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We have an established party of 6 gamers looking for a regular GM for fortnightly Monday evenings Australian time. Would like an adventure path and ongoing games. We've played through some or all of quite a few so one of the newer ones would be ideal.

Hi All,

We're looking for a player for one of our fortnightly sessions on Friday evenings in Kings Park, Sydney Australia. We'll be kicking off a new Cerulean Seas campaign in February running a converted (submerged?) Kingmaker AP.

Anyone interested?


Hey All,

We've been playing PFS mods for a little while but haven't been registering our games as we hadn't planned on attending any cons etc. We've now decided to attend one. Is it OK to register and report several session after the event. For some sessions it been about 9 months or so?


I got a message saying account was declined but it should be OK now can you please try again to charge my subscription. I sent an email but got no reply.

order number 1663956

This order has not arrived depite an order being placed after having arrived last week. I would appreciate someone looking into this.

Andrew Bigwood

Hi I originally asked for this order to be added to my subscription but given that's a long time coming and your stupid 'validate card then not charge it for an eternity' policy, I would like it sent now please. I emailed customer service and have received no reply!!!

Thank You

Andrew Bigwood

I'm a charter pathfinder subscriber as well as chronicles and companion. I just went to put in my preorder for the finished game and it said postage would be $45 thus costing more than the product itself!!! I recently ordered war of the ring from paizo (a big hardcover book) from paizo and postage was half that. If that is actually what its going to cost to continue to support paizo then we'll have to have a serious rethink of our group's subscriptions. :(

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We've just kicked of RotRL and decided to do a linked party. Three dwarfs from Janderhoff. Whipped thisup as a group background. What do you think??


The rusty blade of the goblin’s dogslicer shattered as the crudely wrought weapon contacted the dwarf warrior’s large shield. The piece of shattered metal spun across Garaim’s exposed forearm opening an ugly gash. The intensity of the goblin’s incessant, high pitched giggling increased, as it glared in bemusement at the remains of it’s ruined weapon. “Imbecilic vermin!” Garaim spat as the disarmed goblin was decapitated by a particularly ferocious axe swing. “Grundrym! Weren’t you supposed to be watching the road? How’d you miss an ambush set by bloody goblins? Nice job!” Another two goblins began circling Garaim sniggering warily as the dwarf berated his cousin. From atop the small wagon at the edge of the road Grundrym Forgeheart sneered at his fellow clansman.
“What! You worried you’re not up to the task of killing a few pathetic goblins Garaim,” Grundrym retorted as several glowing missiles leapt from the dwarf warmage’s outstretched staff to slam into the maniacally grinning faces of the three goblins that had begun climbing the sides of the wagon.
“By Torag’s hammer,” Gilric chided in exasperation, ducking a clumsy dogslicer thrust as he did so. “Will you two lay off each other? There’ll be plenty of time for arguing once we’ve despatched the last of this filth,” he concluded as the four goblins before him began advancing towards the dwarf cleric giggling conspiratorially. A goblin leapt towards Gilric as he finished the statement, only to be felled by an expertly executed swing of the crusader’s glittering warhammer.
“Hey you were the one driving the wagon,” Grundrym shouted above the goblins’ irritating and continuous laughter.
“Yeah!” Garaim added as another goblin fell (almost cleaved in two) before the dwarf warrior.
“You cannot possibly think this is my fault?” Gilric replied indignantly as another goblin fell before him.
“Well it’s not my fault!” Grundrym and Garaim shouted in unison. The sudden roar of the two dwarves caused even the rambunctious goblins to pause momentarily in their attack and stare about stupidly. The gaze of the three dwarf cousins met above the melee and as one they began to laugh; a deep raucous laughter that seemed to confuse the goblins even more. As one the minds of the three cousins drifted back to the events that brought them to this point.

