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HP 162/162 shield h13 104/104| AC 33 (35) | F +21 R +18 W +17 | Perception +18 (+19 for vision, +20 for initiative) | Hero 1/3 | Default Exploration=Defend


| Resistance 4 to piercing, 1 to cold, electricity, negative energy | Conditions:


F Human CG | Fighter 11 | ◆◇↺ |

Strength 20
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About Astrid Gertasdottir

Astrid Gertasdottir
Female human fighter 11
CG, Medium, Human, Humanoid
Heritage versatile heritage
Background guard
Perception +18 (+20 for initiative checks., +19 to checks involving sight.)
Languages Common, Hallit, Skald, Tien
Skills Acrobatics(T) +15, Arcana(T) +15, Athletics(M) +23, Crafting(T) +15, Deception(T) +16, Diplomacy(U) +14, Intimidation(M) +22(24), Legal Lore(T) +15, Lore(any)(U) +13, Medicine(E) +16, Nature(T) +14, Occultism(T) +16, Performance(M) +20, Religion(U) +12, Society(T) +15, Stealth(T) +15, Survival(U) +12, Thievery(T) +15, Warfare Lore(T) +15
Str 20 (+5), Dex 14 (+2), Con 16 (+3), Int 14 (+2), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 16 (+3)
Other Items +2 Dread resilient splint mail, moderate sturdy shield, +1 striking, ghost touch shield boss (Draugakrossari or Ghostcrusher), (+1 striking) shortsword, +1 striking, returning light hammer (Frákastari or Rebounder), +2 Striking, shocking, shifting, bastard sword (Stormsóknarmaður or Stormstriker), hatchet, javelins (4), moderate dread ampoule, Aeon Stone (Pearly White Spindle), backpack, bag of holding I, bandolier, bedroll, belt pouch, belt pouch, cat’s eye elixir, chalks (10), demon mask, greater, doubling rings, flint and steel, goggles of night, grappling hook, healer's tools, lesser antidote, lesser antiplague, lesser healing potion x3, mug, mug, mug, pendant of the occult, potion of leaping, pup tent, rations (1 week)s (2), repair kit-superb, replacement pick, Potency Crystal (2, on javelins), rope (foot)s (50), sheath, signal whistle, silversheen, soap, thieves' tools, torches (5), waterskin, wayfinder, Scroll-See Invisibility, Scroll-Fleet Step, Scroll-Bless, Scroll-blur, Scroll-mirror image, Scroll-true strike x2, Scroll-sanctuary, Lesser Acid Flask, winter clothing, writing set, artisan's tools, Lifting Belt, Spellheart-Rime Crystal (on shield boss), Scroll-Soothe 3 x2, Scroll-Illusory Disguise, Scroll-Comprehend Languages 3, Fortifying Pebble (on shield), Scroll-Haste, Scroll-Fly, low grade cold iron shortsword (Hagsneiðari or Hagslicer), Scroll-protection x2, moderate bottled lightning, moderate acid flask, moderate ghost charge, moderate alchemists fire
AC 33 (35 with shield raised); Fort +21(successes are critical successes; Ref +18; Will +17 (Successes vs. fear effects are critical successes instead.)
HP 162
Speed 25 feet
Melee [1] +1 striking ghost touch shield boss +21 (attached to heavy shield, magical), Damage 2d6+7 B
Melee [1] +1 striking shortsword +23 (magical, versatile S, agile, finesse), Damage 2d6+8 P
Melee [1] +2 striking, shifting, shocking, bastard sword +24 (two-hand (1d12)), Damage 2d8+8 S +1d6 electrical
Melee [1] hatchet +20 (agile, thrown 10 ft., sweep), Damage 1d6+7 S
Melee [1] shield bash +20 (attached to shield), Damage 1d4+7 B
Ranged [1] moderate dread ampoule +18 (thrown 20 ft., alchemical, bomb, consumable, emotion, fear, mental, poison, splash), Damage 2d6+2 Ment +2 Mental splash
Ranged [1] hatchet +17 (agile, thrown 10 ft., sweep), Damage 1d6+7 S
Ranged [1] javelin +17 (thrown 30 ft.), Damage 1d6+7 P
Ranged +1 Striking, Returning Light hammer +18 (Magical, Agile, Thrown 20ft), Damage 2d6+7 b
Surprise Attack You spring into combat faster than foes can react. On the first round of combat, if you roll Deception or Stealth for initiative, creatures that haven’t acted are flat-footed to you.
Ancestry Feats Clever Improviser, Natural Ambition, Natural Skill, Multitalented-Bard Dedication (Warrior)
Class Feats Double Slice, Basic Trickery-Quick Draw, Reactive Shield, Sudden Charge, Quick Shield Block, Rogue Dedication, skill mastery (impressive performance, performance-master, athletics-expert)
General Feats Ancestral Paragon, Fleet, Shield Block, Toughness, Untrained Improvisation, Die Hard
Skill Feats Assurance, Battle Medicine, Hefty Hauler, Intimidating Glare, Quick Coercion, Quick Repair, Group Coercion, impressive performance, intimidating prowess
Combat Flexibility Intimidating Strike
Other Abilities attack of opportunity, battlefield surveyor, bravery, fighter weapon mastery, horizon hunters champion, lands of the linnorm kings, shield block, swords, weapon specialization, Juggernaut, Combat Flexibility
Spells Bullhorn, Light, Guidance (Pendant), Fear 3 (Mask), Ray of Frost (Spellheart)

Chronicles and Boons:
1 [ ] [ ] [ ] 1-00 Origin of the Open Road (Nexian Researcher): You can check a box next to this boon whenever you attempt a Pathfinder Society Lore check as part of the action required for that check. If you are Untrained in Pathfinder Society Lore, you can add your level to your Intelligence modifier when determining you bonus to this check.

