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Full Name

Ashlion of Vudra


RETIRED: Saved the Isle of Kortos and now busy creating a very large family with his wives.

Strength 24
Dexterity 18
Constitution 21
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 19
Charisma 12

About Ashlion of Vudra

CG Male half-orc barbarian 20

Perception +29; darkvision, low-light vision
Languages Common, Orcish

Skills Acrobatics +29, Athletics +37 (+39 to lift a heavy object, Break a Grapple, or Break an Object.), Intimidation +30 (+32 when you physically menace the target of your Coerce or Demoralize attempt.), Lore: Megafauna +21, Nature +25, Stealth +25

Str 24 (+7), Dex 18 (+4), Con 21 (+5), Int 10 (+0), Wis 19 (+4), Cha 12 (+1)

Other Items +2 greater resilient breastplate, +2 greater striking shortbow, +3 major striking greater flaming warhammer, +3 major striking shortsword, belt of giant strength, doubling rings, greater demon mask, purse (1,845 gp; 12 sp; 6 cp)

AC 40; Fort +34 (Critical failures are failures instead. On failure vs. damaging effect, take half damage., Successes are critical successes instead.); Ref +29; Will +31 (When you succeed at a Will save, treat it as a critical success.)
HP 348
Resistance 8 to all damage. Resistance 13 while raging.

Speed 25 feet
Melee [1] +3 major striking greater flaming warhammer +35 (shove, magical), Damage 4d8+13 B +1d6 F +2d10 pers F on crit +2d8 persistent bleed on crit
Melee [1] +3 major striking shortsword +35 (magical, versatile S, agile, finesse), Damage 4d6+13 P +2d6 persistent bleed on crit
Ranged [1] +2 greater striking shortbow +31 (deadly 2d10, magical, range increment 60 feet, reload 0), Damage 3d6+6 P

Greater Juggernaut You have a stalwart physiology. Your proficiency rank for Fortitude saves increases to legendary. When you roll a critical failure on a Fortitude save, you get a failure instead. When you roll a failure on a Fortitude save against an effect that deals damage, you halve the damage you take.
Juggernaut Your body is accustomed to physical hardship and resistant to ailments. Your proficiency rank for Fortitude saves increases to master. When you roll a success on a Fortitude save, you get a critical success instead.

Rage [1] (barbarian, concentrate, emotion, mental) Requirements You aren’t fatigued or raging. Effect You tap into your inner fury and begin raging. You gain a number of temporary Hit Points equal to your level plus your Constitution modifier. This frenzy lasts for 1 minute, until there are no enemies you can perceive, or until you fall unconscious, whichever comes first. You can’t voluntarily stop raging. While you are raging:
• You deal 2 additional damage with melee weapons and unarmed attacks. This additional damage is halved if your weapon or unarmed attack is agile.
• You take a –1 penalty to AC.
• You can’t use actions with the concentrate trait unless they also have the rage trait. You can Seek while raging.
After you stop raging, you lose any remaining temporary Hit Points from Rage, and you can’t Rage again for 1 minute.

Ancestry Feats Incredible Ferocity, Orc Ferocity, Orc Sight, Rampaging Ferocity, Victorious Vigor
Class Feats Attack Of Opportunity, Brutal Critical, Double Slice, Giant's Stature, Sudden Charge, Titan's Stature, Unstoppable Juggernuat, Wounded Rage
General Feats Diehard, Toughness
Skill Feats Acrobatic Performer, Assurance, Battle Cry, Cloud Jump, Intimidating Glare, Intimidating Prowess, Kip Up, Scare To Death, Terrified Retreat, Titan Wrestler, Train Animal, Underwater Marauder, Water Sprint

Other Abilities anathema, brutality, deny advantage, giant instinct, heightened senses, indomitable will, instinct, medium armor expertise, mighty rage, quick rage, raging resistance, raging resistance, specialization ability, titan mauler (instinct ability), weapon fury, weapon specialization