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Is there an ETA on when the back-ordered portion of this order is expected to come in?

Thank you,


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Making Fighters, Thieves, studded leather and kicking ass viable options since 1975...

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Would it be possible to split the PF Advice forums into Player requests, character guides and optimization as one forum and another for GMs - for adventure suggestions, creature builds, GM questions/advice, encounter design and other GM toolkit related issues?

Due to ratio of players vs. GMs out there, much of the GM tools and ideas get buried in build/optimization requests or other player related gaming issues (actual advice). I would like a one stop location for GMs searching for tools, aids, etc - vs. having to sort through PC problems and guides.

Just an idea that would help GMs (new and old) by keeping creative content and guides in one location.

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Now that the last of the Iron Gods Ap has shipped, please cancel by AP subscription.


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Would it be possible (and not sure if this is the right place) to set up some kind of notification system when an item is available for order? Be it a subscription item that can start a new sub or a backorder item?

I did a search of this subforum and most of the notification requests are threat/reply related. I am looking for a system to place an item on watch - be it in a sub, backorder, pre-order and then getting either an email or message board notification at the earliest point it becomes available (as sub or if the item is in warehouse/inventory).

For example - I am currently subscribing to Iron Gods AP but not the Campaign line - I want the map folio for this series which happens to be in the Campaign line and will be available in a few months. It would be nice to get a notice to "start with" for subscription when this becomes available instead of having to spot check upcoming items I am interested in without the need for checking each line.

Thank you for your time.


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I will probably sub back when the river packs are available.

Thank you,


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I don't think this order is actually ever going to be fulfilled and is going to be stuck in Limbo.

I'm not sure if this vendor went under/out of business as I've tried to contact Hammerdog with no luck. Unless you guys have heard otherwise and you are getting restocked on these screens some time soon I would like to cancel my side cart on this one.

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I will re-sub again when the Iron Gods map folio roll around.

Thank you

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I wanted to start this thread as inspired by this current one for Slumbering Tsar.
So this can be a forum for DMs who are running Rappan Athuk are considering running it or if you have any ideas or questions about running an RA campaign or anything associated with RA (Expansions, Lost Lands, etc) or even stories.

This thread is for DMs so if you plan on playing in this adventure/campaign you should probably stay out. Due to the nature of this thread putting spoiler tags on stories and exchanges won't work - so players would be best advised to not continue past this point.


One of the 1st questions I have would be how people are managing or plan on managing the wilderness encounters for starting (level 1 PCs). Are you going to start them at Zelkor's Ferry or do they have to get there? Will you steer them to the Mouth of Doom or the Tunnels of Terror or will you let them wander around the RA environs hoping they don't get killed?

Also, do you plan on running this in Golarion - if so, where? Or maybe the Lost lands (not heavily detailed as a campaign world as of yet) or somewhere else?

I want this to be a thread to share ideas about this meat-grinder of a mega dungeon.

All ideas are welcome!

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Just a few questions about my recent subs.

I added the AP, Campaign and Map subs with the specific intent of getting Iron Gods related product: Starting with Iron Gods AP, Technology Guide and the Starship Chambers maps - each selected with the "Start With" option.

I don't know if this is an automated feature - but it has my starting products as the last two APs of the Mummy's Mask, Mummy's Mask Map Folio and City Gates Flip maps.

I just want to make sure that the "Start with" these products are what I actually start with - the Iron Gods related products. It's been awhile since I had a full set of subs, so I don't know if this is just a default (current products) feature of the order process.



The secret has been revealed

It's a short free module, a little rail-roady but it is designed with new players/Dm in mind.

A large number of PreGens which seem to follow some of the rules for the online basic rule set. I don't how much of these classes abilities are made up by FGG as extrapolated from whats been released or if FGG has some kind of inside track to WotC. I don't have the starter box set so I don't know if there is more CharGen rules in the box set than what was released online today.

Wizard's Amulet

There is an interesting advert on the last page for FGG fans. IDK, more questions than answers at this point. I may be prematurely spilling the beans here, but it looks like FGG is going to be running a new KS tied to D&D Next.

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A sad day on Sad Hill Cemetary.

