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Full Name

Anton Rabinoff




Fighter 6/Swordlord 1










Any good; he's not picky


Common, Elven, Draconic, Hallit



Strength 13
Dexterity 21
Constitution 13
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

About Anton Rabinoff

Fighter 6/Swordlord 1
Point Buy: Str 13, Dex 16 (19 w/ levelup+racial, 21 w/items), Con 13, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 14

Cohort: Orvin Rabinoff

Potential Titles:
Initiate (Swordlords) (2 PP) [Know (history) becomes class skill]
Intense Student (Sense Motive) (2 PP) [+2 competence bonus]

Combat and Campaign Role:
Story Feat: Conciliator
Potential Combat Role: “Offensive Shield” capable of protecting nearby allies from attacks and spells, while still hitting hard
Potential Mythic Role: Guardian (but maybe dual-path Champion)
Potential Kingdom Role: Royal Enforcer (preferred, both mechanically and story-wise), Spymaster, or Grand Diplomat

Anton is a typical “unchained” fighter (i.e. Weapon Master’s Handbook and Unchained Stamina)—making him a melee hitter with extra focus on various defenses, as well as a surprisingly decent array of social skills. In Anton’s case, he’s specifically skilled out for the intricacies of courtly/national diplomacy, with a focus on de-escalating arguments between civilized folks (unlike the typical swordlord). In combat, he trades some damage potential for the ability to block attacks against himself or his allies, and as he gains further levels/mythic power these defensive tricks will become much more useful, turning him into a proper anti-magic/ranged bulwark. Like any true swordlord, his sword is all he needs to protect himself from all threats—but he’s also built on the base of a more practical fighter, which means wearing proper armor and using magical “trick” weapons when necessary.

Backstory and family business:
Left as children among the muddy streets of New Stetven, the Rabinoff boys grew up much like any of Brevoy’s half-elves. Anton remembered their father as distant, and disappointed, and tall; and when the servants bundled him and his baby brother onto a cart, it was never clear whether this was because of some accident befalling their house, or simple embarrassment. Orvin was too young to remember much of anything. But Anton was fast, and Orvin was smart, and together they made a place for themselves among the city’s urchin gangs, picking pockets, duping travelers, and running lookout for older and tougher boys during a long half-elven adolescence.

But Anton remembered a finer childhood—a big house where, even when kept out of sight, his name still carried respect—and sought to do better. Joining first the night watch, and then the city guard proper, he earned enough to bring himself and his brother off the streets. And here Orvin’s criminal contacts remained helpful—he’d carry warnings on watch movements to a few of the kid thieves, and in return his network of pickpockets and squatters would pass along information on some of the bigger, badder criminals who they tussled with, leading to some strategic arrests from Anton and the city guard.

Still, it was his skill at arms that got Anton attention. While he rarely used it in public, a private dream to join fame and fortune as a soldier—perhaps even a knight—led to hours practicing swordplay in private. And the older Rabinoff brother was good (at the fundamentals, at least), blindingly fast on his draws and parries. And so, eventually, he was sent to the Aldori academy on the recommendation of a guard captain, beginning a career of study and politics. Growing up on the streets had given Anton a practicality that many of the other student duelists lacked—he boasted less than his peers, scoffed at the “superiority” of swords just enough to actually train with multiple weapons, and even wore armor to some of his martial practices, earning many odd looks but few bruises. But while his style was rough, and his interactions with other students humble, his swordplay remained exceptional, and this was enough to earn him grudging membership as one of Restov’s Swordlords.

