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Ravenlute is attempting; (from the "Looking for X recipe" thread) WTT 100 Pine for 100 Copper, so pine is somewhere. Coal is common East of Rathglen.

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PM sent.

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Humm... I guess I should get a coal caravan together & head to Hammerfall, or I could just put it in the Callambea AH & have yall fetch it.

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3 invites sent out, still 2 left.

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I still have 5 invites available.

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I have 6 available currently, 1st ones PM'ing with e-mail get em. Will be checking tomorrow after work (Website should be back up by then).

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2 more invitations available, see OP.

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Ryan Dancy wrote:

Constantly Expanding the Alpha

We are going to continue to issue Alpha invitations to existing Alpha account holders so that we can grow the size of the player base regularly. If you're in the Alpha and you notice on that you have outstanding Alpha invitations to distribute we highly encourage you to do so. The faster we ramp up the server population the better our testing of these features will be.

So, I have 2 outstanding Alpha invitations to distribute. PM with e-mail (1st two get em)

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Anyone do the math yet on rep recovery time from single PK to return to initial level (before rep was decreased for attacking the PC)?

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Ravenlute wrote:

Just curious, when casting a cure which requires touch like that(is what it sounds like), is the spell held after casting until you are able to smack your target with it? The idea that you have to target someone first and also get within melee after casting seems overly difficult. If it's going to be a melee range thing then no target should be required until you are trying to smack them with some healing love.

Actions appear to have several steps in getting them to activate. The first appears to be <Target> since actions are greyed out without one. The second appears to be to queue the action (Minor Heal in this case). With the action activating once casting time and range conditions are met. Don't know if there are any screen shots / stream recordings of queued action that has not activated, but I tend to do it a lot and noticed a purple tinge when in that condition.

Casting Defending Weapon followed by Holy Lance and then walking towards the Bandit Archer is my standard opening sequence.

Guurzak wrote:
Arumvorax said it was hard to select people who were not in his party for healing. It seems reasonable to think he was able to select his party members ok.

Yes, selecting people in my party was easy, not sure if I tried the F2 to F6 keys, but clicking the party window names was easy.

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I am not sure if there where any other clerics there, but hitting people with Minor Cure was difficult. Method was to select them (not an easy task if not in party), cast Minor Cure, attempt to run them over. The melee range meant that it looked like I needed to hug them to get the spell to go off.

I would like an addition to the Focus Achievement or another Achievement for getting a counter when you heal a downed PC.

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I liked it. It is way hard to target PCs not in your group for spells, and you about need to be hugging the other person to heal them.

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I was yesterday. Uninstalling / reinstalling, switching between the x86 and non x86 program files folders, and even a computer reset did not fix it. Same issue with both the tower and laptop. I hope whatever gremlin causing the issue dies before I get back to the house today. Or I will be watching instead of being in the party.

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:

One of the Alpha videos showed someone getting a bandit-achievement by killing three of them. I'm not sure achievements are going to reach the level of "grind" so much as "making sure you've seen a bit of the world".

I'm sure we'll hear soon from one of the Alphas about how many bandits it takes to reach Bandit Achievement 3 (obviously not the right name). That'll give us some idea of scaling.

I would put Alpha in front of the achievents currently. The scaling for an individual achievement is decently quick for getting up to rank 3, it starts to greatly increase at 6 & higher (250 @ 5, 625 @ 6). Memory is a little fuzzy right now so numbers may be a little off. The Focus achievement (Divine points) started to feel like a grind after rank 5, but that is likely due to Focus being the only way to get Divine currently.

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I could bring a computer up to Phoenix (only need 2 hours notice) for playability. Gratz on baby.

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Why is Healing and Plant not available as Domains?

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Being wrote:
1 a.m. Eastern? ... I'll have to take a nap.
Nihimon wrote:
Midnight on a work night?

If you don't go into work, it is not a work night :) I will be following Being and take a nap before hand so I can stay up until the escalation has been wiped from the hex(es).

Will the ability to play as the monsters be available for this event? If not will be playing Arumvorax (cleric).

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Aet Rafkin wrote:
I feel like I should know this already but are there similiar paths for crafting and harvesting in Alpha yet? Would love to see some of that.

From what little I have experienced of the crafting and harvesting so far, I would say that there will not be any guides for the Expert (crafter) and Commoner (gather) roles. There are just too many options to list.

Individuals that are primarily gathering are going to pick up all the gathering and refining skills, most of the knowledge skills, but maybe only one craft skill.

Crafters are likely to pick one (maybe 2) craft skill and get the entire supply chain of skills that support their focus. Point cost for craft skills are expensive. There is a known bug currently that makes crafting tedious.

