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I'm beginning a Hell's Rebels campaign soon, and I'm having trouble deciding the best way to execute my concept.

Basically, I want a character that focuses on using his mind to manipulate both organic and inorganic material that is already present around him. Thematic spells would be found mostly in the enchantment (manipulating brains/synapses), necromancy (manipulating bodies, both dead and alive), and transmutation (manipulating both animated and inanimate objects). Sample spells: animate rope, cause fear, sleep, suggestion, blindness/deafness, enter image, shrink item, animate dead, command undead, possession/object possession.

Currently considering Mesmerist (Material Manipulator or Projectionist), Occultist (Vanilla or Silksworn...changes spellcasting to Arcane though), Psychic (Rebirth Discipline), or Sorcerer (Psychic Bloodline). I prefer the more subtle psychic spellcasting to Arcane or Divine for this concept.

I think the MM Mesmerist is probably my best option, but I'm open to the other options...or even options I haven't listed (including non-psychic options)


avr wrote:
There's this link in the guide to the guides, it seems to work.

That's the one I tried originally. I get the following error message: Viewing of .pdf files has been disabled in Microsoft Word Mobile Viewer. Please get in touch with your helpdesk.

Anyway, I'm not expecting anyone to troubleshoot this but if anyone has a copy they'd be willing to share, I can PM you my email.


Anyone have a valid link to this guide anymore?

A player in my group wants to DM a short "interlude" adventure for our group's current cast of characters. He has DM'ed before but it has been awhile. I am the current DM for the group, but I like to play and would love for him to GM more. As such, I don't want to scare him off with a character that is too strong or has lots of moving parts that are hard for him to keep track of/understand the interactions and implications of.

So I'm looking for a relatively straightforward build that will still be fun for me to play for 3-5 sessions.

One build I'm considering comes from this thread from a few years back.

Dwarf fighter with dwarven dorn-dergar
L1 power attack, combat reflexes
L2 cleave
L3 goblin cleaver
L4 orc hewer
L5 great cleave

But I'm looking for other ideas that the community may have.

Edit: the other characters in the group are a wizard, an unsworn shaman, and a barbarian. None of which are heavily optimized but are all perfectly functional.

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larsenex wrote:

Glaive? (why is the deadly still 1d8?)

Guisarme (I loved trip)

Ranseur (disarm worth it?)

Fauchard (p.92 LOCG) - 1d8, deadly d8, reach 10 ft., sweep, trip

Any high level (12+) Halfling Druid NPCs that we know about? I want one for my Leshy's backstory. Can be from anywhere in Avistan or Garund.


Or Haste! I was waiting to see what you'd say, RD, but this was where I thought you were going.

It's a great image, 3 balls of fire rolling around a battlefield. Imagine the chaos you'd sow pulling that trick against an army of foot soldiers.

Edit: Haste doesn't work here actually.

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Personally, I've really benefitted from those posters who have shared their approaches to spell preparation in 2e. And I agree that (number of spells to choose from aside), it is a more complex process than PF1 at higher levels.

I love that wands and scrolls use your caster level for determining the effects of said spell. This lets you offload situational spells even more effectively than in PF1.

Spells like Bless, Command, Fear, Feather Fall, Grease, Illusory Object and Longstrider all have legs as 1st level slots even at high levels.

At 2nd level, Blur, Enlarge, Invisibility, Mirror Image and See Invisibility are strong, no matter your level.

Anyone have more thoughts to share on the topic?

I am trying to figure out if I should use the 3.5 or PF1e Character Advancement Table for this adventure.

My party of 4 players currently have 6,800 XP. On the 3.5 table, this is 4th level. On the PF1e table, this is 3rd level (and far from the 9,000 XP needed for 4th level).

They are about to descend to the second level of the dungeon.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Ageron wrote:
Applied_People wrote:


Very weak effect, but I love the name nonetheless!

A spellcaster might not think so! But bear in mind it still does double damage. The one that gets me is “knicked an artery: normal damage.” Plus the effect of course, but it reads a little funny.

Sure. But what are the chances that you roll a natural 20 with a bludgeoning weapon against a spellcaster that can't cast a 1-action Heal on themselves (hint: the chances are much less than otherwise). That's the only time this would really do anything. And even then, it only has a 25% chance of having an effect.

All I'm saying is the likelihood of this doing anything worthwhile is vanishingly small. That being said, I love the flavor...and it's a free possibility for an additional effect. So hey, that's a bonus.


Very weak effect, but I love the name nonetheless!

Jakesfield wrote:
Why did you make this post and not simply contact Erik directly?

Well...I didn't realize I could. I didn't have his email address, but I forgot that I could send a private message to him through the boards. Had I realized that, I think that's probably what I would have done.

The downside would be that this discussion wouldn't have occurred, and now that it has occurred, I think that would be a shame. You don't have to agree obviously.