While not as rowdy or bloodthirsty as the duelists of Mivon, Rostland’s Swordlords remain a proud and hot-tempered organization; having neither the same sense of superiority nor decades of single-minded dedication to the sword meant Anton could sometimes go where many Swordlords could or would not. Reading up on rhetoric and flattery, the always calm and careful Anton accomplished more as a talker than a duelist. Lacking the style and stubbornness of the stereotypical Swordlord, he found some acceptance at the Surtova court, representing the interests of Restov among Brevoy’s government, and spending much of his time returned to his childhood home of New Stetven. Keeping his personal politics always unspoken, Anton had learned how to talk an angry Swordlord down from a fight, helping him avoid duels he worried he might lose; and this gave him a bit of a reputation as a valuable "guest" to invite to delicate political meetings or fancy parties with breakable objects. Though nominally still involved with the Swordlords, being a bit of a fringe member meant that he spent most of his time in consultation with the New Stetven city guard, helping to make arrests of the same difficult and dangerous criminals he had dealt with a decade earlier.

But while Anton had brought Orvin with him to Restov, his studies and work had kept him busy, and his always-creative younger brother faltered without supervision. Orvin had often talked of his plans to become an artist; but in the boisterous culture of Brevoy, found it easier and more profitable to fall back into his old life of crime. While presenting a clean face to his older brother, Orvin Rabinoff became one of Restov’s more accomplished forgers, turning his creative talents into first identifying and smuggling, then wholesale duplicating pricey works of art and artifacts of oddity from neighboring Kyonin and Numeria. As his talent with illusion and studies of magic grew, bolstering some elven magic in his blood, the young rogue gained some notoriety for the audacity of his forgeries, building a network of both legitimate and illicit contacts both inside and outside Restov.

Alas, Orvin was never quite cut out to be a real criminal; even more than his brother, he avoided conflict, and had little taste for the seedier parts of his business, shunning theft wherever possible and avoiding any ties to actual robbery or banditry. Being young and naive, he was also hesitant to test his strength against any potential rivals. And this earned him little loyalty among the criminal underworld, which quickly turned to anger once he began informing to the authorities on a few other criminals (and competitors) who he felt did not stand up to his own lofty black market code of ethics.

Which meant that, when Orvin recently showed up at Anton’s door in New Stetven, he was scared. A decision had been made, among his contacts, and a few of Restov’s nastiest characters were coming after Orvin with some very big cudgels. Solemnly, his brother had asked Anton for a small loan, so that he could flee the country and try to establish himself somewhere else, going legitimate this time. But Anton—seeking a change of pace from the tedium of city politics, and wanting to keep a closer eye on his brother—had a different idea. It took most of his remaining connections in Restov, and almost all of his spending money, but Anton arranged a meeting with a few of Brevoy's nastiest criminals, letting them know that he and his brother would be leaving Rostland for a few years, and it would be in everyone's interest if they not follow.

Anton Rabinoff:
Decked in the finest-cut cloaks and jeweled cuffs of current Rostlander fashion, Anton Rabinoff is still not quite the image of an average Aldori Swordlord. Beneath many layers of colorful silk and wool, his frame is somewhat stocky for a half-elf, owing to the well-oiled set of armor he keeps out of obvious sight. In addition to his well-ornamented but otherwise mundane dueling sword, he usually carries a satchel rustling with scrolls and inkwells. He wears no coat of arms, other than the basic colors of Brevoy (in truth, he’s not even sure if “Rabinoff” is a correct memory of his childhood family name), preferring to be recognized by his fighting style and the company he keeps. In preparation for the trail, though, he’s made attempts at a more practical look. Gone are the silks, replaced with simple woolen traveling cloaks, though he still wears the jeweled cuffs and an ornately feathered hat. And his sword and satchel have been joined by trail packs, a few practical work knives, and an elven-styled bow and quiver; Anton has no interest in looking more out of place than he has to in the Stolen Lands. (Though he remains distrustful of wands and scrolls—Anton has little interest in tools known for their high rate of random failure)

In two adjectives, Anton Rabinoff is careful… and skilled. Years of study both public and private have allowed him to master a small set of difficult Swordlord techniques, as he focuses on only those more effective than flashy. Famously, he recently won a duel against a Numerian tinkerer at court, drawing his sword fast enough to block a bullet from a mysterious contraption (and following up with a quick disarm)—an exhibition that eventually earned him a spot of actual praise from the Swordlords, and a single second of laughter from the king. With sword in hand, Anton fears few weapons at any distance—and he’s skipped studying the blustery Northern and Southern swordplay styles entirely, supposedly in order to focus on learning Sirian Aldori’s most famous personal technique: cutting spells themselves out of the air. Unlike most other Swordlords, though, Anton is has little interest in demonstrating his swordplay; as long as a sword sits at his side, he feels safe, and instead has been focusing on polishing his social skills.

