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Full Name

Alithea, the Unraveling Eye




Arcanist 14 / Archmage 6 | HP 172/172 | AC 20 T 15 FF 17 | Saves 13/12/17 | CMD 20| Init +12 | Perc +22, SM +17 | See Invisibility, Darkvision 60ft, Aura Sight, Arcane Sight 120ft










Taldane, Osiriani, Kelish, Tien, Hallit, Varisian, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling, Undercommon, Azlanti, Thassilonian, Ancient Osiriani, Draconic, Sylvan, Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal, Aquan, Ignan, Auran, Terran, Protean, Aklo


Minor God

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 18
Intelligence 28
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About Alithea, the Unraveling Eye

Appearance: Alithea is a Garundi human woman with several grey streaks in her hair, which is long but often worn up in a bun. She favors plain robes rather than ostentatious robes, despite her divinity. Her appearance is intentionally left as her human self, as that is her true origin, and she does not seek to change it.

Alithea, the Unraveling Eye
Female Arcanist 14 / Archmage 6
LN humanoid (human)
Init +12 Senses: Perception +22, See Invisibility, Darkvision 60ft, Aura Sight, Arcane Sight 120ft
Arcane Reservoir 6/10
Mythic Power 15/15
Consume Spells 1/2

AC 20, touch 15, flat-footed 17(+3 armor +3 dex + 2 deflection +2 natural)
HP: 172
Fort +13 Ref +12 Will +17
Defensive Abilities Hard to Kill, Mythic Saving Throws, Improved Counterspell (exploit)

Speed 30
Melee +10 Knobkerrie (1d6 +3 x2)
Ranged +10
Divine Source
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 14, DC 26 1/level/day)
1st—protection from chaos, identify
2nd—align weapon (law only), magic mouth
3rd—magic circle against chaos, dispel magic
4th—order's wrath, imbue with spell ability
5th—dispel chaos, spell resistance
6th—hold monster, antimagic field
Domains: Law, Magic


Spells Prepared
Spells Per Day

Spellbook: Bolded spell have are known mythic spells

1st Level
Magic Missile
Ray of Enfeeblement
Heightened Awareness
Expeditious Retreat
Comprehend Languages
Protection from Chaos
Protection from Evil
Protection From Good
Protection from Law
Enlarge Person
Feather Fall
Liberating Command
Infernal Healing
Air Bubble
Touch of the Sea
Crafter’s Fortune
Unseen Servant
Memorize Page
Speak Local Language

2nd Level
Arcane Lock
Investigative Mind
Blindness / Deafness
Create Pit
Detect Magic, Greater
False Life
Euphoric Cloud
Raven's Flight
Resist Energy
See Invisibility
Mirror Image
Fox’s Cunning
Bull’s Strength
Cat’s Grace
Stone Call
Suppress Charms and Compulsions
Make Whole

3rd Level
Dispel Magic
Arcane Sight
Aura Sight
Collaborative Thaumaturgy
Ray of Exhaustion
Resist Energy, Communal
Protection from Energy
Siphon Might
Stunning Barrier, Greater
Magic Circle Against Evil
Magic Circle Against Chaos

4th Level
Aggressive Thundercloud, Greater
Akashic Communication
Arcane Eye
Bestow Curse
Enchantment Foil
False Life, Greater
Dimension Door
Emergency Force Sphere
Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser
Remove Curse
Dimensional Anchor
Make Whole, Greater
Resilient Sphere
Planar Adaptation

5th Level
Overland Flight
Grand Destiny
Gravity Sphere
Mage’s Private Sanctum
Stoneskin, Communal
True Seeing
Wall of Force
Break Enchantment

6th Level
Globe of Invulnerability
Antimagic Field
Borrowed Time
Chains of Light
Curse, Major
Dispel Magic, Greater
Flesh to Stone
Heroism, Greater
Stone to Flesh

7th Level
Limited Wish
Plane Shift
Spell Turning
Waves of Exhaustion
Teleport, Greater

Str 10 Dex 16 Con 18 Int 28 Wis 16 Cha 14
BAB +7/+2 CMB +7 CMD 20

Hu01: Improved Initiative
Lv01: Spell Focus (Abjuration)
Lv03: Varisian Tattoo
Vm03: Spell Specialization (Dispel Magic)
Lv05: Spell Penetration
Lv07: Dispel Focus
Vm07: Greater Dispel Focus
Lv09: Persistent Spell
Lv11: Leadership
Vm11: Destructive Dispel
Lv13: Quicken Spell