Everyone will have to spend valuable points in order to progress in a role on skills to raise stats. Achievements will also take time away from your role (need Social points? Only current way is to do the Player Killer Achievement)

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Bluddwolf wrote:

Wow, simply wow. That is an incredible amount of info and effort you have put in. Kudos!

One question I have for the Devs.

Double Weapons, I assume means dual wield, but feat is tied to Heavy Weapons and Strength. Is that intended?

I would imagine that dual wield is with light (single handed) weapons and based on Dexterity.

I thought Double Weapons are double headed items, not two seperate items. Most of them are in the large size (so Heavy in PFO?) category and use Strength.

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I had to get additional skills to continue to advance in the Cleric role beyond what was required to get the next role advancement. I was able to get stat requirements by getting skills related to the role (ie domains and spells not required by the Cleric role advancement chart, but skills that improved the roll's ability to perform its role).

If you bought nothing but the Cleric role 1 advancement skills as a new character, your Wisdom would be less than the 11 (10.7xx) needed to get rank 2 skills required to progress to Cleric role 2.

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Just took a look at the updated spreadsheet .... WOW

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I have some data collected on Cleric.

Starting Stats: Strength 10.108, Dexterity 10.000, Constitution 10.000, Wisdom 10.298, Intelligence 10.000, Personality 10.000

Hit Point skill raises Hit Points by 40 each rank with cost of: 1, 5, 25, 78, 189, 393, 728.

Religion did not appear to increase any stat.

Skill ----> Rank 1 Cost / + Wis ----> Rank 2 Cost / + Wis ----> Rank 3 Cost / + Wis

  • Holy Implement ----> 1 / 0.095
  • Focus Weapon -----> 49 / 0.083
  • Divine Attack -------> 36 / 0.082 ----> 290 / 0.090
  • Willpower Bonus --> 54 / 0.033 ----> 434 / 0.037
  • Minor Cure ---------> 40 / 0.036 ----> 320 / 0.039
  • Glory domain ------> 40 / 0.099 ----> 346 / 0.109 ----> 1217 / 0.115
  • Power --------------> 2 / 0.014 --------> 8 / 0.015 ----> 35 / 0.016
  • (ranks 4 -6) ------> 63 / 0.017 ----> 147 / 0.017 ----> 211 / 0.018
  • Base Attack ------> 145 / 0.029 ----> 772 / 0.031
  • Crusader -----------> 8 / 0.091 -----> 53 / 0.100 ----> 189 / 0.106

I am not listing all the domains or spells that could be purchased, but all the domains I bought provided the same amounts of + Wis as Glory and all spells provided the same as Minor Cure. Base Attack provided its + to all stats not just the Wis I have listed. I wasn't looking at Power, but it likely raised all Stats like Base Attack does.

As has been noted elsewhere, some skills or ranks of skills require additional requirements beyond prior rank and sufficient XP. Quick notes reveal Crusader requires Heavy Armor proficiency, and higher ranks of skills required Domain points and a Stat = Stat 9 + Rank of Skill (Glory domain rank 3 needs 12 Wis). Power did not follow this progression (looked to be 10 + 1/4 Rank of Skill)

Easiest way I found of getting Divine points was to do the Focus Achievement (killing with a spell).

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Dak, I took some notes (mostly just the Wis bonus a skill provided) when playing my cleric and will post that information late tonight.

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I have noticed a behavior difference with the game hang I observed, call it: "No character selection". With the base install it wants to place the extracted folder into Program Files (x86), I told it to install into the non x86 folder yesterday and have not observed the hang since (about 7 logins so far). It was occurring 90% of the time in the x86 folder.

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Sir John Cabot wrote:

I have downloaded the installer 3.1. Uninstalled the original. Windows doesn't recognize the installer file. tried to run instead of download. still unrecognized file. Tried doing both with original Alpha installed. same result. Original alpha hangs at "Waiting for character..."

so help?

I get the "Waiting for character ..." hang with the 3.1 installer. I was able to get in one time to put in a bug report.

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Gol Morbis wrote:
Yup. I intend to be on my very best behavior. Know that this hurts me.

Won't they just stay in the starter town? ... we could go off to an edge of the map for PvP.

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DeciusBrutus wrote:

Ah: Attribute increases will be reported in a different spreadsheet.

Executive summary: Knowledge skill (lower ranks first) are the most efficient for int in terms of XP/Int, and cleric domains are the best for wis. Information on str, dex, con and per has not been systematically collected.

What is the scientific method currently used for determining attribute increases? Please list all steps / math. I would like to be consistent with others who are posting.