Because Anton is also very diplomatic—at least, for a Swordlord. Which means he’s still prone to outlandish boasts, unveiled threats, and strongly-voiced opinions—but he knows, quite well, when he should and shouldn’t keep his mouth shut. Often skeptical, confident, or outraged, he’s learning through rhetorical practice to tune his emotions like a dial, alternating between flattery, threats, and massaging the truth as necessary. Which might be helpful. Unlike many of Restov’s diplomats, Anton has been patient enough to spend time at the Surtova court; he’s seen and heard worrying things about King Noleski’s rule, which he has wisely been able to keep to himself. And after years of the slow-paced politics of New Stetven, he’s itching for any excuse to leave both the tedium and moral ambiguity behind. He’s heard… some decent things about Chalm Surtova, and though it’s not all glowing praise, it sounds like a king he might enjoy working with more—but in the worst case, he’ll still get to bring some old-school justice to the Stolen Land’s bandit gangs, and maybe get to put a few of those brash upstarts from Mivon in their place.

Of course, he's also a child of the cities; and used to the relative opulence of courtly fetes and company. Which means that Anton has brought as many of the comforts of wealth as he can with him on the trail; he and his followers will be camping in relative luxury (no bedrolls or small tents for the Rabinoff men), though they might turn a few heads as a result.

* * *

Offense and Defense:

Init +5, Speed 30’
CMB +8/+16 weapon-aided

Masterwork Dueling Sword +16/+11 (1d8+6, 19-20)
Power Attack +14/+9 (1d8+10, 19-20)

HP 77/77 (7d10+7)
AC 24 (Armor +7, Dex +4, Shield +2, Deflection +1)
T 15, FF 20
CMD 24 (29 vs disarm due to weapon training +1, dragonskin grip +2, waster +2)
Fort +7, Ref +9, Will +4/+6/+8 vs most effects
Deflect ranged weapons at +16 attack roll

Traits and Feats:

-Principled [faith] (+2 to saves against charm/compulsion/emotion, -2 to bluff)
-Extremely Fashionable [equipment] (+1 to Intimidate, Diplo, Bluff as long as wearing expensive and unsoiled clothing)
-Sword Scion [campaign] (+1 to attack and maneuver rolls with a dueling sword)

-Hedonistic (Must either find treasure or spend at least 1 hour partying every day, or else chance of fatigue)

Leadership (Campaign Bonus)
Conciliator (Campaign Story Feat) (can make Diplomacy checks to end hostilities/stop combat right before it starts)
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Dueling Sword) (racial bonus feat)
Weapon Finesse (level 1 feat) (use +Dex for attack rolls and weapon maneuvers)
Weapon Focus (Dueling Sword) (level 1 fighter bonus feat) (+1 to attack and maneuver rolls with a dueling sword)
Power Attack (level 2 fighter bonus feat) (penalty to hit for damage bonus)
Dazzling Display (Dueling Sword) (level 3 feat) (full-action to AoE intimidate)
Combat Reflexes (level 4 fighter bonus feat) (extra attacks of opportunity equal to Dex bonus)
Advanced Weapon Training (Versatile Training) (level 5 feat) (gives a fighter Advanced Weapon Training—in this case, Versatile Training, described below)
Quick Draw (level 6 fighter bonus feat) (draw weapons as a free action)
Cut from the Air (level 7 feat) (can roll attacks of opportunity against incoming ranged weapons targeting self or adjacent allies; a higher roll deflects the attack, with the same limitations as Deflect Arrows)
Dueling Mastery (level 1 swordlord bonus feat) (+2 to initiative and +2 shield bonus to AC while holding a dueling sword in one hand)