True CN in The Good the Bad and The Ugly (and essay on the Chaotic Alignements).

Your acting in westerns affected my GM style and NPC interactions in many a Post-apocalyptic game.

Rest Well

GBU, 2nd to last scene

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I will re-up after the Mummy's map folio ships to pick up anything and everything Iron God.



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Hello All,

Question: Can anyone here point me out to a good map making tool for gaming?

I would like it to cover all sorts of gaming: Fantasy, Modern, Sci-fi - but at this point a good wilderness map toolkit and a dungeon designer would work.

I'm looking for something that has the solid basics with one purchase (with options to add on), I don't want a subscription model - I want to own the software. If there is a really good piece of software for fantasy gaming with a modern/sci-fi/PA option I would also go for that. Just don't want to pay fees - I would rather pay up front for one or two purchases.

I've used the cartography tools that came out with the AD&D DVDs some years back - it had all the books, character, encounter and npc generator - it also had few options for making wilderness maps.

There was another piece of software I used years ago - Campaign Cartographer (?), maybe - can't remember the name.

I would like to be able to draw surface maps (above ground buildings), Dungeon or cavern maps and large area/wilderness/environs maps.
As I stated earlier, I would really like to be able to use this for other game types besides fantasy - so if someone has seen one that has ruins, wrecked cars or modern features (roads) that would be a big perk.

Not going to use this for VTT or for printing battle maps - just need these an DM/GM reference tool or for player handouts or if I want to provide a map for content that is posted online.

Thanks in advance...

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Just met him at Monsterpalooza (in Burbank CA) around 10 minutes. Great guy, got a signed artbook from him. Discussed some of his artwork in Darksun and Book of Vile Darkness. Funny thing, this is primarily a horror effects and art con, whereas I immediately recognized his work from D&D.

Paizo or FGG - commission some work from this guy!

Anyway - going in to see a panel on the War of the Gargantuas.

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So, who's going to bite the dust in the second half of the 4th season?


I can only pay out in quatloos, but knowing that you won on the Paizo Messageboards and internets should really be reward enough.

I am going for the low hanging fruit and guess that before this next season is closed out we will see:

-Glenn or Tyreese die, possibly both.

I could be wrong about this, because at this point I am make wild claims.

Here is your chance post your picks and to win at the internet.

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Why was this post allowed to stand, yet most all subsequent post that quoted part of this were removed?

Jessica Price (to name a specific moderator) seemingly has a gender-role axe to grind and frequently will let certain post stand that are in obvious and direct violation of forum rules/but in-line with her personal views on the matter, while she will delete posts that she disagrees with or moves off the (inevitable) subject of gender politics.

JonGarrett wrote:

Do modern values have any place in a fantasy game? About as much as medieval ones do.

A fantasy setting rarely has any connection to historic issues. Take homosexuality - it was perfectly acceptable in many places and many cultures until the spread of Christianity. We have solid records of Egyptian officials, Roman Emperors, Japanese Samurai and many other engaging in the homosexuality. Often on the side of marriage, true, because children were almost universally considered important to carrying on a legacy (and how many PC characters stick to that social custom?) but it was there.

Now take Golarion. The same level of homophobic behaviour makes no sense because at least three goddesses are engaged in a three way sexual relationship. How do you declare mortals are wrong to do it when the Gods themselves partake?

Same with woman. While there were exceptions to woman staying at home and being mothers, those women were often abused, raped and murdered for daring to be different. And that was considered a reasonable response. Again, something that makes no sense in setting like Golarion where there are female Gods - one of the primary warrior gods is Iomadae, a woman.

Let's face it - Pathfinder isn't a very good representative of the real world. If it was the Fighter would die to septic shock when a Kobold ran a dirty spear through his guts, the wizard would be burned at the stake for devil-worship, the Cleric would be a sociopath spreading his faith with sword and fire (and not casting pesky spells - withcraft again!) and the Barbarian would have smashed his skull during a fit.

Mostly the excuse 'I wanna be realistic to medieval times' is just that - an excuse to get all those pesky non-white people out of the setting (Which is, historically, a massive mistake - there were plenty of non-white people wandering Europe) or putting women in subservient roles with maybe one or two exceptions - who are usually 'tamed' by marriage to the hero.