Garaim, Gilric and Grundrym Forgeheart were born into the Forgeheart clanhouse in the fortress-town of Janderhoff at the western-most point of the Mindspin Mountains in Eastern Varisia. The eldest sons of three brothers, the boys grew up alongside one another amidst the noise and clatter of one of the most successful armour and weaponsmiths in all of Varisia. Possessed of an inquisitive and, some would say, brash demeanour, the cousins frequently found themselves in some sort of trouble or another, much to their respective father’s dismay. Fortunately for the young dwarves each boy’s father would, more often than not, blame the other two boys for their son’s behaviour and as such the boys, more often than not, were able to escape any serious disciplinary action. Unfortunately (at least from the boys’ perspective) the situation would not last.

It was Grundrym who came up with the idea, egged on as always by his cousins. “We’re Forgehearts,” the young dwarf reasoned. “We can smith just as well as anyone else. Better than most. It’s in our blood”.
“Well go on then,” Garaim urged.
“Yeah,” Gilric added. “Forge us some new weapons”.

One massive forge fire and a substantial loss of commissions and gold later and the three cousins found themselves standing before their collected parents listening to their young lives come crashing down. At their parents’ order the boys were separated; sent away to various dwarven academies in order to “settle them down” and to help them to “grow up into serviceable members of the clan”. Garaim was sent to the Iron Peaks Military camps to learn the warrior’s art. Gilric was sent to seminary school where it was hoped the priests and crusaders of Torag would teach the boy some much needed piety and strength of character and Grundrym was sent to the Bleakhearth arcane artillery school deep in the Mindspin mountains where his fiery and brash disposition would be channelled into the skills and destructive arcane arts of the warmage. The boys took a last look at each other as they were led away by their respective parents. It would be the last time they would lay eyes upon each other for forty years.

As the fourth decade of the cousins’ schooling drew to a close, the now grown cousins prepared to say their farewells to their teachers and mentors and return home to Janderhoff as men. The fates however were not done with the Forgeheart cousins. By pure chance, forty years to the day that three young boys had be separated, Garaim, Gilric and Grundrym Forgeheart found themselves standing in the centre of the busy Janderhoff market shaking hands and laughing heartily at the series of events that had led to their banishment forty years earlier. Still laughing the cousins entered the Smiling Griffon Inn, all thought of visiting family forgotten.

Many memories and a great many ales were shared as the night wore on and (as is the way with such things) talk turned to lost opportunities.
“You fanned the forge too much,” Gilric slurred.
“Oh that’s hogsh@#t!” Grundrym challenged in reply, “It was Garaim. He should’ve held the tongs properly”.
“Wha….bluut…hats na…buuuuuurp,” Garaim muttered defensively.
“Well it wasn’t my fault,” Gilric stated emphatically as he swayed to his feet. “and I’ll prove it. Come on”.
Dragging Garaim to his unsteady feet the three friends staggered out of the Smiling Griffon and headed towards the nearest forge…….

Several hours later, as dawn crept across the peaks of the mountains the cousins found themselves standing before the Forgeheart clan council. Charred clothes hung loosely from blackened armour and reddened faces stared unmoving at the floor of the council chamber as the clan elders berated the newly returned clansmen. At the mention of appalling stupidity Grundrym’s head shot up in challenge and made as if to speak but a stern glare from Gilric and the young warmage lowered his head once more.
“One day…..just one day back and look what you have wrought. Half a shipment lost and another forge destroyed,” the wizened dwarf elder chided. “Were it not for the good standing of your parents you would be banished from Janderhoff for life. As it stands you will accompany the remainder of the order to Sandpoint to explain exactly what happened to the rest of the order they were expecting. You will then work as caravan guards and bodyguards for the clan forges between Magnimar and Riddleport until such time as this council deems your debt has been repaid. Which I can assure you will be a substantial amount of time”……….

