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M Android Butler, Ally & Camera Man | Elite Hireling Access Set Two — +12 to Bluff, Intimidate, Diplomacy

About Alfred the Android

He’s Bat Elf’s most trusted ally.

Alfred is the home health care aide to Sonarisa Apastron, an elf who was so traumatized by losing her entire childhood to the Gap that she suffered severe mental trauma. Of late, Sonarisa has found a new purpose and life by recreating herself as Bat Elf, the iconic crime fighter.

Given that Sonarisa now has a purpose and a cheery outlook, Alfted views the alternate ego as excellent therapy for his charge. He’s stayed on with Bat Elf in the guise of her loyal butler, ally and camera man in order to help her transition successfully back into society.

Alfred encouraged Bat Elf to enter the Starfinder Society. Their focus on both exploration and finding out information about the Gap has been good for her, and given her teams to work with that keep her safe.