And frankly, if you want that kinda literature, where white men are the saviours of all and all is right in the universe, just throw a rock in the fantasy section of the library - it's the rule, not the exception. It's nice to see both Wizard of the Coast and Paizo seem to be moving past that stuff these days, and honestly, anything else is a step backwards to such horror stories as a GM telling a woman at a convention, 'The only time a woman should have her mouth open at my table is to suck my dick.'

I know that for the most part that this is a hard left leaning company - which is your prerogative, but is this political view going to be extended out to how you guys moderate threads?

So now we can say things like "suck my dick" if it's illustrative of how one poster felt women were treated in the hobby in the past?

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Please cancel my RPG subscription, thank you.

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I just wanted to make sure there were no current issues with my order. When I received the notice email a few weeks ago there was some kind of error with my card (Ship-to address which is my work somehow got tied to my CC account billing address).

I fixed it that day or the day after but I never saw the hold charge on my account and wanted to make sure that there are no issues on my end holding up this order.


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Good song
Great song

Influenced Rock, Punk and Goth music scenes. Brilliant guy.

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I am currently working on a personal project to create what I consider a "true" AD&D 3rd edition. It is d20 based but not d20 obsessed (I will be using charts and tables for many things – attribute scores, etc – and not just scaling values). That being said it does borrow some of the better mechanics that are utilized in 3rd ed and PFRPG - open ended AC, Skill values and Saves.

Without getting too involved in detailing that project (I can post it here if anyone is interested) I did introduce a quality class to Saving Throws (currently we have Good and Bad save qualities). This is the "Average" Save quality. I will also detail how I will be using it in my AD&D3 project - but it can easily be incorporated into PFRPG using my samples. The core offering - the Average Save category and its applications are not sexy, crazy or outrageous, just presenting an additional value to current the Good/Bad save categories.

So here it is, the Average Save category (I have the current Good and Bad Saves also listed as a comparison):

Average Save Value Chart:

Level/HD 1 - Average Save: +1, Good Save: +2, Bad Save: +0
Level/HD 2 - Average Save: +1, Good Save: +3, Bad Save: +0
Level/HD 3 - Average Save: +2, Good Save: +3, Bad Save: +1
Level/HD 4 - Average Save: +2, Good Save: +4, Bad Save: +1
Level/HD 5 - Average Save: +2, Good Save: +4, Bad Save: +1
Level/HD 6 - Average Save: +3, Good Save: +5, Bad Save: +2
Level/HD 7 - Average Save: +3, Good Save: +5, Bad Save: +2
Level/HD 8 - Average Save: +4, Good Save: +6, Bad Save: +2
Level/HD 9 - Average Save: +4, Good Save: +6, Bad Save: +3
Level/HD 10 - Average Save: +5, Good Save: +7, Bad Save: +3
Level/HD 11 - Average Save: +5, Good Save: +7, Bad Save: +3
Level/HD 12 - Average Save: +6, Good Save: +8, Bad Save: +4
Level/HD 13 - Average Save: +6, Good Save: +8, Bad Save: +4
Level/HD 14 - Average Save: +6, Good Save: +9, Bad Save: +4
Level/HD 15 - Average Save: +7, Good Save: +9, Bad Save: +5
Level/HD 16 - Average Save: +7, Good Save: +10, Bad Save: +5
Level/HD 17 - Average Save: +7, Good Save: +10, Bad Save: +5
Level/HD 18 - Average Save: +8, Good Save: +11, Bad Save: +6
Level/HD 19 - Average Save: +8, Good Save: +11, Bad Save: +6
Level/HD 20 - Average Save: +9, Good Save: +12, Bad Save: +6
Level/HD 21 - Average Save: +9, Good Save: +12, Bad Save: +7
Level/HD 22 - Average Save: +10, Good Save: +13, Bad Save: +7
Level/HD 23 - Average Save: +10, Good Save: +13, Bad Save: +7
Level/HD 24 - Average Save: +11, Good Save: +14, Bad Save: +8
Level/HD 25 - Average Save: +11, Good Save: +14, Bad Save: +8
Level/HD 26 - Average Save: +11, Good Save: +15, Bad Save: +8
Level/HD 27 - Average Save: +12, Good Save: +15, Bad Save: +9
Level/HD 28 - Average Save: +12, Good Save: +16, Bad Save: +9
Level/HD 29 - Average Save: +12, Good Save: +16, Bad Save: +9
Level/HD 30 - Average Save: +13, Good Save: +17, Bad Save: +10