Racial and Class Abilities:

Keen Senses (+2 to Perception)
Ancestral Arms (grants Exotic Weapon Proficiency with one weapon)
Fey Thoughts (treat Perception and Stealth as class skills)
Elf Blood (elfish!)
Low-Light Vision
Elven Immunities (+2 vs enchantment, immune to magical sleep)

Weapon Training (Heavy Blades) +1 (+1 to hit, damage, maneuvers with weapon group)
Versatile Training (Bluff, Diplomacy) (from feat) (use BAB as ranks in listed skills)
Armor Training +1 (ACP +1, Max Dex +1, move at normal speed in medium armor)
Bravery +2 (Bonus vs fear effects)

Deft Strike (use +Dex to damage when using dueling sword with one hand free)

Total points: 62 (Fighter 12, Swordlord 2, Versatile 14, Int 7, Favored Class 6, Background 21)
*Indicates class skill

Appraise +3 (2 background ranks)
*Acrobatics +8/+11 to balance (3 ranks, -3/-0 ACP)
*Bluff +11 (7 versatile ranks, -2 trait, +1 other trait)
*Climb +5 (1 rank, 0 ACP)
*Diplomacy +18 (7 versatile ranks, +5 competence, +1 trait)
*Handle Animal +6 (1 rank)
*Intimidate +16 (5 ranks, +5 competence +1 trait)
*Knowledge (dungeoneering)
*Knowledge (engineering) +5 (1 background rank)
Knowledge (local) +3 (2 ranks)
Knowledge (geography) +2 (1 background rank)
*Knowledge (history) +6 (1 background rank)
*Knowledge (nobility) +10/+12 (5 background ranks, +0/+2 if long check)
Linguistics +3 (2 background ranks)
*Lore (swordlords) +8 (3 background ranks)
*Perception +10 (4 ranks, +2 racial)
*Perform (oratory) +11 (1 background rank, +5 competence)
*Perform (wind) +8 (1 background rank, +2 masterwork)
*Profession (soldier) +6 (2 background ranks)
*Ride +6 (1 rank, -3 ACP)
*Sense Motive +12 (6 ranks, +2 title)
Sleight of Hand +4/+12 (2 background ranks, -3 ACP, +0/+8 to hide tiny objects in bracelet)
Spellcraft +2 (1 rank)
*Stealth +7 (2 ranks, -3 ACP)
*Swim +2 (1 rank, -3 ACP)

Anton Equipment:

185 gp in remaining currency
(Wishlist: Knight Inheritor Ring)

Big Items (9,000 gp):
Glorious Gorget (5k)
Belt of Dex +2 (4k)

Medium Items (11,560.8 gp):
Ring of Protection +1 (2k)
+1 Agile Breastplate (1.65k)
Masterwork Dueling Sword, Mithral, Dragonskin Grip (1.77k)
Masterwork Longbow, +1 Composite (0.5k)
Quick Runner’s Shirt (1k)
Cloak of Resistance +1 (1k)
Campfire Bead (0.72k)
Handy Haversack (2k)
Wagon Expenses (900.8 gp) (see “Group Equipment” spoiler below)

Consumables (1770 gp):
(Anton won’t carry *all* his arrows with him, but he should have at least a few of each in his quiver whenever he’s wearing it)
3x Dispelling Arrows (498 gp)
100x Arrows (5 gp)
20x Cold Iron Arrows (2 gp)
2x Durable Adamantine Arrows (121 gp)
2x Limning Arrows (332 gp)
5x Smoke Arrows (50 gp)
20x Dye Arrows (5 each of black, green, blue, and red) (20 gp)
20x Whistling Arrows (2 gp)
10x Tanglefoot Arrows (200 gp)

