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It's Jade Regent. The Lone Shark Bloggers confirmed that with a wink long ago in one of their PACG blogs on the Paizo main page!

Chuck Wright wrote:
Cyclopean Deeps 2 will not be shipping the same time as Sword of Air.

Any ballpark time-frame for it? Vol. 1 is really really good!

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Is Cyclopean Deeps Volume 2 shipping the same time as Sword of Air? Bill sent me #1 last year but I have not heard anything about #2.

Jade Regeant would be cool for the next set.

Shattered Star would be cool for the "traditional" set after that.

Is deck six for Runelords now in 2nd printing? What about deck six in the retail channel? My guess is that by now it should be the US printing.

Vic Wertz wrote:
I think it might be early next year. There's something they haven't announced yet in front of it...

Hopefully that something is that they are making a custom case just for Wrath of the Righteous

What all do you have to have to run this dungeon? Just the Emerald Spire book and the Core Rules book?

Or do you have to have all the bestiaries? Or are all the stats from the bestiaries online?

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Thanks for the responses! Looks like I'll setting up my first Paizo subscription in February for Wrath of the Righteous!

For those of you who subscribe to the card-game, how is Paizo with shipping? Do they get stuff to you undamaged or are your boxes bashed in?

I am thinking of subscribing to the Wrath of the Righteous AP. But I'll pass if stuff regularly gets damaged. Coolstuff for example always gets stuff to me in pristine shape.

I like how you will get promos and a 20% discount on accessories. So maybe that would apply to the minis that got announced today? I know it applies to the Ultra Pro sleeves/boxes and the playmats.

Absolutely killer news!

I will be buying these for the PACG! Thanks for listening to all the cries for this! I'm glad you decided to do new sculpts so that it would not negate the value for the collectors of the old figures. This is perfect for us Card-game-only non-collectors! Thank you!!!

After reading through all the info on all the current RPG APs, Wrath of the Righteous is by far the coolest looking of them all. Very Diabloish!!!

I really hope this AP gets the full accessory treatment!

I want themed Ultra Pro sleeves & AP storage box!

I want themed playmats!

Reaper (metal/Bones) minis for all the AP characters (core/add-on deck) would be nice as well!

I don't see any custom dice for this AP. Are those in the works?

Is this a rough draft of the cover for the new AP?

Mike Selinker wrote:
Astral Frog wrote:
Wrath of the Righteous looks very Diabloish to me! And that is a good thing!
This is not at all coincidental. The PACG core design was influenced heavily by the thousands of hours I've spent playing the Diablo games.

Good answer! Good answer! Diablo is my all-time fave video-game RPG series!

In fact I am making another run through Reaper of Souls in a few minutes!

Btw Mike, I absolutely love Diablo II: The Awakening for AD&D 2nd Edition that you worked on back in the day. It was really the only good D&D Diablo book and I love all the random loot tables and how it pretty much completes the entire Diablo1 game to RPG format!

Wrath of the Righteous looks very Diabloish to me! And that is a good thing!

Arikiel wrote:
My vote would be for Shattered Star as it ties in nicely with RotRL. It would definitely help in creating custom campaigns to have thematically linked APs set in Varisia.

This is probably the best guess. I have a feeling all the ones I chose, would only be possible in the off-slots...the non-mainstream fantasy slots.

Shattered Star looks pretty cool though.

Be selective about the APs you buy! Problem solved!

You don't need every AP.
You don't need to sleeve every set with Official Ultra Pro themed sleeves.
You don't need to buy every pack of player mats.
You don't need to buy every class deck.
You don't need the promos.

Like the RPG, there is going to be far too much content for you to buy, let alone play. So now that you are free from that mindset, buy only those APs that interest you.

For me, Jade Regent is the AP that will get me to go all-in for an AP. I would subscribe to get the promos, buy the player-mats, get the official sleeves and storage box for that AP, promo poster, character add-on deck.

The fact that each AP is self-contained makes this work really well. It gives people jumping-on/jumping-off points that other games do not have!

I know they will reveal the 3rd Adventure Path at Paizo Con, but has there been any hints as to what it will or will not be?

My picks would be...

