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Shelyn is her main deity. She'd mostly identify as gnotic though.


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What's your favorite word and why ?

"Justice. It's such an easy word, helps you decide what to do, or absolves you if you've been doing something morally
questionable. It has power, that word. After all, what worth has the life of the criminal? What worth has a mother's love if your son is a necromancer?"

There's a fierce, vaguely threathening grin on her face, and a far away look in her eyes, as if intensely focused on something not in the room.

What's your least favorite word and why?

"Safety. The world is allowed to kill you. There's no intristic reason why you and me aren't going to die. In fact, it's pretty much guaranteed that we will, eventually, and at least once. To believe yourself safe is to fall prey to an illusion that'll curtail your potential. Indeed, the reason we fail to stand up against injustice, and fail to make an impact on the large-scale shape of the world is that we're holding on to the illusion of safety. To truly become something, we must first realise that we are not in fact, safe, and that we never will be."

Some thought or feeling flashes across her face. She pauses. "That is not to say that I'd ask anyone but myself to reject the illusion. It's... probably not the path to a happyness, staring into the pit. But then again, I wouldn't tell anyone who seeks as I seek, to turn back, either, no matter who they were."

What's your biggest regret?
"That was the end of the easy ones, huh? I guess I sometimes wonder how life would've been if I'd grown up in a village in a quiet place, working the earth, falling in lo..." She pauses, seemingly shaken. "Huh. I guess there is something... A year ago, a week before I made my vows, I danced on a scene at the mid-summer festival. Savera was so incensed with me." She smiles at the memory. "There was a young man there, watching the show. I remember he had his sleeves rolled up." She blushes. "And his eyes. He had kind eyes. I... I wish I'd spoken to him before I left."

If you had one wish, what would it be?

"I'd want to make life better for everyone. How to go about it in a single swoop is a quandery I'm not sure that I'm equipped to answer. Abolish war? War is instrumental in change, and change is neccesary for improvement. Remove evil from the hearts of mortalkind, perhaps?"
In the end it doesn't matter. No deity has the power to grant the sort of wish a question like that merits. Or perhaps they merely choose not to do so, out of respect for our freedom."