1x Lesser Restoration Potion (300 gp)
2x Endure Elements Potions (100 gp)
2x Cure Light Wounds Potions (100 gp)
1x Jump Potion (50 gp)

Clothing (725 gp):
2x Courtier’s Outfit (60 gp)
1x Noble's Outfit (70 gp)
Signet Ring (5 gp) (Aldori seal)
Hat, Stylish (50 gp)
Adventurer's Sash (20 gp)
Carnival Mask, Stylish (50 gp)
Jeweled Brooch (Elven stylings) (25 gp)
5 Golden Rings (50 gp)
Cuff Bracelet, False Compartment (45 gp)
Decorative Trim, Jeweled (50 gp)
Pocketwatch (250 gp)
50 doses Cologne, Common (50 gp)

Tools and "diplomatic tools" (1008.5 gp):
4 vials Invisible Ink (DC 30, keyed to a specific variety of imported Sealord wine) (100 gp)
10 bottles Fine wine (imported, various vintages but primarily Andoran) (100 gp)
4 bottles Sealord wine (60 gp)
4 bottles Dragon Punch whiskey (40 gp)
5 bottles Oldlaw whiskey (100 gp)
2 bottles Absinthe (60 gp)
5 lb Chocolate (50 gp)
Coffee pot (3 gp)
100 cups Coffee beans (imported, and likely very stale) (5 gp)
200 cups Tea, black (imported) (4 gp)

1x Cypher book (150 gp, matched to Orvin's)
Heritage book (50 gp, masterwork Kn nobility tool on long checks)
Masterwork Fife (100 gp)
Masterwork Signal Horn (100 gp)
1x Chalkboard (1 gp)
10 sticks of chalk (0.1 gp)
5 lb Sealing wax (5 gp)

5 vials Vermin repellant (100 gp)
50’ Silk Rope (10 gp)
Dueling Sword Waster (1 gp)
Everburning Torch (110 gp)
5 bags powder

Personal Gear (detailed below; but also described in “Group Equipment” section) (107.7 gp):
*Indicates items actively carried (vs. left on cart)
1x Backpack (2 gp, 2 lb)
1x Flint and steel (1 gp)
1x Bullseye Lantern (12 gp, 3 lb)*
1x Mess Kit (0.2 gp, 1 lb)
4x Waterskins (16 lb full)
1x Cold Weather Outfit (8 gp, 7 lb)*
1x Furs (12 gp, 5 lb)
1x Snowshoes (5 gp, 4 lb)
1x Cleats (5 gp, 2 lb)
1x Scarf (1 gp, 1/2 lb)*
1x Bedroll (0.1 gp, 5 lb)
1x Cot (1 gp, 5 lb)
2x Winter Blanket (1 gp, 6 lb)
1x Poncho (0.5 gp, 2 lb)
5x Artisan’s Outfit (5 gp, 20 lb)
1x Folding Chair (2 gp, 10 lb)
1x Flotation Device (1 gp, 2 lb)
10x Candles (0.1 gp)
1x Candle Lamp (5 gp, 1 lb)
1x Candle helmet (2 gp, 4 lb)
1x Sunrod (2 gp, 1 lb)*
20 pints Lamp oil (1 gp, 20 lb)
1x Alchemist’s Fire (20 gp)*
40 days’ Trail rations (10 gp, 40 lb)
1x Grooming kit (1 gp, 2 lb)
1x Gear Maintenance kit (5 gp, 2 lb) (sewing needle, buttons, cloths, metal polish, and leather files)
1x Umbrella (2 gp, 3 lb)
1x Wooden symbol (1 gp)*
1 deck Cards (1 gp, 1 lb)
1x Signal whistle (0.8 gp)*

Character Plans (crunch):