Jade Regent is #1 on my list. We need Samurai/Ninja in the game!
Wrath of the Righteous - Mythic level content and tons of demons so this is high up on my Diablo-loving list!
Serpent's Skull - I wish they would have done this instead of Skull & Shackles. Sure it has pirates, but much better than that is Mayan-like temples and lizardmen!
Carrion Crown - Gothic horror with Lovecraftian monstrosities! Maybe they can toss a few extra lovecraftian monsters in the core set adventures where you face, but do no kill them to appease all the Cthulhu requests. I'm talking base scenarios before you start the true adventure path just like in Rise of the Runelords baseset!
Second Darkness (Underdark, who does not like that?) [Even though many RPG players hate the AP, they could edit/change the parts people were appalled by]
Iron Gods - I know the RPG is not finished, but so far it looks like a great Scifi/Fantasy hybrid! I hope it gets selected in the future!

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

I think that would be 51d4.

Guess it does not matter then! lol

Vic Wertz wrote:
The Rise of the Runelords dice are pretty much indistinguishable from Koplow's Opaque Dice.

What is the max number of a given die needed at any time during an adventure path?

Are there any plans to sell extra dice sets for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game? Maybe, bright blue with white letters like those that come with Runelords but these would use the new consistent molds from Skull&Shackles.

Sure you can buy other dice, but extra official sets would be nice!

Adventure Case: A sturdy storage case capable of holding over 1,200 sleeved cards, including an entire PACG Base Set plus all expansion decks for that set plus dividers

When will we get to see these? Paizo Con?

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Mike/Vic, how about converting the 160-page hardcover megadungeon, The Emerald Spire into Pathfinder Adventure Card game? It would be sweet to have a total dungeon-crawling edition of the game. It is a official Pathfinder adventure after all! rdungeon

Thanks Vic! I like the direction you guys are taking this!

How many of the sets/packs are now available as 2nd(US) printings?

Will Runeloards stay in print for at least a few years? I realize that eventually you will not be able to keep all APs of the card game in print as it would be too much product.

Lastly, does the US(reprint) of the core set have the new more consistent(font) dice?

When is the GM sale going to hit the FGG site? Or did I read that wrong and it is only on Paizo's site?

Is Tome of Alchemy now 2015?

Skeeter Green wrote:

Chris Haskins is now handling all the subscription fulfillment. The is still valid.



Thanks! He fixed mine for me!

mach1.9pants wrote:
They are in folders for me, labelled 1-6 for both. So you DL the whole lot at once tho 6 isn't in there yet.

How did you find out there are new files? An email?

Where are the files located? I checked my account on, checked my downloads and nothing after 1-4 is there.
I also checked the old login pre-new-website and they are not there.

I should not have to go to Paizo boards to find out about this stuff!

brvheart wrote:
Downloaded mine last night. As expected it came soon:) Looks pretty good so far.

Downloaded what? Cyclopean Deeps 5? or Rappan Athuk 5?

Where did you download it from?
And were you emailed that it is available?

I have subscriptions to both but have had no notifications and I just logged into the and don't see anything new in my downloads section.

Heine Stick wrote:
With the exception of the Razor Coast books (Heart of the Razor and the Freebooter's Guide both have the issue with the cover warping as Fire as She Bears and the cover of Razor Coast itself seems a bit flimsy), I agree that Frog God Games books are of excellent quality. Certainly the binding seems to be sturdy and has held up quite nicely so far for me.

This is probably because Razor Coast (and maybe the other books from its kickstarter) were printed in China.

All the other Frog God Games hardcovers have sewn binding and are printed in the US at a textbook publishing company.

I got nearly all mine today, Skeeter Green is looking into the other files that are missing.

In my case I think I confused Chris with my original request because he had no records of my purchases because they were all directly through Kickstarter or direct via paypal to Krista/Bill yet he probably saw records of me buying Rappan Athuk swag through the old site but not any of the books that way. So I gave Skeeter an exact list of what I should have and where I purchased them and forwarded him one of my password emails. I'd hang onto those until you get everything centralized under your new account.

They will work with you to get your files centralized on the new site. It might take a few days/weeks/emails but they want to make it work well for us. I'm glad they are willing to go through the pains of doing this for each of us as like I mentioned, it's not really cut&dry exactly what everybody has because of all the ways they let us purchase stuff over the years.

You can get Slumbering Tsar heavily discounted via the Sword of Air kickstarter. Checkout update #9...

Slumbering Tsar PDF only $20
Slumbering Tsar PDF & Hardcover book $95 (Price is normalally $150)

Many other Frog God Games listed here... r/posts/637774

Bill Webb wrote:
What if we did a global "everything 15% off" or something? Not sure if viable; Krista and Chris might kill me--but would that be attractive?

