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Full Name

Anain Cuthnor


Human (Chondathan)


Illusionist 3/Master Specialist 1







Special Abilities







Suzail (Cormyr)


Common, Chondathan, Elven, Halfling, Draconic



Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Anain Cuthnor

Anain Cuthnor came quietly out of the womb with a flock of black hair and blue eyes to a none-too-happy mother in the (then quiet) town of Eveningstar. Anain's mother left him almost immediately after his birth with a kind priest named Quentin Rastomil at a Temple of Lathander in town, who cared for him (along with a few other disciples of the Morninglord) for the first two years of his life. Quentin and the other clerics raised the boy the best they could but eventually the strain of raising a small child was passed on to a Guild Wizard named Theromir from Suzail, who "adopted" the child as his own. Theromir took the young boy under his wing and within a few short years, he realized he had a very smart, if a bit too cautious, future wizard on his hands. Anain spent his formative years buried in his school papers, sometimes sneaking tomes and other manuscripts from the Guild Library and reading by candlelight. He was a quiet boy who always had a knack for quickly understanding even the most complex of tasks and assignments and rarely needed to be corrected. Theromir passed when Anain was 13 years old and this seemed to have a direct and long lasting impact on him. Where once he was the ideal teacher's pet, he now played pranks, skipped lessons and even snuck out of his room past his (early) curfew. The Guild Master was very hard on this type of behavior and Anain found himself with many menial tasks and duties while other young wizards were learning and perfecting their craft. Anain did not take to the Guild Master's methods, and festers a lingering annoyance with authority figures to this day. One night, after an especially brutal scrubbing of the lavatory, Anain decided to leave the Guild. After sneaking past the headmaster, he found himself out in the streets for a night before being caught by a city guardsman. Upon his delivery back to the Guild, Anain was punished harshly by the Guild Master. Anain took a special liking to illusion spells as an escape from all the structure and discipline and after a few months decided to forgo some of his other studies, much to some in the Guild's dismay. His skills with illusions were exceptional however, and after a short time, the Guild Master lifted his punishments and began tutoring him one on one. Anain soon earned the title of Apprentice, and then quickly became a Guild Wizard, even being sent on a few dangerous and exciting missions. Anain always seemed to return successful, no matter the endeavor.

Anain stands 5'7" tall, and wears his 125 lbs unremarkably. He is somewhat plain looking, though quite particular in mannerisms and dress. He prefers to keep his wizard's robes at the guild, but wears them if acting on official guild business. He is calculating, shrewd and thoughtful if a little shy. His familiar, Gin, is always hidden somewhere on his person, only coming out to eat and sleep.