Arcanist Exploits
Ar01: Dimensional Slide
Ar03: Potent Magic
Ar05: Quick Study
Ar07: Counterspell
Ar09: Metamagic Knowledge (Echoing Spell)
Ar11: Greater Counterspell
Ar13: Counter Drain

Mythic Feats
T1: Mythic Spell Focus
T3: Mythic Spell Penetration
T5: Mythic Spell Lore (Dispel Magic, Haste, Plane Shift, Globe of Invulnerability, Contingency, Limited Wish)

Mythic Path Abilities
Archmage Arcana: Wild Arcana
T1: Eldritch Breach
T2: Competent Caster
T3: Crafting Mastery
T4: Divine Source (Law, Magic)
T5: Ultimate Versatility
T6: Component Freedom

Tr: Gifted Adept (Dispel Magic)
Tr: Reactionary


Adventuring Skills
*Acrobatics (DEX) +3
Athletics (STR) +0
Bluff (CHA) +2
Diplomacy (CHA) +2
Disable Device (DEX) +3
Disguise (CHA) +2
Heal (WIS) +3
Intimidate (CHA) +2
*Knowledge: Arcana (INT) +26
*Knowledge: Dungeoneering (INT) +26
*Knowledge: Local (INT) +28
*Knowledge: Nature (INT) +26
*Knowledge: Planes (INT) +26
*Knowledge: Religion (INT) +26
Perception (WIS) +22
Ride (DEX) +2
Sense Motive (WIS) +17
*Spellcraft (INT) +26
Stealth (DEX) +2
Survival (WIS) +5
*Use Magic Device (CHA) +2

Background Skills
*Appraise (INT) +13
*Craft: Alchemy (INT) +13
*Craft: Books(INT) +13
*Craft: Calligraphy(INT) +13
*Craft: Carpentry(INT) +13
*Craft: Cloth(INT) +13
*Craft: Clothing(INT) +13
*Craft: Glass(INT) +13
*Craft: Leather(INT) +13
*Craft: Pottery(INT) +13
*Craft: Sculptures(INT) +13
*Craft: Ships(INT) +13
*Craft: Shoes(INT) +13
*Craft: Stonemasonry(INT) +13
Handle Animal (CHA) +2
*Knowledge: Engineering (INT) +13
*Knowledge: Cultures (INT) +28
*Linguistics (INT) +26
Perform (CHA) +2
*Profession (WIS) +3
Sleight of Hand (DEX) +3

Languages: Taldane, Osiriani, Kelish, Tien, Hallit, Varisian, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling, Giant, Goblin, Undercommon, Azlanti, Thassilonian, Ancient Osiriani, Draconic, Sylvan, Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal, Aquan, Ignan, Auran, Terran, Protean, Aklo, Aboleth, Cyclops, Senzar, Minkaian, Tian-La, Iobaran, Polyglot, Skald, Shadowtongue, Vudrani, Takritanin
SQ: Wayfarer
Worn Gear:

Eyes: Eyes of the Eagle
Shoulder: Muleback Cords
Neck: Lesser Talisman of Freedom, Lesser Talisman of Life’s Breath, Lesser Talisman of Warrior’s Courage
Feet: Boots of the Cat
Rings: Ring of Spell Unmaking, Ring of Counterspells


1 Wand of Infernal Healing (50/50)
1 Wand of Heightened Awareness (50/50)
4 Antitoxin
4 Antiplague
4 Holy Weapon Balm
2 Diamond (1500 GP)
1 Ivory Statuette (1500 GP)
1 Silver Mirror (1000 GP)

Other Gear:

466 GP
Cracked Pale Green Prism Ioun Stone
Masterwork Backpack
Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend Spell
Handy Haversack
Numerology Cylinder

Deity Block:

The Unraveling Eye
Alignment LN
Areas of Concern Truth, Protection, Magic, Self-Acceptance
Domains Law, Magic, Knowledge, Protection
Subdomains Purity (Law), Education (Knowledge), Thought (Knowledge)
Favored Weapon Knobkerrie
Symbol A single eye over a cracked mask
Sacred Animal(s) Mantis Shrimp
Sacred Color(s) White

The Cult of the Unraveling Eye:

Cult Center: Absalom
Cult Leader: Bookworm (LN Male Gnome Occultist (Tome Eater) 11 | Inquisitor (Living Grimoire) 1

1. Where in the verse is your cult centered?
Alithea maintains a temple in Absalom that also serves as a place she can rest when she wishes to reflect or recover. She tries to visit at least somewhat regularly to offer inspiration and guidance to her clergy to nurture the new faith that has sprung up around her.

