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Full Name

Archena Surya, Kay for short




Oracle 7







Special Abilities




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Strength 24
Dexterity 20
Constitution 18
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 30
Charisma 30

About Archena Surya

Nature Mystery, Fossilized Curse,

Oracle has the weak flyer aspect, and summon nature's ally spells of nature mystery are limited to dinosaurs, but at 5th level can add the skeletal template to them at no cost.

Friend to animals(dinosaurs only), bonded mount (Tyrannosaurus), speak with animals(dinosaurs)

Archena belongs to the Firebird Noble House Surya.
While not traditionally pretty by firebird standards, with human standards, she's rather striking. Her hair is that color half way between brown and ginger that often occurs in the beards of brown haired men, which she wears in a bob cut. Her eyes are dark brown, almost black. She has the lightly tanned skin of those firebirds that spent their time outside on the surface of the sun. She has an athletic build and likes to show that she knows how to use it. And just to make sure people notice, she wears a form hugging black-brown suit with red stripes down the side. The short sleeves of the black suit give way to show streaks of feathers on the backs of her forearms, which have a short patch of scales around the area where they attach to her skin. Her fingers have small claws at the end. The feathers are strange and exotic mix of brown, red, yellow, green, and blue. These same colors and claws translate into all of her(being predominately yellow) firebird form. Her build there seems to be smaller than most, but stocky and strong, giving way to a sense of primal strength.
Around her neck in either form is a lop of leather on which hang a small reptilian skull, with a claw of some kind on either side. It serves two purposes. One is storage for her T-rex companion, when a large museum display wouldn't be easy to keep around. When the rex is out, the skull disappears from her necklace. The second purpose is when the second command word is spoken, it folds out around her into a suit of armor (stone breastplate) and a shield(large wooden). The armor looks like fossilized bone, a skull helmet, shoulder guards consisting a circle of teeth around a flat knob, claws around her arms going down the clawed gauntlets, ribs following down to her hip, all attached to a spine following hers, ending in a short tail. A shield of a stegosaurus plate is attached to her left arm. The claws on the necklace disappear when the armor is active.
This Pendant is her prized possesion. She dug it up while practicing her powers in her back yard when no one was looking. How it got there, she doesn't know, but she always attributed it as fate. She knew she was meant to have it. She hid it from her parents and servant, managing to keep it away from anyone but her most trusted and only friend, one of their servants. After arriving at Avalon, she now wears it openly, proud of it as a symbol of her independence.