Here is how I plan on using it for AD&D3
Base Classes -
Fighter Saves:
- Fort: Good
- Reflex: Average
- Will: Average

- Fort: Average
- Reflex: Good
- Will: Average

- Fort: Average
- Reflex: Bad
- Will: Good

- Fort: Bad
- Reflex: Average
- Will: Good

AD&D3 Save design structure – notes:
The way I am handling saves for AD&D3 is a little different (for those who care) than PFPRG or 3rd ed:

- Saves will be fixed DCs based on spell level (level 1 spells will be DC 15, level 2 spells will be DC 16, etc) and not caster dependant. This is a deliberate design consideration (for many, many reasons).
- Casters will not be able to affect DC values directly, they will have access to feats that affect the spell/secondary spell function but there will be no stat manipulation (on the caster or savers side). This is a deliberate design consideration as Feats in AD&D will not provide +X value to Y ability/spell/effect (with the exception of a few limited weapon based feats).
- Saves and rolls WILL NOT BE BINARY MADE IT OR FAIL. In other words, if you miss a save by one value the spell/effect will be different than if you were to miss it by 5. This also goes for beating a Save roll. This design focus will be applied to all d20 checks (attacks, skill checks, proficiency checks, etc).

Anyway, the purpose of the thread was to offer a 3rd Save progression path and to provide some examples of how this new progression path could be applied to the classes that exist in the PFRPG (or 3rd ed for that matter).

Let me know what you guys think: impact, shoring up martially inclined classes, possible use for creatures and potential game impact, etc.

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I'm sure this may have already been posted somewhere on the forums, but I wanted to throw out and idea over here to and see if I can get some feedback.

The primary focus of this thread is to allow martially inclined characters a built-in way to average out their attacks as a choice selection each round, in some cases lowing their first attack, in others eliminating their lowest attack so their other attacks have a chance to hit - all by using total BAB as the variable.

These alt attack values may be more effective when the player has a good guesstimate as to target defenses, would rather increase the chance to hit with two attacks instead of rolling three and hitting only with one, etc.

The idea would be that the player picks the attack routine at the beginning of the round. For the purpose of book keeping (for the players) I will probably only stat up two schemes (core and 1 alt).

Here it is:

+6/+1, Alt attack: +4/+3 (Total BAB 7)
+7/+2, Alt attack: +5/+4 (Total BAB 9)
+8/+3, Alt attack: +6/+5 (Total BAB 11)
+9/+4, Alt attack: +7/+6 (Total BAB 13)
+10/+5, Alt attack: +8/+7 (Total BAB 15)
+11/+6/+1, Alt attack: +9/+9 or +9/+5/+4 (Total BAB 18)
+12/+7/+2, Alt attack: +11/+10 or +10/+6/+5 (Total BAB 21)
+13/+8/+3, Alt attack: +12/+12 or +11/+7/+6 (Total BAB 24)
+14/+9/+4, Alt attack: +14/+13 or +12/+8/+7(Total BAB 27)
+15/+10/+5, Alt attack: +15/+15 or +13/+9/+8 (Total BAB 30)
+16/+11/+6/+1, Alt attack: +15/+15/+4 or +13/+11/+10 (Total BAB 34)
+17/+12/+7/+2, Alt attack: +16/+16/+6 or +15/+12/+11 (Total BAB 38)
+18/+13/+8/+3, Alt attack: +17/+17/+8 or +17/+13/+12 (Total BAB 42)
+19/+14/+9/+4, Alt attack: +18/+18/+10 or +18/+15/+13(Total BAB 46)
+20/+15/+10/+5, Alt attack: +19/+19/+12 or +19/+16/+15(Total BAB 50)

The numbers always add up to total BAB (including extra attacks), one rule, cannot go over base BAB for total level. In an open allocation system, the player could decide the array as long as it doesn't go over total points or over total hit die and maximum number of allowable attacks at level(so no: +1/+1/+1/+1/+1/+1/+/+1/+1 for a 7th level fighter).

