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Full Name

Atia Leroung


CG Fem Conj. Wiz 4 | HP: 34/34 | AC 13(w/ MA 17) (T:12;FF11) | CMD: 12 | 30ft speed | Saves: Fort/Ref +3; Will +5 | Init +8 | Perc +2 | 8/8 Acid Dart | Hero Point: 2/3 | Condition:


Cantrips: acid splash, detect magic, prestidigitation, read magic; 1st 0/5 + 1/1 conj; lvl2 3/3 + 1/1 conj feats: Spell Penetration; Augment Summoning





Strength 7
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 21
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8

About Atia Leroung

Pirate Song

Atia Leroung, 24 F, Chelaxian Human, Chaotic Good
Appearance - Face
Appearance - full body

Atia is a 5-foot-nothing young woman with long, straight dirty-blonde hair usually pulled up into a ponytail. She has blue eyes, a rather delicate frame, and carries herself with an odd combination of both confidence and uncertainty - she wants people to perceive her as confident; however, she is generally screaming internally most of the time, and sometimes her face betrays it. Her clothing, though plain traveler’s gear, is of high-quality and well-maintained, details that hint at both fastidiousness and wealth. She carries her spellbook in a waterproof bag strapped to her side, along with various spell-component pouches.
Atia has two pretty distinct sides:
* The general face she shows the world, which is that cross between confident and terrified that makes her slightly unpredictable. It can be hard to tell what she's truly ignorant and naive about.
* The darker side - representative of her Chelish heritage, especially with nobility. Cruelty doesn't phase her much unless it's directed at her. Struggles to maintain attachments. Power-hungry. Very slow to trust.

Atia is one of several children belonging to the Leroung House in Cheliax. Her family is deeply entrenched in the University in the Chelish capital, which is where she received her education and training as a wizard. Her childhood was spoiled and relatively uneventful: parents who love her, siblings she generally gets along with. Where she fell short, however, was with her lack of desire to pursue the family interests - devils, etc. Typical Cheliax things. Atia was a student of the ancient history of Golarian, and under the pretense of investigating the ruins of Ghol-Gan, she headed to the isles of The Shackles alone to meet a rather dubious contact who claimed to have an old map of ruins she wanted to explore. Upon arrival to Port Peril, where she was set to meet the contact, Atia headed to a tavern called the Formidably Maid. While trying to appear a bit less naive and childish, she had a bit too much to drink and ended up passed out before making the deal. Her parents are aware of her traveling to this area, but they are unaware of any of the details of her travel.

With Haramaki: AC 13 (10+1 armor (Haramaki)+2 dex), Touch 12, FF 11
HP 34
Fortitude/Reflex 3; Will 5
Ring of Swimming +5 to swim

SPEED: 30ft/6 sq.
BAB: 2; CMB: 0; CMD: 12 (+2 BAB; -1 STR; +2 DEX)

Weapons: Dagger (Masterwork); critical 19-20/x2; piercing/slashing
[dice=Dagger, To hit]1d20[/dice]
[dice=Dagger, damage]1d4 - 2[/dice]

Light Crossbow: 19-20/x2, 80ft range
[dice=Crossbow, to hit]1d20 + 3[/dice]
[dice=Crossbow, piercing damage]1d8[/dice]


Pages: 43/100
Spell List
Spells per Day: unlimited cantrip, 1st: 5/day + 1 extra conjuration spell (due to specialization); 2nd: 3/day. Opposing schools: necromancy, enchantment

Cantrips (* denotes prepared):
Acid splash*; Arcane mark; breeze; chameleon scales; dancing lights; detect fiendish presence; detect magic*; detect poison; drench; flare; ghost sound; grasp; haunted fey aspect; jolt; light; mage hand; mending; message; oath of anonymity; open/close; penumbra; prestidigitation*; ray of frost; read magic*; resistance; root; scoop; scrivener’s chant; spark; vacuous vessel

1st Level Spells (* denotes prepared): Air bubble*; color spray; fumblestep; grease; mage armor*; magic missile*; shield; summon monster I; obscuring mist; burning disarm*; touch of the sea*; identify; enlarge person

2nd level spells (* denotes prepared): cloud of seasickness; scorching ray*; *summon monster II; blur; alter self