Jakesfield wrote:

Did you "just want to start a conversation"? Which, in my experience, is often a most brazen excuse of contrivance as a mask for personal desire.

tl;dr, I respectfully disagree with your posting of this thread, and (IMO) we do a disservice to actual instances of social injustice by giving this attention.

CrystalSeas wrote:

I see nothing wrong with starting a conversation on Paizo boards about ways to role-play characters. That's not "brazen" or a "mask for personal desire". It's wanting to have a conversation.

Emailing staff directly is difficult: there is not central directory of staff emails. And the point being made is much broader than just one example.

Contrary to your opinion, this is an fine example of social injustice. Your belief that it doesn't meet some threshold to be "actual" is not a universal belief.

Thanks, CrystalSeas. I don't think I could have said this as well as you have.

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Morton Mason wrote:

One out of nine is a pretty bad deal. If you want to use Assurance / Athletics to try making climb rolls, okay. But don't waste your time on Trip.

Checking all the CR6 creatures that can be tripped shows that 11 of 36 have a Reflex save of +7 or lower. So, roughly 30% of trippable creatures at CR3 can be tripped by a level 3 Expert in Athletics using Assurance.

Much better than the 1 in 9 your sample suggested.

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Midnightoker wrote:

What about ways to add depth to static characters subtly? That takes things from a butt of a joke or stereotype to somewhat nuanced.

It's a good question and one I think Matt Colville answers pretty well in this YouTube video on roleplaying. The part about moving from a one-dimensional character to a multi-dimensional character is particularly valid...hint: it has nothing to do with accents.

Matt Colville on Roleplaying

You're both quite right about the Universalist getting a feat at 1st level. I confused myself.

I see you have 2 class feats at level 1. If I'm not mistaken, you should have zero. A human could have 1 class feat at 1st level via the Natural Ambition ancestry feat, but you are playing an elf. Universalist Wizard has been confirmed by the devs NOT to receive a class feat at 1st level (it was a typo/misprint).

Saros Palanthios wrote:
Applied_People wrote:
- I have lived in Barcelona and am familiar with the Catalonian accent.
Then you know that it's Madrileños who say "Barthelona"... actual Catalans say "Barcelona" like the rest of the Spanish-speaking world does.

Correct. Did I say somewhere that Catalonians say "Barthelona"?

Saros Palanthios wrote:
Applied_People wrote:
On the other hand, I am not closely acquainted with anyone with a lisp. I don't know why my mind went to speech impediment rather than accent. Without Mr. Mona's response, we won't know the truth of it.
So you're vicariously offended on behalf of people you have no connection with? Bold move, i guess.

I'm not female/gay/African American/elderly/handicapped, but I think it's okay for me to object to unfair treatment of said individuals. I also don't think it's particularly bold. If anything, it's easy. Doing something about it is the bold part. Would you disagree?

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As the OP, I'd like to say thanks for the robust discussion. Clearly this is a complex issue and many good points have been raised.

I have a few further thoughts to add, but they don't feel very organized; so I'll just use a bullet point format.

- I don't believe there was any malice whatsoever in Mr. Mona's portrayal of Arkonis.

- I agree that considerations for such things will vary depending on the circumstances (e.g. a table of close friends, a table of strangers, or on stage in front of the public). In particular, if on stage in front of the public and acting in an official capacity as a high-ranking officer/executive of a company that is vocal in its advocacy for equality and inclusiveness, I think one should be especially thoughtful.

- I have lived in Barcelona and am familiar with the Catalonian accent. On the other hand, I am not closely acquainted with anyone with a lisp. I don't know why my mind went to speech impediment rather than accent. Without Mr. Mona's response, we won't know the truth of it.

- I wasn't personally offended. Rather, I felt cringey embarrassment and puzzlement at the RP choice.

- I'm guilty of giving offense, even with the best of intentions. Furthermore, I've even done it while using an over-the-top French accent to portray a character from Galt. So I'm not casting stones here. I'm just saying, "Hey, give this some thought."

- For those who have shared here that despite having (or having had) a lisp they were not offended, I am glad.

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Helmic wrote:
Numbers of stars is an easy, universal way to make that visible even to those printing out black and white copies or that can't tell certain colors apart. A colorblind-friendly pallete would be the next best thing, to at least avoid asking readers to differentiate between red and green.

Number of stars/asterisks is also search/CTRL+F friendly!

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Let me preface by saying that I'm a fan, Mr. Mona. I've thoroughly enjoyed the guest appearances you've done with the GCP, and I like what you've done with both Tiny Murder Clown and Arkonis. But I found Arkonis' lisp to be a bit objectionable. I don't think it reflects the inclusivity that I know Paizo advocates and typically demonstrates.