Unlike Nihimon and DeciusBrutus, I will be playing this week (checking out gathering / crafting skills) and would like to be able to determine if / how much those skills increase which attribute.

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Has there been any mention of the target dummies becomming targetable for getting damage figures of various attacks?

I currently agree with Decius and Morbis about it being early to know if damage output on bows require an adjustment.

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Ryan Dancy wrote:
Each week we’ll make an announcement of the Alpha test hours for that week.

Will the announcement be on a set day each week?

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Malifaux, Legend of Five Rings, & Formula D.

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I will be your buddy, if you want one.

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Since Alpha has a wipe and is not expected to last significant amount of time, will Alpha have a Skill Point earning rate faster than Early or Open to test out reaching middle or higher level of roll ability? ( in Table Top: levels 8+ ) Or will segments occur where Skill Points are just set to some value?

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Pax Deacon wrote:
What is the ETA of members who bought EE access through the Paizo store instead of goblinworks being able to connect those accounts?

I received an e-mail today with activating a GoblinWorks account. There was no additional information on the e-mail confirmation page other than level of purchase and account name requirements. I did see that I now have the option of an "Apply" button on the Land Rush page now.

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It might be helpful to visualize the process as Alpha -> Early Enrollment -> Open Enrollment: Adventure Reward Teir (1 month) -> Open Enrollment: Everyone.

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Seems a little weird to see a Chaos Undivided symbol not in all iron with possibly of highlights to Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, and / or Tzeentch.

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Ryan posted on the new Land Rush thread:

... You are an Alpha backer of the 1st Kickstarter, or you purchased your Enrollment on the Goblin Squad Store on Those folks will be transferred by a process we are still working out.

I am in your boat as well.

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Bluddwolf wrote:

If the item had already been placed on the market, or changed hands several times, ... , then what?

Items can also be dropped and destroyed, if the present "owner" had a suspicion that the item was being tracked.

... With threading, what is the chance you have a valuable item and you don't thread it?

What about false cargo holds

Then the bandit the individual is after doesn't have it. Getting the item back may no longer be possible, but revenge might still be possible if the sought after bandit is close and can be found with just looking around.

Then the bandit did not gain material benefit. Having a bandit possibly think they completely wasted time is Counter-Banditry.

In all scenarios possible by the description of "loss of item(s)" inherent to this thread; 100%. All items have value.

That would play on the "inspection" portion of bandits determining if they wish to attack said wagon. Instead of the inspecting bandit getting "4 chests and large pile of carrots", it only reveals "large pile of carrots". Other descriptive terms of the inspection (heavy laden, etc ...) would be unchanged.

Nihimon wrote:
... false cargo ...

I don't know what the costs are in running a caravan, the developers might not even know yet, but teamster, best of burden, wagon, crates, and ballast to place in the crates should be considerable without placing any additional cost for the bait.

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Akarian, have you resolved selling the buddy pass?

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I will be one of the non-kickstarter Alpha players.

I don't foresee Alpha lasting long, over three weeks would be shocking (depending on downtime). I seem to recall a thread / post about Alpha's purpose to be more about ensuring Account operation and bare basics for world play. This is not to say that a downtime spanning several days between Alpha and Early Enrollment will be surprising.

Are all Alpha players going to spawn at Thornkeep? Or are Land Rush locations in the mix as well? I would favor just Thornkeep for ensuring larger groupings at a specific location (could be done by players), so the month 1 EE increase has a better metric for integration programmers.

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Sounds like there might be an incentive to testing the Free Agent market.

Ryan Dancy wrote:
Everyone else who voted is free to associate with any Guild in the new Land Rush they wish. Except for the people who participated in the winning 3 Guilds in the original Poll, everyone else is a free agent.

So what is the bid for this free agent? Interested guilds please send PM.

Notes on this free agent:
Games played: D&D mud, UO, EQ, RO, EQ2, WOW, DAoC, FF14, .
Likely not going to spend skill points until middle / late portion of EE (starting in Alpha) since no Twin and want to research and plan an advancement path.
Favorite roles: Mystic Theurge, crafting items, gathering, exploring.
Play style: True Neutral (easily shifts towards Chaos; if I don't like the law won't obey it). Assistance given to those that ask nicely.

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Nihimon / Tyncale

Tyncale wrote:
... what do you mean with free account ... Also, at what point should a player not be able to use this mechanic anymore? I.E. would cross a threshold of power that he can not hide behind a cyan nametag

Free account: I know EVE has a 14 (21 for refer a friend) trial account that likely best represents comparable system for PFO to possibly implement. Should PFO decide to offer some sort of free account, although I don't think free is what Ryan envisions from reading about micro transactions, it likely won't be until a few months after Open Enrollment. Trial accounts are a proven method to increase player base.

