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I've been thinking of shifting Arieys back to her original name, Syeira, and saying that she's named after the Syeira my friend is playing in our Second Darkness game. Does that sound okay with you folks?


Arieys riffles through her cards and casts the growth spell on Ikoma again, increasing his size so he could squash the goblins like insects!

Casting enlarge person on Ikoma!

Happy Independence Day, Bastille Day and Canada Day, everyone! :D

Arieys gets out her spear and waits for Kokip to return to them...

"We? You're the only one WITH a horse, Ikoma."

"Well, good thing it's not a trap," Arieys says sarcastically. She riffles through the cards again to project her magical protection.

Arieys casts mage armor on herself.

Arieys sits by Shadow and slips him some jerky from her rations after breakfast, giving him generous ear scratches and pats to help make his struggle with a bum leg a little more bearable. She could tell Shalewen was concerned about him, even if she didn't express it.

"Ha! The Harrow can only suggest a direction to go, Uncle Rokkad! It's up to the Harrower to decide whether to walk in that direction, and mine is to the Licktoad camp!" she says when she's done, standing up and riffling through her cards for show.

Another for goblin camp!

Besides, you need both a katana and a wakizashi for a complete daisho, samurai! :P

Arieys nods at Shalewen's words.

"So you'll probably get more out of them than he will. What about you, Rokkad?"

Then who'll wield other katanas we may find later? ;-)

"We should definitely split the potions among the ones who do the most front-line fighting. Ikoma, definitely, and probably Shalewen too, for Shadow. Potions won't make Shadow sick, will they?" Arieys asks.

"We should be fine staying here. The spider's full, so it's probably going to sleep for now, and unless we deliberately provoke it, it won't attack us."

Arieys then looks at the items and riffles through her cards, a purplish-blue glow coming to her eyes.

Arieys casts detect magic.

She scans the items with her mystical sight, hoping to see secrets the others might have missed.

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (1) + 9 = 10
Spellcraft: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29
Spellcraft: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17

Thanks, GM!

Arieys follows Mitsuko over to the chest to see what is within.

Arieys walks over to Mitsuko and listens to her words.

"Are you okay?" she says, opening her arms offering a hug.

Arieys gets a cross look on her face.

"And what of her sister, Ikoma? Mitsuko's standing right here!"

"This chest is locked very solidly!" Arieys calls to the others.

"Does anyone have lockpicks? Or did that commander have a key?"

Arieys breathes a sigh of relief as the battle ends. She folds her hands over her chest like a butterfly's wings and bows her head in respect to Desna. Once that's done, she decides to take a closer look at the large chest.

Can everyone see this?

"We did not mean to trespass, honored ancestor! We were merely seeking shelter from the storm!" Arieys shouts.

I'm not holding us up, am I?

Arieys fumes a bit.

"The cards have no more spells to share with me. I'll have to try the old-fashioned way."

She hefts her spear and prepares to move around Windspirit to help Ikoma.

Can I move yet, or do I have to wait till my next turn?

I know how that goes. The busy season's starting at the hotel I work at too.

Have we changed turns yet or are we still on the current one?

That answers THAT question!

"Ikoma, hold on!" Arieys cries as she shoves her way towards the enlarged samurai.

She riffles through her cards and draws one with an armored figure standing resolute.

"Find strength in the resolve of The Paladin, and do not back down!" she cries as the card begins to glow with golden light. She touches the card to Ikoma's side and the glow spreads to him.

Arieys casts cure light wounds on Ikoma.

Cure Light Wounds: 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7

"Is anybody injured or in need of healing?" Arieys says.

Don't wanna cast cure light wounds if no one needs it.

Sorry for the radio silence for the past few days. Unexpected turbulence at work.

Is it a new turn yet, or should I wait some more?

Arieys riffles through her cards and draws the Lost, glaring at the undead samurai about to duel Ikoma and calling forth her power to sap the strength of its sword-arm.

Arieys uses her Evil Eye hex, giving the samurai a -2 penalty to attack rolls for 7 rounds unless it makes a DC 15 Will save.

Arieys' eyes widen as the angered undead shouts from beyond the cave.

"Tsutamu? Mitsuko, Ikoma, does that name sound familiar to you? Whatever this spirit is, it speaks the Tien tongue, and precious few speak it in Varisia outside your families, as far as I know..."

Arieys is in position on the map!

Can't wait!

"I am ready. Let us set these poor souls free," Arieys says, hefting her spear.

I am ready. Let us set these poor souls free. :P

"Do we continue to seek the dead ones, or leave once the storm has passed?" Arieys asks the others. She was skilled at peering into the weave of fate, but that was not always the best source of tactics.

Arieys riffles through her cards before drawing one card in one hand and touching Ikoma with the other.

"Through the power of the Harrow I grant you the stature and strength of the Mountain Man!"

Ikoma finds the floor receding away from him as he nearly hits his head on the cave ceiling.

Arieys casts enlarge person on Ikoma.

Whose turn is it now?

Woohoo! Go Kokip! :D

Sorry for the radio silence recently. They gave me an eight-day work-week RIGHT after I got back from a vacation! XD

Arieys' cards flutter about her and suffuse her with a bluish-purple light, temporarily positioning themselves almost like a kind of shield around her before restacking themselves as a deck.

Arieys casts mage armor on herself.

Arieys lowers her spear, more to keep some distance between her and the angry dead.

Get well soon! My thoughts are with you!

"Out of the frying pan..." Arieys says, clearly expecting another member of the party to finish the phrase.

Arieys stops humming and quietly gasps.

"It seems The Beating has been drawn for us...the dead do not rest quietly in this cave," she says in a low voice.

Arieys closes her eyes and makes a small, low hum as Shadow scouts ahead. The winds of destiny were pushing them further into these caves. She could feel it in her bones, filling her and her companions with power.

I think I've completed Arieys' level up.

I'm back, folks! BOY was that in interesting little vacation! I went to see the memorial plaque for E. Gary Gygax in Lake Geneva, and as it turns out, the resort I was staying at is where GaryCon was being held at! While we left before I could see the actual Con, I know it's there to go next year. And then we visited The House on the Rock, in all its weird glory. But now I'm back, and I'm posting! :D

Arieys follows after the others, bringing up the rear.

HOORAH! I'll have to update Arieys' sheet tomorrow when I have more time.

Just to let you know, I'll be gone for a couple days from Tuesday to Thursday. I'll update when I can, but feel free to bot me if need be.

Arieys starts as Kokip addresses her directly.

"I suppose when you're a powerful ancestor spirit, what is honorable action is your own decision."

She clasps her hands and bows.

"I apologize for the teasing, Great Kokip."

Arieys smiles a bit.

"I didn't know the ancestor spirits of the Shoanti made themselves into bridges."

Thanks for the update! I'll be going on a similar trip next week.

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