Her biggest following is centered in the River Kingdoms and Galt, where notions of truth are particularly important yet distrust is common. Her following has grown here in recent years as Alithea has begun to challenge Razmir and his Visions.

She also has picked up supporters among the Iobane group in the Mwangi that protect the powerful Doorway to the Red Star. She has supported the group in the past for their goal of protecting a place of powerful magic.

2. What sorts of people worship you?
Alithea has two primary types of worshipers, those who have been harmed by magic or seek to keep powerful magic from being abused, and those who seek the truth, either internally or externally.

3. If your character has one, please describe your character's herald.
The only other survivor of the arcane eruption that granted Alithea her godlike powers was a gnome occultist. When the ritual grew beyond the control of the casters, he attempted to escape into the First World. He managed to escape as the most volatile magical energies erupted. Although he survived, the gnome was instantly struck with the Bleaching, and lost his memory.

Left only with his sense of his own fault for his amnesia, the gnome made his way to the closest city in the First World, Anophaeus, hoping that he might discover the truth of his past in dreams. After several years in Anophaeus, he was granted a vision which sent him on a journey to the Serene Circle, where he believed someone in Irori's realm would be able to help him regain his past.

It was there that the gnome found Alithea, still very early in her initial reflections and trying to understand her newfound abilities. Though she and the gnome were never close, she recognized the gnome. She convinced The Old Man, with whom she was training, to help the gnome uncover his memories. Irori's herald produced a tome, containing all the gnome's life and knowledge, including what he had lost. With his past now within his grasp, the gnome was afraid of facing it. It was at this moment that Alithea came up with the Rememorization. She called over a scrivenite from Irori's archives and had it strip away her knowledge, producing a tome similar to the gnome's, offering to undergo the experience with the gnome. Touched, the gnome read his tome, and relearned of his past, as an adventurer and follower of Nethys. Understanding the gravity of his mistakes, and the difficult experience Alithea went through with him, he denounced his old life, and took up the name Bookworm, becoming Alithea's first follower.

When Alithea established her temple in Absalom, Bookworm took on the role of her herald and high priest. His service to Alithea is focused on the location, neutralization, and destruction of dangerous magical artifacts. He carries with him a tome almost as big as him containing the record of his former life.

I wrote this before I saw your comment about builds. I was imagining a Tome Devourer Occultist using his life tome as his implement. You can do whatever, but I really loved this idea.

A Priest's Role
Priests tend to have different roles depending on whether they adventure, or ministers to a congregation.

Adventuring followers of Alithea tend to be focused on ending the abuses of magic, and often have magic heavily focused in Divination and Abjuration to see through the nefarious uses of magic. Adventuring worshippers of Alithea are often paladins, warpriests, clerics, or monks, though lawful casters of other persuasions turn to Alithea when they seek to use their magic responsibly.

The few ministers of Alithea that have formed cults in their towns or cities come from all walks of life, usually focusing less on Alithea's concerns around magic, and instead focusing on helping their congregation understand and accept themselves, serving as some of Golarion's first therapists. Alithea's cult does not have group rituals for prayers, though, for those who wish, her priests will also run group therapy sessions.

Cruelties of Magic This rite involves intentionally subjugating one's self to nefarious uses of magic to remember the pain and power of such magic. Usually, this involves enchantments, particularly of the compulsion and charm subschools, as well as illusions and in some circles, even transmutations are included. This rite is often undertaken by members of the clergy that have not suffered at the hands of magic before.

Rememorization This is a particularly extreme rite that only the most dedicated followers of Alithea seek out. They seek to replicate a most extreme method of self-reflection she sometimes uses, having a scrivenite strip their history bare so that they may absorb their unbiased truth and reflect on what it means about them. The requirement for summoning an outsider limits this to followers with access to more powerful spellcasting.