Level 8: Adaptable Training (Intimidate) (level 7 fighter advanced armor training) (use BAB as ranks in listed skill, provides free skill point retrain)
Level 9: Spellcut (level 9 feat) (can use BAB in place of save bonus against certain spell effects, 1/round)
Weapon Trick (One Handed) (level 8 fighter bonus feat) (free AoO against any enemy that misses in melee by 5 or more, 1/day per enemy)
Level 10: Weapon Mastery (Smash From the Air) (level 9 fighter advanced weapon training) (provides a bonus mastery feat—here, smash from the air, which allows cut from the air to affect ray spells and siege weapons)
Level 11: Weapon Mastery (Armed Bravery) (level 10 fighter bonus feat) (provides an Advanced Weapon Training; Armed Bravery changes Bravery into a bonus to all Will saves)
Bodyguard (level 11 feat) (can “spend” AoO to add -2 penalty to an adjacent enemy’s attack)

Mythic 1: Dual-Path (Champion/Guardian), Retributive Reach

Further Wishlist: Signature Skill (Intimidate), Additional Traits (Helpful, Aldori Caution)

This is just a tentative plan! But, mechanically, I expect Anton to play similarly at the next few levels—just with a whole lot of new fighter tricks that he can’t qualify for quite yet. Level 8 and AAT bring some much-needed additional skill points. Level 9 brings the ability to occasionally block spells with his sword, as well as the ability through WT(OH) to riposte after a good dodge, turning his armor into offense. Level 10-11, if we get there, will complete the “tank” part of his build, as he gains the ability to protect adjacent allies from melee attacks and ray spells, while shoring up the fighter’s bad will save right when it starts to lag behind. If/when the game goes farther than this, it might make sense to start leveling up the Swordlord PrC further (for flavor), or going for social or story feats (though Mythic Weapon Focus is an awesome option for a sword-master).

* * *

Servants, retainers, and the Iron Alley Boys:
Anton Rabinoff, like any proper swordlord, supports a few retainers, house-servants, and heralds, but not many; and most of these are city-folk, uninterested in leaving life in Brevoy. Which is fine; as he’s got more need right now of pioneers and stable-hands.

But holding a position of power comes with its own recruitment perks. A decade ago, Anton and Orvin ran with the Iron Alley Boys, a well-ordered crowd of kid pickpockets and shoplifters who held turf running from the Bulwark of Iron through to the nearby skymetal markets; and while the gang’s long since disbanded, they were a careful and happy enough lot that most of Anton’s former colleagues still remember him fondly. Which means that, for the last month, he’s been scouting out debtor’s prisons and city jails, looking for petty criminals on release or parole who might be willing to work for an old friend at a moment’s notice. The oaths of service and lawful obedience he’s had drawn up for this purpose are a bit onerous, but they’ve gotten the message across, and so far he’s pulled in a half-dozen reformed low-lifes looking for a fresh start—these are his teamsters, carriage drivers, and maybe eventually house servants or construction workers.

(The Iron Alley Boys—i.e. Anton’s NPC-class followers—currently consists of 5 level 1 experts [2 drivers/animal handlers, 2 scouts/trappers, and 1 farrier/carpenter])

And then, of course, he’s got a few allies (key followers?) of good enough standing to be worth naming.

Father Ulliam “Casket-head” Mackowski
Human Cleric of Cayden 1 (Devout Pilgrim)
(Gear variations: Add heavy shield, replace studded leather with scale mail, and Brewer’s Tools)

Casket-head Mackowski, one of the oldest Iron Alley Boys, was never much of a criminal mastermind—but he specialized in one thing: moonshining. Taking far too keen an interest in fancy alcohols for an urchin of his standing, Casket-head would steal barrels and kegs wherever he could, learning what good wine tasted like mostly by trial and error, and then doing what he could to brew his own vodka from the expired potatoes merchants would toss in the river. Years later, it seems, Mackowski’s gone legit; working as a tavern-keep on the road outside Restov, he’s picked up a spot of religion. Still, Anton figures a man who can bestow the divine gift of alcohol on a whim might be good to bring on the trail—for morale’s sake—and so talked Mackowski into joining up with him again, promising a proper shrine of his own in the dabbling priest’s future.