In my opinion, the choice to use a speech impediment for laughs was misguided, and honestly, I think it succeeded only in making certain moments cringey rather than funny. Arkonis is a fun and funny character despite the lisp...not because of it.

Overall, the recordings were a delight and a resounding success, but I felt this needed to be said.


Gabriel Hesson

edit: Added my name. In making my critique, I don't wish to hide behind anonymity.

FunkamusPrime wrote:

Latest video is now up!

Basics of Afflictions


Huzzah! I've been looking forward to this one!

Hazards next? <crosses fingers>

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Draco18s wrote:
The "directly after" wording was clarified during the playtest as "no, it has to be this turn, not next turn" because "ending your turn" broke "directly after."

Do you have a link to this clarification?

Turn-based combat can create the illusion of significant time lapse between turns when in reality, as soon as one's turn is over, one's next turn begins very soon after. Fractions of a second are what separate turns. So I would rule that Metamagic used in this way follows directly after (provided no aforementioned reactions, free actions, etc. take place).

Core Rulebook, page 304 wrote:
Many spellcasters can gain access to metamagic actions, typically by selecting metamagic feats. Actions with the metamagic trait tweak the properties of your spells, changing their range, damage, or any number of other properties. You must use a metamagic action directly before the spell you want to alter. If you use any action (including free actions, reactions, and additional metamagic actions) other than Cast a Spell directly after, you waste the benefits of the metamagic action. Any additional effects added by a metamagic action are part of the spell’s effect, not of the metamagic action itself.

Perhaps there's something hiding in the rules elsewhere, but this is the Metamagic sidebar in the spells section.

Krechevskoy wrote:

My question is specifically for the Key Terms Metamagic on page 121 in the 2E core rulebook.

My example would be for my character's 3rd action on the combat round. I would cast my cleric feat "Reach Spell" taking up my last action of the round, for my next action which is next combat round (assuming no free action/reaction/or being hit) after that. Am I able to put reach on a 3 action heal spell the next round?

The reason I ask is I would figure the metamagic tag for use description would mention in the same turn or immediately rather than directly before the spell you want to cast, showing action order and not timing.

Asking this question to see if I want to pick up reach and use with the 3 action heal for AOE undead/party healer, before I build my cleric.

Thank you!!

I don't think Reach Spell works on emanations (which is what a 3 action Heal is).

However, by RAW I dont see why you couldn't use Reach Spell as your last action the round before you cast the spell you want to apply it to. Just don't take any free actions or reactions between turns or the effect is lost.

You could also give your familiar one of these: Bestial Mutagen.

But to graystone's point...stats? proficiency?

Siro wrote:
Don’t forget about Longstrider.

Isn't Longstrider a self-only buff? OP seems to be looking for buffs to hand out.

Eleanor Ferron wrote:
Applied_People wrote:
How is iruxi pronunced? Is that the singular or the plural or both? If one, what is the other?

Most people at the office seem to have gravitated toward " ir-rook-si," but depending on what sound you think the X represents, it could also be:

"Ir- rooshee"

"Ir - ruh- hee"

"Iru- zee"

"Iruch- ee"

Thanks, Eleanor!

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How is iruxi pronunced? Is that the singular or the plural or both? If one, what is the other?

Core Rulebook, page 321 wrote:
You blink quickly between the Material Plane and the Ethereal Plane. You gain resistance 5 to all damage (except force). You can Sustain the Spell to vanish and reappear 10 feet away in a random direction determined by the GM; the movement doesn't trigger reactions. At the end of your turn, you vanish and reappear as above.

If I spend 2 actions to cast Blink in a 4th level slot, for 1 minute I get resistance 5 to all damage (except force) AND at the end of the turn in which I cast the spell I "blink" (vanish and reappear 10 feet away in a random direction determined by the GM).

In addition, I can use the Sustain a Spell action to "blink" up to 3 MORE times per round (one additional blink per action used).

Is all this correct?

While probably not among "the best," dazzled is markedly better than in 1e.

Sickened looks pretty strong since it doesn't just "tick down" like frightened. It actually requires an action and a successful save to reduce or eliminate it.

Having not yet played a 2e session, I'm guessing there are others that might be better in actuality than they seem on paper.

What does the collective say?

Thank you both. Helpful stuff.

blahpers wrote:
No damage = no riders.

Is there a rule I can reference to support this?

This has come up twice now at our table, and I'm wondering if there are rules that could guide us. We have a goblin rogue with the roll with it feat. Let's say he is hit by a slam attack with a free grab attempt on a hit. He makes his Acrobatics check to roll with it and avoid damage, but does he automatically avoid the grab or is he still subject to the grab attempt?

Similarly, if he avoids damage on an attack that can poison, does he need to make a Fortitude save vs the poison or is he safe from the poison as well?