3rd level spells (* denotes prepared): slow

STR 7 (-2); DEX/CON/WIS 14 (+2); INT 21 (+5); CHA 8 (-1)
Carrying: light load: 23lbs or less; medium: 24-46lbs; heavy: 47-70lbs; over head: 70bs; off ground: 140lbs; drag/push: 350lbs
Currency: 6 gp, 3sp
Equipment/Items: Spellbook; spell component pouch; haramaki (armor) - no spell penalty, 1lb; Light Crossbow + 20 bolts, 4lbs; belt pouch; traveler’s outfit; waterskin; waterproof spellbook bag
Backpack (taken): bedroll, flint and steel, ink, inkpen, iron pot, mess kit, soap; torches (10); trail rations (5); 2 lengths of 50ft hempen rope, 1 grappling hook, one dolphin head carved with spells


Skill: Total (Ability/Modifier/Ranks/Misc) | (*) Trained only
Acrobatics: 2 (Dex/2/0/0)
Appraise: 5 (Int/5/0/0)
Artistry: 5 (Int/5/0/0)
Bluff: -1 (Cha/-1/0/0)
Climb: -2 (Str/-2/0/0)
Craft A/B/C: 5 (Int/5/0/0) (magic items)
Diplomacy: -1 (Cha/-1/0/0)
*Disable Device: Dex, not trained
Disguise: -1 (Cha/-1/0/0)
Escape Artist: 2 (Dex/2/0/0)
Fly: 2 (Dex/2/0/0)
*Handle Animal: Cha, not trained
Heal: 2 (Wis/2/0/0)
Intimidate: -1 (Cha/-1/0/0)
Arcana: 12 (Int/5/4/3)
Dungeoneering: 11 (Int/5/3/3)
Georgraphy: 12 (Int/5/4/3)
History: 12 (Int/5/3/4)
Local: 11 (Int/5/2/4)
Nature: 9 (Int/5/1/3)
Nobility: 10 (Int/5/2/3)
Planes: 10 (Int/5/2/3)
Religion: 9 (Int/5/1/3)
*Engineering Int, no ranks
*Linguistics: Int, no ranks
*Lore: Int, no ranks
Perception: 2 (Wis/2/0/0)
Perform A/B: -1 (Cha/-1/0/0)
*Profession: Cook: 7 (Wis/2/2/3)
*Profession: Sailor: 9 (Wis/2/4/3)
Ride: 2 (Dex/2/0/0)
Sense Motive: 2 (Wis/2/0/0)
*Sleight of Hand: Dex, not trained
Spellcraft: 12 (Int/5/4/3)
Stealth: 2 (Dex/2/0/0)
Survival: 2 (Wis/2/0/0)
Swim: 6 (Str/-2/0/8)
*Use Magic Device: Cha, not trained

Feats, Traits, Languages, and Abilities:

Feats: Improved Initiative, Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus: Conjuration (+1 DC for all saving throws against spells from conjuration), Spell Penetration (+2 bonus on caster level checks (1d20 + caster level) made to overcome a creature’s spell resistance); Augment Summoning (+4 enhancement bonus to strength and constitution on any creature conjured with a summon spell)

Traits: Skilled (Human); Ancient Explorer (+1 trait bonus on knowledge (history/local) checks and one is always a class skill (history), also get polyglot or cyclops as bonus language; Reactionary (+2 init); Hedge Magician (reduce gp cost of crafting a magic item by 5%)

Languages: Aquan, common, cyclops, dwarven, elven, polygot, infernal

Summoner’s Charm (Su): Whenever you cast a conjuration (summoning) spell, increase the duration by a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your wizard level (minimum 1). This increase is not doubled by Extend Spell. At 20th level, you can change the duration of all summon monster spells to permanent. You can have no more than one summon monster spell made permanent in this way at one time. If you designate another summon monster spell as permanent, the previous spell immediately ends.
Acid Dart: As a standard action you can unleash an acid dart targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. The acid dart deals 1d6 points of acid damage + 1 for every two wizard levels you possess. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier. This attack ignores spell resistance.

Parrot Familiar: Asmodeus:

Scarlet Macaw - Pic
AC 16; T 14; FF 14
HP 9/9
Saves: Fort +1; Ref +4; Will +5
Speed: 10ft; 40ft fly
Melee: bite + 5; 1d4
STR 2; DEX 15; CON 8; INT 6; WIS 15; CHA 7
BAB +1; CMB 1; CMD 7
Feats: Skill Focus, Weapon Finesse
Skills: Swim +2; Climb +2; Stealth +10; Perception +9
Adds +3 to swim checks for master

Campaign Notes:

+4 to profession cook checks from galley kitchen, +1 int/cooking from the massive cookbook. obtained a masterwork dagger.