“Cowards! I still stand! ” Garaim called after the fleeing goblins as Gilric and Grundrym approached.
“You’re arm is bleeding cousin . Let me see it” Gilric demanded.
Garaim thrust his bleeding arm towards his cousin, his eyes however remained on the retreating greenskins whose irritating laughter slowly faded into the distance. Gilric offered a brief payer to Torag and the wound on Garaim’s arm closed.
“Are you injured Grundrym,” the cleric queried, turning from Garaim.
“Injured? They were GOBLINS cousin. Goblins! No goblin has ever landed a blow upon me. Guess you aren’t quite that good Garaim…….yet!” Grundrym replied, doing his best to bait his warrior cousin. Garaim spun about enraged but paused when his eyes met those of his cousins’. Once more the three dwarves began to laugh.
“Well you obviously learnt a thing or two at that magic school cousin,” Garaim cajoled.
“Well someone has to be able to defend us,” Grundrym grinned. “Those spells of yours will come in handy Gilric., especially if Garaim’s going to get hit by every goblin that crosses our path”. The cleric merely smiled at his cousins and grasped them both by the shoulder.
“I’ve missed you too my friends,” he said after several moments. Smiling the three dwarves turned back to the wagon to inspect the damage the goblins had caused.

Knocked this up this afternoon as draft for including Dvati in our Pathfinder games. Obviously could use a bit of work and I don't know about retaining bard as favoured class but what do you think??


The Dvati in Golarion

Today the enigmatic race known as the dvati of Golarion are a people in real danger of extinction; a remnant of a darker time when the unusual traits possessed by this secretive people were necessary for survival in a much changed world. What follows is all the information I have able to obtain in regards to this tragic people….

In the years before the Age of Darkness when Xin left ancient Azlant to found Thassilon, a human tribe calling itself the Dva-te lived a simple life of hunting and gathering in the wide valley between the easternmost end of the Kodars and the Southernmost tip of the Tusk Mountains. Relatively secluded the Dva-te were largely unaware of the founding of the ancient world’s second great empire until sometime towards the end of the Age of Darkness when two of Ancient Thassilon’s warring Runelords both attempted to lay claim to the Dva-te homeland. Armies of the rival Runelords marched across the wide valley heedless of the small Dva-te villages in their path. In the months and years that followed the Dva-te people were driven before the two opposing forces, occasionally pressed into service and on more than one occasion simply eradicated as an unpleasant nuisance. The remaining tribespeople were driven deeper and deeper into the mountains as the sounds of battle raged unchecked across their traditional lands.

It was around this time that a leader arose amongst the Dva-te, or more precisely two leaders. A young warrior named Thel began preaching to the surviving Dva-te that had taken refuge in the Kodar range. Thel was possessed of an infectious fervour and he rallied the disparate Dva-te to him with promises of a reclamation of their homeland and a return to the Dva-te way of life. within a short space of time a small army of dispossessed tribespeople had formed in Kodars with Thel at their head. Through pure chance (or perhaps divine will) as Thel was preaching his message of revolution in the Kodars another young warrior named Meth was rallying the Dva-te that had fled into the Tusk Mountains.

The two young prophets’ plans for the reclamation of their valley home proceeded in unison for several months until, as the day of the attack dawned, two small armies of Dva-te warriors emerged from the safety of the mountains onto the open plains of the valley floor. Today we number this year -5293AR (the year of Earthfall). The two Dva-te forces fought valiantly but were hopelessly outnumbered by the Runelords’ armies. Despite the odds the two Dva-te armies managed to meet amidst the swirling melee. Thel and Meth fought side by side as the dwindling Dva-te began to crumble. The two warrior leaders grasped each other in a warrior’s salute ready to sell their lives for their people….and then the world went dark!

A brilliant flash from the southwest had preceded it. The sudden blackness sewed havoc amongst the Runelords forces who fled the field in horror. The surviving Dva-te warriors (numbering less than one thousand) gathered about their two leaders, fear filled their eyes but they did not run like the Thassilonian rabble.
“What are we to do,” one warrior cried.
“Few have stood against many,” the two leaders spoke as one; their voices filled with divine power, “that is all that matters. We have restored the honour of our people”. A soft glow had begun to illuminate the two figures as they spoke.

