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You can find which games I have played or run on PFS Session Tracker . Search for Rob Silk - 712

Well, my philosophy is that Pathfinder and Starfinder adventures are first and foremost entertainments, and so when I am GM'ing or playing it's my job to damn well entertain the table -- even if it means killing them! (Luckily that's rare.) Every group of players I have GM'd is a little different. Some players like crunchy combats and the chance to deploy sneaky tactics. Other tables like method acting their character, running cunning diplomacy and dastardly deceptions. Most tables are a mix. I try to bend the adventures around to satisfy the assembled company, whoever they are. They usually humour me when I do silly voices and crappy accents. Some of them are kind enough to put me straight on the rules and stuff like adding two and two.

I love to play, as much as I love to GM, and I have learned a lesson from every GM who has run a game for me. We are lucky enough to have some brilliant GMs in our Pathfinder community.

With Dave Harrison, Chris Brockley-Blatt, Carol Tierney and Ian Hawthorne, I used to run the PaizoCon UK event and every year we aimed to make it better. Times change and I have stepped down from that but some very good people have stepped in to keep the flame alive.