2. [ ] [ ] [ ] 1-02 The Mosquito Witch (Cryptid Scholar): When you Recall Knowledge to identify a rare or unique creature, you can use the following reaction. Trigger: You attempt to Recall Knowledge to identify a creature you can see; Effect: You roll the skill check twice and use the better result.

3. [x] 1-01 The Absalom Initiation (Society Connections): Check the box that precedes this boon when you Earn Income during Downtime to attempt a task of level 1. If you critically fail the check, you still earn the result of a failure for that task.

Level 2

4. [ ] [ ] [ ] 1-03 Escaping the Grave (Team Player) Trigger: An ally fails a check on which you Aided. Effect: The ally can reroll the check and use the better result

5. 1-04 Bandits of Immenwood (Touched by the Storm) YOur exposure to the stormy power of the Scale of the Spurned Tempest has inured you to the elements to a small degree. While this boon is slotted, you gain cold resistance 1 and electrical resistance 1.

6. 1-05 Trailblazer's Bounty (Experienced Mountaineer) The Trek from Isger to Molthune taught you tricks for navigating treacherously steep terrain. While this boon is slotted, you treat mountainous terrain and other steep slopes as difficult terrain, rather than as greater difficult terrain.

Level 3

7. [ ] [ ] [ ] 1-06 Lost on the Spirit Road (Traveler of the Spirit Road): Whenever you would critically fail a check to Hide, Sneak, Sense Direction, or Track while in a forested area, you may check a box next to this boon as a free action to treat that check as a failure instead.

8. 1-07 Flooded King’s Court (Blast from the Past): You chose to deliver the undead Marcon Tinol to Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng, trusting in the experienced Pathfinder’s ability to deal with the undead safely. This boon will have unique benefits and consequences when slotted in a future scenario.

9. 1-09 Star-Crossed Voyages (Ally of the Iruxi): You befriended the iruxi of Kihirat. This boon will have a special benefit in a future adventure.

Level 4

10. Quest 3 Grehunde's Gorget

11. [ ] [ ] [ ] 1-08 Revolution on the Riverside (River Kingdoms Politician): Upon completing an adventure set in the River Kingdoms or Razmiran, you may check a box next to this boon when using your downtime to Earn Income to participate in the political intrigues of the region, allowing you to find an Earn Income task of up to your level +1. When all three boxes are checked, this boon will have a special effect in a future scenario.

12. 1-10 Tarnbreaker's Trail (GM) (Tarnbreaker Champions): While playing in an adventure that takes place primarily in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, you can stay for free at any Ulfen or Varki inn or similar establishment, and you gain a 10% on all non-magical goods bought in Ulfen or Varki settlements (this does not stack with any other discount or reduction in price). In addition, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus on all Diplomacy checks to Make A Request while playing in an adventure that takes place primarily in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.

13. 1-11 Flames of Rebellion (Devil's Keep-Advanced) You are the rightful master of the infernal keep known as Diggen's Rest. Once per adventure you can use the following reaction. Infernal Detonations-Trigger: A creature within 30 feet of you targets you or an ally with an attack. Effect: The creature takes fire damage equal to 1d6+your level (basic Reflex save). The DC of the reflex save is equal to your spell DC or your class DC whichever is higher.

Level 5

14. 1-13 Devil at the Crossroads (Convention Hero-Advanced) the underlying idea for this scenario came from a creative and enthusiastic audience at an adventure design panel at PaizoCon. You can slot this special boon only while playing a game at a convention. If you do, You begin the adventure with one additional Hero Point.

15. [ ] [ ] [ ] Q7 A Curious Claim (Amateur Adjuster): Whenever you attempt a check to Gather Information, Decipher Writing, or Create a Forgery, you can check a box next to this boon to gain a +1 circumstance bonus on the check. If the check involves interacting with a Druman business or a Druman bureaucracy, you instead gain a +3 circumstance bonus on the check.

16. 1-16 The Perennial Crown pt 1-Opal of Bhopan

17. 1-17 The Perennial Crown pt 2-The Thorned Monarch

18. Rugged Navigator boon

19.1-23 Star-Crossed Voyages

20. 1-25 Grim Symphony

21. 2-08 A Frosty Mug

22. 2-07 The Blakros Deception

23. 2-16 Freedom for Wishes

24. 2-20 Bastion in Embers

25. 2-22 Excising Ruination

26. 2-24 Parting Clouds

27. 3-99 Fate in the Future

28. Malevolence

29. 4-06 Signal From the Electric Laboratory

30. 4-11 Prisoners of the Electric Castle

31. 4-17 Trapping the Hag's Claw


Exotic Edge
Expert Hireling
Professional Hireling-Survival, Sailing Lore, Forager
Heroic Hustle
Rugged Mentor
Storied Talent
Frequent Shopper-Bellweather
1-13 Convention Hero