So you could write out a scheme that gives +14 BAB for first attack for a 13th level fighter/1st level cleric, since total level = 14.

My main focus was to dump or average out that extra +1 or +3 attack into a tighter attack scheme. I know Trailblazer does something similar, but this I believe is different (at least the math is).

Note on multi-classing: Combine BAB of all classes to get Base BAB number. This is the number you would work with for the character in question. So a 5th level Fighter(+5)/5th Level wizard(+2) would be on BAB +7 = +7/+2, Alt attack: +5/+4 (Total BAB 9). Since he is 10th level he can decide to make 1 attack at +9 or since he has high enough BAB for two attacks: +8/+1 or +7/+2 or +6/+3 or +5/+4.


As an a aside alt rule: I was considering using up BAB points for extra combat maneuvers (min +5 BAB worth of points).

Example. 12th level fighter with an alt attack scheme of +10/+6/+5 sacrifices the last +5 so that he has +10 (combat maneuver included)/+6
So in effect, you roll that +5 into one of your other attacks as a standard action to perform a maneuver.
So +10(CM)/+6 or if the player likes: +12(CM)/+4 for the best chances to get that CM in.

Some combat maneuvers that can be included:
Aid another (attack or AC bonus of adjacent ally)

Bull Rush (as part of combined attack)
Disarm (as part of combined attack)
Over run (as part of combined attack)
Sunder (as part of combined attack)
Dirty Trick (as part of combined attack)
Drag (as part of combined attack)
Reposition (as part of combined attack)

All would still invoke AoO, unless you have the appropriate feat, but manuvers would be part of attack scheme. All rules are the same - though the manuver added attack must hit, and them CMB/CMD contest and checks occur as if conducting the move as a standard action.

Just a thought exercise.

Gouge away –is it crap for martials or a good alt to that annoying +2 or +3 attack that probably isn’t going to hit anyway?

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Cast In Ruin.

These scuplts look great. Not sure how many people have heard about this and I wanted to get this out there for any old school PA gamers who might be interested. These could work for old and new Gamma World and easily for a TMNT/After the Bomb game.

So far they have a sculpt of a Gallus Gallus 5/13 and Buggum warrior up, plus a work in progress for the Hoops.


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Due to mounting medical cost at this time I will have to cancel all 5 of my subscriptions. I don't know if I will be back soon, but I hope to be able to pick them up again in the future if the situation permits.

Thanks to everyone at Paizo, you guys are a great company and nice group of people.

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The card I have set up for my monthly subs was compromised over the weekend, as it currently stands I won't have a new card till the end of this week (probably when the order will ship).

I do have other methods to pay but your site has a message advising against changing payment methods for individual orders.

Thanks in advance

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Not sure if this is the right place

Was re-Dling some AP files and AP 30 is corrupt. Get some error about 'QXJLDF+SteelMagnolias' with a message saying that "some characters may not display or print correctly".

It isn't my adobe, I a have DL'ed all the prior AP installments in the series and those after it with no issues.

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I've come up with some minor fixes to round out a few of the non-caster martial classes.
They are pretty minor, but they make these classes flow somewhat closer to their older edition counterparts. I find it interesting that most casters get more than one good save (except wizards and Sorcerers) while the non-casters got left out in the cold. I ommited monks due to their pseudo-magical class abilities and their already high saves.
The last parts about feats apply to all classes which qualify.

Simple proposition and fixes

Fighters get one additional "Good" saving throw besides Fortitude. This is chosen at the first level of the class and cannot be changed at a later time. At 1st level the fighter may opt to have either Reflex or Will be his second "Good" save path. The saving throw catagory which is not selected remains unchanged.

Barbarians now get a "Good" save path for Reflex saving throws.

Rogues get one additional "Good" saving throw besides Reflex. This is chosen at the first level of the class and cannot be changed at a later time. At 1st level the rogue may opt to have either Fortitude or Will be his second "Good" save path. The saving throw catagory which is not selected remains unchanged.

