters! Especially more of the unknown myth monsters from Australia or from the abookofcreatures website!

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