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Full Name

Ashley Aaronson




Sorcerer/1 & Oracle/1 (gestalt)




M, 5, 6"




Neutral Good


Common, Undead

Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 13
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 10
Charisma 17

About Ashley Aaronson

Currently playing in: Shanosuke's The Sorcerers OOC: The Sorcerer's OOC
Hero Points:
Perception +4,
Fort:+2 ;Ref:+3 ;Will+2

AC:=14[18] (10 +3[Dex]+1[Dodge]) [with Spirit Shield]
Touch AC 14 Flat-Footed 10 [14]

HP:15 (2d8+2 Con, +1 fav class ) Current HP: 15

BAB:+0; CMB:+1; Init: +3

Melee:Long Bow +3(+4 >30');1d8(+1>30') /x3, 100'
Melee:Rapier +1; 1d6+1
Ranged:Dagger +1 (+3or+4 ranged); 1d4+1, 19-20/x2, 10'

Feats: Dodge, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
WORLD TRAVELER: +1 Sense Motive and it is always a class skill,
Charming (+1 Bluff and Diplomacy to any could be attracted to her & +1 to language based spells against them)
Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, Rapier, Bow

Ashley feels very drawn to FIRE. Sometimes she imagines the person she is now burning up in a blazing star and a new version of herself emerging. She also feels drawn to the beauty and mutability of WATER, for water can be all things to all people, just like she can.


(Ranks + class skill + ability + Miscellaneous = total) CS=Class Skill
14 Points= 6(from Expert 1)+ 2(Sorcerer 1)+ 4(Oracle 1)+2 (Human 1/1)+0 (ability score 1/1)

Acrobatics* (Dex) 1+3+3=7 CS
Appraise (Int) 0+0+0=0 CS
Bluff (Cha) 0+0+3=3
Climb* (Str) 0+0+1=-1
Diplomacy (Cha) 1+3+3=7 CS
Fly* (Dex) 0+0+3=3
Heal (Wis) 0+0+0=0
Intimidate (Cha) 0+0+3=3
Knowledge(arcana) (Int) 0+0+0= CS
Knowledge(dungeoneering) (Int) 0+0+0= CS
Knowledge(engineering) (Int) 0+0+0= CS
Knowledge(geography) (Int) 0+0+0= CS
Knowledge(history) (Int) 0+0+0= CS
Knowledge(local) (Int) 0+0+0= CS
Knowledge(nature) (Int) 0+0+0= CS
Knowledge(nobility) (Int) 0+0+0= CS
Knowledge(planes) (Int) 0+0+0= CS
Knowledge(religion) (Int) 0+0+0= CS
Knowledge(undead) (Int) 0+0+0= CS
Knowledge(necromancy) (Int) 0+0+0= CS
Linguistics (Int) 0+0+0= 0 CS
Perception (Wis) 1+3+01=4 CS
Perform (Dance) (Dex) 1+3+3=6 CS
Ride (Dex) 1+3+3=7 CS
Sense Motive (Wis) 1+3+0=4 CS
Spellcraft (Int) 1+3+0=4 CS
Stealth (Dex) 1+3+3=6 CS
Swim* (Str) 1+3+1=5 CS
5 Skill Points Unused


Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell that deals energy damage, you can change the type of damage to Fire. This also changes the spell's type.
Elemental Ray(Sp): standard action, 30' ranged touch. 1d6 fire damage + 1/2 sorcerer levels. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

Spirit Shield: call spirits to form a shield, +4 armor bonus, 1 hr/day (per lvl).

Phantom Touch (Su): standard action, melee touch attack causes living creature to become shaken. Rounds =1/2 your oracle level (minimum 1 round). Can use 3+Chr mod/day.

BOOK OF THE DEAD (8 hrs/lvl, Total Hours Spent: 18= 2 lvls +2hrs)
LVL 1:History and Knowledge regarding Undead
LVL 2:Fluent in the Language of Undeath.


