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Full Name

Askar Avari




Inquisitor 1:
HP 10, AC 19, Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +4, CMD 16, Perception +7, Init +4












Common, Sylvan

Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 7

About Askar Avari

Combat Stats:
Init +4
Melee +2
Ranged +4
CMB +2
CMD 16

Race Features:

Normal Vision

Class Features:

Stern Gaze - +1/2 level to Intimidate and Sense Motive
Strong Willed - Roll twice on Enchantment effects
Feather Domain: Eyes of the Hawk - +1/2 to Perception, +1 Flight maneuverability, Fly is a class skill


Armor Expert - -1 ACP
Rich Parents - Starting gold is 900gp


Point-Blank Shot (+1 attack and damage within 30')
Rapid Shot (-2 attack for an extra shot)

Special Abilities:

Judgement 1/day


Intimidate - 3
Kn: Arcana - 5
Kn: Nature - 5
Kn: Religion - 5
Kn: Planes - 5
Linguistics - 5
Perception - 7
Sense Motive - 7


MWK Longbow (+2) Composite (+6, 1d8+2x3), 60 arrows, 4 grappling
Starknife (+5 1d4+2)


Chain Shirt (+4 AC, -2 ACP)
Bucker (+1 AC, -1 ACP)


Backpack, Masterwork
Belt Pouch
Ear Plugs
Grappling Arrow x 4
Silk Rope 50'
Grooming Kit
Holy Symbol, Hip Flask
Holy Text, Fine
Ink, Inkpot, and Journal
Mess Kit
Trail Rations (5 days)
Explorer's Outfit
Feed (30 days) for Thrush


P - 5
G - 13
S - 1
C - 7


0) Detect Magic
0) Read Magic
0) Guidance
0) Light
1) Cure Light Wounds
1) Divine Favor

A Brief Background:

The Avari's are, as of the arrival of Askar's father, of marriage related to the wealthy banking family, the Goldenfields, the goldsmithing monopolists of Andoran. Askar grew up, in most respects, a perfectly fine boy of the upper class, attending school, acting respectful, making eye contact and the like. The only thing that might have been considered queer about him was his particular affinity for animals over humans, and his particular fascination with birds.

It was not until his adolescence that he seemed to develop a distaste for his family, both the Avaris (deeply embedded in the political system of the republic) and the Goldfields (cunning and, in his eyes, abusive of liberty). He began to read papers, books, and journals that had surfaced before the Peoples' Revolt, inspired by the teachings of Desna, whom was often accredited for the overcoming of incredible odds during the revolt against Cheliax.

He began to long for a life outside of his family, outside of politics and business, out of Andoran itself. At the age of twenty-one he came of age, but instead of fulfilling the expectations of his family, he became heavily involved in the church of Desna. Feeling his deeds there were futile, however, he later joined the Pathfinder Society, hoping to help the world without bureaucracy or politicking. He came to believe that the Decemvirate, the ten leaders of the Society, were the unbiased of the Society, and quickly developed a great deal of respect for Venture Captain Ambrus Valsin, perhaps because Askar's calm, thoughtful manner plays well with him.
Askar has been part of the society for one year, but has not seen much action. The Isle of Yune seems like an opportunity for him to make a small but relevant effect.

Physical Description:

There is no great physical prowess or significant stature in Askar's bloodline. The inheritance of his family is cunning unobservable by nature on his face. Of pale complexion and medium height, Askar is in most ways insignificant in appearance, although possessing a certain quality of fierceness in his expression.
He stands perhaps 5'10" tall with brown hair falling upon his shoulders, apparently uncut and barely tamed within the past several years. A more fresh beard, no more than an inch long, sits upon his face, composed of a darker brown than that which grows from his scalp. Cool gray eyes sit deeply in his face.
His clothes, while well-kept, are of no particular worth and are rather well-worn, although of decent enough quality to not show holes despite sun bleaching. The hint of his wealth is most clear in the exceptional composite bow upon his back, both of formidable weight and fine, perhaps even elven, make.

-Speak with the Thane about the Sidhe Gate.
-Speak with the Master of the Town of Luthgrad.
-Look into information pertaining to the Sidhe Mounds.
-Help Oberst manage his debts.
-Identify alchemical ingredients for Tazennin.
-Handle the bandits on the path from Rutt to Darth.

Party Gear:

Bullseye Lanterns (2)
4 Folding Poles
2 Blankets
60 rations
2 Signal Horns