New player: determining a "new player" is highly subjective. Some people pickup gameplay quicker than others. Since there are no levels (like in WoW) and Skill Points are gained while offline, metrics are a bit harder to quantify. I believe the Early Enrollment players would have to be the measuring stick. I also recall something about a "Guide program" mentioned somewhere on this message board. Having Alpha and Beta players assist Goblin Works in creating an in-game / out-of-game tutorial will also allow new players to increase their rate of proficiency. A notification could be tied to the "new player", so they realize when they are leaving safer areas. A "WARNING" when leaving NPC settlements, but still on NPC roads, and "DANGER" when going into the wilds.

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There has been a desire for a high level of immersion and actions have consequence, so just to toss something out here as an alternative for Corpse Retrieval: don't allow it. Have character death be permanent (no resurrection methods). I don't believe PFO would travel down this path, but it is an idea. The corpse would therefore be a different character making "retrieval" impossible.

The corpse would be fully loot able to any character that can loot it. Gear would suffer durability loss in usage, and not require a death event to trigger it. No "Destroy Item" button would exist, since it doesn't in real life, but a "toss away action" or "convert to materials" could. Having only the game destroy objects (item, corpse, etc ...) adds a bit of processing overhead, but timers could be used to account for how long something would persist.

Accounts would only have one character on them to play. When the character dies it no longer is selectable and the Account would be required to create a new character. The dead character would last until persistence timer has expired (freeing up the character name). An account with the Destiny's Twin feature would have a skill point tracking object named DT_SkillPoints and instead of the newly created character having zero skill points, it would have skill points equal to the object, and the object's skill point counter would be reset to zero.

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Bluddwolf wrote:
I wouldn't even mind a server wipe if that were needed to make major repairs.

I would hope nothing approaching "requires server wipe" to fix ever happens in Early Enrollment. The description of Alpha's capabilities / play-ability and GoblinWorks' stated program / development cycle make server wipe events something that missed several catch blocks.

Having the game not be playable for some number of days and with a rollback as well is very upsetting; I will get over it in a day or two while harvesting.

My hope is any BUG requiring an immediate reboot patch happens as:
- all players notified of "unscheduled reboot in X mins"
- any player not logged off is forced
- database backup (snapshot update)
- reboot
Power surges killing an array has been known to happen and could also cause the above condition.

I do expect regular or irregular patch or upgrades that will require server shutdown, but those will likely have player notifications days in advance.

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Pax Keovar wrote:

On the XYZ coordinates, which one is elevation? I've generally seen X and Y used for the surface coordinates and Z for elevation, but in Minecraft Y is elevation. Is that conventional in 3D-modelling tools or something?
Of course, if you build the map assuming that everyone is grounded, there's no possibility of magical or mounted flight ever being added, and elevation is irrelevant. Without any possibility of flight or even climbing, the map would play as if it's absolutely flat with those big X chokepoints as the equivalent of holes in otherwise-impenetrable walls.

Could use the North East Down (NED) system. Numbers would look weird depending on what reference they made 0.0.0

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Nihimon wrote:

Why does Lee keep saying "meters" and "kilometers"?

Distances in the Pathfinder RPG and campaign setting are in feet and miles. The developers would have to make a very compelling case to us to allow that to change for Pathfinder Online.
I'm somewhat saddened if that's the official terminology.

Even the Pathfinder RPG is not complying with High Fantasy. Base distance terms would be Pace and League. I am not going to worry about what terms the game bothers with if GoblinWorks is going to have a PC view-able coordinate system. I would like to see directions given as "Take the South road until you reach the lightning struck tree, and then head East."

On a different note, I am disappointed that no mention of Alpha's release was made. The last information I saw was late April, and there are only 14 days left. Any info would of been nice, even a "Progress towards Alpha is proceeding as planned". I am of two thoughts on a notification with "Alpha released", being able to plan not being at work for the release is my preference. Checking the blogs a few hours after release for all the player discoveries will be a full time activity.

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The Alpha reward level has:

an invitation to be part of our Monster Casting Crew, the only way to have a chance to play the monsters in Pathfinder Online. Which Ryan gave a little clarification as: "you'll be a "cast member" playing a monster during an event organized by the team"

I imagine any person playing a monster during an event will make the attempt to loot PCs that die.

I will speculate that monsters will have a flag that blocks the 25% gear destruction or the gear destruction flag will be PC only. If the monsters are able to loot a corpse, the looted item(s) need to be added to their loot table.

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Panel was worth the watch, thanks for the link.

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I am fairly sure other lurkers like myself have been here since it started