Known: Cantrips 2, 1st-2 (X=Spell Already Cast)

Cantrips DC14: Light, Spark (1/Day each)

Level 1 DC15: Fire Bow, Healing Warmth(CLW)


Fire Bow

School Transmutation
Level Sorceror/Wizard 1
Casting Time 1 full-round action
Components V, S, M (a real or magical flame)
Range 100 ft.
Effect A Long Bow
Duration 1 minute/level
Saving Throw None; SR No
You form a +1 long bow out of a solid flame. If the bow leaves your possession for more than 1 round, it falls apart and the spell ends. At 6th level, it functions as a +1 flaming long bow. At 11th level, it functions as a +1 seeking flaming long bow.

Known: (As Special Ability-not spell casting)

Cantrips DC14: Blowing Dust, (At Will)

Level 1 DC15:

(Plus Scrolls, Wands, Potions etc-See Gear!)

You will gain revelations a lot quicker than normal. Everytime you gain a revelation, you get two instead. So you start with two. Also. I will allow you to get one 0 level spell as a spell like ability every level for the first four levels. Then a level 1 spell every four levels and so on until level 20. At 20 you get 1 level 6 spell as a spell like ability. Also. many spells are banned. Also I do not have a full list of spells so I will need you to run the spell you want by me before you take it.

Gear on Person:

ITEMS Prices & Abilities:

Total Spent:

Load: -lbs=Light Load (up to 43lbs)

Current Wealth: -gp -sp -cp


Ashley, is someone who, to all intents and purposes, seems to live a charmed life. Everything was always easy for her, everything always seemed to go her way and she always seemed to have someone to carry her books, or pick up after her. However there is another side to Ashley no one knows. For she is also a young woman who has felt trapped for most of her life. Trapped by her looks, by her popularity, and by all the expectations everyone always seems to have of her. They expect her to be the most popular girl and be the pettiest and wear the best clothes. They expect her to have the most friends, be the captain of the cheerleading squad and date the football star. But not once, not one single time had anyone ever asked Ashley what she wanted. For as long as she could remember Ashley had felt like she lived her life at the whim of others. And she couldn't stand it anymore!

She knew that everyone who saw her thought she had the perfect life but if only they knew. If only they knew that most of the time she felt like screaming. When everyone was all around her, telling her how wonderful she was, all she wanted to do was fly away. Fly far far away, to the stars and beyond, to a place where nobody knew her and nobody expected anything of her. Somewhere she could just be free. Free to make her own choices, free to be her own person, free to be who she really was. Sometimes the feeling to just be free built up so strongly in her she felt she was going to burst.

On the very rare times she did get to be alone by herself, usually at night, Ashley would gaze out her window at the stars, dreaming of a different world. She often dreamed of being in a world where she could make her mark with more than just her beauty. A world where everything wasn't so damned safe and planned out for her. Sometimes, very rarely but more often lately, when her mind was drifting deep in the void of space, the tormented young girl could swear that she felt..something...calling to her from far far away. In turn she would then feel an answer stirring deep inside of her in reply. She would begin to reach out to it but always, before she could touch it, one of her 'friends' would call to spread the latest gossip or her mom would burst in her room, all excited for Ashley to try on the new outfit she had just bought for her and her connection with the stars would unravel, slipping through her grasping fingers like the fading mist of her dreams for a different life.

Ashley knew that something had to change in her life, something big, but she had no idea what or how that could be. All she did know was, it had better happen soon.

Wth her riveting (now amber)eyes, long (now red)hair and alabaster skin, Ashley is a stunningly beautiful young woman. And as her cheerleading has kept in perfect shape, she has a body that men want and that women want to have.

To all Ashley appears to be a friendly, charming and gregarious young lady. But she also has an angst inside that no one knows about which drives her seek out a new life for herself. She is strong willed but naturally seeks to please those around her. She is generally fearless but her greatest fear is not being liked.