Cavaliers now get a "Good" save path for Will saving throws.

Changes to feats – These are now considered “combat feats”*

Iron Will and Improved Iron Will
Lightning Reflexes and Improved Lightning Reflexes
Great Fortitude and Improved Great Fortitude

The above listed feats can be selected with any combat feat slot or class ability which allows the selection of combat feats.

Let me know what you guys think.

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Not sure if my order is being held up again by the Otherworld Demon Idol, if it is I would like it to be moved to the side cart so that the rest of my order and subscribed items can be sent out.

If it is holding up the order is there any way to find out when this mini will actually be coming in?
I placed the original order in April and every month since then I have had to get part of my original Otherworld order moved to a side cart. This is the last mini from that April order and I know it's a special order so I don't want to cancel it - but is it possible to just put it aside indefinitely until it actually arrives in the warehouse? I would give you permission to ship this one item separately as soon as it arrives, but at this point it just seems to hold up my other orders every month.

If the whole order is going to go out (with the Idol) and you guys just haven't processed mine yet then please disregard this message. I am just taking precautions since this item has been an issue for the last few months.


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I just want to make sure that special order Demon Idol is not holding up this order. If it isn't yet available I would like it moved out to a sidecart so the rest of my order is not held up, thanks.

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I'm reposting this from another thread as a potential product idea to support the new GMG

Seeing the concept of the excellent new chase rules in the GMG (pg 232-233) would you guys consider making sets of pre-printed chase cards, maybe as part of the gamemastery series of decks?
Each card would detail multiple chase option relevant to the environment and circumstances with extra events thrown into the mix just to make things even more random.

I could see two possible sets out of this:

Set 1 Vehicular/Mounted/Assisted chase through environment
Open Road + town cards
Wilderness (rugged terrain)
Water (w/ships, maybe add some notes on small vs. large ships)
Event Card - not a chase terrain but something that affects both the hunter and the hunted, bad luck, hunter moves up one, extra split path – then draw the next card

Set 2 On foot
In city/town
Wilderness (forest, mountain, etc)
Other/open terrain (plains, desert, ice, etc)
Event Card - not a chase terrain but something that affects both the hunter and the hunted, bad luck, hunter moves up one, extra split path – then draw the next card

Cards could be laid out in a grid with some choices and paths known or drawn from split decks with only the first card up in the deck as a know option with the rest of the run being a random draw after with some path options.
You can also run to simultaneous races from different starting points/directions to the same locale – DM determines how many cards will be in each group’s path to reach the destination first (assuming no teleport of course), the team that gets there in the shortest number of turns wins. Then they can set up the ambush for their rivals.

The actual events on the cards can be so generic that some of the subdivisions could be condensed or you could have multiple DCs for different terrains listed on each card with a different option(s) based on the environment the card is supposed to represent.

Sample card - Mounted Chase
Forest – Chase option 1
Chase option 2
Cavern/Darklands – Chase option 1
Chase option 2
City - Chase option 1
Chase option 2
Fit as many various terrain circumstance DC checks you could put on the card so you could maximize the use of each card in the deck.

You could even just make one set of very generic chase features for both vehicular chases and ones that occur on foot. Also they could take a very vague incident/event approach without specifics to terrain but more on the detail of bad luck, obstacles, shortcut, etc.
As a DM I would personally would prefer a more specific level of detail to the chase with events cards being vague enough as to make them generic and easy to apply to all circumstances.

The DM could make specific decks and shuffle or stack them as they please.
Ex - maybe a stack of 5 open road cards and then 5 city cards as the chase is "supposed" to come into town, shuffle each set of five then place road on top of town. Maybe throw in an event card into each mini stack just to add even more random elements.

A small single page insert could cover the rules and use of the cards for those who have not picked up the GMG.

Anyway, there it is.

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Normally I have all my orders to set to ship with my AP but I just changed it my subscription to ship "Not hold anything".

My question/concern is this: I made this change to reflect that additional items have held up my order in the past. There are few items I ordered from back in April and a few items I just added recently.