Summary Day This falls on the last day of the year (31st of Kuthona). Though the idea that a new year is an opportunity to start anew, this day demands introspection over the past year, and an honest reckoning of one's strengths and weaknesses. Alithea does not demand any particular dedication to improve in the new year, instead only seeking understanding of one's self.

The truth is blinding This particular aphorism is used both as an admonishment of deceivers, but also as an encouragement to initiates that struggle to see themselves honestly.

Doubt with vigilance This saying is used to caution people who seem to be acting recklessly, encouraging them to reconsider somewhere they've placed their trust or a course of action.

Understanding before mastery Alithea's experiences with magic has taught her the dangers of getting lost in the pursuit of a goal. Self-possession and a clear mind are needed before a skill can be wielded effectively.

Paladin Code
• I must know my own self and my resolve. I cannot help others without knowing my own strength and purpose.
• I will seek out the truth of what is, and expose that which is not. I will not suffer deception.
• I will protect those who cannot protect themselves from magic.
• Understanding is the greatest gift I can give. I will strive to help others understand themselves.


1. What is your character? Where are they from?
Alithea grew up in Nex as a zealous devotee of Nethys. She served on a research team tasked with finding new types of weaponized magic. After some of her team's experiments led to a release of a massive amount of magical energy, Alithea tried her best to contain the energy, being the most skilled abjurer on the team, but the whole team and innocent bystanders were killed. This catastrophe rattled Alithea to her core and helped redefine Alithea's understanding of magic. Magic was now something that could be devious and dangerous, and that it must be treated with great caution, and that one must understand not only magic but how they are choosing to use it. After this revelation, she left Nex and enrolled in the Magaambya, a school known for their more cautious and different type of magic. After spending a few years exploring the magic at the Magaambya, she began to explore her divine powers moving to the Serene Circle Irori's realm, to cultivate her discipline.

2. What is your character's portfolio?
Portfolio: Truth, Protection, Magic, Self-Acceptance
Domains: Law, Magic, Knowledge, Protection
Subdomains: Purity (Law), Education (Knowledge), Thought (Knowledge)

Alithea's concerns are primarily based on truth, understanding, and protection, especially when it comes to magic. She encourages the study of magic to understand its fundamental nature and be able to see through and undo what she now sees as the duplicitous and addicting power of magic. This inspection should be aimed not only at the outside world but internally, to also understand one's self. She stands firmly opposed to Nethys's unrestricted pursuit of magic.

3. What does your character look like?
Alithea is depicted as a very average woman of her followers' race or nationality, often in simple attire, such as a plain white gown. She is often shown deep in contemplation or meditation. She is distinguished by the appearance of her holy symbol, a stylized eye emblazoned on a shattered mask.

In actuality, Alithea is a Garundi human woman with several grey streaks in her hair, which is long but often worn up in a bun. She favors plain robes rather than ostentatious robes, despite her divinity. Her appearance is intentionally left as her human self, as that is her true origin, and she does not seek to change it.

4. How did your character become a demigod?
When Alithea tried to contain the massive amount of magical energy from her cult's catastrophic experiment, Alithea was infused with a large amount of magical energy, which awakened her divine spark. Alithea refused to indulge her mythic powers at first, and spent a decade in seclusion, reflecting on her new powers and the ways to best use them. Once she understood her new powers, she set out into the world to unravel what she saw as the greatest injustices of magic.

5. Where does your character live?
Alithea primarily wanders Golarion, seeking out nefarious uses of magic and seeks to unravel them. Her teachings require considered reflection, but also demand action, so she rarely spends much time in her residences, instead preferring to take action. When she does seek rest on Golarion, she retires to her temple in Absalom (more below). She has also carved out a small portion of the Serene Circle, Irori's domain on Axis, though she only retires from the Material Plane when she seeks to reflect on particularly difficult topics.

Spell Preparation, current day:

Spells Prepared
Mage Hand
Read Magic
Scrivener’s Chant

Heightened Awareness
Ray of Enfeeblement
Unseen Servant
Expeditious Retreat
Liberating Command

Raven’s Flight
Fox’s Cunning
False Life
Greater Detect Magic
Resist Energy

Dispel Magic

Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser
Emergency Force Sphere
Bestow Curse

Scrying (normally level 4)
Grand Destiny

Chains of Light

Spell Turning

Spell Slots Remaining