It was Apsu himself that had intervened. The great creator had been watching the battle and had been impressed by the tenacity and bravery of the Dva-te. The voice that now emanated from the two Dva-te warriors was no longer their own.
“Perhaps it is the destiny of your people to diminish. Perhaps your race is doomed to extinction. But it will not be this day. Bravery such as I have witnessed this day should not go unrewarded. I will give your people the chance to thrive; I will double your number, remake your bodies so that you may survive in the blackness that will dominate this world. The rest is in the hands of fate”.
As the assembled tribespeople watched the features of their two leaders began to change subtly until one was indistinguishable from the other. The glow encompassing the pair spread to envelop all the Dva-te and as it did so the shadows the tribespeople cast grew until they stood beside their creators. Each warrior had become two. Identical in their new forms. As Apsu had promised their new bodies were well suited to the all-encompassing night. Alabaster skin, large blue eyes and (curiously) three-fingered hands now dominated the assemblage. Despite their strange new appearance all eyes turned skyward to watch as Thelmeth ascended to the heavens; a demigod in Apsu’s service.
Xartan and Xatas
Last Chronicler of the Dvati people

This story I discovered on the walls of a tomb complex beneath the Storval Plateau. Apart from this scrap of evidence, following any record of the Dvati can be likened to following a trail of breadcrumbs during a locust plague. All that can be proven is that the roots of the race lie somewhere in the Age of Darkness and it is a tragic story to hear. They are a people whose history is fraught with persecution, death and loss. Dwarven records from the Age of Anguish describe a race of white-skinned, ‘paired’ people that were driven from their homeland by the hordes of Belkzen. Fractured records from Ancient Osirion talk of celibate twin bodyguards for some great pharaohs, records from the Tian Xia emperors record visitors who ‘walked with their own ghosts’ and even the Ulfen people speak of twin foundlings whose skin matched the snow in which they were found. All of these myths I believe refer to the Dvati. My research would seem to indicate that a wide-ranging diaspora occurred following the arrival of Belkzen’s orcish hordes that led to the state we see the Dvati people in today; a loose collection of wanderers living alongside but never really being apart of nearly every nation on Golarion. I would suggest there are less than a thousand sets of Dvati twins on Golarion at this time. It would seem that (if their own creation-myths are to be believed) that Apsu succeeded in forestalling the ultimate demise of the Dva-te but not preventing it. Nearly ten thousand years and five ages later and the race is once more reduced to less than a thousand. They are a people to be pitied.

Aeridius Paulus
Pathfinder Chronicler

I still haven't received Pathfinder 15 or the Second Darkness campaign guide (Pathfinder Companion). I must admit I pretty miffed. After a plethora of promises that the appalling postage service of Dragon would never be an issue with Pathfinder we're back to the "where is my issue?" stuff.

Not the best endorsement.


Well it has now been 5 days since the two books (that were only being held up by the other book in the order) were transferred to order 864766 because that order "is all set to go" and yet that order is still 'pending'. I had hoped to get the miniatures in that order painted while on my holidays. That will now not happen. The books in the order (originally placed in December) I wanted to use to prepare a campaign that I'm starting in February. That will now not happen.

While appreciate the staffing and technical issues or running a wharehouse, this is bit much. If the order was "all set to go" 5 days ago, why is it still sitting there? If it wasn't set to go why tell me it was?

I have supported Paizo with all my gaming purchases of late, despite appauling hit miss rate with my Dragon subscription and some 'iffy' hit and miss with the last couple of pathfinders. I have used Paizo (almost exclusively) as I believe their products to be of the highest quality. I must admit now however to be more than a bit annoyed. I don't want to be one of those guys who throws his hands up in disgust and storms away but this sort of service (in particular as it took several emails before anyone would even explain why my orders hadn't shipped) is what turns customers away.

Great product is great product but if its all but impossible to get hold of it it really doesn't matter how good it is.


Is there any chance of getting some sort of semi-official info on where the races (and maybe core classes) from the compendium fit/exist in Golarion? I know I can simply adapt it myself but an answer of some sort from the creators would make them feel a bit more real.

I play with a range of DMs who generally say "yeah play whatever you want" but you are then kind of an oddity as you never hear, see or get any hint of your PCs race ever existing.

I know all about the 'traveller from a distant land' thing but it would be cool to see lupins, Tibbits, Dvati and Diopsids incorporated in their own right.