Ideally I would still like all of these to ship together if possible, my concern is that I do not have one item (special order of Other World minis from April, or a single backordered Map of Mastery) hold up my orders - as they did last month. So I would like to combine as much of the items in my order which are available to ship as soon as the subscription orders roll out.


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Not a 4e fan in any way, shape or form but I just thought I would put this out there for any 4e gamers to share if they haven't seen it already.


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Couple of very cool little things I noticed when I was reading through the AP

Tribute to HPL pg 21


The Doom that Came to Varnhold.
A very nice touch and play on the title of HPL's "The Doom that Came to Sarnath."
Not the same story but very similar - a settlement from an expanding realm is destroyed by an ancient race which resided there before the settlers arrived.

Very cool


Got another perfect Harryhausen adaptation - again from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. What, no love for the Golden Voyage?
Adding in the Cyclops cults - which is very Golden Voyage was a cool bit of creature description.

Now I just need to figure out how to a quadruped/centaur up this monstrosity.

I hope that the Serpent's Skull continues the trend of excellent stop-motion monster tributes.

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My regular PF items seem to be held up by me adding in Otherworld minis to my order. The order was placed some time ago last month but it still shows "special order" next to each miniature.

My questions are - Since part of the miniature order was broken out to next month I assumed that the minis which were bundled with my current order were in stock.

Are the minis listed with my current subscription orders actually at the warehouse and my order just hasn't come up for packaging and delivery?

Or is this an indefinite hold up since half the items are not there and you have no idea when they are going to arrive?


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I was having issues with my finacial institution I bank with, as it stands everything has been cleared and settled. I had cancelled all my orders and subscriptions

Would it be possible to reinstate my subscriptions and pending orders
(+ sidecart) or do I need to reapply for all my subscriptions and re-create the order for the extra items?
All my account info/credit card, delivery addresses are unchanged.

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Please cancel all my subscriptions and pending orders.

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I gotta say, I was very pleased with the nice tribute encounter to B2 - The Keep on the Borderlands

B2-EGG Tribute:
The mad hermit and his pet puma!

Good work guys!

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Another idea I have been kicking around to expand on Kingmaker AP1, was the addition of another group of explorers, the B-team if you will.

I know on pg 13 it mentions one team of explorers being sent to explore and map the the Northern Greenbelt (in addition to the teams sent to the Glenebon Uplands, Nomen Heights, and The Slough) but I thought of a variant/addition to spice up some action/adventure seeds by adding another low-level team to also explore and compete with the party. The B-team can be comprised however you like, but should reflect a good cross reference of skills similar to standard PC party designed to fight and explore.

I think it's a good way to foster adventure or scenario seeds, threats, and or a place to draw from if players have their PC endure an early retirement due to death. So I'll just put out some ideas as points since there is no one concrete direction I have decided to go with on this:

  • The B-team as clock.
  • The B-team starts out around the same time as the PCs, they are determined to map the area (and collect some cash) as fast as possible. This can now put the PC on a clock on how fast they move, if they move at bad times (go out in bad weather, take extra risks, etc). Something if you want things to move faster.

  • The B-team are scum.
  • They will do what they can where they can to undermine and screw over the party as subtly as possible. Fighting out the gate should not be encouraged as this would reflect poorly on the party as a choice to represent Brevoy (open murder or combat at Oleg's for example). Ultimately this will lead to a showdown and there will be fighting. Could be played up and foreshadowed with some good PC/NPC dialogue (think Tombstone) before the inevitable fight. The fight may end up outside in the wilderness where the PC are set upon by another threat only to get attacked by these guys, or it could happen at the trading post after many built up smaller altercations - fights while gambling, bad trades, accusations of theft, claim jumping (lol), fighting over mistaken slights, women, too much booze, etc, etc. The more the build up, the better the day of reckoning will be when it comes.

  • The B-team, not a bad bunch of guys.
  • This version has the b-team at odds with the pcs as competition, but soon find out that these guys are just trying to make a living and a name for themselves (just like party), there may be some good ribbing, rivalry, and even friendship which can developed, maybe even a love interest.
    They can come to the party's rescue or the party can maybe end up helping them out of a bad situation - as they are captured/pinned down in a fight or trapped somewhere. They can be temporary extra muscle in a build up to a large single fight or encounter which goes beyond the scope of 4-5 PC style fights - maybe against a tough clan of gobbos or orcs who outnumber the party and are not going to be easy to deal with. Could be used sparingly in situations where the trading post needs to be defended or some big baddie needs to be taken out and it is a little beyond the party's realm of power.

