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Name: Alechsularis Kirmoon (aka Alexis, 'Sis)
   Alechsularis: uh-LEK-sul-AR-is
Race: Female Half-Elf (moon elf)
   Age: Adult (appears to be about 22 in human terms)
   Size: Medium, 5'4" (in heels)
   Type: Humanoid (elf, human)
Level: Gestalt 5
   Classes: Wizard (Transmuter) 5
   Gestalt: Ardwright 5
   Favored: Wizard
Social: Princess of Silverwake, Ilmarond, Colonial Representative to Governor Brycen
   Faith: LG Follower of Stëora
   Home: Nose in a book, head in the clouds.
   Jobs: Ambassador, explorer, researcher, and inventor.
Languages: Aquan, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elvish, Halfling, Skraeling, Sylvan

Str 8, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 21, Wis 10, Cha 16

This short and slender young beauty has the shapely curves of a human, but the refined features of an elf. You can just make out pointed ears protruding from her short, wavy, blonde tresses. She regards you with eyes of bluish violet before placing a pale finger to her lips as if pondering something. Her clothing is functional yet elegant and you get the feeling that her sea-blue dress would cost your average laborer many weeks' wages.

Senses low-light vision; Perception +3
Init +3; Speed 30 ft.
BAB +2; CMB +1; CMD 14
Concentration +12
Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +3; +2 vs. Enchantments
   Immune Magical sleep effects
AC 13, touch 13, ff 11 (+1 Deflection, +2 Dexterity)
hp 17/17 (3d6+3)

Melee silver dagger +0 (1d4–2, 19-20×2)
Ranged launch bolt +6 80-ft. (1d8, 19-20×2)
   launch item +6 130-ft (fine item up to 10-lbs.)
   telekinetic fist +3 30-ft. touch (1d4+1, 8/day)
   whirling blade +6 60-ft. line (1d4+5, 19-20×2)

  +2 Acrobatics
  +5 Appraise
  +2 Bluff
  +0 Climb (1)
       +11 Metal (1) (mwk tools)
  +9 Diplomacy (3) (princess)
  +2 Disguise
  +2 Disable Device (2) (improvised tools)
  +2 Escape Artist
  +0 Heal
  +3 Intimidate (princess)
        +10 Arcana (2)
          +9 Engineering (1)
          +9 Geography (1)
        +10 Local: Arcadia (2)
          +9 Nobility (1)
  +9 Linguistics (1)
  +3 Perception (1) (half-elf)
  +2 Perform: Any
  +4 Profession: Sailor (1)
  +2 Ride
  +3 Sense Motive (3)
+11 Spellcraft (3)
  +2 Stealth
  +0 Survival
  +4 Swim (1) (take 10) (water child)



  • Half-Elf
  • Water Child (APG): +4 racial bonus on Swim checks, can always take 10 while swimming, and may choose Aquan as a bonus language. This racial trait replaces the half-elf's adaptability and multitalented racial traits.


  • Wizard
    • Arcane Bond: Wand
    • Arcane School: Transmutation; Opposition: Enchantment & Necromancy
    • Cantrips
    • Physical Enhancement (Su): Constitution +1 (included in stats)
    • Telekinetic Fist (Sp): (1d4+1, 8/day)

      11:   Worn:
    • circlet of rank
    • explorer's outfit
    • dagger (silver) (spring loaded wrist sheath)
    • brass key (necklace)
    • ring, Kirmoon Ducal Badge: The ring's band is made of of copper, gold, and mithril wire worked into delicate laurel branches. They entwine to form the setting for the garland — a hundred tiny slivers of green tourmaline shaped into laurel-leaves and punctuated by tiny flowers of yellow diamond. In the center, a small sword made of mithril pierces a gold ducal coronet. It is flanked to either side by eagle wings cast from mother of pearl.
    • ring, signet
    • ring of protection +1
    • wand (mwk) (spring loaded wrist sheath)

      +7:  Pouch:
    • crossbow bolts (quiver)
    • earplugs ×2 pair
    • goblet (silver)
    • ink & inkpen
    • money (see tracking)
    • paper fan
    • signal whistle
    • spell component pouch
    • steel mirror
    • wayfinder

    +18:    Pack:
    • artisan's tools (mwk)
    • bedroll
    • blanket
    • flint & steel
    • journal
    • scroll cases ×4
    • sealing wax
    • spellbook
    • thieves' tools
    • waterproof bag
    • whetstone

    • cold weather outfit
    • dresses
    • journal, Father's
    • nightgown
    • supplies to craft pavilion tent

    Capacity (8) light: 26, medium: 53, heavy: 80.
    Capacity (9) light: 30, medium: 60, heavy: 90.