From page 30 LEVELING UP: wrote:
Increase your character’s total Hit Points by the number indicated for your class.

So I'm not crazy or a bad reader. Thanks!

In PF1e, a spellcaster needed a minimum casting stat of 10 + the level of the spell she wanted to cast. I'm still working my way through the rules, but does this requirement no longer exist in PF2e?

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Congrats to Uncle Teddy for winning my prize! A PM will be on its way momentarily.

Merry Taigmas everyone and may the new year bring more lovely 3pp content!

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What a festive idea! If it’s not too late, I’d like to join in the fun.

I’d like to be entered into the draw AND contribute a prize (winner’s choice of a title from Endzeitgeist’s Top 10 of 2017 list).

This is my way of thanking Endzeitgeist for the tremendous amount of time, effort, passion, and excellence that he puts into reviewing and celebrating the efforts of 3rd party publishers. Without his work, I would never have discovered the vast majority of 3pp material I now own. Kudos and Happy Holidays to you, Thilo!

The winner will be whoever’s roll is closest to the average of all rolls on the Dec. 24 draw. In case of a tie, the winner will be determined by a roll-off, highest roll wins.

A playable octopus race, please.

They may actually be aliens after all.

Not a new GM, but this is my first time running an encounter like this. Potential players of Adventure-a-Week's "Stowaway on the Singing Sea Mini-Dungeon" be warned, SPOILERS BELOW!

Adventure Synopsis:
The basic gist of the adventure is that the players are stowaways aboard a ship that is suspected of piracy. They have been tasked with catching the captain and crew in an act of piracy and have been deputized to arrest the captain (and to offer amnesty for past crimes and 100 gp per crew member who side with the PCs and aid in the capture of the captain. There are 40 crew members in addition to the captain and her first mate. The ship has a large cargo hold (where the PCs are hiding) and is 130 ft long with a 50 ft beam (width at widest point). 

Mutiny Encounter:
When the PCs confront the captain, the encounter is supposed to go something like this:

1) No matter what the PCs do, 10 crew members side with the captain (though they pretend to side with the PCs at first)
2) No matter what the PCs do, 10 crew members side with them
3) The remaining 20 crew members can be persuaded to side with the PCs on a successful DC 25 Diplomacy check.
4) Presumably, a melee will ensue shortly after the PCs confront the captain and make their offer of amnesty to the crew.

Here's where I'm struggling:
1) unless the PCs ask the crew members to physically move to one side of the ship or the other to indicate their "allegiance" or raise hands or something (all of which seems silly), they will have no way of knowing who is on their side and who is against them. I LOVE this, but I don't know how to manage it. Similarly, the captain and first mate won't know...and the crew members themselves won't know. What can I do with this? I'd like to keep this feeling of not knowing who is for you and against you but 

2) With a total of 46 combatants (40 crew, 4 PCs, first mate, and captain), I think the best way to run the combat is to form the crew into troops and use those mechanics to speed up the combat. But I'm open to other ideas. And should they fall out of troops and play as individuals if enough combatants are killed?

So, any and all suggestions welcome. Bonus points if you've run this adventure and can tell me what you did!


iOS...and I'd pay $5.

Thank you for the template!

How do I add the tagline to my posts?

Player Name: Gabriel G
Character Name: Mulgrew Grimsby
PFS #: 219486-2
Faction: Dark Archive
Day Job Roll (if any): Profession (Porter)...Mulgrew poses as a porter in Absalom by day as a way to gather information and rumors.

Hi everyone, I will be playing a new character for this. Out of combat, he's an accomplished skill monkey/face investigator (psychic detective).

In combat, he'll make himself useful by ID'ing foes, plinking away with telepathic projectile, and putting people to sleep if things get really hairy.

I'm new to pbp; so I welcome any help guidance along the way. In the next day or two, I'll get my alias and header put together. I did update the google doc.

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This link Bobo! will serve you well in lieu of a full guide:

Bobo! A Bad Touch Cleric of Sivanah

Hi everyone,

I'm a virtual player in a weekly Strange Aeons campaign, but the rest of the group plays in-person in San Francisco. I'd love to find a local group where I can play in person.

I'm an experienced player and have DM'ed a good bit as well. Would be willing to run some one-offs/modules to give a forever DM a break!

Willing to drive 30-45 minutes each direction if the game is right.

If you have a game or know of one, please PM me! Thanks.

Zeugma wrote:
There are usually a few Pathfinder games at each con. You can check on for what PFS games will be there.

Very helpful comment. Thank you! I see now that there is lots of Pathfinder available at OrcCon.

Zeugma wrote:
We have Strategicon down here in Los Angeles. They put on 3 cons a year: Orccon, GameX, and Gateway. Next one is in February 2018.

Looking at OrcCon, I don't see any Pathfinder or Call of Cthulhu. In your experience, are those played informally?

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