Notes on Helpful Spells and/or Wands wanted:

Prot. from Chaos / Evil / Good / Law
Comprehend Languages
True Strike
*Feather Fall
Protection From Arrows DR10/magic vs ranged
*Resist Energy
Mirror Image
Cat's Grace
Rope Trick
Aspect of the Falcon
Lessor Restoration
Chameleon Stride

Important Info about The Journey:

Listening to Ashley's question Leorn nods. "The most important contact is Galrand in Elendere. He was a close friend of Yalm and the oldest of the moon elves. He is the one who will take over your training. I also know Demming the governor of this town owes Yalm a favor. Then there is Kasheek a lizardfolk Shaman that lives in the Marsh of Myyrian just northeast of here. The last I can think of is a Vampire named Trista. I am unsure of her allegiance but Yalm often spoke fondly of her. Her lands are on the border of the free lands and Xivasar's lands. She have a kingdom of undead. Yalm said little else of her except that she was once a dear friend of his. He hasn't said anything ill of her though. As far as I can tell, they were still friends even after she was a vampire. I hope she counts as an asset because she may be where we head next. Other than that there are a few places we can go. The Marsh of Myyrian is one, after that there is Fallengrav where Trista resides. Then a Human settlement in the dark lands called Everstand, it is a strong defiant place full of proud good men. Then the celestial city of Cloudsdale, home of the celestians atop the Gawarey Mountains. Otherwise there is the serpentfolk kingdom of Sssansken in the Gawarey mountains. Then on the other side of the mountains is Durrnaham, a dwarven fastness that stands strong against Xivasar. The list goes on. I plan on taking you through each of those locations until we cross the dark lands to Elendere where you will complete your training and move against Xivasar with an army at your back. Well that is the hope at any rate. I really hope this works and you are everything Yalm says you are. I will try to draw out a map for each of you so I won't lose any of you. This I will have some time tomorrow." When Ashley comments about her clothes Leorn chuckles. "I am sorry to say you may not find anything better to wear here than what you have on. I could be wrong though. Worth a look after all."

Terry's comments make Leorn noticeably uneasy. "Well the way I understand it, the brand is only active in this world and loses it's power anywhere else. You see, Yalm tried to take Xivasar down once already. He led a massive army and wielded his full power. Yalm almost prevailed but that is when Drethrum and Brod betrayed him. Drethrum joined Xivasar but was still working for Yalm. Xivasar convinced Drethrum to brand Yalm with a permanent seal of magic dampening. Xivasar could then keep Yalm from using his higher level spells. Drethrum then turned the armies of hell against Yalm and Brod simply left the field and fled north to the Finterlands for his own unknown reasons. Yalm's armies crumbled and Yalm himself was forced to flee. It was during his flight that he stumbled across me and my brother and saved us. The rest of Yalm's army was either converted or wiped out. I think Trista was also part of that force but I do not know how she survived nor what part she played. Yalm never told me." Leorn takes a breath and a swig of beer. "About the land and the journey ahead of us. I suspect it will take anywhere from 4 to 5 months of travel to get from here to Elendere. We will be crossing a large expanse of land controlled by Xivasar and the environments will vary greatly. It is no easy trek. It will be dangerous and difficult but I will do everything I my power to protect you and make the journey as easy as possible. We may have to endure assualts from countless minions of Xivasar's. We are not without allies however, there are countless friends throughout Xivasar's territory who still stand in defiance of the dark lord. The most common being the magic resistant battle hardy dwarves. Hopefully, we will lose Drethrum and we can move without being noticed. Until we lose our pursuers, we need to keep a contingent around at all times. In particular we need a swordsman better than I to wield the sword of dispelling. That will keep Drethrum from attacking us directly."

At Reggy Leorn nods. "As long as you do not cast any magic, yes, you will be safe. The dwarves run a very tight ship and this city is under a loose martial law. Any sign of disturbance is usually met with hostility from the dwarves. They are everywhere patrolling at all times. Whatever you do, respect them. With so many refugees about and the fear looming, they are more than a little high strung. If someone even looks dangerous they trounce them."