20% would be even more enticing! So enticing that frankly I would be forced to quadruple my pledge! I would not even think twice!

*greedy frog smile

The thing is, if you did something like this you are going to be writing up 100 encounters because of the money rolling in. Are you really prepared to write that many encounters? And this would only be worth it for you if you have recovered your initial investment on said books.

But selling your books at a discount is a better add-on than say printing up character sheets, posters or dice which might cause delays cost you a bunch of money and you may end up sitting on vast piles of it and after subtracting the printing costs...may not really add to the cash pile for this kickstarter.

I'm definitly looking forward to the list of discounted FGG add-on books for this kickstarter. That could potentially get me to quadruple my pledge!

Yea, I would love it if Frog God consolidates all our pdfs under our account instead of the various passwords, vendors, etc. like is currently setup. It's the reason I want to buy every book direct and I hope they eventually add that functionality!

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scadgrad wrote:
I've been on board with all of the previous FGG kickstarts, so I'm thinking I'll nab this one as well.

You know you need to! There is even a kitty on the cover!

A Pathfinder Adventure Card Game version of Rappan Athuk would be awesome! I emailed Bill that idea last year.

I have a feeling Paizo is far to busy thinking about their own Adventure Paths they want to convert to give it much thought though. But it would be awesome!

Bill Webb wrote:
Ok--first draft done--Haskins is in layout on the KS--take us a few days to edit, and 2-5 for KS to approve. Shooting for Oct 1 release!

How about throwing us wolves a juicy steak to tide us over for the next 8 days. The cover art would suffice!

I'm expecting Bill to fly over the Paizo boards with his Frog-1 Bomber and drop the bombs soon. I see he posted this here on the 22nd of last month, that is two days before he even announced on his blog and his newsletter. His newsletter usually comes out between 20th-25th of each month. Prepare to be blown away!!!

I think pdf & drivethrough RPG print-on demand 60-card deck is the way to go.

Lets say I wait a year or six months to buy this replacement deck, will it have all errata rolled into it? I'd rather wait to see if as expansions come out more cards get added to the list.

Like will you keep adding to the virtual deck at DriveThrough RPG? Then I can buy that just once if I feel I need it.

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I wish they would convert Slumbering Tsar into a Swords & Wizardry hardcover.

Maybe Bill/Frogs is waiting to reveal the cover and kickstarter link in the new Rana Reader newsletter. They put that out usually on the 22nd/23rd of each month.

The amount of awesome content (at least Swords & Wizardry) coming out of FGG is borderline ridiculous!!!

Bill Webb wrote:
cover is almost done though:)

As in you will show us this today?

Cyclopean Deeps is destined to be a classic! I can wait many years for those eventual hardcovers!

I'm sure Paizo will recommend to Reaper to convert the remaining Iconics to Bones in Kickstarter #2. And probably a few other iconics for Adventure Path #2. They already have 3 new iconics not in the card game available in Bones.

I'll probably go the Bones route myself unless Paizo puts together some new pre-painted boxset.

Vic Wertz wrote:

Now, this doesn't mean we'll never do new minis of the iconics... but it does mean, in my mind at least, that they'll probably need to be new sculpts, and a non-random set with 11 new sculpts with awesome paint jobs...

All that said, we do know that people really want these, and we want to find a way to bring them to you—we kicked around some interesting ideas with WizKids at Gen Con...

Thanks for confirming a boxed set of the 11 Iconics with new sculpts for Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Players!


Paizo, thanks for doing this! It's great that you listened and made these sheets exactly like asked...a combo of deck-list and character leveling sheet! This not only allows us to track our characters, it allows us to have separate builds so that we can play in other people's campaigns!

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DrSnooze wrote:
As hinted at above, I think this is a missed opportunity to sell a bunch of minis. If you had a set of all 11 iconic prepainted minis, I'd buy them in a heartbeat so we could use them for this game.

I agree with this. A prepainted box of all 11 would be nice!

I know you can get the 4 from the beginner box in a pack, and some of the others as singles.

You can get 8 of them as unpainted white plastic Bones from Reaper.

You can get all 11 in metal from Reaper.

But a pre-painted set of all 11 would be really nice Paizo!

John Graham 323 wrote:
any plans on releasing the RuleBook as a PDF (and if so when)???

You can download a PDF of the rules here...

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