    0th (×7, DC 15):

    <!-- *********** 0TH LEVEL *********** -->
    0th level wizard spell list

    1st (4+1/day, DC 16):

    <!-- *********** 1ST LEVEL *********** -->
    1st level wizard spell list

    2nd (2+1/day, DC 17):

    <!-- *********** 2ND LEVEL *********** -->
    2nd level wizard spell list


    Alexis and her twin sister, Alis, are the twin daughters of an elven ducal family. Their father, Duke Ranadur Kirmoon, and his human wife, Countess Elyssia Rowan of Taldor, were the rulers of a small province of Kyonin. However, disaster struck during childhood when their parents were killed during an expedition to Arcadia.

    After weathering the 8000+ mile round-trip and a perilous inland expedition without issue, their caravel, The Nereid, ironically suffered critical damage within sight of Korvosa's port. The drunken pilot of a merchant vessel rammed their ship killing several passengers on both vessel including Ranadur and Elyssia. While the elvish vessel was undergoing repair, the pilot hanged himself in prison.

    Upon The Nereid's return, rulership of their father's province passed to Ranadur's younger brother who harbored no love for his "half-breed" nieces. Orphaned and without estate, the twins were taken in by the family of their full-blooded, elven royal cousins and given the honorary titles of princess. Although the title brings with it certain perks, as a non-substantive princesses, Alexis and Alis lack most of the political power typically associated with the rank.

    While Alis was too restless to make it far as either a nun or a wizardess, Alexis excelled at her arcane studies. The young mage was particularly skilled at artifice and thrilled at creating new wonders. It was not unusual for her to put her full-blooded elven peers to shame in these endeavors.

    Arcadia Plothook:

    Not long ago, Alexis discovered her late father's journal from his expedition to Arcadia. While the tales of that untamed land were certainly interesting, what truly caught Alexis' attention was a small chunk of rock he had discovered. It contained an ore unlike anything Alexis had ever seen — similar to mithril yet with a resonance that could [theoretically] be attuned to allow it to exist simultaneously or pass between coexistant planes!

    Weary of the pettiness of court, Alexis made up her mind to visit Arcadia personally. She would approach the monarchy with plans to establish a new province in Arcadia. In exchange for their royal charter, Alexis would regain her rightful title as duchess, a land more hospitable to half-elves would be born, and she could conduct further research on what was quite possibly the most important find of the past 500 years. And if Kyonin would not listen, there was always her mother's family in Taldor...

    "Two years ago..."
    After reaching a dead end with the court in Kyonin, Alexis traveled to Taldor to meet with her late mother's surviving sister, Countess Corinna. After a lengthy discussion, Corinna revealed that the political climate and their family's standing was not so rock-solid that such a venture could be funded by them solely, however, she had an item that might be of interest to the aspiring explorer.

    From a bookshelf in her study, Corinna removed a rosewood box inlaid with silver. On a velvet pillow inside sat a two curious devices that looked somewhat like compasses. "Do you know what these are, Alexis?"

    The young princess examined the devices and replied, "They seem to be navigational instruments of some sort, but these are no mere compasses..."

    The countess smiled subtly. "They are called Wayfinders and they belonged to your parents..."

    "But Wayfinders are only given-" realization dawned on Alexis' face. "You mean my parents were Pathfinders? But... surely I'd have heard something about this by now, it would have been a scandal!"

    "Oh, I can assure you it was! However, if there's one thing the nobility is good at, it's playing games with secrets."

    Alexis sat quietly unsure of what to think.

    Corinna continued, "You know, they aren't all reckless rogues... The Pathfinders I mean. Your parents supported them and it was thru the Pathfinders that they met if you must know." The elderly human woman laid her hands gently upon Alexis', "Of all the contacts I know, your parents old compatriots in The Society would be your best bet at continuing Ranadur and Elyssia's research. They also possess the skills and knowledge you will need to help you keep that pretty little head of yours intact."

    "The Pathfinder Society..." Alexis spoke softly, as if in a dream.

    "And I'm sure they would be quite interested to look over your father's journal and examine that ore sample he collected."

    Alexis looked up with new determination and resolution in her visage. She would pay a visit to The Society and follow in her parents' footsteps!


    Level History:
    • 1: Transmuter
    • 2: Transmuter
    • 3: Transmuter

    Advancement Plans:

    May take 1 level of rogue to become hardier against the physical perils of adventuring and to learn practical insights into dealing with mechanical devices like traps, clockworks, etc. Otherwise, Alexis remains focused on upgrading the rest of the party thru magical goodies.

    3: craft wondrous item
    5: craft magic arms & armor and spell penetration
    7: forge ring
    9: craft rod
    10: greater spell penetration
    11: craft staff