Barnabas “Barnie” Costak
Halfling Bard 1 (Court Bard)
(Gear variations: Add whip, and musical instrument—no masterwork instrument, but can use Anton’s horn)

Not every bard is equipped to be a Swordlord’s herald. It takes a certain skill at both shamelessly boasting and ducking drawn swords or flying objects; but Barnabas is careful, and fast, and pretty good at running from the first sign of trouble. Originally a wandering troubadour, he told some jokes at the Surtova court that landed him in hot water with a certain counselor; Anton pulled a few strings to keep the young bard out of the stocks, and in return got a personal herald with a nice and healthy fear of authority.

“Fabulous” Favonel Orsata
Elf Wizard 1 (Arcane Crafter)
(Gear variations: Masterwork Tailor’s Tools, no armor or melee weapons)

Though raised as one of Restov’s many Forlorn elves, “Fabulous Favonel” spent a decade traveling through the forests of Kyonin, and brings to Brevoy his society a certain knowledge of modern Elven fashions. While mostly spurned by Rostland’s nobility, his Iadara-Inspired cuts and embroidery caught Anton Rabinoff’s eye a few years back. No Swordlord should be without a personal tailor, and Anton prefers clothing that highlights his Elven heritage (though he has yet to commission his own coat of arms). Still, Favonel’s a bit inexperienced, and with only one regular, paying client, it didn’t take too much bribery for Anton to convince his on-call tailor to join him on the road to the Stolen Lands (because, as he insisted, *someone’s* shop would need to set fashion trends in the new barony).

Group Equipment and Wagons:
Personal Gear (per-person allotment, though mostly left on wagons; this is held by PC, cohort, and all followers):
Various survival gear (107.7 gp, 164.5 lb/12.5 lb actively worn) (for all characters)
*Indicates items actively carried vs personal possessions
1x Backpack (2 gp, 2 lb)
1x Flint and steel (1 gp)
1x Bullseye Lantern (12 gp, 3 lb)*
1x Mess Kit (0.2 gp, 1 lb)
4x Waterskins (16 lb full)
1x Cold Weather Outfit (8 gp, 7 lb)*
1x Furs (12 gp, 5 lb)
1x Snowshoes (5 gp, 4 lb)
1x Cleats (5 gp, 2 lb)
1x Scarf (1 gp, 1/2 lb)*
1x Bedroll (0.1 gp, 5 lb)
1x Cot (1 gp, 5 lb)
2x Winter Blanket (1 gp, 6 lb)
1x Poncho (0.5 gp, 2 lb)
5x Artisan’s Outfit (5 gp, 20 lb)
1x Folding Chair (2 gp, 10 lb)
1x Flotation Device (1 gp, 2 lb)
10x Candles (0.1 gp)
1x Candle Lamp (5 gp, 1 lb)
1x Candle helmet (2 gp, 4 lb)
1x Sunrod (2 gp, 1 lb)*
20 pints Lamp oil (1 gp, 20 lb)
1x Alchemist’s Fire (20 gp)*
40 days’ Trail rations (10 gp, 40 lb)
1x Grooming kit (1 gp, 2 lb)
1x Gear Maintenance kit (5 gp, 2 lb) (sewing needle, buttons, cloths, metal polish, and leather files)
1x Umbrella (2 gp, 3 lb)
1x Wooden symbol (1 gp)*
1 deck Cards (1 gp, 1 lb)
1x Signal whistle (0.8 gp)*

Additional Follower Equipment (54 gp, 46 lb):
1x Light Crossbow (35 gp, 4 lb)
40x Bolts (4 gp, 6 lb)
1x Longspear (5 gp, 9 lb)
1x Morningstar (8 gp, 6 lb)
1x Dagger (2 gp, 1 lb)
1x Studded leather armor (25 gp, 20 lb)

Each follower begins with just under 20 gp of spending currency, primarily in large coins, since they’re bringing the entirety of their possessions with them on the trail