    In any of the variants the party can end up trading info, gear, magic items (even with the scum option) and they can serve as an extra source for the DM for getting out leads, intel, etc. In the last version (which can be combined with the first) the party can mine this group for potential replacement PCs who die. These guys could end up being the PCs best friends and even end up in their cabinet as trusted administrators and politicians - (think of early US history) once the higher level Kingmaker aspect kicks into gear.

    In any case these are just some ideas, they each have a different purpose and can be used to minimal or major impact. The smallest being the B-team as scum, since that would probably (unless it's a guild) get worked out rather quickly. It is also possible to have a B and C team, the B-team being good guys while the C-team could be a group of villainous (but discrete) scum. The B-team helps party, becomes best friends and of course gets slaughtered by the C-team while they are exploring in the wilderness - maybe they were helping the party search a tough area, or aiding in covering ground – in the end, murdered. If the B-team and party become fast friends you should expect your PCs to show little or no remorse when it comes time for revenge.

    Could be other variants, B-team is scum, but actually it's their leader who is heavy handed, most of the guys in the crew are rough around the edges but not villainous bastards, they may even get tired of their leader and leave/seek out work on their own or even work for the party later on.

    Let me know what you guys think or if there is something I am missing, always appreciate feedback!

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    A concept I have been kicking around in my (mostly empty) head is the idea that there would be a rear base (Oleg's) support npc or team of npcs to help and support the party.

    Primarily I was thinking of a scribe research npc to help with any research on flora/fauna, redraw maps (with party cartographers help) and maybe just be a good info/intel guy. Could provide for some comic but real value help (think Dr. Marcus Brody from Raiders) and maybe serve as a non-optimized backup caster (Expert/wizard or cleric would be good). Could make for some good role-playing situations, scenario leads and serve as a tether to the civilized world.

    Of course depending on the relationship with the party, they will either have him as a retainer who will need to be paid or friend which they support by giving coin, items, etc. He would need money for cartography and mapping equipment, books, and possibly the building of a small residence/office which can be right near the trading post and can serve as a private den for the PCs if they don't want to be around other people while talking up their next moves. Since I plan on using spies, politics and some more intrigue as the campaign unfolds this kind of lodge/safe house may be invaluable (plus whatever bolt hole they may set up in the wilderness).

    A second npc would work with the first - maybe a weapon and armor smith who can help make or repair the party’s gear. Also a strong and reliable guy, maybe throw him in if the party needs muscle or some backup. Could be an ex-forester or ranger who is lame (bum leg) with some experience but little ability to travel for long periods (but can still kick ass). The party's adventures and exploits serve as his experiences by proxy.

    Both npcs would probably use the fast track (vs. medium) but would only get a fraction of xp based upon what the party brings back, needs researched, worked on, etc so they would advance at around the same rate as the pcs.

    Also to a point of DM style: I try to make my npcs as real and as involved as possible, the assumptions of these npcs is they are not fodder or there to be abused and or exploited. If a party is detached or disinterested in the fates of those who help them then I would be inclined to run these guys as strictly business and just another resource which needs direct compensation for services.

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    Is the Colossal Black Scorpion a tribute to the B-movie monster of the same name?

    Just a minor observation.

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    Is there any way to break this up in how it is charged so I can get the pdf for the Bestiary freed up? I switched my subscription to "Do not Hold" and the order is still being held up by the Seekers book.

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    I would like to order a few more items but I already placed my order. If I do a second order today will it all ship together - or can I just add a few more items to the orignal order?

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    Simple question, how does turn resistance aid undead creatures vs. the PFRPG Channel Energy ability?

    In the past turn resistance helped weaker undead from fleeing to easily (being turned) and also not be destroyed. How does it help now - does adds to the save to not flee/take damage?

    Was going to place this under cleric, but since it's an ability that more than one class can use I put it here.