Each Wagon additionally contains:
Wagon and possessions (1380.8 gp, 1665 lb) (2477.5 lb with follower gear)
(Each follower buys into this to the amount of 120 gp, leaving a cost of 900.8 gp each to Anton and Orvin)

Covered Wagon (650 gp) (Heavy Wagon, Runners, 2 horses plus tacking)
1x Mapmaker’s Kit (10 gp, 2 lb)
1x Compass (10 gp, 0.5 lb)
1x Map (50 gp, 2 lb)
1x Cooking Kit (3 gp, 16 lb)
100’ Hemp rope (2 gp, 20 lb)
500’ twine (0.1 gp, 5 lb)
10’ chain (30 gp, 2 lb)
1x Manacles, common (15 gp, 2 lb)
2x Lock, simple (40 gp, 2 lb)
10x Soap (0.1 gp, 5 lb)
1x Collapsible bathtub (15 gp, 20 lb)
1x Pavillion tent (100 gp, 50 lb)
Fishing kit
10x Bear trap (20 gp, 100 lb)
1x Folding ladder (2 gp, 10 lb)
10x Animal glue (5 gp, 5 lb)
1x Heatstone (20 gp, 1 lb)
1x Small steel mirror (10 gp, 0.5 lb)
10 days’ firewood (0.1 gp, 200 lb)
1x Campfire Bead (provided by PC)
1x Everburning Torch (provided by PC)
10x Torches (0.1 gp, 10 lb)
5x Lamp (0.5 gp, 5 lb)
1x Falconry Gauntlet (10 gp, 1 lb)
80 days’ Animal feed (4 gp, 800 lb)
80 days’ Bird feed (4 gp, 40 lb)
1x Goshawk (18 gp, 2 lb)
1x Cage, Tiny (2 gp, 5 lb)
2x Riding saddle (20 gp, 50 lb)
2x Saddlebags (8 gp, 16 lb)
10 gallons Mead (20 gp, 80 lb)
1 gallon Honey (16 gp, 8 lb)
15 days’ Fine Trail Rations (as dwarven rations) (30 gp, 22.5 lb)
15 days’ Fine Trail Rations (as elven rations) (30 gp, 15 lb)
1x Chronicler’s Case (40 gp, 4.5 lb) (two vials ink, two ink pens, 10 sheets paper, two blank journals, 1 lb drying powder, 20’ measuring cord)
1x Entertainer’s kit (0.5 gp, 3 lb)
1x Healer’s kit (50 gp, 1 lb)
1x Surgeon’s tools (20 gp, 5 lb)
1x Leeching kit (5 gp, 5 lb)
1x Veterinarian’s kit (25 gp, 1 lb)
1x Farrier’s Anvil (5 gp, 50 lb)
1x Crowbar (2 gp, 5 lb)
1x Drill (0.5 gp, 1 lb)
10 sets Earplugs (0.3 gp)
1x Hammer (0.5 gp, 2 lb)
1x Saw (2 lb)
1x Grappling hook (1 gp, 4 lb)
1x 1-hour Hourglass (25 gp, 1 lb)
2x Balancing Pole (1.6 gp, 24 lb)
1x Merchant’s scale (2 gp, 1 lb)
1x Stretcher (1 gp, 10 lb)
1x Shovel (2 gp, 8 lb)
1x Sledge (1 gp, 10 lb)
1x Fishing kit (0.5 gp, 3 lb)
1x Abacus (2 gp, 2 lb)
1x Block and tackle (5 gp, 5 lb)
1x Bellows (1 gp, 3 lb)
1x Bowling set (1 gp, 15 lb)
1x Dartboard (0.5 gp, 10 lb)
1x Horseshoes game (0.5 gp, 3 lb)
1x Ball (10”) (6 gp, 1 lb)
2x Board games (10 gp, 4 lb)
1x Banner (sigil of Brevoy) (10 gp, 3 lb)
1x Roar cord (15 gp, 1 lb)